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0/  6dU>oru12i 




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The  original  documents  in  this  edition  are  from  the  archives  at  the  Edison  National  Historic  Site 
at  West  Orange,  New  Jersey. 

ISBN  0-89093-703-6 


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A  Note  on  the  Sources 

Jhe  pages  which  have  been 
filmed  are  the  best  copies 
available.  Every  technical 
effort  possible  has  been 
made  to  ensure  legibility. 


Reel  duplication  of  the  whole  or  of 
any  part  of  this  film  is  prohibited 
In  lieu  of  transcripts,  however, 
enlarged  photocopies  of  selected 
items  contained  on  these  reels 

may  be  made  in  order  to  facilitate 

Letterbook,  LB-070 

This  letterbook  covers  the  period  October  1903-July  1904.  Most  of  the 
correspondence  is  by  Edison  and  John  F.  Randolph.  There  are  also  letters  by 
Walter  S.  Mallory,  Frederick  P.  Ott,  and  others.  Many  of  the  items  relate  to  the 
Edison  Portland  Cement  Co.  plant  at  Stewartsville,  New  Jersey,  which  began 
operation  in  September  1 903.  There  is  also  correspondence  concerning  the 
technical  and  commercial  development  of  Edison’s  alkaline  storage  battery  and 
its  use  in  electric  vehicles.  Included  are  a  series  of  letters  to  Herman  E.  Dick 
regarding  the  possible  foreign  exploitation  of  the  storage  battery,  along  with  a 
letter  to  John  Jacob  Astor  suggesting  that  he  invest  in  the  Edison  Storage 
Battery  Co.  In  addition,  there  are  letters  to  John  V.  Miller  pertaining  to  the 
Mining  Exploration  Co.  of  New  Jersey  and  to  Edison’s  search  for  nickel  in  the 
Sudbury  district  of  Ontario  and  in  other  locations.  Also  included  are  letters 
regarding  the  erection  of  the  iron  ore  concentration  plant  in  the  Dunderland 
region  of  Norway,  in  connection  with  the  Edison  Ore  Milling  Syndicate,  Ltd., 
along  with  other  items  relating  to  Edison's  interest  in  ore  milling,  mines,  and 
ores.  There  is  a  letter  to  Francis  Arthur  Jones  from  Randolph's  assistant,  John 
A.  Boehme,  delineating  the  organizational  structure  of  the  West  Orange 
laboratory  and  a  letter  from  Edison  to  attorney  Frank  L.  Dyer  giving  him  "sole 
and  entire  charge  of  my  patent  work."  A  few  items  refer  to  the  domestic 
phonograph  business,  Edison's  experiments  with  x-rays,  and  his  interest  in 
acquiring  samples  of  radium.  Among  the  items  relating  to  family  and  personal 
matters  are  letters  concerning  the  launch  Mina,  purchased  in  February  1902, 
and  a  letter  containing  Edison's  recollections  of  the  lighting  of  Menlo  Park  in 
December  1 879. 

The  label  on  the  front  cover  contains  the  following  notation:  "T.A.  Edison 
-  Letter  Book,  from  Oct.  22  - 1903  to  July.  25  - 1904."  There  is  a  label  on  the 
spine  with  similar  information.  The  book  contains  499  numbered  pages  and  an 
index.  Approximately  25  percent  of  the  book  has  been  selected. 

if  ~  T 


Oct.  24,  1903. 

".  ,.  «  Pilling,  Esq.,  - ,  ,^ 

Girard  Trust  'Building , 

Philadelphia,  Pa. 

hftar  !  i.-, 

Will  you  kindly  let  me  know  at  the  earliest  possible 
moment  regarding  the  money  the  Portland  Cement  Company  wishes  for 
'Tovemher ,  and  greatly  oblige, 

Yours  truly, 


Oct.  24,  1903: 

To  whom  it  may  concern: 

Hr.  Thomas. Crahan  in  his  business  transactions  with  myself 

h:  3  acted  ill  a  straightforward  manner. 

(Signed)  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

Oot.  29,  1903. 

Tyer  RuVber  Co., 

Andoyer,  X«ass. 
^ear  Sirs: 

and  a  ?eCClVed'  1  find  that  tlle  ^er^e  Caliper  is  four 

,“'T  ;:U0“ath“:  1  “  »"  »*"  thousandth.  and  this  is  t< 

„  1  **“  the  r™*,r  **11  ‘•■•I  llttls  raise. 

noT,  «r  10  ““  “  i™  *°  th"‘  th0"“"<ltl'>.  holts-  rtll 

S”'’i41”e  1  “  ”*  Pi'"°  °Ut  ^  *—■  *■ 
wiatr  ha$B  non-**  in  it. 

I  .ill  return  the  e««ple  or  you  oan  Mil  „  to. «  ,t  regular 
”*  C"  3E"!i“1  1  entered  lor  three  thousandths. 

Yours  truly, 

Oct.  29,  1903. 

IVilliam  Sirapkin,  Esq., 

Standard  Construction  Corporation,  Ltd., 

London,  VI.  C.,  England. 

‘war  Mr.  Simpkin: 

Heplying  to  yours  of  the  l,(?th  inst.,  wish  to  state  that 
we  v-e  running  regularly  and  turning  out  over  a  thousand  barrels  pei 
day  ana  soon  reach  15  to  1700.  Expect  to  finance  two  more  kilns,  th< 
we  think  we  oan  g0  to  3500  daily.  Cement  is  selling  at  85  cents 
■at  Mill,  tvg  ij00m  having  busted. 


Yours  truly, 

Copy  oi’  letter  sent  to  Judge  Hayes 

ITov.  9,  l9o|rf 

Haye  s 

'/ . , 

t  ha/e  oeen  furnishing  my  son  W  l  Hriinn 
.  v  bub  w.  x,.  Edison  some  monev  to 

: :::  7  ^ in  — 1  - : 
bv  nt  *  -  -  ■*  *«  «*  -  _  reour8, 
*«.«*£  z::::::: :r:  *°  w  -  — *  -* 

0-per  ■’a  •  year,  please  draw  up  such  a 

;"1 ; :  08  *«  -*-. « ,r.P.rtr, 

"*  “  ara™  30  1  "'U1  >*  1WH.  a.  a  p„to.r,  etc  „ 

r  ■“  ” the  ao°u"*,it  1  *iu — =«• «« * t0 

00  aj pended. 


T.  A.  Edison. 



/  Nov.  9,  1903. 

I  T:eg  to  acknowledge  receipt  of  the  certificate  of  com¬ 
mission,  appointing  me  Chief  Consulting  Electrician  of  the  Depart- 

•  -Electricity  for  Louisiana  Pu 

■chase  Exposition. 

Thanking  you  very  muchfor  same,  I  remain, 

Fred  G.  Temme,  Esq., 

33  ITorth  Centra  St . , 

In  reply  to  your  favt 

. ,  I  "beg  to  state 

that  at  present  I  am  all  out  photographs.  You  can  obtain  them 
from  C.  M.  White ,  Military  St.,  Port  Huron,  Mich. 

Yours  truly. 

16,  1903, 

Geo.  P.  .Kuntz,  Esq. , 

e/o  Tiffany  &  Co  . , 

Hew  York.  \ 

Friend  Kuntz: 

Can  you  spare  me  a  little  Will  Unite  to  test  my  Radium 
tube,  just  a  little  by  mail? 

Yours  truly, 

ITov.  13,  1903. 

Copy  of  Letter  received  from  Judge  Hayes: 

Shall  i  advance  §50.00  asked  for  in  the  enclosed  letter'? 
It  is  in  the  suit  brought  by  yourself  and  the  Edison  Storage  Battery 
Company  to  enjoin  the  Edison  Automobile  Company  from  using  your 
name.  Mr.  Edison's  Memo,  0.  K.  Pay.  T.  A.  E. 

Hot.  17,  1903. 




Ear it an  Township,  Highland  Park, 

Hew  Brunswick,  N.  J.  /  . 

Bear  Sir:  \  / 

I  *eg  to  return  you  herewith  tax  hill  for  the  year  1903 
on  house  and  lot  at  Menlo  Park,  in  the  name  oi  Mrs.  Marion  E.  Hoe, 
and  oeg  to  state  that  this  property  was  sold  some  time  ago  to  C  I 
Elliott,  Trustee,  Menlo  Park,  %  J.,  who  should  pay  the  taxes  on 
Sai'ie’  Yours  truly, 

lliam  J‘.  Hammer,  Esq. 

26  Cortlandt  St., 
Hew  York. 

ar  sir: 

Hot.  17,  1903.’ 

~n  rePly  to  your 
lt  Lewis  has  an  option  t 
T  to  myself.  C  -  A. 

r*T"  or  «•*  beg  to  state 

ill  January  let,  at  prio.  to  be  eatiefao- 

Yours  truly,  '  ■  ,  ‘  ’ 

Nov.  10,  19Q3. 

Erank  L.  Dyer,  Esq., 

Orange ,  N.  1. 

Dear  Sir: 

I  want  you  to  have  sole  and  entire  charge  of  my  patent  work, 
and  I  shall  hold  you  responsible  for  its  conduct.  Any  matter  relating 
to  patents,  either  directly  or  indirectly,-  suits  on  patents,  applica¬ 
tions,  licenses,  contracts  involving  patents,  and  all  foreign  patent 
work,  etc.,  must  go  through  your  hands,  so  that  I  can  get  all  informa¬ 
tion  from  you.  All  correspondence  relating  to  these  matters  must 
pass  through  your  hands.  When  any  question  comes  up  requiring  outside 
help,,  v/e  will  talk  it  over  and  decide  to  whom  to  send  it. 

Of  course  the  above  refers  to  all  of  my  work,  but  where  it  relates 
to  anj"-  of  the  companies  or  individuals  coming  under  Mr.  Gilmore’s  jur¬ 
isdiction,  I  desire  that  he  shall  be  conferred  with  with  reference  to 
same,  so  that  there  will  be  no  misunderstandings. 

My  principal  object  is  to  have  this  wo rk  centered  here  in  the 
Laboratory  so  that  I  can  find  out  everything  about  all  of  my  cases  by 
going  to  you.  This,  of  course,  will  involve  the  furnishing  to  you 
of  copies  of  all  papers  in  connection  v/ith  each  case  handled  outside  of 
your  office,  and  you  vrf.ll  see  that  this  is  done. 

Yours  very  truly. 

.Tames  B.  Tonking,  Esq.;  Supt., 

Hew  Jersey  Zinc  Co., 

Franklin  Furnace,  IT.  J. 

Hov.  18,  1903. 

Bear  Mr.  Tonking: 

Your  favor  of  the  17th  inst.  enclosing  piece  of  Wilimite 
received  and  for  which  accept  my  thanks.  X  will  try  the  sample  and 
it  will  no  doubt  prove  satisfactory  as  it  is  a  fine  specimen. 

Yours  truly, 

ITov.  19,  1903. 

Caspar  V/hitney,  Esq., 

239  Fifth  Ave . , 

Few  York. 

feor  Sir: 

■Replying  to  your  favor  of  the  12th  inst.,  I  beg  to  state 
t,‘it  Xt  wil1  1)6  P^iectly  agreeable  to  me  to  have  your  man  come 
Ky  residence  on  Sunday  Fov.  22nd.  to  take  the  photograph 
vhic,  you  desire. 

Yours  trul.V, 



21,  1903. 

%  Dear  Dick: 

I  want  to  call  your  attention  to  the  fact  that  things  are 
not  going  right  with  the  Kill  designs,  etc.  of  the  Dunderland  Co, 

That  I  believe  Simpkin  is  doing  just  what  he  did  here,  that  is  he 
will  take  two  years  longer  than  he  calculates,  because  plans  will 
not  be  ready.  There  is  I  believe  going  to  be  some  terrible  errors 
made.  You  better  see  my  letter  to  Khoades,  also  look  over  my  two 
letters  accompanying  drawings  filed  with  the  Dunderland  Co.,  also 
look  over  the  26  Letters  sent  to  Simpkin.  Designing  a  plant  in 
lonoon,  the  way  it  iB  being  done  is  about  the  worst  possible  thing 
that  c^uii  be  imagined.  Simpkin  has  no  conception  of  the  problem 
or  the  difficulties,  as  instanced  by  sending  me  a  complicated  drawing 
of  the  hopper  above  the  Giants,  that  would  not  last  ten  hours.  He 
would  not  stop  over  one  day  at  Cement  Works  to  3ee  the  Giants  work 
or  anything  else,  he  gave  as  his  excuse  to  me  in  a  letter  that  Her- 
ter  offended  him.  This  is  pretty  small  potatoes  for  a  man  having 
such  responsibilities.  I  have  written  Dunderland  Company  officially 
and  warned  Simpkin  that  I  will  not  be  responsible  for  a  single . thing , 
the  drawing  of  which  has  not  been  approved  by  myself,  anc.  such 
approval  filed  v/ith  the  Dunderland  Co.  There  has  been  precious  lit¬ 
tle  that  so  far  has  received  approval,  I  am  not  to  be  bluffed  into 

approving,  what  from  actual/exporience  in  the  past  and  now  I  know  will 
not  work  or  prove  unsat iofaotory . 


Nov.  25,  1903.- 

A.  Ervigs  El’tgr,  Esq.,  f 

Christiansund,  Norway.  \ 

Dear  Sir:  \  / 

In  reply  to  your  favor  of  the  13th  inst.,  I  heg  to  state 
that  it  is  true  that  I  have  been  working  on  an  electric  generator, 
but  at  present  fan  not  in  a  position  to- give  out  any  information, 
fhanking  you  very  much  for  the  inquiry,  I  remain, 

Yours  truly, 

Nov.  25,  1903. 

James  Symington,  Esq., 

Port  Huron,  Mich. 

Eriend  Symington: 

I  am  very  sorry  to  hear  of  your  trouble  and  hope  that 
before  this  letter  reaches  you  that  you  will  be  around  as  usual.  My 
eyes  were  only  slightly  affected  but  are  all  right  again. 

Yours  truly, 

safety  clicks  and  notice  if  they  worked 
spect  and.  keep  them  clean  and  what  othei 

as  told  to  look  out  for 
.  starting,  also  to  in¬ 

different  foreman  of  the  plants  instruct  their  men  thoroughly  as  to 
what  they  should  look  out  for  and  report,  also  report  why  it  is  that 
13£i  and  130  belts  had  to  he  taken  up  in  Mill  time  and  if  this  could 
not  have  been  anticipated,  also  if  Mr.  Pilling' s  criticism  is  correcl 
that  in  many  cases  belts  are  ordered  taken  up  when  in  fact  the  slip¬ 
ping  was  due  to  backing  up  of  ore  against  belt,  at  either  head  or 
tail  end,  also  what  in  your  opinion  is  necessary  to  keep  dust  out 

to  make  it  dust  proof 

was  that  the  crushing  plant  tried  to  run  al] 
l  in  crushing  a  single  skip. 

will  also  report,  if  in  your  opinion  Mr .  Hufn 
have  to 

fnr  noaltion.  1  shall  hereafter/rely  on 



O-  C  ^i»AJuvA  uA*»  X  Ufl.w-<My  y)  <»*-  »  tytJUf 

3t..<jw3>y|<»  tC  ^i**Jr~kz  TUM  d^unt  awi  C«*>uUm> 

vc.  -  —  — *•— -v  ^ 

*««*•«-  >l*'f  ^ 

itrllL  <srp~^-  -^“~~*u-~^  -  ct-v  ■*f" 

-v-* ' —  *“**'- 

. _ - i~  * - 

U _ {— — 


%  i<un.  r.yy,„4S4  W>Ol f <^«44,> -t 
O-  i^ccMif  3L«ywC»  "ia  «^l 

tL  c~~.-  **-^**^  «*  »>  — -»  — 

*|^  ^a4JU>w(  tUiA  n*  #»i»4  ^*%^>**‘ ^ 

i*<A»it.1»'<J-t«M>  -  iT^  J*pi  ^  ^Fr*^ir  *• 



^ _ _ -  *U*“~ 

tL  frT  L 

„«-»•  ti  wt.  *«  •*- 

V^.t23U  *kwi^»  « - -  **^*r  ■  ’*’*  **’ 

.  «tL^Jl*  dr  c* 


H-  S.  Moult., ,,  Ker._  "  I*°- 

Edison  Portland.  Cement  Co., 

Stev/artsvllle,  it.  j. 

Dear  sir: 

Eepl yln®  t0  *our  ^Tor  of  the  9th  Inst  t  +  . 

, :::: - :::  ^  -  -M-  - 

-  <*•«.  .  nish*  Wy  r.r  Chit  o.„.nt,  eto. 

Yours  truly, 

Dec.  11,1903. 

Electrochemical  Publishing  Co., 

118  Liberty  St., 

Nev/  York. 

Dear  Sirs: 

1  beg  to  enclose  you  herewith  check  for  $3.00,  in  exchange 
please  send  me  your  book  of  "Rare  -Metals"  by  J,  Ohly,  Ph.D.  and 
oblige,  Yours  truly, 


Crocker  V/heeler  Co., 

41  Cortlandt  St., 
Sew  York. 

Saar  Sirs: 

Dec.  17,  x-nOS. 



Yours  of  the  14th  received  and  in  reply  I  beg  to  state 
we  are  no  longer  in  the  market  for  a  generator  and  thank  you 
much,  for  your  .  uctatl^n. 

Yours  truly. 


Dec.  18,  1903. 

H.  Me  Kay  'rvorSggy,  Esq., 

15  Br,.ad  St., 

Hew  York. 

Deal'  Sir : 

7  c.  •  /ing  to  your  telephone  message,  I  wish  to  say  that  the 
"battery  v,  getting  along  all  right.  In  about  the  middle  of  January 
v.-r*  jump  our  output  up  four  or  five  times.  V/e  have  lots  of  or- 

.  u  r.,  oik.  for  lighting  seventy  passenger  cars. 

Yours  truly, 


les  L.  Seabury  &  Cc., 
Morris  Heights,  it.  Y. 

.  "  “  ~iuuJ-y  sena  rae  a  Print  of  my  launch  "Hina" 

U';  •?Ur0haSe<l  fr0m  you  in  February  1902, by  Mr.  John  V.  Miller 
Leea.:.,us  ol  changing  it  into  an  electric  launch.  By  giving 
'  prompt  attention  you  will  greatly  oblige. 

rank  A.  Hall,  Esq., 

I  beg  to  return  you  herewith  your  check  received  with  your 
letter  of  the  1st  you  failed  to.  endorse  same.  Kindly  return 

ssible,  and  oblige,' 

Yours  truly, 

iffl'/YV-  CL-1  Cl  C'd-uim 


■  December  22nd,). 903. 

My  dear  Dudley: — 

My  cement  plant  has  been  in  operation  now  since  the 
middle  of  September  and  we  are  making  a  high  quality  of  cement. 

I  claim  that  our  cement  will  carry  more  sand  for  the  same  results 
than  any  cement  now  on  the  market,  owing  to  the  fact  that  85^  and 
more  of  it  will  pass  200  mesh  screen,  and  from  grinding  the  raw 
materials  finer. 

I  am  anxiouB  to  get  a  disinterested  test.  Would  you  be 
willing  to  have  your  boys  make  it  if  I  send  samples?  I  will  be  glad 
to  send  you  any  size  sample  you  desire. 

Have  you  succeeded  yet  in  knocking  out  the  nattoriea? 

With  my  kindest  regards  and  compliments  of  the  season,  I  Si 
Yours  very  truly, 

C  ,B  .Dudley , 
c/o  penna.  R.R.Co.^ 
Altoona,  Pa. 

Lag;  suppose 

at)  out 

12/29/03/WS MA 

Messrs.  Pilling  &  Crane, 

Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Dear  Sirs: — 

V,'e  are  in  receipt  of  yours  of  the  28th  inBt.  and 
much  surprised  that  the  Pennsylvania  Coal  &  Coke  Company  declined  to 
send  one  of  their  men  to  Orange  to  Inspect  the  coal  which  is  so  full 
of  ash. 

This  is  strong  evidence  to  us  that  they  do  not  oare  to 
inspect  it  because  they  know  the  quality  of  the  coal  is  poor. 

We  have  notified  all  our  various  departments,  as  per  -carbon  copies 
herewith  enclosed,  to  have  all  coal  received  from  them  in  the  future 
analyzed,  and  if  any  more  coal  of  the  quality  of  this  last  lot  is 
received,  we  shall  decline  to  accept  further  shipments  from  them. 

V/e  are  offered  plenty  flf  coal  by  outside  people ,  the 
quality  of  which  they  will  guarantee ,  and  in  view  of  such  treatment 
as  this,  we  are  certainly  under  no  obligations  to  continue  the  use 
of  coal  from  people  who  are  afraid  to  stand  behind  it. 

The  above  for  your  own  and  their  information.  If  we  are 
to  continue  using  this  coal,  we  must  have  some  assurances  that  we 
will  be  protected  in  case  of  poor  coal,  otherwise  we  much  prefer  to 
buy  coal  from  people  who  will  guarantee  it  in  case  the  quality  is 

poor . 

Yours  very  truly, 

Deo.  31,  1903. 

W.  J .  Hammer . 

fJ6  Cortland t  St, 

Dear  Sir: 

Messrs.  Williams,  Brovra  &  Earle  of  Philadelphia  sent  me 
lother  Spinthariscope  and  it  does  not  give  scintilations  no  matter 
iv/  adjusted.  Why  did  you  have  it  sent  v/hen  you  already  furnished 

hat  does  scintilate? 

Yours  truly, 

xo  cti 


Deo.  31,  1903, 

■Williams,  Brown  &  Earle 

.Philadelphia,  Pa. 

lived  unde: 

No.  2  Spinthariscope 

can  not  under- 

one  through  Mr.  W.  J, 

irsonaliy .  The 

lived  from 

adjustment,  whereas  the 

itifully.  Kindly  advise 


Mr.  a.  C.  shand, 

B’oad  Street  Station, 

Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Dear  Sir:_„ 

On  the  22ndlnst-  j  wrote  ^  g00d  friend^  Dr>  B> 

Dudley,  string  that  we  Ve  now  manufacturing  a  Portland  cement, 
■vi-r-c-i  owing  t».  the  finer  grx,ding  of  the  raw  material  before  burning 
and  the  finer  gr'^ding  0f  the  o^^,. ,  (we  guarantee  85$  through 
200  mesh  screen)  wi*  carry  more  -Sd  fQr  the  Bame  strengtll  than 
anj  cement  now  on  the  ^rket,  either  acetic  or  foreign,  and  asking 
him  if  he  would  care  to  ma^  tests  with  oV  cement. 

I  am  in  receipt  of  *  letter  from  heating  that  he  does 
not  have  the  special  appliances  for  making  oeme^  tests  and  suggest¬ 
ing  that  I  write  direct  to  you  relative  to  the  matter.  Also  to  Mr. 
W.  H.  Brown,  which  I  have  done,  sending  him  practically  a  duplicate 
of  this  letter. 

I  am  very  anxious  to  have  your  department  make  tests  of 

our  cement  in  With  the -well  known  brands  on  the  market 

and  will  be  pleased  to  furnish  you  the  necessary  quantity  of  cement, 
free  of  charge,  for  these  tests.  Our  own  records  and  those  made 
by  Cement  experts  show  the  cement  to  be  of  the  quality  above  stated, 
and  I  hope  that  you  will  see  your  way  clear  to  make  the  most  ex¬ 
tensive  tests  of  it  so  that  when  your  people  are  in  the  market  for 


Professor  w.  Hibbert,  Esq., 
c/o  Polytechnic, 

Regent  Street,  West, 

London,  England. 

I  send  you  herewith  s»t  request  of  Mr.  Dick,  curves  pf  the 
18  plate  cell  on  discharge  at  different  rates.  «>u  will  notice 
that  the  curve  at  high  rates  is  pretty  good  notwithstanding  there 

only  six  iron  plates  in  the  cell. 

small  runabouts  where  the  average  discharge  i 

Mr.  Dick  also  requests  that  you  send  a  copy  to  Dr.  Eleming 
and  the  PariB  people.  We  enclose  extra  prints  for  that  purpose. 

yours  very  truly. 

P.S.  At  this  writing  1  am  unable  to  enclose  the  additional  prints 
hut  will  have  th««  follow  in  a  later  mail. 


January  8,1904. 

a.  Phillips, 

702  Empire  Building, 

Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Heplylng  to  yours  of  the  2nd  lust,  to  Hr.  Edison,  I  be£ 

■  t:^e  stock  of  the  Cement 
■1  the  plant  has  beer,  in 

•  Company  is  not  to  be  dis- 

'  any  of  the  boys  as  ysrt  and  ; 

The  Storage  Battery  has  been  on  the  market  since  July  last, 
had  so  many  orders  come  to  us,  it  has  not  been  necessary 
rtise  it,  so  for  that  reason,  we  have  kept  rather  quiet 
he  battery. 

Yours  very  truly, 

Jan.  9,. 1904, 

T.  C.  Armstrong,  Esq., 

Cranbro ok ,  B.  C. 

Dear  Bars: 

Reply-lag  to  yours  of  the  '8th  ult.,  I  beg  to  state  that  I 
r&d  the  sample  sent  and  it  is  quite  rich  'in  Nickel  hut 
tely  it  is  in  the  form  of  arsenide  of  nickel  and  the  pro- 
orlcing  arsenic  nickel  is  very  difficult  and  I  am  afraid 
t;  while  the  iron  pyrites  ore  found  in  Canada  is  very 
okel  compared  to  yours  it  is  very  easy  to  work,  being  a 
proposition.  I  have  been  to  Ft.  Steele  years  ago  and  -1 
Tones  who  has  a  ranch  near  there.  You  might  send 'me  a  ten 
pie  and  I  will  see  what  can  be  done  with  it  by  trying  to 
r  electrical  methods.  I  am  buyirtw^considerable  nickel  for 
itery  and  will  need  a  large  quantity  in  the  future.  If  1 
3  process  perhaps  by  cobbing  the  ore  you  could;  get  it  rich 

stand  shipping 

here . 

Yours  truly, 


.113 ng  fit  Crane, 
Philadelphi  a , 


X  understand  that  the  Engineering  Magazine  would  like  to 
llustrated  article  on  our  Cewent  plant  for  one  of  their 

1  1vcu-Ld  pleased,  to  have  them  do  so  and.  will  arrange 
scpls  to  furnish  them  whatever  information  they  desire. 
Yours  very  truly, 

ex.  i 

Jan..  11,  1904. 


i’or  Radium,  Actinii 



I  to  yours  or  the  3rd  inst.,  I  heg  to  state  that 
ie  Rational  Phonograph  Co.  will  not  permit  me  to 
°ord.  'What  are  you  doing  at  present?  Have  you 
i»is?  I  would  te  pleased  to  have  you  come  over  to 
see  ine;:any.  time  ■  at  your  own  convenience. 

Tours  truly, 

T.  C.  Martin,  * 

114  liberty  Street, 

?1**“  to  th„  ■ 
"  not  taan  ,OS8eotei 


L-'  •  Chicago,  Ills. 

whlia^  Bee  “al?°n  Laborat°ry)  Orange  ,  N.J. 

Robert  Bachman  "  «  ,1 

Reynold  Janney,  Glen  Ridge.  N.J 
HS  Pilllncr36^  Canf'1  Street ,  New  York. 

T.  I.*  OrSe  ’  *n  Building,  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

usx  **-^*»- 

>ohn  a!  BoiLe  »°n  laJ>ora*ory.  Orange  ,N.j. 

Robert  Rafn ,  ’  ••  „  " 

35 »  Herter,  «  >, 

S.  15.  Eager  ty,  »  „ 

E . S . Qpdyke ,  «  n  „ 

?•  A-  F11ie6i>  #55  Church  St.,  Montclair  N  J 
J.E.Murch,  #77  Hillside  Ave.  Bton  j  j 

Ave.,  Newark |n*J* 

:T -Sadler,  #18  Gates  Ave . ,  Mdntclair  N  J 
3avey,  Bilmont  Ave.,  silver  Late 
l.k  .uajpier ,  #25  linden  Avenue,  Montclair  N  J 

?.'w^yl0Brfork,#|223Mld"and  AV^US>  <»?**•*• 

W.H.Mason,  Stewartsville , N.J. 


A.  S.  Barnes,  123  So.  4th  St.,  East  on, Pa. 
ff.C.Bowers,  177  Belvidere  Ave . ,  ‘Washington 
D.  Smith,  Stewartsville ,N.J.  r!p.d.  #lf 

i,  N.J. 


="u  am!  marked,  the  : 

a"“locua  ll»‘  of  a»ra,  KU  iy 

•«!»£■»,  to  §159.60.  sln  me 

1  Me  the  lot  as  Tnarked. 

Your  favor  of  the  30th  ult.  came  duly  to  hand  and  in  reply 

Edison  17  Prospect  Street,  East  Orange,  N.  J.  who  has  a  process  which 
I  understand  is  finished  and  intended  for  the  purpose  mentioned  in 
your  letter,. and  no  doubt  you  will  hear  from  him. 

Tan.  21,  1904. 

Frederick  G.  Burnham,  Esq., 

Morristown,  If.  J. 

Dear  Sir: 

Mr.  V.  W.  Richards,  Comptroller  of  the  Mutual  Life  Insurance 
Compaq, advises  me  that  the  Finance  Committee  has  approved  the  release 
of  a  lot  32  x  204  feet  on  property  owned  hy  me  and  against  which  there 
is  a  loan  which  they  held  (Mo.  20410)  upon  the  payment  of  $1600.00 
and  all  taxes. 

I  am  instructed  to  communicate  with  you  relative  to  the  preparation 
of  papers  in  connection  therewith  and  I  shall  be  pleased  to  hear  from  you 
aa  to  what  further  I  am  to  do  in  the  matter. 

For  your  information  I  would  say  that  all  taxes  on  my  property  for 
this  year  have  been  paid. 

Yours  very  truly. 

j.11  s  London. 

beg  to  enclose  you  herewith  a  copy  of  a  letter  received 

who  I  understand  is  is  the  employ  of 
The  party  to.  whom  the  letter  was  addressed 

Laboratory  to  see  Mr.  Edison  but  unfortunately 

him  until 

unable  to 

it  the  t ime  and  I 

reading  the  letter  over  Mr.  Edison  requested 
*ty  that  he  never  knew  of  any  such  arrangement 

Yours  truly, 

k-  T-  (Jl-tov 

■  Dick,  Esq. 

s/o  3r  own ,  Shipley  &  Co., 

of  any  arrangement  Having  he en  made  to  have  Bergmann 
nut  his  own- people  ir  our  factory,  I  am  not  silling  to  put  any  out¬ 
siders  at  work  until  you  say  the  same  is  setlofactory  to  you. 

If  Bergmann  is  dissatisfied  with  the  delay,  how  would  it  do  to 
return  him  the  money  that  he  has  paid  on  account  of  tools,  and  call 
the  matter  off  so  tsr-  as  he  is  concerned''  I  feel  that  he  is  trying 

ling  that  any  tools  should 

go  abroad  until  they  ) 

i  entirely  satisfactory  hei 

I  have  told  Mr.  Nueske  that 
siting  until  I  hear  from  Europe 

5  his  own  pleasure 

Enclosure . 

Feb.  3rd,  1904, 


1.  evi  shipping  an  electric  launch  to  Fort  Myers  and 
aah  that  you  have  it  sent  to  the  draw  bridge  and  have 

iir.  Ptulpner  dt  Ft.  Myers  will  take  it.  in  charge, 
Yours  truly, 


m-.  Edison  wants  to  know  if  you  can  get  an  Engineer  down 
;ut  the  engine  in  running  order,  also  the  Boiler  and  run 
season;  this  he  would  like  finished  hy  the  20th.  If 
issitle  for  you  to  get  an  engineer,  kindly  let  me  know  one 
,  otter  -by  telegraph,  also  telegraph  the  distance  from 
to  the  dock  wharejffe  landed- 

Yours  truly, 

%uJL.  &&& 

launch  is  shipped  and  I  will  have  Mr.  Edison  send  you 
c,, 00  for  various  expenses.  I  wrote  Hr.  Hake  to  have  the 
,w,h  1;0  the  draw  bridge  and  have  derrick  put  it  in  the 

T  a,.pCS,ae  you  will  have  to  pay  for  this  and  you  can 
,  If  the  $200,  then  you  can  have  the  boat  towed  home  and 

Feb.  10,1904. 

M.  A.  Rosanoff,  Esq., 

Orange ,  IT.  J . 

Pear  Sir: 

Mr.  Edison  advised  me  that  he  will  discontinue  the  exper¬ 
iment  on  which  you  are  working  March  2,  1904  and  after  that  date 
he  will  no  longer  require  your  services. 

Yours  truly. 


Orange  National  Bank, 

I  Beg  to  enolose  you  herewith  keys  to  the  safe  deposit 
box  rented  by  me  for  the  past  year  and  beg  to  state  that  I  wish  to 
discontinue  the  use  of  same  this  coming  year. 

I  have  emptied  the  box  Of  its  contents  and  it  is  already 


My  dear  Weir : -- 

The  express  wagon  from  Birmingham,  has  been  at  our  Glen 
Ridge  Works  now  for  some  weeks,  and  has  been  in  constant  service 
during  the  cold  weather.  It  looks  to  me  all  right  and  will  carry 
a  tonnage  of  75,<  of  its  weight  and  prohahly  more.  ¥ 

Shall  I  send  it  over  or  will  you  come  over  and  see  it? 

Yours  very  truly, 


X.C.V’eir  ,Esq. ,  President, 

Adams  Express  Company, 

Hew  York  City. 


Feb,  11,1$,04 

Ghaa.  H.  Burke,  Esq.,,  Y.  l’„, 

South  Grant's  Field  Club, 

20  Broad  St.,  New  York. 

Bear  Sir: 

I  beg  to  a&» ise  you  that  owing  to  another  engagement  it 
will  bo  impossible  Tor  ms  to  attend  the  dinner  ofyour  club  <m  Tues¬ 
day  February  16th.  Thanking  you  very  much  for  your  kind  .inwitatitaa, 
and  regretting  that  it  will  be  impossible  for  me  to  attend,  X 
remain,  Yours  truly, 

Feb.  11,  ISO*. 

Mrs.  Nellie  Edison  Boyer, 

Military  St., 

Port  Huron,  Mich. 

Bear  Mrs.  Boyer: 

I  beg  to  enclose  you  herewith  a  notice  regarding  taxes 
in  Fort  Huron.  You.  will  notice  a  memorandum  on  the  card  from  Mr. 
Edition  and  would  kindly  ask  that  you  give  this  matter  your  attention, 
and  oblige,  Yours  truly, 



Pels.  15th,  1904. 

,  Pleasant  Cemetery  Co., 

r'£' 75  Belleville  Avenue, 

Newark,  U.  J. 

In  reply  to  your  favor  of  the  12th  inBt.,  I  beg  to  state 
St  the  care  of  my  lot  is  in  the  hands  of  Mr.  Mawer,  Sen.,  and 
o  has  been  paid  for  Bame. 

1  return  you  herewith  your  bill  for  work  which  I  did 

t  order. 

Yours  truly, 


3'  r 

.February  16,1904. 

.  '«?.  s.  Pilling,  Treasurer, 

Philadelphia , 


;a r  Sir :  •••-■ 

Together  with  my  companies ,  I  have  advanced  over  $400,000. 
tring  the  past  year  or  so  to  the  Cement  Company,  a  good  deal  of 
lich  at  considerable  sacrifices. 

Of  the  $50,000.  X  agreed  to  advance,  I  have  already  sent 
40,000.  and  the  balance  1  will  try  and  send  during  March.  Much 
e>  X  regret  to  state  it,  X  will  he  unable  to  send  very  much  more 
a  the  immediate  future.  After  a  financial  breathing  spell,  I 
x:pect  tc  be  able  to  do  my  share  with  the  rest. 

I  wish  to  make  this  a  matter  of  record  now,  so  the 
1 rectors  will  fully  understand  my  position.  I  am  going  ahead 
r.Aer  their  instructions  and  placing  orders  for  the  necessary  mater- 



Feb.  22nd,  1304. 

Mr.  V/.  J.  Hammer, 

#26  Cortlandt  Street, 

Hew  York. 

My  Dear  Hammer 

It  would  be  a  very  desirable  thing  if  you  would  loan 
your  great  collection  of  Historical  Incandescent  lamps  to  the 
Edisonia  Exhibit  at  the  St,  louio  Worlds  Eair. 

you  say? 

I  am  sure  it  will  be  well  taken  care  of.  What  do 

Herman  Ernest  Plait,  Esq. , 

London,  JBagisad. 

Dear  3ir:- 

I  hqv*  receive*  a  call  from  Hr,  ff.  S„  Eeyoocfc  or  Sheffield*. 
England,  whom  ypjj  dmibtleep  know  as  one  .of  <t;h*  largest  manufacturers, 
of  railway  app^anees  .there.  .Ha. -is  .desirous  of  Asking  up  our 
battery  Tqr  railway  lightly  .in  a  commercial  way.  He  is  acquainted 
with  our  friend  Parecttel.  please  see  Hr.  laycock  and  hive  a  good 
talk  with  him  on  the  .sublet  of  B.  3.  lighting.  fie  works  1  under^d 
with  the  Sold  Oar  Beating  '&  lighting!**.  in  this  country,  who  are 
the  merohandlzers  or  our  battery  in  ibis,  country  for  railway 

YOurs  -very  truly.  . 




e  is  coming  over  in  three  weeks  and  will  arrange  to 
e  money.  Fever  mind  about  security.  Pay  when  you 

ohnBon,  Esq.. , 

:ho  Square, 
ondon,  W.,  England. 


6th  St., 

Newark,  3.  J. 

Eeb.  24th,  1904. 

lying  to  yours  of  recent  date,  I  beg 
^rented  in  the  subject  mentioned. 

Yours  'truly. 

state  that 

ynwie*.'  3»  J 9 0*/ 


clomo  QqJukJ 

i  fan 

/!■'  tCi)U  •din)!-  /,  V  .  .  .  J  o  a  1. 

<!Laj  /wjiiy  h  JeriAfiJ  jf  (Min'  P~L  3'>-  ° 

aitdt  Mouk  (W^  AAnZt  Jit w.  d  (hifiJs/  Co*, xUp 
o  <  ,  $  ,  ,,  l1  j  ft-- oy 

/ddiXAX/icicu.)  (X/i.  pn*.-  (j  iK*-c  #>•  (A'liy-i'  n  i  W  Jtr 

!).@.  Jj  HHtk  0.  Mb*  /<.  upd<y  1 ^ 

Ovi^/  J  a  pad  J  kdb  t0U>  r*vnl-jj  ou^bj  tkx>  Ss*' 

juiVM-ydb  .  %.,-L,  A  >• 

q  i  r?  ,  V  . 



iijvvurtJ bncM*.^  op)  bmxfck'  t*  p^  ^  J  (tinj£>  *>*«/,£  ■jfek 


March  3,  1904. 

Mr.  John  T.  Leary, 

226  Vest  44th  St., 

New  York  City. 

Dear  Sir:- 

Beplying  to  yours  of  the  1st  inst.,  I  heg  to  state  that 
1  haV8  no  P°aiti°n  «iat  I  can  offer  you  at  the  St.  Louis  Exposition. 
Yours  truly, 

March  4th,  1904. 

Dr.  G.  0,  Welshman, 

150  Summer  Avenue, 

Newark,  N.  J. 

Dear  Sir:- 

I  heg  to  enclose  you  herewith  check  for  thirty-five  dollars 
the  same  being  in  payment  for  note  from  Thos.  A.  Edison,  Jr.,  re¬ 
ceived  with  your  letter  of  the  3rd  inst. 

t  Yours  truly, 

J.'  re,, jr.  id 



March  14th,  1904. 

E.  E.  Ott,  Esq. , 

Port  Myers,  Elorida. 

Dear  Sir:- 

In  reply  to  the  attached  letter  I  heg  to  state  that 
the  Clyde  Steamship  Company  made  you  a  certain  rate  on  the  launch 
providing  it  did  not  weigh  over  S  l/2  tons;  hut  according  to  the 
freight  hill,  it  weighs  nearly  ten  tons. 

The  claim  should  he  made  from  there  as  the  payment 
was  made  from  that  end  of  the  line. 

Yours  truly, 

sf  March  21,1904. 

Messrs.  Hahne  &  Co., 

Broad  Street, 

Newark,  N.  J. 


Will  you  kindly  have  two  separate  hills  made  out  for 
the  enclosed,  billing  ttp*.  A.  Moratory  1th  the  3  Sponge 

purchased  on  Peb.  36th  and  Krs.  Thoma.  A.  3d»«en  .1th  the  refining 
Item,  on  bill.  Kindly  give  this  matter  year  prompt  attention  — 
return  bill,  to  us  at  onoe,  and^reatly jjbligP , 

Thomas  A.  Edison  Laboratory . 

T.  H.  Levons,  Esq., 
Et.  Myers,  Ela. 

On  Eeh .  16,  1904  I  sent  you  a  check  fot  $31^.25-  in  payment 
ol  taxes  on  my  B-orlda  property  but  up  to  the  present  time  I  bar. 
not  recited  receipted  bill  for  same.  Kindly  return  it  to  this  of- 
fice  at  onoe,  and  greatly  oblige, 

Yours  truly, 


March  22,  1904. 

W.  G.  Brownlee,  Esq..,  Supt., 

Grand  Trunk  Railway  System, 

Detroit,  Mich. 

Dear  Sir: 

Will  you  kindly  let  me  know  when  your  company  stopped  using 
the  Phonoplex  Circuit  mentioned  in  the  enclosed  hill,  as  we  have 
searohed  through  all  our  files  and  do  not  appear  to  have  received 
any  word  from  you  stating  that  you  wished  same  discontinued. 

In  regard  to  my  right  to  collect  royalties,  I  heg  to  state 
that  W  patents  have  net  expired  and  I  a»  still  entitlsd  to  collect 
Yours  truly, 



April  4,  1904. 

fi;i  iiie  A.  P.  Smith  Mfg.  Co., 

,  '  Passaic  Ave .  Poot  of  Brill  St., 

j  Newark,  N,  J. 

Bear  Sirs: 

-  Replying  to  yours  of  the  31st  ult.,  I  heg  to  state  that 

I  Mr.  Robert  Arnot  has  been  employed  here  at  the  laboratory  for  about 

I  five  years  in  charge  of  the  Patern  Department,  and  during  which  time 

'•  I  have  always  found  him  to  be  a  first  class  pattern  maker,  of  steady 

i  habits  and  a  reliable  man,  and  would  gladly  recommend  him  to  any  one 

i  4  in  need  of  his  services. 

<  .  Your,  in*,, 

^  Superintendent. 

A  ■ 

April  5,  1904, 

John  Wooleock,  Esq., 

Cold  Springs,  IT.  Y. 

Dear  Sir: 

Will  you  kindly  arrange  to  make  an  appointment  with  Mr. 
Howard  Soandell  of  Mount  Vill,  Iona  Island,  H.  Y.  to  meet  you  on 
my  property  in  order  to  take  measurements  of  some  more  wood,  and 
blige.  Yours  truly. 

•"""  4 

April  4,  1904. 

H.  7.  Jones, 
iddleburg,  Md. 

Madam : 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  31st  ult.,  I  beg  to  state  that  I 
a  Consulting  Engineer  of  the  Marconi  Wireless  Telegraph  Co. 
■sow  nettling  whatever  about  its  financial  affairs. 

Yours  truLy, 


April  11,  1904. 

Captain  Pick, 

Hotel  Imperial,  Broadway, 

New  York. 

'Jear  Sir: 

This  afternoon  I  received  a  telegram  from  lire.  He  Hie 
Edison  Poyer,  Port  Huron,  Mich,  asking  me  to  oall  you  up  on  the 
phone.  This  I  did  and  the  party  I  spoke  to  at  the  Hotel  informed 
me  that  you  were  not  around. 

If  you  oall  me  up  on  the  phone  any  time  tomorrow  morning 
before  12  o'clook  you  will  have  no  trouble  reaching  me.  My  tele¬ 
phone  call  is  407  Orange,  New  Jersey. 

Yours  truly, 

Fidelity  Exploration  Company, 

IS  Purchase  Street, 

Boston,  Mass. 

pear  Sirs: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  2nd  inst.,  I  heg  to  state  that 
at  present  I  am  not  in  the  market  for  Niokeliferoue  Pyrrhotite  Ore. 
Yours  truly, 

Jos.  V.  Collins,  Es<j. , 

Stevens  Point, 

State  normal  School,  Wis. 

April  14,  1904. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  22nd  ult.,  I  heg  to  state  that 
the  statement  about  my  reading  Rewton's  Principia  while  still  a  hoy 


c.  A.  Schenck,  Ph.  D.  Forester, 

Forest  Department  Biltmore  Estate, 
Biltmore,  U.  C. 

April  14,  1904. 

On  my  return  to  this  office  after  an  absence  of  several 
months  your  letter  of  the  SOth  of  Feb.  and  samples  of  ore  were  placed 
before  me.  The  samples  have  been  put  in  slides  and  are  now  being 
tested  for  Radium  and  as  soon  as  I  obtain  results  will  advise  you. 
Thanking  you  very  much  for  your  kindness  in  obtaining  the  above,  I 
remain,  Yours  truly, 

W.  H.  Anderson,  Esq. , 

c/o  Remington  Typewriter  Co., 

327  Broadway, New  York. 

pear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  13th  inst . ,  I  beg  to  state  that 
my  time  and  attention  is  entirely  taken  up  with  ay  own  inventions, 
that  it  is  absolutely  impossible  for  me  to  go  into  anything  new  at 
present.  Thanking  you  very  much  for  calling  my  attention  to  your 
patent,  I  remain,  Yours  truly. 

April  14,  1904, 

V.  R.  Carroll,  Esq., 

Chief  Electrician,  U.  S.  Navy, 

U.  S.  S.  Hancock,  Brooklyn  Navy  Yard.. 

Pear  Sir: 

heplylws  to  yours  of  the  7th  lust.,  I  he8  to  state  that 
X  would  he  Pleased  to  hay.  you  co»e  out  a„d  visit  „  hah.r.tory  any 
time  at  your  own  convenience. 


April  16,  1904. 

Wesley  Young,  Es  q., 

Room  801,  11  Broadway, 

New  York. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  5th  inst.,  I  hag  to  state  that 
Mr.  S.  G.  Burn  is  of  the  Cornish  Brand  of  plain  Mining  Experts  and 
can  not  say  very  much  in  his  fdvor. 

Yours  truly,  ~ 

jCca  0.^iocn_. 

April  I®,  1904/ 

C.  H.  Maroher,  Esq., 

Morton  Bldg.,  116  Nassau  St., 

New  York. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  4th  inst. ,  1  "beg  to  state  that 
I  know  very  little  about  Col.  Henry  C.  Demming,  and  it  is  impos¬ 
sible  for  me  to  say  if  he  is  a  chemist  by  profession,  therefore 
could  not  recommend  him  as  regards  his  ability. 

Yours  truly, 

„  April  18,  1904. 

-isc.  Myrtle  Kemp, 

Cromwell,  In. 

Dear  Mias  Kemp : 

Yours  of  the  11th  inst.  received,  replying  to  same  Deg  to 
state  -hat  I  io  not  understand  your  inquiry.  Kindly  send  me  a  copy 
of  the  advertisement,  and  oblige, 

Yours  truly, 

James  Hewson,  Esq., 

670  Bergen  St., 

Newark,  N.  J. 

Boar  Sir: 

April  18,  1904. 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  16th  inst.,  regarding  hill  against 
Thomas  A.  Edison  Jr.,  I  beg  to  state  that  as  I  have  nothing  whatever 
to  do  with  his  personal  affairs,  you  will  have  to  look  to  the  young 
man  for  the  money.  I  return  you  herewith  your  bill. 

Yours  truly, 


April  22,  1904. 

Eugene  H.  DewiS'^'Epq. , 

44  Broad  Street, 

Hew  York. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  6th  inst.,  I  teg  to  state  that  Mr. 
Edison  has  instructed' me  to  carry  outrun  idea  of  giving  Prof. Crocker 
the  eight  shares  of  Mhrconi  Stock,  which  I  will  forward  to  you  as  soon 
as  Mr.  Edison  visits  Unsafe  deposit  vault  and  has  the  shares  trans¬ 
ferred, hut  just  when  this  will  he  I  am  unahle  to  say. 

Yours  truly* 


April  "26,  1904, 

nia  'tiiax 

jxlno  nto  I 

T.  Bo  Doolittle,  Esq. , 

IBS  Milk  Street, 

Boston,  Mass. 

Bear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  22nd  inst.,  I  beg  to  -state  that 
the  "Baker"  is  the  best  light  Runabout.  Next,  for  a  little  heavier 
Runabout,  our  experience  is  that  the  Studebakar  is  the  best,  but 
they  will  not  give  me  any  discount. 

Yours  truly, 

{JU  CL  t’rU.. 


April  V6,  1904. 

J.  B.  Wee abridge ,  Esq.,  General  Manager, 

The  Commercial  Motor  Co., 

West  Side  Ave.  &  Broadway,  Jersey  City,  K.J. 

"OlSffT  1*5 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  **  inst.,  I  beg  to  state  that 
the  wheels  are  finked  but  I  a,  continuously  having  trouble  with  „ 
machine ,  especially  speed  gearing  that  I  have  *»•»  unable  to  £  * 

hut  trust  X  will  be  able  to  do  so  some  time  during  May.  ,  -  «  ' 
lU  '  Yours  truly, 

April  26,1904. 

M.  Bowers,  Esq., 
lav/t  on ,  Old:  on a . 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  15th  inst.,  relative  to  the  com- 
rc;.al  value  and  market  for  n£±*or%" ,  leg  to  state  that  I  would  ^ 
vise  you  to  write  to  the  Vfelshack  Incandescent  light  Co.'A^' 

—  •  Yours  truly, 

~A  .  .lU-ciA-- 

■April  26,  1904. 

Mr.  Emory  Eoster,  EditorSunday  Edition, 

The  North  Amerioan, 

Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Pear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  19th  inst.  to  Mr.  Randolph,  I 
■06g  to  3tate  that  I  have  no  such  invention  as  mentioned  in  your  let 
ter.  Yours  truly. 


25&y  ;3,  1904. 

Messrs.  A.  Groenewegen  &  V/.  J.  Geus, 

Koekstraut  3, 

Bordre cht ,  Holland.  _ 


r-  —  *“ 

thank  you  very  much  for  the  a 

mry  wo...  i»  y»r  1  re“1“’ 

Yours,  tr-uly-f— > 

_  CL  £dwo<rrw- 

Elihue  Thomson,  Esq.,  I y/ 

c/o  General  Electric  Co.,  fX 

West  Lynn,  Hass. 

^  K.PW1M  «  v.-  -  • 1 "•  “  **“'  “ 

,  ,  „/„»*,  nave  teen  received  W  t.r  accept  w  *»«« 

samples  of  Quartz  ,  and  find  that  they  cer- 

!  navi  experimented  with  the  varied,  piece. 

tainly  have  prcpertie.  I  never  .npp.e.d  _ 

Yours  truly, 

'J&trttKL*  CxfctaUa'’" — 


John  V.  Miller,  Esq. , 
Sudbury,  Ont., 
Canada . 

Dear  Sir: 

May  3,  1904. 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  28th  ult.,  X  beg  to  state  that  X 
want  you  to  stick  to  the  original  plan  of  drilling  line  of  holes 

T200  feet  deep,  then  will  decide  what  further  is  to  be  done. 

Yours  truly, 


ivkoLf  Cffn-dluvtoxi  - 

Liap£»'*<^VM.Cj  <rvv 


May  3,  1904. 

Dr.  A.  C.  Ferguson, 

194  South  Oxford  St., 

Brooklyn,  IT.  Y. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  28th  ult,,  I  beg  to  state  that 
"The  Ehonometer"  is  not  on  the  market  and  I  myself  have  none  that  I 
care  to  dispose  of. 

Yours  truly, 

,*ck<d'  Ike  onU; 

Geo.  E.  Joseph.,  Esq., 

Acapulco,  Guerre o, 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  24th  ult.,  I  heg  to  state  that 
I  do  not  manufacture  Magnetic  Iron  Ore  Separators  for  sale. 

yours  truly, 

Ira  M.  Miller,  Esq., 

Treas.  Aultman  &  Miller  Buckeye  Co 

^  Slr:  ,  ,  t0  yours  of  the  .5th  ult.,  I  Beg  to  state  that 

^  JZ  -  -  «  «*  -  **  —  “d  1 ~rt  Klm 

six  dollars  per  week.  yours  truly,  ^ 

Brands  Arthur  Jones,  Esq.., 
226  West  44th  Street, 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  15th  Inst.,  heg  to  state  that  the 
Edison  Laboratory  is  divided  in  seven  different  departments  as 

(l)Master  Mechanic's  Department  (Machine  Shop,  Pattern  &  Model  Dept, 
in.  charge  of  Robt.  A.Bachman.  (Electricians,  and  Automobile  Dept. 

(2 Superintendent 's  Department  Precision  Room  & 
in  charge  of  John  E.  Ott  (  Designing 

(3) Chemical  and  Experimental  Department  in  charge  of  Mr.  Edison  personally. 

(4) 0ffice.  In  charge  of  Mr.  J.  P.  Randolph. 

(5 Segal  Department.  In  charge  of  Mr.  E.  D.  Hyer 
( g)Glass  Blowing  Dept.  In  charge  of  Mr.  Charles  Dally. 

(^Draughting  Department  .  In  charge  of  Mr.  E.  Herter. 

Trusting  the  above  information  will  prove  satisfactory,. 

I  remain,  yours  very  truly, 


I  hereby  subscribe  to  the  Land.,  Building  and  Endowment  Bund 
of  the  American  Institute  of  Electrical  Engineers,  the  sum  of 

Five  Thousand . . .  Dollars  ($5000.00) 

Thi'J  subscription  Shall  M  paid  in 

May  23,  1904. 

H.  E.  Dick,  Esq., 

Carlton  Hotel, 

London,  England.- 

Dear  Sir: 

I  Leg  to  confirm  following  Cable  sent  you  this  day  in  reply 
to  your  letter  of  the  14th  inst. 

11  If  any  action  is  brought  to  prevent  manufacture  of  Edison  Cell 
within  five  years,  will  agree  to  defend  action  at  my  expense.  If 
manufacture  stopped  will  refund  the  fifty  thousand  pounds,  hut  if 
manufacturing  is  not  prevented,  Company  to  pay  litigation  expenses. 
Remember  this  will  tie  up  cash  coming  to  you,  so  we  can  keep  guarantee, 
advise  having  nothing  to  do  with  financiers  but  get  money  from  manu¬ 
facturing  people.  Can  let  you  have  some  money  if  you  need  it  to 
hold  on.  Getting  good  shape  here  in  manufacturing  and  soon  could  ship 
cells  in  quantity  to  England,  so  could  start  business  before  man¬ 
ufacturing.  Have  made  great  improvement  lately,  orders  unlimited 
coming  in." 

Yours  truly, 

Ira  K.  Killer,  Usq.,  May  26  >  1904. 

c/o  Aultnaa  Miller  Co., 

Akron,  Qhi0o 

tear  Sir: 

:  beg  to 

i!*r'lyln!!  *°  y""r*  tie  SSM  Inst.  i„  „ 
1  W11  **•  ‘M.  »«.r  •,  ,10, 
Yours  truly, 

Storage  Batteried 
you  later  on. 

/  - 

“  i  May  26,  1904. 

sx  G.  Lsaoandrew,  3sq«, 

General  Blectrio  Co., 

Jlarrisoii,  IT.  j. 

Senlyiatj  to  yours  of  the  S5lh  last.,  X  beg  to  state  that. 
I'll  bo  unable  tc  be  present  on  the  day  mentioned.  Shanking  you 
r  ffiuuh  for  your  kind  invitation  and  trusting  you  will  all  have 
sst  enjoyable  time.  I  remain, 


Yours,.,  truly 




May  31,  1904. 

Edisoa  Portland  Cement  Co. 

Girard  Trust  Building 
Philadelphia,  Pa. 

pear  Sirs: 

I  beg  to  advise  you  that  the  $15,000.00  to  he  loaned  you 
for  the  month  of  June  will  he  sent  in  the  following  installments: 
June  4th,  $5,000.00,  June  15th  $5,000.00  and  June  25th  $5,000.00. 

Tours  truly, 

Messrs,  PachBros., 
S35  Broadway, 

Hew  Tori. 

Dear  Sir: 

May  31,  1904. 

I  heg  to  advise  you  that  I  am  returning  you  this  day  hy 
Express  the  photographs  which  you  sent  me  on  the  26th  ult.  The 
photos  marked  1,  2,  3  and  4  are  the  ones  I  approve  of. 

Yours  truly, 

Edison  Portland  Cement  Co., 

Girard  Trust  Building, 

Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Bear  Sirs: 

X  heg  to  enclose  you  herewith  three  notes  dated  Hot.  23rd, 
1903,  due  June  1,  1904  for  $5350.00,  $5550.00  and  $5500.00  respective¬ 
ly,  which  I  agreed \to  return  to  you  as  per  my  letter  dated  May  27.1904. 
Yours  truly, 

June  13,  1904. 

Lund  Cement  Co., 

Trust;  Building, 

Philadelphia,  Pa. 

5  .1  have  not  heard  anything  from  my  notes  and  collateral 
r&noed,  will  you  kindly  advise  me  if  the  above  have  been 
uid  greatly  oblige, 

Youra  truly, 

Jne  11,  1904. 



National  Electric  Co., 

Lwaul'iee . 

.  Robert  hosier  has  aslced  me  to  write  you  about  himself, 
plates  making  some  business  arrangements  with  you.  X 
osier  for  over  20  years  and  he  understands  the  electri- 
.  both  technically  and  commercially,  and  in  ray  opinion 

Yours  truly, 

June  22,  1904. 

os,  Editor, 

'.'agasine , 

«:STb  29th  St . ,  ft.  Y. 

lying  to  yours  of  the  9th  inst.,  I  beg  to  state  that 
mistake  about  the  presentation  of  the  peper  on  "Alkaline 
the  International  Electrloal  Congress  at  St.  Louis, 
is  to  oe  read  by  Mr.  A.  E.  ICennelly  and  not  by  myself 

Yours  truly, 

•Louis, -Mo. 

r. lying  to  yours  of  the  19th  inst.  I  beg  to  state  that 
an  instrument  for  the  relief  of  deaf  persons  some  time 
o  been  so  very  busy  with  my  other  inventions,  I  never 
to  perfect  it. 

Yours  truly, 

June  22,  1904. 

'-'our-  or  of  the  20th  inat.  came  duly  to  hand  and  in 
C  hog  to  state  that  there  must  he  some  mistake  about  my  machine 
in  your  neighborhood  and  having  caused  an  accident  last  fall, 
vs.r.  never  in  your  vicinity  at  that  time.  Can  you  let  me  know 
a'nvr"  weal  time  the  accident  happened,  also  kindly  give  me  the 
>r  and  a  description  of  the  machine,  and  oblige, 

Yours  truly, 

June  22,  1904. 

rs.  W.  J.  de  Geus  &  A.  Groenegen, 

Koekstraut  3, 

Dordrecht,  Holland. 

Sirs : 

Yours  of  the  13th  of  June  received,  also  photograph  of  your 
named  "Edison".  Thanking  you  very  much  for  sending  me  the 
a.  I  rennin.  Yours  truly. 

c.  1:  i| 


June  24,  1904.  1  H 

r  fl 

My  Pi  . '  Jar*  Pilling; 

.  1 

Yours  regarding  costs  of  Cement  in  Lei/*  valley  received 
T3  :  thing  In  sprung  on  Uhu  Board  periodically  "by  Mr.  •  crane.  In  my 
opinion  it  #e<Ad  to  ?;•'  the  advantage  of  all  concerned  that  Mr.  Crane 
before  he  ©*t-ea  hit a  peri<aa3-Aal  Si'fsrt  te  praveafc  US  from  obtaining  money 
to  carry  our  enterprise  thTfu#:,  to  «9t  a  reliable  balance  sheet  giving 
actual  results  that  can  be  relied  upon.  If  the  iguies  you  give  v/ere 
true,  the  prices  for  last  years  should  have  & ht  ■.  dividends  and  invest¬ 
ments  far  in  excess  of  that  reporttid  by  any 

n ■' 

r.  s.  Pilling,  Esq., 
irard  Trust  Building, 

Philadelphia,  Pa. 

une  27,  1904. 

•Vi  ?lll?.ngs 

li-.ruy  ir.3  to  yours  of  the  25th.  last,  wish  to  say  that  you  quite 
misunderstand.  my  letter.  No  statement  about  costs  can  be  made  that 
woula.  scare  me  and.  I  am  always  glad  to  get  information,  but  you  must 
know  that  we  have  some  shakey  men  with  us  who  know  nothing  about 
manui'a o t ur ing  and  these  things  sprung  on  them  and  the  pessimistic 
tone  of  Mr.  Crane's  conversation  is  not  for  the  interest  of  our 
scheme.  Notwithstanding  all  the  statements  made,  there  is  no  maker 
madcc  of  Cement  in  the  Eehigh  Valley  who  makes  cement  for  70  Cents. 
There  are  other  ways  of  getting  costs  than  by  their  balance  sheet. 
Yours  truly, 

w..  r-„  r 1 :,  Esq., 

i-'.l  Trust  Building, 

Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Tours  truly, 


John  Jacob  Astor,  Esq., 
23  West  26th  Street, 

Dear  Sir:  .  .  nped 

One  of  the  Stockholders  of  the  Edison  Battery  Co. 

„t  w  ^  -a  -  -  - — •*  — ■  at;M  ’r:r* 

mi.  »  *  only  party  I  ha..  ««  a™  «  “»>  *«  “11‘ 

C™»  »  «.  ..  «a*»  -  *»  «“  ■*  i  °r“*'  lr“ 

_  VA„_  (jirard  Trust  Building,  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Our  capital  i.  on.  million  «...  and»500,000  - 

«n„  8ot  §250,000  or  «-  —  **  — *“*  -  ”W' 

Yours  tru3jrj___^— • 





July  1,  1904. 

W.  S.  Pilling,  Esq;., 

Treas.  Edison  Portland  Cement  Co., 

Girard  Trust  Bldg.,  Philadelphia,  Pa, 

We  of  the  30th“ult.  with  Y““- 

nan  to  bo  the  right  etuff,  g»e  «-  **“”• 

I  ^  .,5.  Mallory  Showed  .  ourr.  published  by  Volconlt.  Co.  to  « 

S  ,  ..  „  <•  ^Kt,-  It  made  a  hig  showing 

Dinan  added  our  curve  of  370  Briquettes.  6 . 

and  we  eould  guarantee  it.  Crane  at  netting  ep.h.  eo»t=»t^  oi 
„d  Mr.  Mallory  tor.  it  up  in  dieguet.  1  thin*  your  -  eould  nee 

effeotlrdiy  if  he  .aid  w.  would  guarantee  it. 

Tours  truly. 


July  1,  1904. 

j?.  T.  Crewe,  Eeq. , 

Oplin,  Ore. 

rear  Sirs 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  Feb.  6th,  heg  to  state  that  the  Bed 
metal  is  mostly  platinum  covered  by  Ferric  Oxide,  also  large  amount  of 
rusty  -gold  which  you  do  not  get.  Could  you  mate  a  concentrate  as  good 
as  sample  sent  me  or  even  four  times  poorer,  you  could  extract  all  the 
“  ^;old  byMercury  and  he  able  to  sack  and  ship  your  concentrate  and  get 
’  e.00d  price  for  it.  You  will  see  that  there  is  a  large  quantity  of 
gold  and  platinum  invisible  to  the  eye  until  you  treat  the  sand  with 
concentrated  Muriatic  acid,  vfcen  it  all  shows  up  in  great  shape. 
Yours  truly, 



I.  C.  Straight,  Esq., 

817  Konadnock  Building, 
Chicago,  Hi. 

I  "beg  to  enclose  you  herewith  a  deed  which  was  sent  to  me 
"by  Mr.  W.  C.  Battey  of  Port  Myers,  Pla.  for  the  property  'which  I  am 
to  purchase  from  Messrs.  Pecks  for  $150.00. 

Will  you  kindly  look  over  the  deed  and  if  it  is  correct 
have  same  executed  and  advise  me  to  that  effect,  and  I  will  send  you 
a  check  for  the  amount. 


L.  C.  Me  Cann,  Esq., 

Mahoney  City,  Pa. 

July  IS,  1904. 

Bear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  8th  inst.,  X  "beg  to  state  that  I 
have -no  position  to  offer  the  young  man  refer  to  in  your  letter. 
Yours  truly, 

July  14,  1904. 

H.  E.  Hick,  Esq., 

c/o  Brown,  Shipley  &  Co., 

London,  W. ,  England. 

Pear  Sir: 

As  per  request  of  Mr.  Edison,  X  enclose  you  herewith  a 

letter  from  Mr.  E.  H.  Johnson, 

i.  You  will  notice  a  jpeneil  memo . 

the  first  page  as 

follows:  "Dick-  Set  E.  H.  1.  shd -use  yohr  own 

judgement.  E." 

Youths  truly. 


Trenton,  H.  J. 
Dear  Sir: 

Kindly  let  me  know  v/hether  you  make  all  the  machinery 
necessary  for  manufacturing  hard  rubber  on  a  small  scale.  I  am 
contemplating  putting  in  a  plant  in  connection  with  one  of  my  fac¬ 
tories,  which  is  a  large  user  of  hard  rubber,  and  would  like  to  as¬ 
certain  whether  you  could  place  the  machinery  in  a  plant  as  above 
mentioned.  Please  send  any  catalogues  you  may  have  illustrating 
individual  hard  rubber  machinery,  and  oblige, 

Yours  truly. 

July  14,  1904. 

Stamford  Rubber  Supply  Co., 

Stamford,  Conn. 

Dear  Sirs: 

Kindly  send  sample  of  Rubber  Substitute  with  prices,  and 
greatly  oblige, 

Yours  truly, 


July  16,  1904. 

John  Jacob  Astor,  Esij.  , 

23  West  26th  Street, 

Hew  York. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  tie  13th  inst.,  I  beg  to  state  that 
there  being  some  delay  in  receiving  your  answer,  I  find  that  Mr.  Pilling 
sold  as  much  as  he  is  willing  to  sell  at  the  original  price  he  paid, 
and  now  says  that  he  will  not  sell  any  more  unless  he  retains  l/2  of 
the  Btock  he  got  as  a  bonus.  Perhaps  he  will  relent  in  time,  as  I 
know  he  is  terribly  hard  pushed  for  ready  money. 

Yours  truly, 

July  16,  1904. 


Orange ,  IT.  J. 

Dedlr  Sir: 

On  the  order  blanks  giving  the  various  parties  authority 
to  sign  for  registered  letters  addressed  to  Thomas  A*.  Edison,  Edi  son 
Storage  Battery  Co.,  and  Hew  Jersey  &  Pennsylvania  Concentrating 
-Wks.,  I  would  ask:  that  in  the  future  no  letters  be  delivered  to  Mr. 
p.  c.  Devonald,  and  that  you  cross  his  name  from  the  different  lists. 
Yours  truly. 

July  18,  1904. 

James  H.  'White,  Esq..,  Kan  aging  Director, 

national  Phonograph  Co . ,  ltd., 

25  Clerkenwell  Road, 

London,  E.  C.,  England. 

Dear  Sir: 

X  am  enclosing  you  herewith  invoice  amounting  to  $4400.00, 
which  represents  your  proportion  of  expenses  incurred  with  certain  e: 
iments  that  I  am  carrying  on  in  ray  Laboratory  in  connection  with-  the 
various  phonograph  interests.  As  you  will  see,  this  is  for  the  year 
ending  February  29th,  1904,  and  the  delay  has  been  due  to  the  fact 
that  it  has  not  been  possible  to  compute  all  of  these  bills  and  dis¬ 
tribute  them  properly  until  very  recently.  'Jill  you  kindly,  at  your 
convenience,  send  me  a  draft  on  New  York  for  the  amount. 


Yours  very  truly, 


56  lit.  Vernon  Ave., 
Orange,  IT.J-. 

Dear  Sir: 

I  *eg  to  enclose  you  herewith  check  for  $4.40,  the  same  being 
in  payment  for  costa  and  commission  in  attachment,  John  Vines  vs. 
^itemizhd  Edi3°n  Jr*  issued  June  22  >  1904.  Will  you  kindly  send  me 
an/recelpted  hill  so  I  can  send  it  to  Thomas  A.  Edison  Jr.,  and 
greatly  oblige,  Youths  truly> 


July  20,  1904. 

W.  C.  Battey,  Esq., 

Eort  .Kyei*s,  Ela. 
hear  Sir: 

I  beg  to  enclose  you  herewith  check  for  $100  for  expenses 
in  connection  with  my  place.  Kindly  acknowledge  receipt  of  same,  and 

Yours  truly, 


fllllcftaei:  Cu.cklv*<t  - 

/)  r  $«  .- 

CMM  $U**_  tVt elf'  CaJ„  '-'•  ^  “  1«A*A-  ^ 

u,X‘«!  «*«,£—  r~«-  -  rr“ 

iL*.  •.nG-M-.ft—t- 

~£T£Ct-  w-*S  -*t 

,  W  W^f  - 

!l3cfo^  .  .  ^ 
iU  ^''t  Tr  :»  ,  ,  it,  yi<mTQ 

jUi^— *  “f 

O^fpro^-  i 

-ffcl  ^  ^  J 

-t£~  -'-*  ^  ^  “ 

Thomas  J 

Connell,  Esq. 

Menlo  Park,  IT.  j. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  13th  inst . ,  I  "beg  to  state  that 
I  do  not  care  to  sell  the  building  mentioneain  your  letter. 

Yours  truly. 

Henry  "W.  Danier,  ,  Seo., 

Doubleday  Page  &  Co. ; 

34  Union  Sq.,  H.  Y. 

July  20,  1904. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yourB  of  the  19th  inst.,  1  beg  to  state  that 
*hen  my  working  days  are  over  and  X  reach  the  reminiscent  period  I 
might  Ire  able  to  write  something,  but  not  now. 



■81*  L.  Dyer,  Esq,, 

Saohems  Head  Hotel, 

Sachems  Head,  Conn.  ^ 

Dear  Hr.  Dyer: 

Hr.  Hatch  chUch  tor.  tothMw  «,u.  j  ™  t0 

last  °  H  E;r  Td  hlm  *“*  he  ilad  been  WorkinS  at  from  June  5th 
last.  He  informed  him  as  roiimi 

Prom  June  5th  to  June  16th  on  Cement 

Prom  June  16th,  to  July  16th  he  was  doing  nothing 

Prom  July  18th  he  claims  he  started  to  work  on  the  Phono¬ 
graph  aa  per  your  instructions .  He  also  informed  Johnnie  that  he 
me  to  "be  paia.  whether  he  worked  or  not  arid  that  there  was  due  him 
from  June  18th  to  July  23rd  five  weeks  salary  up  to  Saturday  night, 
including  the  time  he  was  idle  and  was  still  in  Mr.  Edison's  employ, 
aa  no  one  had  notified  him  to  the  contrary. 

I  took  this  matter  up  with  Mr.  Edison  and  asked  him  if  he 
tHMf  tro  be  paid  while  not  doing  anything  and  he  informed  me  that  this 
was  not  ills  understanding  and  to  wait  until  your  return.  Knowing 
that  Mr »■  Eatch  will  he  here  before  you  get  back  to  the  Laboratory 
I  thought  it  adviseable  to  write  you  regarding  the  above  -circumstances. 

Axt  early  reply  as  to  whether  he  Aould  be  piid,  and  if  he  is 
3*434  3*  MT.  Edison's  employ  will  greatly  oblige, 

Tours  truly. 

Letterbook,  LB-071 

This  letterbook  covers  the  period  July  1904-May  1905.  Most  of  the 
correspondence  is  by  Edison  and  John  F.  Randolph.  There  are  also  letters  by 
Mina  Miller  Edison  and  others.  Many  of  the  items  relate  to  the  business  of  the 
Edison  Portland  Cement  Co.  Included  are  references  to  the  finances  of  the 
company  and  to  production  difficulties  at  the  factory  in  Stewartsville,  New 
Jersey.  There  is  also  correspondence  concerning  the  technical  and  commercial 
development  of  Edison’s  alkaline  storage  battery  and  its  use  in  electric 
vehicles,  and  Edison's  efforts  to  persuade  John  Jacob  Astor  to  invest  in  the 
Edison  Storage  Battery  Co.  Also  included  are  letters  to  Sigmund  Bergmann 
and  John  H.  Harjes  regarding  the  organization  of  battery  manufacturing 
companies  in  Great  Britain,  France,  and  Germany,  as  well  as  letters  discussing 
technical  difficulties  that  led  to  the  shutdown  of  the  battery  factory  at  Glen 
Ridge,  New  Jersey,  in  the  fall  of  1905.  In  addition,  there  are  letters  relative  to 
Edison  s  interest  in  ore  milling,  mines,  and  ores;  to  employees  and  former 
employees;  and  to  supplies  of  chemicals  and  equipment  for  the  West  Orange 
laboratory.  One  letter  refers  to  Edison's  intention  to  start  a  rubber  factory 
Another  discusses  a  lawsuit  by  the  American  Graphophone  Co.  against  the 
National  Phonograph  Co.  Among  the  items  pertaining  to  family  and  personal 
matters  are  letters  concerning  Edison's  health,  his  election  as  an  honorary 
member  of  the  American  Society  of  Mechanical  Engineers,  his  contributions  to 
the  Republican  party,  and  his  properties  in  Fort  Myers,  Llewellyn  Park  Menlo 
Park,  and  New  York  City. 

The  label  on  the  front  cover  contains  the  following  notation:  "T  A  Edison 
-  Letter  Book,  from  July  27- 1904  to  May  25  - 1 905."  There  is  an  inscription  on 
the  spine  with  similar  information.  The  spine  is  also  stamped  "5."  The  book 
contains  497  numbered  pages  and  an  index.  Approximately  30  percent  of  the 
book  has  been  selected. 


J«fly  27,  1904. 

Henri  Hatch,  Ssq., 

5  Sheridan  Square, 

On  ny  return  from  Oceim  Grove  on  Monday,  my  assistant,  Hr. 
Boefaxae  advised  me  that  you  had  called  at  the  laboratory  and  informed 
him  thd*  from  June  18,  1904  to  July  16,  1904  you  had  done  ne  *>rk, 
hut  that  you  were  to  he  paid  whether  you  worked  or  not. 

1  r°»  Jir.  Sdison  regarding  this  matter  and  he  did  pot 
appear  to  understand  it  that  way,  hut  in  stunted  me  to  pay  ydu  Tor 
-the  time  mentioned  j—fctfor  which  I  enclose  you  herewith  a  bhiok  for  4  > 
aoa  to  advise  you  that  from  Saturday  July  SO,  1904  he  would  pay 
you  at  the  rate-oX  Tbrhfc  and  one  half  (-$5.60)  Dollars  per  £«y  ?or 
mny  watk  Which  you  do,  hut  will  not  allow  you  anything  «he*  doing  n» 
worir  Tours  truly. 




i ' 

jxa?  a?»  i»o4. 

P.  I.  15/ar,  , 

Sachems  Head  Hotel, 

Sachems  Head,  Conn. 

Dear  Sir: 

1  "beg  to  ancloBe  yon  herewith  a  copy  of  alattsr  UKlcfa.  I 
haw>  -Oils  day  mulled  to  Mr.  Hatch  with  Mr.  PdlBon1  e  approval.  Will 
you  kindly  let  me  know  if  Mr.  Hatch  is  doing  any  work  for  you  at  4h* 
present  time,  as  he  claims  he  started  to  work  on  tile  Phonograph  July 
18th,  4ks  pdh  your  fttetruotions .  Yours  truly. 

Mr.  W.  S.  Hilling,  Treas., 

Edison  Portland  Cement  Co., 

Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Dear  sir: 

Yesterday  you  stated  there  was  iA  t$&  bond*.  Jut 

Z  Correct  In  my  assumption  that  fh  eatimating  ^r€bW*  amount  you 
allowed  for  the  bonds  which  will  be  delivered  to' -myself  and  the  B«  3. 
&  Pennsylvania  Concentrating  TWcs.  as  -soanmts  we  'p*&  ’the  notes  Upon 
'*hidh  we  have  agreed  to  take  the  bonds* 

Please  send  me  a  list  showing  hsw:wuBay^w>itfl,rfI  are  held  by 
Oach  of  the  Directors . 

Yours  trulyj 


W.  S.  Mallory,  Esq., 

Edison  Portland  Cement  Co., 
Stewartsville,  H.  T. 

pear  Sir: 


July  27,  1904. 

I  ties  to  advise  you  that  you  did  not  leave  for  me  a  memo, 
stating  when  the  money  is  to  he  sent  to  the  Edison  Portland 
dement  Co.  during  the,  month  of  August.  Kindly  let  me  have  this  at 
the  earliest  possible  moment  so  I  can  notify  Mr.  Gilmore,  and  oblige 
Yours  truly, 

Telephone  407  Orange. 

Bernhard  H.  Bag?,  Esq'., 
491  Greewich  St., 
Beer  York. 

July  27,  3,904. 

Bear  Sir; 

Beplying  to  yours  of  the  21st  Inst . ,  I  beg -to  state  that 
I  would,  be  willing  to  rent  my  place  at  Menlo  Park.  If  you -wish  to 
interview  me  regarding  this  matter  yiry,  can  call  here  at  the  labor¬ 
atory  \at  your  oonvenlence.  Before  coming  out  I  would  advise  you  to 
caj.1  on  the  phone  so  as  to  be  sure  that  I  m  here . 

Yours  truly, 


July  28,  1904, 

W.  S.  Pilling,  Esq, , 

Treas.  Edison  Portland  Cement  Co., 

Phidclelphia ,  Pa. 

De^r  Mr.  Pilling: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  27th  inst.,  I  "beg  to  state  that 
I  am  sure  the  proper  thing  is  to  olose  down,  running  a  part  of  the 
plant  is  wasting  money,  as  there  would  he  a  certain  general  expense 
necessary  that  could  not  he  avoided  and  this  would  run  cost  up.  If 
you  will  take  time  to  go  into  figures  you  will  agree  with  me.  I  am 
not  worried  about  prestige  or  reputations.  Am  going  to  mill  for 
two  or  three  days  next  week,  Monday,  Tuesday  &  Wednesday.  Come  up 

Yours  truly, 

Cl  «i — 

and  talk  it  over. 

*  July  28,  1904. 

James  H.  White,  Esq., 

National  Phonograph  Co., 

London,  E.  C.,  England. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  20th  inst.,  I  teg  to  state  lh*t 
we  are  supplied  with  Nickel  ty  the  Trust,  who  have  greatly  reduoed 
prices  and  wll^^do  tetter  If  we  sign  a  fire  year  contract.  If  Blow 
can  do  .tetter,  would  like  to  see  him. 

Yours  truly. 


July  29,  1904. 

james  3£ite,  Esq. , 

’kt  clonal  JKhonograps  Co . , 

Londbnr}  E.  0.,  Eng. 

T>ear  Sir:*' 

Replying  to  yourB  of  the  21  et  in&t.,  I  beg  to  state  that. 
Potassium  at  §£.00  per  pound  Is  out  of  ?fce  question,  but  I  read 
that  somewhere  in  Germany  the  Electro  Cbecioal  people  had  started 
to  male  Potassium  and  the  price  was  around  50  cents  per  pound  and  ii 
this  I  want  to  find  out  about..  All  these  concerns  use  -water  power 
and  are  of  German  capital. 

Yours  truly, 

Judy  29,  19o«* 

William  D„  Sloane,  Esq«, 
Xhn  Court, 

Vs  are  getting  *ilong  all  right,  we  are  manufacturing 
and-eelitag  all  we  can  make,  our  business  now  1»  at  rate  of  ttawe 
3amflrad  ifcousand  -dollars  per  year,  hut  have  not  reached  profit  point, 

^  Tirc  *e63c®  the  last  of  our  new  machinery  for  Increasing  output  to 
$600,0®o.00  per  year  will  he  irt  operation,  when  we  shall  earn  handacmaOy. 

Vs  -cm  sell  all  we  can  make.  There  la  no  good  electric  made 
yet.  25a  StudSbaker  would  he  host  for  you,  one  like  Twombly's.  He 
gets  about  50  miles  ana  has  a  man  who  takes  excellent  care  of  it. 
tTyou  want  one  I  could  get  14  at  a  out  rate,  hut  am  not  sure  they 
lave  any  in  stock,  The  Baker  Is  a  very  light  runabout, weighs  about 
450  to  900  lhs .  and  will  go  as  far  as  Studehaker  hut  its  generally 
wed  by  ladles  and  young  girls,  and  its  considerably  cheaper.  l*y 
Bui^itea-  lias  'used  one  constantly  for  2,l/2  years  and  its  0.  £,  yet 
ani, gives  -very  little  trouble.  There  are  several  good  firms  going 
idt»  Use^lectrto  field,  -next  year  and  no  doubt  there  wiH  "he  several 
goot|  ones  is  the  market,  some  will  have  Tonneau  body  for  four.  J 

\  Vs  got  order  today  fro*  srallmje.,  Manager  of  the  Bank  of  it 
England  for  60  pell  a  for  a  Tonneau  body  electric  t?  go'^S  miles?  ML 
Your#  truly*  ' '  *’’* 

AugUBt  4,  1904. 

North  American  Transportation  &  Trading  Co., 

The  Rookery, 

Chicago,  Ill. 

Dear  Sirs: 

Yours  of  the  28th  ult.  to  hand  and  in  reply  would  say 
that  I  have  developed  and  perfected  a  process  which  my  experience 
in  the  handling  and  treatment  of  frozen  earths,  convinces  me  will 
successfully  and  cheaply  concentrate  the  Klondike  alluvials.  But 
to  prove  this  requires  a  trial  on  the  ground  and  under  the  oonditiona 
to  he  faced  in  actual  practice. 

I  can  furnish  you  with  a  separator  and  siaing  screens  for 
a  preliminary  test  of  this  process,  also  my  engineer,  Who  has  had 
wide  experience  in  the  use  of  the  process,  to  make  the  trials  and 
gather  the  data  necessary  for  a  larger  plant. 

The  expense  would  he  that  of  transporting  the  separator 
outfit  to  the  property  and  its  erection  and  operation  for  a  Buffi** 
oient  time  to  prove  its  value,  and  the  salary  of  the  Engineer  and 
expenses.  The  outfit  weighs  about  3,l/&  toils  with  tto  piece  oVer 
200  lbs.  A  smal ]  gas  or  other  engine  would  he  required  to  run  the 
separator.  You  probably  have  a  building  in  Which  it  might  be  erec¬ 
ted  for  the  trial  runs .  If  you  have  deposits  not  far  frop  your  lines 
of  transportation  these  experiments  can  parried  omt  without 
great  expense  and  .you  may  then  have  the  hap  of  thp  propose  upon  a 

Aug.  13,  1904. 

John  Royle  &  Sons, 

Straight  &  Ebbox  Sts., 

Paterson,  IT.  J. 
hear  Sirs: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  9th  inst.,  X  "beg  to  Btate  that 
I  am  thinking  of  starting  a  rubber  factory  but  have  not  yet  deoided 
definitely.  In  case  I  do  I  will  again  take  thiB  matter  up  with  you 
later.  Yours  truly, 

f.  ■:  i  !  jm. 


Aug. ~13,  1904. 

Farrell  Foundry  &  Machine  Co., 

Ahsonia,  Conn, 
hear  Sire: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  10th  inst.,  I  beg  to  state  that 
we  are  still  considering  the  project  and  may  decide  soon. 

Yours  truly, 



September  8,  1904. 

John  Jacob  Astor,  Bsq., 
New  York. 

My  Bear  Sir:- 

Thlfl  will  introduce  our  Mr-.  Mallory  who  cornea  to  see  you  i 
regard  to  the  battery  stock  belonging  t.o  Messrs.  Pilling  &  Crane.  As  I 
stated  in  a  letter  which  .you  do  not.  aee.m  to  have  received,  Messrs. 

Pilling  &  crane  were  original  subscribers  to  the  Company  and  are  in 
need  of  ready  cash,  and  they  have  asked  me  to  see  if  I  cannot  dispose 
of  a  portion  of  their  holdings  at  the  original  cost. 

As  these  parties  are  the  ohly  ones  outside  of  H.  McKay  Twombly 
and  myself  who  have  stock,  it  will  be  the  only  chance  presented  for  you  to 
come  in  with  us;  my  desire  to  have  you  interested  with  me  and  to  help  my 
friends  1b  my  only  reason  of  placing  the  matter  before  you. 

Yours;  very  truly,  " 


fill  . 

John  H.  Stratton,  Esq,. 
172  Pleasant  St., 

Sep.  10,  1904*. 

Holyoke,  Hass. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  4th  inst.,  I  heg  to  state  that 
my  time  and  atten-tidn  is  entirely  taken  up  with  my  own  inventions, 
I  have  no  chance  to  look  into  or  take  up  anything  outside. 

Yours  truly, 

gept.  12,  1904. 

Edisdn  Portland  Cement  Co., 
Girard  Trust  Building, 
Philadelphia,  Pa. 

I  heg  to  advise  you  that  the  *70, 000.00  worth  of  bonds  of 
your  Company,  the  collateral  for  my  note  came  safely  to  hand  this 
afternoon-  Thanking  you  for  same,  I  remain, 

Sept.  17,  1904. 

Mr.  H.  A.  Blake,  Agent, 

Atlantic  Coast  Line, 
Ft .  Myers,  Fla. 

Lear  Sir: 

I  -beg  to  advise  you  that  up  to  the  present  time  I  have  not 
heard  anything  in  regard  to  my  claim  on  Launch  and  lost  canvas. 

Kindly  let  me  hear  from  you  relative  to  the  above,  and 


Yours  truly, 

Sept.  21,  1904. 

E.  J .  A.  King,  Esq. ,  . 

c/o  T.  Geddes  Grant,  19  Henry  St., 

Port  of  Spain,  Trinidad,  B.  W.  I. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying^to  yours  with  request  that  I  send  you  your  Horoscope 
heg  to  state  that /were  misinformed,  as  the  statement  published  that 
I  was  able  and  would  tell  any  ones  Horoscope  for  the  asking  is-  only 
a  newspaper  story  and  has  no  foundation.  I  return  you  herewith  the 
money  enclosed  in  your  letter. 

Yours  truly, 

P.  S.  If  you  have  any  old  or  recent  cancelled  postage  Btamps  of  your 
oodntry  I  would  deem  it  a  favor  if  you  would  send  me  any  that  you 
have  on  hand,  aB  my  son  is  making  a  collection  and  would  appreciate 
any  that  you  may  send  him. 

T.  A.  E. 

Sept.  26,  1904. 

Amerioan  Institute  of  Electrical  Engineers, 

Building  Fund  Committee, 

43  Exchange  Place,  New  York. 

Dear  Sira: 

I  enclose  you  herewith  my  check  for  $1,000.00,  "being  on 
account  of  my  subscription  to  the  Building  Fund  of  the  Institute. 
Kindly  acknowledge  receipt  of  same,  and  greatly  oblige. 

Messrs.  Turner,  Rolston  &  Horan, 
22  William  St., 

Sept.  26,  1904. 

I  beg  to  enclose  you  herewith  check  for  $312.50,  the  same 
ng  interest  due  by  Mrs.  Mina  X.  Edison  ..on  bond  and  mortgage  for 
2,500.00.  Will  you  kindly  snnd  me  receipt  in  the  enclosed  envelope 
ahd  greatly  oblige, 

Yours  truly j 


Sept.  26,1904. 

OBcar  Barnett  Pdy.  Co., 

Hamilton,  Ho  Whorter  5s  Bruen  Sts., 

Newark,  N.  J. 

Bear  Sirs: 

I  beg  to  return  you  herewith  your  hill  dated  November  21, 
1903  for  63  cents,  also  your  bill  dated  Becember  7,  1903  for  $1.20. 

I  am  informed  by  our  order  clerk  that  these  bills'  belong  to  2*.  C. 
Bevonald  and  as  the  goods  were  never  ordered  by  the  Edison  Laboratory , 
the  bills  were  returned  to  you  in/fearly  part  of  the  year. 

Yours  truly, 

Sept.  26,  1904. 

William  H.  Lessing,  Esq., 

V/aca,  Texas . 

X,ear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  20th  inst.,  I  beg  to  state  that 
some  time  ago  I  worked  on  an  instrument  for  the  relief  of  deaf  persons 
but  my  time  has  been  ao  fully  occupied  with  my  other  and  more  impor¬ 
tant  inventions  that  I  never  had  a  chance  to  perfect  it. 

Yours  truly. 

Ewald  Stulpner,  Esq., 
Eort  Byers,  Ela. 

Sept.  27,  1904. 

Dear  Sir: 

I  "beg  to  enclose  you  herewith  a  Warranty  Deed  for  Borne 
property  1  purchased  in  Eort  layers,.  Ela.  7/ill  you  kindly  have  same 
recorded  and  return  to  me  at  the  earliest  possible  moment,  and  oblige, 
Yours  truly, 

Sept.  27,  1904i 

Clarence  I.  Peck,  Esq., 

817  Monadnock  Block, 

Chicago,  Ill. 

Dear  Sir: 

I  beg  to  enclose  you  herwith  my  check  for  $150.00,  the  same 
being  in  payment  for  property  at  Port  Byers,  Ela.  as  ...per  deed  dated 
July  29th,  1904.  Kindly  acknowledge  receipt  of  same,  and  greatly  oblige. 
Yours  truly, 


Sept.  28,1904. 

W.  C.  Battey,  Esq., 

Pt.  Myers,  Fla. 

Pear  Sir: 

Yours  of  the  17th  inst.  at  hand.  As  per  request  of  Mr. 
Edison  I  enclose  you  herewith  check  for  $100.00  for  defraying  the 
expenses  of  clearing  the  land.  Kindly  acknowledge  receipt,  and 

Sept.  28,  1904. 

Mr.  M.  Schaedle,  Esq., 

242  Winterburr.  Ave. 

Pittsburg,  Fa. 

pear  Sir : 

Replying  to  yours  ot  tie  ana  lout.,  I  tog  to  state  Bat 
at  «u  present  time  I  am  not  la  a  position  to  Rise  out  any  Information 

on  tte  suW  eat  -ntlone*.  O-nilns  1  r8"*1,‘- 

Youtb  trvfty, 


TV.  E.  Scarr i tt ,  Esq., 
27  Pine  Street, 
New  York. 

Dear  Sir: 

V/e  have  made  a  test  between  your  Waverley  and  ours.  On  same 
road  and  under  some  conditions  ours  goes  14  miles  per  hour,  yours  9 
miles  per  hour,  both  having  same  Voltage.  Ours  requires  31  amperes, 
yours  requires  33.6  amperes.  Your  machine  iB  164  pounds  lighter.  The 
only  place  we  can  Bee  where  there  is  a  marked  loss  is  in  the  internal 
friction  of  the  tires.  You  have  a  peculiar  tire,  it  creeps  and  distorts. 
On  a  level  board  your  machine  shows  a  pull  on  the  dynamometer  of  from 
42  to  70  lbs.,  ours  24  to  26  lbs.  The  great  variation  in  your  pull  is 
due  to  eccentricity  and  distortion  of  tire.  If  you  want  to  get^any 
mileage  you  should  get  new  tires,  preferably  solid  tires.  The  firestone 
tire  is  the  be3t. 

Yours  truly. 

Jtjak  3c  - 

k%  {?**»  4 ■- 

$ 3  Ln i  f  i  Jfctnju  A 

ken'  Kur/u. 

/■Q.tatv  Jla>:~ 

(Zl  k*-'-  *1  nvJ  K Ct/iuti* 

£iic£ lqjl  y  in  v  P\SL  'Vnjriik  t/\k  /  ckv 

(f\si  fytUixtfui^  rfcixze.  Yk.  Jb 


Off  ttn  ft 

U  fefuttn'a  fo 

Mtv-  XjfyfL 

<U*W-  Lf  Mq  ffitoLUrct^ 

.  9-i  LtthrrJe^  /•  [I,,  ..  *  *  * 

QucL  uHrv  ■  %/trjf*  «  *  « 

UMJaclcA  q£ c  J  ct£t'  a 

OtocL  J&e/Sfatf'W  b-i'L  «!fo0dwu 

Octoberl,  1904. 

Capt  0.  W.  Miller, 

Edison,  Sussex  Co., 

New  Jersey. 

Dear  Sir: 

Kindly  ship  me  the  following  to  the  Laboratory  by  freight, 
at  the  earliest  possible  moment. 

One  Pinion  16  teeth,  10.25"  Pitch  Dia.  6"  Pace,  2"  Pitch 
and  2,7/L6"  Bore  or  One  Pinion  14  Teeth,  8.98"  Pitch  Dia.  5V  Pace, 2" 
Pitch,  2,15/46"  Bore,  also  ship  the  three  frames  that  are  on  the  muck 
Kettles  same  as  the  one  picked  out  by  Mr.  George  Pops  on  Monday. 

Please  give  the  above  your  prompt  attention,  and  oblige, 

J.  ¥.  K.  Cattell,  Esq. 

Garrison-on-Hudson , 

New  York. 

Near  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  30th  ult.,  I  beg  to  state  that  my 
time  is  entirely  taken  up  with  my  various  enterprises,  I  have  no 
chance  to  do  any  writing. 

Yours  truly, 

Valentine  Robinson,  Esq., 
4?  Broadway, 

New  York. 

Near  Sir: 

Oct,  10,  1904. 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  4th  inst.,  I  beg  to  state  that 

e  ■ 

at  present  none  of  my  men  are  badly  burnt  and  all  I  think  will  come 
out  0.  K.  Thanking  you  very  much  for  calling  my  attention  to  Nr.  Lively 
and  appreciating  the  interest  you  have  taken  in  the  matter,  I  remain. 

R.  U.  Johnson,  Esq., 

Associate  Editor,  Century  Hagazinc, 

Union  Square,  H.  Y. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  tb«  26  th  ult.,  X  0tate  that 

I  bare  decided  not  to  write  anything.  There  ipf  too  ouch  talking  going 
on  in  this  World  anyhow. 

Yours  truly, 

Oot.  11,  1904. 

Wm.  A.  Koll,  Esq., 

215  Woo dbridge  Bldg., 

100  William  St.,  H.  Y. 

Dear  Sir: 

Beplying  to  yours  of  the  vth  met.,  I  hog  to  state  that 
ewfhg  te  the  fast  that  the  ease  against  the  Tltaliser  Oo»paay  h.s  Keen 
„  advertised  in  the  papers,  I  do  hot  oare  to  spend  any 
money  whatever  for  advertising.  . 


Oct.  19,  1904, 

R.  W.  Murray,  Esq., 

c/o  J.  P.  Ennlskeen,  ITewcastle, 

Co.  Down,  Scotland. 

Rear  Sir : 

As  per  request  of  Mr.  Thomas  Edens  Osborne  I  send  you  this 
letter  in  regard  to  my  storage  battery  in  England. 

The  newspaper  accounts  are  entirely  incorrect.  I  have  a 
storage  battery  which  is  permanent  and  it  is  being  largely  used  here 
in  trucks,  wagons  and  pleasure  vehicles.  I  expect  to  have  it  on 
the  market  in  England  probably  next  Summer. 

Yours  truly, 

Oot.  18,  1904. 

Miss  C.  E.  V.  Collins, 

c/o  C.  Monteith  Gilpin,  Esq., 

68  William  St.,  Mew  York. 

Rear  Miss  Collins: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  14th  Inst,  addressed  to  the 
Hew  York  Edison  Co.,  I  beg  to  state  that  the  report  circulated  about 
the  "Edison  Star"  is  only  a. newspaper  story  and  has  no  foundation 

Yours  truly, 


Eugene  H.  Lewis,  Esq., 
c/o  Eaton  &  Lewis , 

44  Broad  St.,  IT.  Y. 

Dear  Sir: 

Oct.  19,  190% 

Will  you  kindly  let  me  know  if  there  is  any  market  for 
and  the  price, 

the  Marconi  stock/and  greatly  oblige, 

Yours  truly. 


Michael  L.  Casey,  Esq., 

137  Plymouth  Ave . , 

Rochester,  E.  Y. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  9th  inst.,  I  "beg  to  state  that 
the  Physician  who  treated, Mr. Clarence  Dally, my  assistant  was  Dr. 
B.  craves,  426  Main  St.E.Orai^e,  E.  J. 

Yours  truly. 

Oct.  25,  1904. 

Alexander  S.  Orr,  Esq.,  Pres., 

520  Broadway, 

Hew  York. 

Dear  Sir: 

I  Beg  to  advise  you  that  owing  to  a  previous  engagement 
it  will  Be  impossible  for  me  to  attend  the  Opening  Ceremonies  of 
the  Sapid  Transit  Railroad  to  be  held  in  the  City  Hall  Oct.  27,  1904. 

Thanking  you  very  much  for  your  kind  invitation  and 
regretting  that  it  will  be  impossible  for  me  to  be  present,  1  remain, 


Oct.  25,  1904 

Ered'k.  W.  Jones,  Esa- , 

49  West  07th  Street, 

New  York. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  20th  inst.,  I  heg  to  state  that 
ay  experience  with  W.  K.  1.  Dickson  was  not  satisfactory. 

Yours  truly, 

K>  (X . 

-  Oct.  25,  1904. 

&culs  J.  Maghee,  Esq., 

25  Broad  St., 

New  York. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  15th  inst.,  heg  to  state  that 
it  is  impossible  for  me  to  put  you  in  communication  with  the  manu¬ 
facturers  of  insulation  paper.  If  you  will  write  to  the  General 


Electric  Co.  of  Schenectady,  N.  Y. ,  I  am  almost  sure  they/post  you. 

Yours  truly, 

0  Ci  .  ffiuu, 


Louis  J.  Magee,  Egq. , 
25  Broad  St., 

New  York. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  18th  inst.,  I  beg  to  state  that 
if  you  refer  to  a  Mr.  Siverson,  Supt.  of  the  Combination  Hard  Rubber 
Co.  of  Bloomfield,  wish  to  3ay  that  my  experience  with  him  as  a  man¬ 
ufacturer  has  not  been  satisfactory. 

Yours  truly, 

^7  60  Q.&Ut.™ 


Oct.  26,1904. 

Walter  Stevens,  Esq., 

National  Phonograph  Co., 

New  York. 

Dear  Sir: 

As  per  request  of  Mr.  Win.  Pelzer  I  enclose  you  herewith 
the  By) laws  of  the  National  Phonograph  Co.  duly  executed. 

Yours  truly, 

its  -ibsct 

Oct.  27,  1904, 

Sh'eri  t  i.  Colby,  ISsut., 

West  Orange, 

Dear  Sir: 


X  am  in  receipt  of  your  favor  of  the  22nd,  asking  me  for  a 
to  the  State  Republican  league,  and  in  reply  I  beg  to 
j'  concerns  have  already  subscribed  a  very  considerable 
e  Republican  National  Committee  and  I  regret,  therefor 
t  in  a  position  to  make  any  further  contributions.  I 
bat  ‘che  cause  which  you  represent  is  a  good  one  in  eve 
nenrely  trust  that  you  will  be  able  to  secure  the  ne¬ 
ss  from  othsr  sources,  but  regret  that  I  am  not  in  a 
make  any  further  contributions  v/hatsoever. 

Yours  very  truly, - ^ 

' — 'llvmnaA.CX.^o(M  o*t— « 


Aa  per  letter  mailed  to  B.  Jenkins  January 
26,  1904. 


fi.  A.  Franks,  J38q., 


Llewellyn  Park,  N.  J. 

Dear  Sir: 

I  Leg  to  enclose  you  herewith  my  check  for  $1,00 
Being  full  payment  of  my  subscription  to  the  Llewellyn  Par 
ment  Co.  Kindly  acknowledge  receipt  of  same,  and  oblige, 
Yours  truly, 




27,  1904. 


:  Improve- 

Herman  Harjes,  Esq., 

o/o  J.  P.  Morgan  &  Co., 

23  Wall  St.,  New  York. 

Dear  Sir: 

Nov.  5,  1904. 

As  per  request  of  Mr.  Waddlngton,  I  enclose  you  herewith 
copies  of  contracts  made  with  Mr.  Dick. 

Yours  truly. 

Charles  Waddington,  Esq., 

c/o  J.  P.  Morgan  &  Co., 

23  Wall  St.,  New  York. 

Dear  Sirs: 

Nov.  5,  1904. 


As  per  your  request  I  enclose  you  herewith  copies  of  cc 
tracts  made  with  Mr.  Dick,  I  have  also  forwarded  copies  of  the 
enclosed  to  Mr.  Herman  Harjes. 

Yours  trulyj 

November  5,  1904. 

Pi' lend.  Weir: 

Yours  of  Nov.  3rd  received.  X  am  certain  that  you  would 
do  well  if  you  have  an  assembling  shop  to  build  the  Landsden  wagon 
yourself.  I  do  not  think  there  is  any  patents  on  it,  the  general 
idea  of  the  design  and  many  of  the  details  X  gave  him  myself.  Think 
you  3hould  add  $100  to  your  Engineers  estimate  because  nobody  can 
remember  everything.  You  might  order  a  few  from  Landsden  until 
you  were  ready  to  make  your  own  providing  he  will  come  down  in 
the  price.  I  am  almost  certain  that  your  costs  will  not  exceed  40 
cants  per  pound,  excluding  battery  which  is  about  80  cents  and  will 
not  be  any  cheaper  until  I  can  turn  out  more  and  reduce  my  general 
expense  and  solve  that  d— -d  leaky  can  problem.  You  shall  have 
the  batteries  at  same  price  as  is  given  to  manufactured  and  with 
equal  promptness  of  delivery.  At  present  I  do  not  want  to  sell  any 
more  batteries  than  I  am  compelled  to  until  I  solve  the  leaking  can 
problem.  Hy  advice  is  that  if  you  build  yourself  do  not  change 
anything  on  present  Landsden  Wagon  wUhout  your  engineer  submits 
proposed  change  to  me  so  I  can  criticise  it  and  give  benefits  of 
our  experience.  Yours  truly> 

To  L.  C.  Weir,  Esq.,  X’res., 

Adams  Express  Co., 
New  York. 


sY/  ins  l'ii 


lo  B9bl 
luorie  uotj 



Nov.  7,  1904. 

Alexander  Churchward,  Esq., 

c/o  General  Electric  Co., 

V/'est  Lyyn,  Mass, 
iv ar  Mr.  Churchward: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  4th  inst.,  I  beg  to  state  that 
T  do  not  speak  f  or  Landsden.  I'  do  not  know  what  he  ordered  "but 
what  I  want  is  the  85  volt  motor  changed  to  about  70  volts,  every¬ 
thing  else  being  the  same  this  difference  of  10  to  15  volts  will 
give  me  the  right  speed.  Changing  to  65  volts  seems  to  be  low  but 

if  in  your  judgement  that  is  the  best,  send  armature  along  and  we 

will  /le  c  ide  it . 

Yours  truly, 




tia  ib9ci 

I  Y-C?9,1 


November  8,  1904. 

G.  Bergmann,  Esq., 

23  Oudenarder  Strasse, 

Berlin,  Germany. 

My  dear  Bergmann: 

Am  glad  to  hear  you  have  put  the  Company  affairs  through. 

Have  seen  Lansden  and 

told  him  to  hurry  the  delivery  wagon  along  and  ship  at  the  earliest 
possible  moment.  The  best  large  truck  that  I  have  seen  was  built 
for  the  Hew  York  Edison  Co.  by  the  Electric  Vehicle  Co.  of  Hart¬ 
ford,  it  carries  several  tons,  has  hoisting  apparatus  with  separate 
motor  and  is  all  right,  except  that  perhaps  it  would  be  improved  by 
using  a  chain  instead  of  pinion  from  motor  to  Jack.  It  drives  the 
wheel  with  chain,  2  motors,  its  expensive  costs  four  to  five  thousand, 
I  will  correspond  with  them  and  get  you  photographs  and  data  as  to 
cost  and  delivery. 

Eegardii*  battery:  I  have  laid  off  the  manufacturing  . 
force  „t  den  Hide,  for  a  *11.,  «»  the  welded  ....  *  ™d°»»  °»‘- 
,id.  developed  entirely  tec  nany  leal.,  pretty  nearly  .eery  can 
.honed  exceedingly  fine  hair  lihe  holes  which  were  so  .nail  that  no 
liquid  Shewed,  hut  what  cane  through  erne  so  slowly  that  the  potash 
evaporated  a.  feet  a.  Uonld  le<«d  and  left  the  side  ....  with 
little  white  patches.  Son.  seen,  would  show  «  to  d  whit,  spots, 

we  are  no.  experimenting  to  get  best  way  to  solder 

S.  B.--2. 



the  welded  seem,  »•  per-cent  is  welded  60»d  and  strong,  as 
that  by  soldering  in  addition  that  they  .ill  hold  for  years,  henoo 
I  dont  .,ant  to  ship  any  to  yon  until  I  get  the  oan  all  right.  A 
drawn  up  oan  .onld  hare  .yen  more  leaks  and  .ould  hay.  to  bo  tinned 
el!  oyer  so  that  it  1.  out  of  th.  question.  We  hare  yery  little 
trouble  with  the  bottom  end  top  weld.,  except  at  the  point  .her. 
the  side  .eld  ends.  We  are  ale.  taking  adyantage  of  th.  shut 
down  to  find  out  Why  our  percent  of  los.  is  so  great  in  ..king 
pockets,  also  to  get  our  other  tod.  in  good  condition  and  to  as¬ 
certain  Why  some  cell.  she.  a  loss  of  oap.clty  in  5  months,  while 
other  show  no  loss. 

expect  to  haye  our  subpress  die.  in  t.o  weeks,  and  if. 
all  right  after  thorough  test  .ill  send  you  corrected  drawings. 
Rogers  i.  getting  more  drawings  ready  for  you.  Your  •»  *■  «<■*"« 
into  matters  pretty  thoroughly  and  know,  all  about  a  lot  of  rotten 

propositions  we  still  haye .  Our  oan  tools  are  no  good.  They/out 

bend  them  to  sis.  and  it  smkes  it  difficult  to  weld.  Your  man 
has  the  right  idea  and  ~  are  making  some  tool,  that  way.  He  sug 
geste  a  blanking  die  to  cut  the  can  sheet  out.  If  you  can  get 

matter  how  low  in  carbon  it  is. 

yohn  is  getting  along  r»t  on  our  perforating  and  .elding 

machines,  will  let  you  know  when  more  drawings  are  ready. 

Yours  very  truly, 



Nov.  19,  1904. 

Kr.  vr„  s.  pining,  Trea3., 

Edison  Portland  Cement  Co., 

Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Dear  Sir: 

I  have  noted  that  in  yours  of  the  17th  to  Mr.  Mallory  you 
state  the  Directors  as  well  as  yourself  are  very  much  dissatisfied 
to  learn  that  the  new  work  is  in  the  hands  of  the  draughtsmen. 

I  would  suggest  that  in  starting  on  the  usual  course  of 
fault  finding  you  should  try  and  he  as  consistent  as  possible. 

In  accordance  with  the  request  to  have  as  much  of  the  work 
•lone  outside  hy  contract  as  possible,  we  are  preparing  plans  to  send 
out  on  which  to  get  bids,  this  is  the  only  way  we  know  to  do  it.  If 
you  will  ‘sugge st  some  practical  plan  by  which  it  can  be  done,  we  wij.1 
be  glad  to  follow  it. 

Based  on  the  experience  of  the  last  run,  I  am  making  Buch 
changes  as  will  in  my  judgement  enable  us  to  run  more  steadily  and 
produce  more  cement  with  our  present  machinery,  and  while  many  of  these 
changes  are  small  they  all  need  plans; —  what  worries  me  more  than 
the  possible  delay  in  starting  up  on  April  1st  next  is  the  thirty 
six  bonds  which  remain  unsold  and  from  which  we  must  obtain  a  part 
of  the  money  to  make  the  additions; —  when  these  have  been  sold, 
fault  finding  with  our  progress  here  will  come  with  much  better 
grace.  Yours  very  truly;”  > 


onard  Elliott,  Esq., 

Yours  received,  replying  to  same  wish,  to  say  that  up  to 
the  present  time  I  have  been  so  very  busy  I  had'nt  chance  to  look 
over  your  brothers  papers,  I  expect  to  get  at  them  some  time  this 
week  and  will  then  see  that  the  papers  as  well  as  the  furniture, 
etc.  are  shipped  as  per  your  request. 

i  you  herewith  a  letter  received  from  Dr.  Emersoi 

Dr.  Linn  Emerson,  Esq., 

Keiropolitan  31dg., 

Orange,  N.  J. 

Dear  Sir: 

I  beg  to  advise  you  that  your  letter  relative  to  bill  of 
Alexander  Elliott  has  been  forwarded  to  his  brother  and  no  doubt 
you  will  hear  from  hip  in  the  near  future . 

— . vmwwWM 


Nov.  22,  1904. 

Ur.  H.  ?.  Woidig, 

c/o  Oihb .  Cooper  &  Co., 

Clifford  &  Van  Bureo  Sts.,  Newark,  N.J. 

Bear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  2nd  inst.,  I  beg  to  state  that 
rcy  health  is  fine  except  I  am  occasionally  troubled  from  the  effects 
of  wording  years  ago  with  the  X  Ray. 

Yours  truly, 

Nov.  22,  1904 

American  Institute  of  Electrical  Engineers, 

95  liberty  St., 

New  York. 

Bear  Sirs:  ,  .  , 

I  to  acknowledge  receipt  of  the  eleven  fcooke  »hiok 

yon  shipped  to  «e  »ov.  lit*.  r°r  1 

remain,  Yours  truly, 

Not.  22,  1904. 


Sv/ald  Stulpner ,  Esq., 

Lee  County, 

I*’ort  Myers,  Via. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  8th  Inst.,  would  say  that  you 
oan  go  ahead  and  dig  the  new  well  and  put  up  the  new  tank  as  you 
suggest  hut  'will  decide  later  about  the  painting  of  the  cottage. 

Regarding  the  Grape  Eruit,  you  can  ship  me  a  box  expret 
prepaid  every  two  weeks. 

Yours  truly, 

The  American  Society  of  Mechanical  Engineers, 

Mr.  E.  R.  Hutton,  Secretary, 

12  W.  31st  St.,  Hew  York. 

Dear  Sir: 

It  is  with  great  pleasure  that  I  acknowledge  receipt  of 
your  favor  of  the  16th,  advising  me  that  I  have  been  elected  to 
Honorary  Memt*  rship  in  the  American  Society  of  Mechanical  Engineers. 
I  fully  appreciate  the  honor,  and  would  ask  that  you  convey  to  the 
officers,  as  well  as  to  the  council  of  the  Society  ny  acceptance  of 

Yours  very  truly,  - 

Nov.  29,  1904. 



Mrs.  Thomas  A.  Edison, 

Orange,  N.  J. 


I  "beg  to  enclose  you  herewith  a  note 
your  order  hy  Mr.  Ira.M.  Miller, the  same  J 
of  January  this  coming  year,  1905. 

Yours  truly, 

for  $2500  drawn  to 
due  on  the  2nd  day 

Nor.  29,  1904. 

;auqua  Institution, 

Chautauqua,  N.  Y. 


I  beg  to  enclose  you  herewith  copy  of  a  bill  for  $8.80, 
was  paid  for  by  my  check  for  like  amount,  also  copies  of 
billB  amounting  to  $22.30,  covered  by  my  oheck  which  you  ac- 
Ldge  receipt  of  in  your  letter  of  the  21st  ult. 

If  you  have  any  other  bills  against  Mary  E.  Miller,  kindly 
;hem  to  me,  and  greatly  oblige, 

Yours  truly, 

$}ViA,  ffil n  Cl.  fciuo-) 


Nov.  29,  1904. 

/our  letters  .nave  teen  promptly  answered.  I  wrote  that 
i<!  o ft  all  hut  about  50  men  so  as  to  get  a  chance  to  solve 
ng  can  business  and  also  to  find  out  why  batteries  made 
S“  '  °lur  MonthB  gradually  lose  their  capacity,  falling  off 
per  cent.  We  are  only  assembling  now  to  take  care  of  our 
and  Will  not  start  up  again  until  the  can  problem  is  O.K. 

*  found  out  cause  of  trouble  as  to  capacity;-  of  course 
them  naefc  to  original  capacity  by  reversing  the  current 
J.b  hours,  but  this  is  not  convenient  for  the  public  and  is 
we  two  rooms  at  Laboratory  fitted  up  and  have  12 
~e  working  night  and  day.  So  far  I  do  not  know  why 
-y  comes  back  0.  K.  by  reversing  warm,  until  I  find  out  the 
;ant  get  the  remedy.  As  for  shipping  you  cells,  I  think 
want  them  as  in  the  "15 "  type  cell,  the  plates  are  too 
! ther.  We  can  ship  you  plates  both  nickel  and  iron  and 
t  your  rubber  parts  and  can  parts,  you  can  assemble  the 
here  and  you  will  have  no  trouble  from  short  circuits  in 
tself . 

machine  s 

Your  side  welding/  are  nearly  finished  at  laboratory, 
o  making  new  Nickel  Pilling  Machines  and  die,  which  when 
send  you  drawings.  Will  send  drawings  of  things  we  know 
as  soon  as  we  are  sure  of  them. 

Last  night  they  "brought  over  Borne  welded  cans  that  are 
great  improvement  and  it  really  looks  as  if  the  process  was  goin 
to  be  a  success  after  all.  Notwithstanding,  I  am  rigging  up  a 
plating  system  for  capacity  20  cans  daily  and  if  0.  K.  will  put 
in  lor  200.  Think  it  the  best  and  cheapest  way  to  make  the  can. 
"Srill  send  you  some  of  the  first  samples. 

Lansdon  promises  an  early  delivery  of  the  Delivery  Wa a 
testing  the  asphaltic  stuff  you  sent.  _  J 

Yours  truly, 

To  S.  Bergmann,  Esq., 

23  Oudenarder  Strasse, 

Berlin,  Germany. 



Dec.  5 ,  1904 . 

iBdiaon  Ore  Milling  Syndicate,  Ltd. 

London,  England. 

Dear  Sira: 

I  Leg  to  endow*  you  herewith  a  letter  received  from  the 
Gloucester  Portland  Cement  &  Lime  Co.  Kindly  give  same  the  attention 
J  you  think  necessary,  and  oblige, 

;i.  Yours  truly, 


John  P.  Holland,  Esq., 

38  Newton  St., 

Newark,  11.  J. 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  3rd  inst.,  I  Leg  to  Btate  that  I- 
<  ,  a-t  your  convenience, 

would  Le  pleased  to  have  you  come  up  to  the  Laboratory/apd  I  will  fix  you 

up  in  good  shape.  Before  coming  I  would  adviBe  that  you  call  up  on  the 
pfione  so  as  to  Le  sure  that  I  am  here.  My  call  ia  407  Orange. 

c-f  -  r  , 

J  hO  U  • 


Dec.  6,  1904. 

son  Graphite  Co., 

Niagara  Palls, 

Hew  York. 

Dear  Sirs: 

Kindly  send  me  another  sample  of  graphite  like  the  last 
which  was  about  four  inches  square  and  a  foot  long,  not  compressed 
hut  just  as  it  comes  out  of  the  furnace.  Send  same  by  express,  I 
wiBh  to  give  it  another  trial. 

Yours  truly, 

— ' 

J.  C.  Reiff, 

20  Broad  St . , 

Hew  York. 

Dear  Pir: 

The  photographs  which  I  ordered  some  sopfe  ago  having 
received,  I  enclose  or.e  as  per  your  request  of  the  19th  ult., 
Yours  truly, 

S.  Bergmann,  Esq., 

23  Oudenarder  Strasae, 

Berlin,  Germany. 

Bear  Sir: 

I  Beg  to  confirm  the  following  Cable  sent  you  yesterday: 
"Bergmann,  Fulgura,  Berlin.  Perforating  shipped;  welder  goes  few 
days.  Edison."  Also  Beg  to  acknowledge  receipt  of  your  cable  dated 
Hot.  7th,  1904  as  follows:  "Edison.  Have  you  sent  perforating 
machines  and  electric  welding  apparatus.  Bergmann,  Berlin." 

Yours  truly. 



Replying  to  yours  of  the  7th  Inst.,  I  beg  to  state  that 
my  time  is  entirely  taken  up  with  my  various  enterprises  I  have  no 
chance  to  take  up  anything  new. 

Yours  truly, 

Albert  W.  Smith,  Esq. , 
Sibley  College, 

Ithaca,  N.  Y. 

Dec.  9,  }.904. 

Dee;r  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  3rd  inst.  relative  to  the  electric 
generator  which  I  presented  Sibley  College  in  1888,  beg  to  state  that 
I  have  no  objection  whatsoever  to  your  exchanging  it  for  a  genera¬ 
tor  more  adapted  to  your  requirements. 

Yours  truly, 

Hy  Dear  Bergmann: 

As  I  wrote  you  in  last  letter  we  are  in  a  quandary  about 
shipping  batteries'.  V/e  have  laid  off  all  our  force  except  an  assem¬ 
bling  gang  because  I  could  not  afford  to  run  the  Bhop  until  I  had 
solved  the  welding  problem,  and  the  cause  of  the  loss  of  capacity  in 
some  of  the  cells.  ‘  This  makes  it  impossible  to  ship  cells  for  the 
present.  Up  to  now  I  have  not  found  the  'cause  of  the  irregularity. 

I  have  12  young  men  and  six  workmen  running  ctirves  on  small  cells 
and  every  day  we  expect  to  strike  the  bug. 

„(/•:  ■3SP 

The  welding  is  improving,  today  they  are  making  50  cans 
to  be  filled  with  Potash  and  set  aside,  to  see  if  any  leaks  will 
developer,  and  also  to  find  out  the  percentage  of  good  to  bad  cans. 
Your  welding  machines  will  have  the  latest  devices  on  them. 

Regarding  the  eleotrolytic  process, —  our  mould  is  done 
and  yesterday  we  cast  the  first  matrix,  today  we  shE&l  cast  more  and 
hope  soon  to  send  you  some  fine  eLectrolytic  cans.  Can  spare  Rafn 
any  time  you  want,  but  think  you  do  not  need  him  yet.  Your  varnish 
works  all  right.  Where  can  I  get  it  here,  and  what  is  name  of  it 

It  is  very  essential,  that  the  i 

1  be  nickel  plated  all  over 

and  welded  in  hydrogen;  it  will  never  do  to  depend  on  varnish. 
When  we  have  the  oan  right  we  will  use  no  varniBh,  that  being  at 
■nreserti  a  make  shift  to  cover  up  bad  work.  No  varnish  will  stand 

a  year.  We  only  use  it  because  ' 

Yours  very  truly, 

&%+ J**<r 

i  S.  Bergmann,  Eaq. , 

23  Oudenarder  Strasse, 

Berlin,  Germany. 

Bee.  10, 


Friend  Veir; 

'to  slow  or.  the  wagons  until  I  notify  you  that  I  have 
got  things  right  again;  it  will  not  he  long.  I  can  start  up  in 
few  days  after  things  are  fixed.  Bont  fail  to  have  Washington  office 
keep  exact  accounts  so  you  will  know  to  a  cent  the  costs  (itemized) 
«f  running  wagons,  repairs,  depreciations,  mileage,  deliveries,  etc. 
per  year,  then  we  know  where  the  leaks  are.  Much  obliged  for  the 
Cohn  cigar  story.  My  wife  is  peddling  it  out  to  her  society  friends. 

Yours  truly. 


To  L.  C.  Weir,  Esq., Pres., 

Adams  Express  Co. 

59  Broadway,  M.  Y. 

Deo.  12,  1904. 

^international  Acheson  Graphite  Co., 

Niagara  Ralls,  IT.  Y. 

Dear  Sirs: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  9th  inst.,  I  heg  to  state  that 
the  sample  you  sent  me  as  per  letter  is  too  dense.  Some  time  ago 
I  received  a  sample  about  the  same  size  as  the  one  you  sent  me  today 
which  was  very  porous  and  could  be  compressed  to  l/2  its  bulk.  It 
is  this  kind  that  I  want. 

Yours  truly, 

Dec.  12,  1904. 

Kr.  K.J.f .  Turner, 

c/o  Hutchison  Acoustic  Co., 

114  Vest  32nd  St.,  IT .  Y. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  Sth  inst.,  I  beg  to  state  that 
I  still  have  the  instruments  in  my  possession  but  am  not  quite 
through  experimenting  with  them.  If  satisfactory  would  be  pleased 
to  keep  them  a  while  longer. 

Yours  truly, 


Deo.  13,  1904. 

My  Dear  Bergmann: 

'iour  rating  of  the  battery  sent  me  in  blue  print  1b  entirely 
wrong.  I  send  you  a  sheet  which  gives  the  rating  here.  You  will 
make  a  serious  error  from  a  business  point  of  view  if  you  overrate 
the  battery.  With  the  rating  we  give  in  the  circular  enclosed  the 
public  is  perfectly  satisfied,  and  with  the  price  as  well,  therefor 
it  will  be  foolish  to  rate  them  any  higher,  as  you  do  not  gain  any¬ 
thing  and  stand  to  loose.  The  15.18  cell  on  a  24  hour  charge  gives 
156  to  160  amperes  on  average  discharge  voltage  of  1.25,  but  thiB  is 
the  maximum  capacity  and  the  public  do  not  charge  24  hours,  but 
generally  4  to  6  hours,  so  that  the  actual  capacity  is/L20  am.  hours 
and  the  rest  of  the  batteries  in  proportion.  On  account  of  the  leaky 
cans  sr.d  the  failure  of  the  public  to  fill  the  batteries,  some  leaving 
them  to  go  half  full  and  also  using  drug  store  water,  which  is  full 
of  Carbonic  Acid,  the  capacity  goes  down  sometimes  to  80  ampere 
hours.  There  will  always  be  found  in  every  set  of  batteries  a  few 
that  do  net  lose  any  capacity  and  that  is  what  I  am  working  on  to 
find  out  why  they  are  constant  and  others  lose.  I  am  gradually 
getting  on  to  it. 

The  maximum  charging  voltage  seldom  goes  above  175;  you 

have  it  18C.  Your  weights  are  wrong. 

The  new  nickel  Tiller  i»  nearing  completion  and  when 
thoroughly  feted  will  eend  drawing..  It.  eimpl"  *° 


Regarding  rubber  lined  tanks. —  We  have  found  that  they 
•eat  success,  as  they  permit  using  hot  solutions  without 
-•rioration,  which  is  not  true  of  any  other  form  of  tank, 
illty  soft  rubber  l/8  thick  and  be  sure  your  joints  press 
*  to  prevent  leakage.  Test  them  with  hot  water. 

We  havrit  received  the  subpress  for  cups  yet. 

Yours  truly, 


srginann,  Esq., 

5  Cudenarder  Strasse, 
Berlin,  C-ermary. 

;.'n.tocj  tore 


Bee.  13,  1904 

rrrmann ,  wsq. , 

»3  Oudenai  Aer  Strasse, 

Berlin,  Germany. 
bar  Bergmann: 

SM,  for  the  porcelain  part.  rec.Weh. 

Order  has  been 


Yours  truly, 

Dec.  13,  1904, 

Dear  31".  Waddington: 

In  re  communication  of  Lieut.  Corre. —  I  am  now  figuring 
with  ;Jni ted  States  Government  and  also  Mr.  Holland  for  batteries  for 
Torpedo  "boats.  I  notice  Lieut.  Corre  is  desirous  of  a  great  capaci¬ 
ty  in  small  space;  space  occupied  by  our  battery  is  about  the  same 
as  the  lead  battery  but  it  has  the  advantage  that  it  can  be  placed 
la  sections  throughout  the  boat,  as  it  will  not  spill  liquid  if 
tilted  at  angle  of  35  degrees  and  can  be  made  to  tilt  to  angle  of 
30  degrees  without  spill.  I  can  not  give  data  on  so  large  a  cell 
without  laying  the  cell  out  on  the  drawing  board,  but.  the  space 
per  1000  watt  hours  would  be  no  more  than  on  our  regular  battery 
and  probably  less.  Vie  are  not  of  course  in  position  to  manufacture 
or  quote  prices. 

Holland  is  working  on  small  torpedo  boats  costing  only 
.fp.0,0','0.  One  torpedo  and  3  men.  This  of  course  will  require  small 


To  Charles  Haddington,  Ssq., 

85  Avenue  Henri  Martin, 



Francis  Arthur  -Tones,  Esq. , 

228  West  44th  St . , 

Hew  York, 
pear  Mr.  -Tones: 

Replying  to  your,  ol  the  9th  lnet.,  »i=h  to  eey  that  Hr. 
pyer  has  not  returned  up  to  the  present  time  hut  «  »*» 

some  time  the  latter  part  of  this  month. 

Regarding  the  article,  beg  to  state  that  Hr.  Edison  «.  not 
oyer  anxious  about  it,  but  thought  *e  were  oy.rl.ok.d  if  it  — 
already  published.  Pleased  to  hear  you  have  not  forgotten  about  my 


Yours  truly. 

H.  K.  Chambers,  Esq., 

142  East  18th  St., 
Hew  York. 

Deo.  14,  1904. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  13th  inst.,  I  "beg  to  state  that 
at  ikx  present  my  time  is  entirely  taken  up  with  my  various  enter¬ 
prises,  I  have  no  chance  to  grant  an  interview. 

Yours  truly, 


Dec.  16,  1904. 

John  H.  Harjes,  Esq., 

c/o  Morgan,  Harjes  &  Co., 

31  Boulevard  Haussmann,  Paris. 

Ky  Dear  Mr.  Harjes: 

I  am  today  in  receipt  of  your,  letter  December  6th, enclos¬ 
ing  also  letter  from  your  firm  of  same  date  and  other  enclosures 
mentioned.  I  shall  consider  the  proposition  most  carefully  and 
write  you  quite  fully  after  same  has  had  deliberation. 

Yours  truly. 

Dec.  3.6,"  1904. 

Montclair  National  Bank, 

Montclair,  H.  J. 

Ee“r  “”“1  heE  to  enclose  you  here.ith  ohec*  for 

piece  seme  to  the  credit  ot  Mr.  I"  W  “4  ere*tl7  0l>:Llee' 

Yours  truly, 

Gilbert  &  Barker  Mfg.  Co., 

32  John  St., 

Hew  York. 

Bear  Sirs: 

Please  send  me  by  Erie  R.  R.  freight,  6  barrels  86°  Pure 
Spirits  Gasolene,  same  as  shipped  me  on  Harch  6,  1903,  also  kindly 
send  out  a  man  to  draw  off  the  water  in  connection  with  the  apparatus, 
and  greatly  oblige,  yours  truly> 



Dec.  16,  1904. 

U'dison  Portland  Cement  Co., 

Girard  Trust  Building, 

Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Bear  Sirs: 

I  beg  to  enclose  you  herewith  my  check  for  $6000.00. 

Kindly  send  me  ten  bonds  for  the  above,  and  greatly  oblige, 

Yours  truly j 



Deo.  17,  1904. 

To  whom  it  may  concern: 

This  is  to  certify  that  Mr.  Walter  Archer  has  "been  in  my 
employ  for  the  past  four  years  in  my  chemical  department  and  during 
which  time  I  have  always  found  him  to  he  an  honest,  reliable  and 
industrious  young  man. 

When  leaving  he  was  foreman  of  one  of  the.  departments  in 
my  chemical  works  and  owing  to  a  shortage  of  work  had  to  dispense 
with  his  services. 

Yours  truly, 


Dec.  19,  1904. 

K.  E.  Diels,  Esq., 

16 V.'.  Jackson  Blvd., 

Chicago,  Ill. 

Dear  Sir: 

Just  received  proposition  from  Harjes  in  which  he  wants  me 
to  give  one  half  of  my  surplus  to  sinking  fund  to  repay  capital.  If 
they  keep  on  I  will  not  have  anything. 

Yours  truly, 

/.  y  v 

K.  i<\,  j 

London  Wall,  London,  E. 

We  have  got  the  welding  of  < 

i  all  right.  Out  of  first 

lot  of  thirty  seven, 

s  leaked.  Out  of  second  lot  of  100  r 

leaked  at  end  of  two  weeks.  We  are  making  a  lot  of  them.  The  elec¬ 
trolytic  can  not  out  yet,  having  trouble  to  get  a  smooth  master. 

Regarding  loss  of  capacity;  last  cell  number  2113.  Out 
of  all  these  experiments  have  found  a  great  many  things  and  think 
I  have  surely  found  the  trouble,  but  think  it  will  take  two  or  three 
weeks  more  to  be  reasonably  sure  of  it . 

Morgan,  Harjes  have  sent  me  on  a  new  proposition,  asking 
further  sacrifices  which  I  am  not  disposed  to  agree  to.  Will  send 
you  copy  of  their  letter. 

Yours  very  truly, 


Sec.  28, 


5.  Bergmann,  Esq. , 

23  Oudenarder  Strasse, 

Berlin,  Germany. 

My  Dear  Bergmann: 

The  top  you  sent  with  valve  on  filler  I  do  not  think  is 

good.  They  break  enough  of  the  fillers  without  adding  the  separator, 

I  believe  in  practice  there  would/be  10  per  cent  of  the  glass  valve3 
unbroken  in  one  year  and  the  cell  would  get  badly  carbonated.  Even 
supposing  it  was  an  improvement,  it  increases  the  height  of  the  cell 
and  we  could  not  change  the  height  in  this  country  now.  I  am 
strongly  of  the  opinion  that  you  better  use  the  two  devices  separately 
so  everything  will  be  standard.  The  gas  separator  is  very  important 
and  I  dont  want  the  public  to  be  in  position  to  fool  with  it. 

They  are  testing  your  welders  at  Glen  Ridge  and  hope  to 
ship  in  a  few  days.  The  welding  now  appears  to  be  a  success,  96$ 
not  leaking  after  a  weeks  test. 

I  forgot  to  tell  you  that  Gilmore  and  Peter  Weber  are 
going  to  take  hold  of  the  Battery  Company  and  run  it.  I  can  let 
vou  have  Rogers  any  time  after  February . 

The  Ifickel  filler  is  approaching  completion  and  Weoer  and 
I  are  going  to  set  it  up  at  laboratory  with  the  two  presses  and 
work  out  the  proper  die  for  putting  the  tops  and  bottoms  of  filled 
cups  together  to  get  the  losses  down  and  produce  even  pockets,  also 

#2  S.  B, 

3T9ff  .2 

IBOtl  •$! 



settle  the  assembling  plate  question  which  heretofore  has  not  been 
satisfactory  . 

I  now  have  18  men  and  boys  in  test  department  at  Xaborato 
and  so  far  I  think  we  are  going  to  settle  once  for  all  the  battery 
question  as  to  constancy,  etc. 

Yours  truly, 

-  JU  t*.  vtc.  et#  —-.4. - ' 

[T  .boos 
o  9v/  bns 
^T9V9  03 

ob  I  bns 

ni  qiife 
2U39I  Ion 

oi  sniog 
9VSrf  uov 

>3  sis  I 
no  2liow 
soi  a  quo 

at  .  ^  M..:. 

®f  I***8*  ^rir  r  ^ 

^  u  1" 



Dec.  29,  1904. 

.  D.  Roid,  Esq.., 

527  Equitable  Bldg., 

Denver,  Colo. 

ear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  2.3rd  inst.,  beg  to  state 
ave  a  patent  on  a  placer  process  of  my  own  so  do  not  care  t 
site rested  in  any  other.  I  return  you  herewith  your  patent. 

Yours  truly, 

fu°  r  ' 


Hutchson  Acoustic  Co., 

114  West  32nd  St  . , 

Hew  York. 

Dear  Sirs: 

As  per  your  request  I  return  you  herewith  two 
for  the  instruments  received  from  you  some  time  ago. 

Yours  truly. 

that  I 
;o  become 

29,  1904 



\/  C 3 



Dec.  31,  1904. 

J.  0.  Re iff,  Esq., 

20  Broad  Street, 

New  York. 

pear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yourB  of  the  14th  inst.,  I  teg  to  state  that 
Reeae  does  strange  things  hut  I  think  its  trickery. 

Composition  of  sea  water  is  published  in  Watts  Dictionary 
of  Chemistry,  which  I  think  you  will  probably  find  at  Cooper's  Insti- 
tue  or  Columbia  library. 

Yours  truly, 

«  CONFIDENTIAL"  Dec*  31i  1904. 

Hr.  1.  B.  Schram, 

48  Hamilton  Ave . , 

Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  21st  inst.,  I  beg  to  state  that 
I  have  one  of  Hr.  Hutchinson’s  devices  and  use  it  occasionally.  Its 
all  right  when  it  keeps  in  adjustment  but  it  does  not  always  do  so. 
Yours  truly, 


Jan.  4,  1904. 

Hessrs.  Gilbert  &  Barker, Mfg.  Co., 

82  John  Street, 

Hew  York. 


I  beg  to  advise  that  I  shipped  you  on  the  3rd  six  empty 
gasolene  barrels  by  freight,  Erie  B.  B.  Kindly  send  me  credit  for 
same,  and  oblige,  Yours  truly. 



Jan.  4,  1905. 

Kessrs.  Coudert  Bros., 

71  Broadway, 

Hew  York. 

Bear  Sirs: 

!  w  to  aoknonledse  ™oetpt  of  your  favor  of  tie  3rd 
ta.t.  copy  of  contract  t.tneen  Mr.  H.  E.  DioE  and  Mr. 

IoM  H.  Hard.., .Mich  .m  Mare  «y  attention.  Ac  per  your  repost 
I  enclose  you  herewith  duplicate  copy  of  contract. 

Yours  truly. 

Jan.  10,  1905. 

Ths  Hew  York  Engineering  Agency, 

35  V/arren  Street, 

New  York, 

Dear  Sira; 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  17th  ult.,  beg  to  say  that  Mr. 
Milton  T.  V/eaton  is  a  pretty  fair  Mechanical  Draughtsman. 

Yours  truly, 

01  co  Q 

Jan.  10,  1905. 

John  H.  Bowen,  Esq., 

Vineland,  H.  J. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  31st  ult.  I  beg  to  state  that  the 
article  published  in  the  papers  about  my  suffering  with  a  cancer  has 
foundation.  Allow  me  to  thank  you-for  the  interest  you  have  taken 
in  the  matter. 

Yours  truly, 

ffw  6L  Scko-m 



Jan.  11, 


S.  Bergmann,  Esq., 

Berlin,  Germany.  x 

Ky  Bear  Bergmann: 

Be  sure  and  do  not  manufacture  any  parts  of  the  cells  hut 
only  make  tools.  We  are  finding  out  a  great  many  things  and,  there  will 
he  some  slight  changes,  none  of  which  affect  any  tools  you  are  making, 
and  I  think  nothing  you  get  from  us  will  require  any  change.  We 
have  shipped  side  welders  and  the  top  and  bottom  welder  is  now 
finished  and  is  being  tested,  its  a  fine  machine.  It  was  built  by 
the  foreman  down  stairs.  I  gave  it  to  him  to  build  because  John 
Ott  said  he  did'nt  know  how  to  build  anything  good,  so  he  laid  himself 
out  on  it  and  the  result  is  a  finer  machine  than  John  ever  built. 

There  seems  to  be  great  rivalry  which  seems  to  be  a  good  thing  all 
around.  I  am  now  satisfied  that  our  welding  business  is  all  right, 
but  notwithstanding  this,  I  continue  experiments  on  the  electroplated 

°an'  Have  tested  the  Laquer  you  sent,  as  well  as  the  stuff  you 

use  on  the  conduits,  neither  are  attacked  much  by  potash  but  the 
Laquer  in  time  permits  the  potash  to  run  under  and  the  conduit  stuff 
gets  dry  and  loses  its  flexibility,  it  cracks  when  bent.  The  laquer 
is  the  best  to  paint  welded  seems  to  stop  rusting.  There  will  be  no 
leak  with  welded  cans  and  all  the  lacquer  would  be  useful  or  might 
be  to  prevent  rust  of  seams,  as  they  are  of  course  not  nickel  plated. 

I  hope  to  write  you  shortly  that  we  have  found  the  reasor 
cr  loss  of  capacity  in  some  cells.  We  think  we  have  found  it  hut 
l0t  bs  sure  until  more  time  has  elapsed.  Morgan  has  accepted  offe: 
tnA  will  put  English  Company  through. 

Yours  very  truly, 

Jan.  10,  1905 

Messrs.  Coudert  Bros. , 

71  Broadway, 

ITew  York. 

Bear  Sirs: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  5th,  heg  to  state  that  so  far  ] 
have  received  no  money  or  securities. 

Yours  truly,' 

Ira  B.  Sturges,  Esq., 

2448  Center  St., 

Baker  City,  Ore. 

Bear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  31st  ult.,  I  "beg  to  Btate  that  not 
Being  connected  with  any  Electrical  Works  at  present  and  no  one  But 
experts  Being  successful  in  the  BaB oratory  which  I  have,  it  is 
impossible  for  me  to  offer  your  son  a  position.  I  would  advise  that 
you  try  and  place  him  in  the  Students  Course  of  the  General  Electric 
Co.  of  Schenectady,  N.  Y. ,  as  there  is  a  great  chance  for  advancement 
if  the  young  man  is  of  the  right  kind. 

I  can  just  remember  the  old  school  house.  All  my  people 
are  dead  and  I  shall  probably  never  visit  Milan  again. 


Jan.  12,  1905. 

L.  C.  Weir,  Esq. ,  Pres., 

Adams  Express  Co., 

New  York. 

Friend  Weir: 

I  think  I  have  found  the  hug  hut  cant  say  until  the  several 
hundred  test  cells  have  been  tested  longer, and  I  can  not  go  to  Florida 
this  winter  on  that  account  hut  am  hound  to  punish  some  touring  machine 
next  simmer  to  make  up.  Glad  you  can  go.  Automohiling  is  going  to 
add  ten  years  to  your  life .  I  am  hopeful  that  I  can  give  you  bat¬ 
teries  by  April  1st,  all  depending  on  tests.  If  at  any  time  I  am  con¬ 
vinced  from  tests  that  things  are  0.  II.  I  will  write  and  let  you 
know  quickly.  Yours  truly, 


Jan.  13,  1905. 

Mr.  D.  c.  Harvey,  Supt.  of  Inspections, 

Fidelity  &  Casualty  Co., 

103  Cedar  St.,  New  York. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  12th  inst.,  I  heg  to  state  that 
our  #1  B.  &  V.  holler  has  been  out  out  since  Dec.  27/04  and  will  he 
ready  for  internal  inspection  next  Wednesday. 

Yours  truly, 

Thomas  A.  Edison 

Jan.  13,  1905. 

W.  E.  Scarritt,  Esq., 

27  Fine  Street, 

New  York. 

Bear  Mr.  Scarritt: 

Allow  me  to  tMai  you  for  your  kind  Invitation  to  the 
Annual  Banquet  of  the  Automobile  Club  of  America, which  I  certa  y 
will  00  pleased  to  accept  if .  I  oan  po.slOly  arra»Be  to  S.t  aw  dr 
time  oeing  so  entirely  occupied  with  «r  various  enperiwents  my 

movements  very  uncertain  «t  present  ttaie. 

Yours  very  truly .  * 


Jan.  16,  1905. 

Messrs.  Morgan,  Harje3  &  Co., 

31  Boulevard  Hauasmann, 

Paris,  Prance. 


Your  favor  of  the  6th  ult.  in  rep^y  to  mine  of  November 
2nd  last,  was  duly  received  and  has  had- careful  consideration. 

A  number  of  contained  in  your  counter-proposi¬ 
tion  are  made  necessary,  as  I  understand  it,  in  order"  to  comply 
with  the  special  conditions  of  the  Prench  law;  as  for"  example,  the 
payment  in  cash  of  25  per  cent  of  the  capital  at  the  time  of  sub¬ 
scription,  subscription  at  par,  and  the  setting  aside  of  atleast 
5  per  cent  of  the  profits  as  a  reserve  fund  until  the  latter  amounts 
to  one-tenth  of  the  capital.  I  see  no  objections  to  these  provisions. 
I  can  not,  however,  consent  to  your  proposal  that  my  patents  should 
be  assigned  to  the  Prench  company,  nor  do  X  see  the  necessity  for 
doing  this.  My  proposition  was  that  the  company,  when  formed,  should 
take  a  sole,  exclusive  and  non-assignable  license  under  the  patents, 
so  that  if  the  company  succeeded  the  effect  would  be  the  same  as 
if  the  company  actually  owned  the  patents.  If,  however,  the  company 
did  not  succeed,  the  license  would  naturally  terminate  by  failure 
to  pay  the  necessary  royalties  and  the  patents  would  revert  to  me. 

If,  on  the  contrary,  the  patents  were  assigned  to  the  company  as 
you  suggest,  then  in  the  event  of  failure,  the  patents  would  go 
into  the  assets  and  I  would  not  only  lose  them,  but  they  might  be 

#£  M.  H.  ft  Co. 

acquired  by  hostile  interests  who  could  seriously  embarrass  me  in 
my  relations  with  other  European  countries. 

I  also  can  not  consent  to  your  proposition  that  I  should 
become  a  stock-holder  of  the  French  company,  even  though  the  stock 
proportioned  to  me  would  he  entitled  to  receive  50  per  cent  of  the 
surplus  profits,  except  of  course,  to  the  nominal  extent  as  would 
entitle  me  or  my  representative  to  become  a  director.  My  suggestion 
is  simpler  and  more  satisfactory  to  me,  namely;  that  my  relations 
with  the  company  should  be  defined  by  contract,  the  terms  of  which 
could,  if  necessary,  be  incorporated  in  the  by-laws. 

In  your  letter  you  also  refer  to  three  sources  of  outlay, 
namely;  writing  off  for  depreciation,  directors  percentage  on  net 
profits,  and  incidental  expenses,  all  of  which  should  be  definitely 
settled  at  the  time  any  contract  is  made  between  us,  in  order  that 
there  may  be  no  future  misunderstanding  as  to  the  identity  of  the 
profits  in  which  I  am  to  participate. 

•that  part  of  your  counter-proposition  a.  relates  to  th. 
redemption  of  the  capital  out  of  th.  aurplu.  profit.,  I  oau  not  A 

consent  to,  nor  do  1  acre.  with  you  in  your  reasons  for  proposes  > 
this  change .  The  patents  already  granted  hay.  still  fr« 
to  fourtsen  year.  to  run,  and  it  may  he  reasonably  ejected,  oop- 
sidering  th.  i»pro,e«nt.  which  .net  inevitably  that  the 

company  would  be  lioene.d  under  controlling  and  valuable  patent, 
probably  twenty-five  years.  Should  the  company  prospe  , 
believe  that  the  eviration  of  the  patents  would  affect  it  xn  any  y, 
by  that  time  the  company  would  have  built  up  a  large  buslnees, 

acquired  an  pl»t  »*“•  ^ 

reserve  fund,  written  off  the  ac«a  depreciation  and  probably  returned 

#3  M.  H.  &  Co. 

all  the  capital  Ions  Wfore  i»  the  form  of  surplus  profits.  My 
experience  Mae  Peon  ««.  companies  based  •«  ***•”“  generally  — 
more  money  after  tip  P*.nt.  have  *>“»  ^ 

phonograih  patent,  have  Isrgely  expired,  yet.  the  i.  in¬ 
finitely  more  ext.n.ire  end  profitable  tun  ever.  This  i.  true 
alee  of  the  oe.eral  KLectrio  Company,  the  B.mington  Typewriter  cmpa 
the  hod,*  coepany  and  many  other..  In  fact,  any  company  mannf.otnr- 
i„e  a  good  article  of  general  utility,  if  well  managed,  .»  *"d  doe. 
in  moat  oa.e.  that  I  hare  had  anything  to  do  with,  make  more  than 
e  per  cent  on  the  actual  money  put  in.  I  do  not,  of  course, 
to  inflated  .took,  but  to  actual  o.ah  inve.t.d,  Undoubtedly  th.r. 

.re  some  c.„.  where  the  bu.ine..  1.  of  a  h.ra.rd.u.  nature,  or 
where  the  demand  i.  eemll  or  exit,  for  a  short  time  a.  «th  th. 

Eif .1  Tower  C,  and  in  .uch  case,  it  is  proper  that  proyi.i.n. 
should  b.  rnnd.  for  a  pitch  redemption  of  the  capita  but  .uch  i 
not  the  case  with  storage  batter!..,  which  are  a  standard  oo.erci. 
article.  I  can  not  expect  c.pitali.t.  to  inye.t  money  in  thi.  ^ 
enterprise  if  they  think  the  expiration  of  the  patent,  wind.  UP  the 

business .  ^  y0nr  proposition,  out  of  the  surplus  profits 

.until  the  entire  invested  capital  is  redeemed,  I  , 

per  cent,  while  the  stock-holders  receive  «  per  cent,  the  latter 
,  m  nT.  as  a  reimbursement  of 

being  looked  upon  a.  an  extra  dividend  -  ^  ^  ^  _ 

money  invested^  both  of  5r0,i4es  for  ry  receiving 

-,-r.r.T. - — “ 
:, rr « » -  -  -  -  -  - — 


.1!  5% 

[Ai  He 

lo  oafs 
|sf>oX  9 At 
3  e  an* 
Jeorn  ni 
tap  T9q  0 
[ellni  oJ 
smoa  sib 

Eld-  ,  aisriw 
t  leTJta 
'  Pliforfa 
9r£d  don 
.  ?Ipi  d-ts 

dnpo  i9q 
lool  gniscf 
prn±  ^gnojn 
itAt  amaa 
:XBxf,  jxlno 
[99X9*1  a  i 
iri.t  rtaidd 

#4  M.  H.  &  Co. 

should  come  to  me,  as  o'iginally  proposed.  The  balance  can  be  dis¬ 
tributed  as  the  shareholders  see  fit,  either  for  the  redemption 
of  their  capital,  eras  additional  dividends.  Long  experience  has 
taught  me  that  to  rome  out  with  any  profit,  division  should  be  sub¬ 
stantially  half  aid  half  between  myself  and  the  capital,  for  the 
reason  that  I  an  always  tied  up  for  a  number  of  years,  and  have  an 
expensive  laboratory,  costing  from  sixty  thousand  dollars  to  eighty 
five  thousand  dollars  per  year  to  run.  The  expenses  of  improvements 
and  experiments  during  these  years  fall  entirely  on  myself,  capital 
being  always  unwilling  to  spend  money  on  experiments,  so  that  I 
should  have  a  liberal  share.  Furthermore,  a  reasonable  regard  for 
consistency  requires  that  the  contracts  made  by  me  for  the  ^posi¬ 
tion  of  my  European  rights  should  be  at  least  fairly  uniform,  and 
particularly  in  a  large,  rich  and  prosperous  country  like  France  I 
should  expect  to  be  able  to  make  substantially  as  good  an  arrangement 
as  in  Germany  or  England.  As  you  know,  the  German  company  has  been 
put  through  on  a  basis  of  two-thirds  of  the  surplus  profits  to  myself 
and  associates,  and  one-third  to  the  invested  capital,  and  the  option 
for  England  has  just  been  accepted  by  Messrs.  J.  S.  Morgan  &  Company 
on  a  basis  of  60 -per  cent  to  myself  and  associates  and  40  per  cent 
to  the  invested  capital.  -My  proposition  to  you  therefore  as  to 
is  more  favorable  to  you  than/either  Germany  or  England.  In  fact, 

•  i  believe  that  I  could  handle  France  myself  by  starting  a  small 

factory  in  that  country,  purchasing  the  unpatented  parts  from  Germany, 
•manufacturing  the  patented,.*,  necessary  for. hdlf  of  the  output 
and  importing  the  other  half  complete,  which  I  am  advised,  would  e 
a  sufficient  compliance  with  the  law. 

you  misunderatood  m  r.*»t  «»  11 


,  „  not  commence  manufacturing  operation.  until 

formed  in  France,  sho^a  n  formation 

.  „  8,  mat  I  meant  is  that  the  company  formation 

I  have  said  vo  do  s'*  t  wa8 

,ed  that  no  money  should  he  paid  in  until 
oho^d  he  so  arranged  ejld  tliat  it  was  safe  to 

satisfied  that  tae  battery  v 

Eo  ale  ad;  otherwise  a  lot  of  expensive  changes  might  have 

»  and  enough  to  advise  ~  ««>"•  *"  J0Ur 
it  uould  to  possible  ion  you  to  the  ^ 

division  of  profits  oniginslly  ■«»••«*  »y 

+  n  „  satisfactory  understanding  as  uo  tne 
SO  doubt  that  no  can  oome  to  a  ““"“J  o^sstion.  »hioh 

details  of  the  contract  to  he  drawn,  based 

I  have  made  herein. 

Yours  very  truly, 

Jan.  16,  1905. 

Ky  near  Mr.  HarjeB: 

I  probably  have  the  best  search  on  the  storage  battery 
art  that  has  ever  been  made,  not  only  through  the  whole  technical 
literature,  but  in  the  Patent  Offices  of  the  principal  countries. 
jo.  instance,  in  .Prance  there  was  a  period  of  years  when  the  Govern¬ 
ment  did  not  publish  its  patents,  yet  notwithstanding  this  I  had  the 
written  records  searched.  The  German  Patent  Office  unlike  that  of 
Prance  makes  a  rigid  search  and  its  Examiners  do  not  grant  a  patent 
if  they  can  possibly  cite  a  reference.  I  have  fought  the  German 
Office  for  nearly  three  years.  They  cited  patents  and  publications 
from  Prance,  England,  United  States  and  many  other  places,  but  I 
finally  prevailed  and  got  my  patents,  even  after  publication  in  the 
official  paper,  giving  three  months  notice  allowing  any  one  to  come 
before  the  Office  and  oppose  the  granting.  I  was  opposed  strongly 
by  the  Accumulator  Companies,  yet  I  got  the  patents.  The  French 
patent  of  Darrieus  is  well  known  to  the  American  and  German  Patent 
Offices  and  has  been  cited  against  me  without  success.  The  Accumula¬ 
tor  people  know  that  when  it  comes  to  a  fight,  they  can  not  break  my 
patents,  so  their  whole  effort  is  put  forward  to  incite  distrust  and 
prevent  the  raising  of  money,  but  in  this  they  are  going  to  fail. 
Previous  to  my  Battery,  there  was  not  a  storage  battery  book  or  expert 

of  any  prominence  that  was  not  on  record  as  stating  that  there  is  no 
known  way  to  make  a  practical  storage  battery  except  with  lead,  and 
now  that  1  proved  the  contrary,  1  can  summon  the  whole  fraternity 
before  the  Court  to  testify  in  my  favor. 

>  John  H.  Karjes,  Esq., 

31  Boulevard  Haussmann, 


Charles  F.  Stillwell,  Esq., 
Haupauge,  1.  I., 

Suffolk  Co.,  ».  Y. 

Pear  Sir: 

I  beg  to  acknowledge 
Inst,  regarding  the  assignment 
■beg  to  state  that  your  wishes 

Jan.  23,  1905. 

jceipt  of  your  favor  of  the  20th 
C  your  contract  to  your  wife  and 
11  he  carried  out. 
urs  truly, 

Jan.  23,  1905. 

Urs.  Sarah  F.  Stillwell, 

Hapauge,  Suffolk  Co., 

long  Island,  IT.  Y. 


your  favor  of  the  20th  inst.  enclosing  duplicate  of 
assignment  came  duly  to  hand,  and  in  rep*y  I  »eg  to  state  that  your 
husbands  wishes  will  he  carried  out  in  the  matter. 

Yours  truly, 

a  & 


Jan.  23, 


The  Globe  8 

7  Dey  Street, 

New  York  City. 


On  January  16th  last,  you  published  an  editorial  on 
'*  building  activity a  subject  in  which  1  am  very  much  interested. 

I  desire  to  get  some  back  statistics  on  this  subject, 
and  would  appreciate  it  very  much  if  you  would  advise  me  from  whom 
they  can  be  obtained. 

Thanking  you  very  much  for  your  reply,  1  am, 

Yours  very  truly 



Jan.  31,  1905. 

C.  M.  Chapman,  Esq., 

528  Platbush.  Ave . , 

Brooklyn,  II.  Y. 

Bear  Sir: 

X  enclose  you  herewith  letter  from  Mr.  C.  E.  Young  and 
George  J.  Jackson.  Kindly  give  same  your  attention,  and  oblige, 
Yours  truly, 



Jan.  31,  1905. 

Miss  Elizabeth  J.  Perrin, 

Route  No.  3, 

Uoodline,  Iowa. 

Pear  Miss  Perrin: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  28th  inst.,  I  beg  to  state  that 
at  present  I  am  all  out  of  photographs.  You  can  obtain  them  from 
Messrs.  Pach  Bros.,  935  Broadway,  New  York. 


Yours  truly. 


Feb.  15,  1905. 

John  W.  Snow,  Esq. , 

218  Main  Street, 

Orange,  N.  J. 

Dear  Sir: 

In  checking  up  your  account  to  Feb.  1st  we  find  that  there 

is  a  difference  of  §5.50.  Your  statement  calls  for  Bills  rendered 

§198.45,  hills  we  received  from  you  as  per  memo,  enclosed  amount 

to  §192.95  making  the  difference  mentioned  above.  Kindly  send  us  a 

corrected  statement,  and  oblige,  Yours  truly, 

Edison,  Laboratory 

{  V  ;  ■  ,  ,  . 

^ •"  ’  Cashier. 

Feb .  15,  1905. 

Davis  Collamore  &  Co., 

Fifth  Ave.  &  37th  St.., 

ITew  York, 

Dear  Sirs:. 

I  to  return  you  herewith  your  bill  for  510.00  dated 

January  31,  1905,  and  .onld  a»b  that  you  Kndly  let  ».  Mow  who  ordered 
the  soup  plat..,  where  they  were  .ent  and  greatly  oblige, 

Yours  truly, 



Eeb.  20,  1905. 

essi-s.  Krajensky  &  Rosenberg, 

30  Harrison  St.  , 

East  Orange,  H.  J. 

Dear  Sirs: 

Relative  to  charge  on  your  bill  Jan.  14,  1905 "Raking 
table  cover"  $4.00,  "beg  to  advise  that  up  to  the  present  time  this 
cover  has  not  been  received.  Kindly  return  it  to  me  at  once, 
and  greatly  oblige,  Yours  truly, 

Eeb.  21,  1905. 

William  Tj.  Edison,  Esq., 

Special  Delivery,  Mechanic's  Bldg., 

Boston,  Mass. 

Dear  Sir: 

As  per  your  telegram  I  beg  to  enclose  you  herewith  $10.00. 
Be  very  careful  and  dont  get  lost  with  the  enclosed. 

E<?b.  27,  1906. 

Rubber  cans  are  no  good.  Drawn  cane  of  course  would  be 
'Ul  risht  if  they  were  nickel  plated,  and  then  heated  to  weld  the 
to  lron»  but  1  a®  pretty  sure  they  would  buckle  all  out  of 
shape  in  heating,  also  the  weight  of  the  battery  would  be  increased 
very  materially  which  is  a  very  bad  feature.  Our  welded  cans  now 
fei'e  perfect  and  we  have  out  running  several  hundred.  I  had  previ¬ 
ously  written  you  fully  on  this  subject;  do  not  think  you  can  do  as 
well  with  drawn  cans. 

We  can  not  send  you  any  material  for  filling  the  pockets 
aa  t,hc  *  act  ary  is  shut  down  and  will  not  start  up  until  I  find  the 
■it  w5t,y  i.hft  cells  lose  capacity.  I  have  also  written  you  fully 
ardfr.g  this.  Now  Rergmann  there  is  no  use  going  ahead  manufac- 
until  I  find  'the  trouble,  c-ih<-  :.>j  you  will  get  into  a  world 
'■  ■  !  e ,  but  go  ahead  with  the  tools  which  we  know  are  all  right 

the  results  of  our  experiments  here.  You  will  find  that  if 
ut.  nut  several  thousand  batteries,  which  in  the  course  of  a 
r-  fall  down,  you  will  have  to  meet  a  very  serious  loss  and 
ruin  your  future  pro ape ot 8 . 

The  iron  you  sent  me  made  by  Schoop  is  no  good;  it  has 
not  one  half  the  capacity  per  gram  and  will  gradually  revert  and 
become  dead  in  8  months.  I  will  find  out  why  the  drawings  have 
not  gone  forward,  I  signed  them  six  weeks  ago. 

id  Dy< 

3  tad  mistakes  in  giving  Dye: 
use  for  him.  He  is  no 

afn,  so  Dyer  tell 
about  battery  an 
ents  and  you  should  not  relie  on  him  too  much, 
ill  Keep  you  posted;  the  moment  we  find  the  trouble  will 
It  will  he  plain  sailing  then,  and  once  we  get  it 
perience  here  with  over  200  trucks  shows  that  the  business 
tmited  and  very  profitable,  but  we  must  have  it  right. 

Yours  very  truly, 

writing  the  above,  I  find  that  the  drawings  were  shipped 
I&OS.  T.  A.  E. 


March  1,  1905. 

Some  time  ago,  as  per  Mr.  Edison’s  request  I  Bent  you  two 
checks for  one  hundred  dollars  each,  making  a  total  of  two  hundred 
dollars.  Will  you  kindly  send  me  an  itemized  statement,  showing 
how  this  amount  was  expended,  and  greatly  oblige, 

Yours  tru  ly, 

March  1,  1905. 

Messrs.  H.  C.  Everett  &  Co., 

305  Smith  Street, 

Pittsburg,  Pa. 

Pear  Sirs: 

Beplying  to  yours  of  the  27th  ult.,  beg  to  state  that 
photographs  of  myself  can  be  obtained  from  Messrs.  Pach  Bros,  935 
Broadway,  Mew  York.  At  present  I  have  none  of  my  photographs  on 
hand.  Yours  truly, 

Karch  2,  1905. 


irs  of  the  1st  received.  I  have  been  ill  for  the  past 
as  to  ny  coming  to  Hew  York,  would  not  he  permitted  ti 
,o--a  »'<dvice.  I  spend  a  few  hours  at  the  Laboratory 
i  suppose  you  could  take  a  run  over  to  see  me. 
idly  advise  me  on  telephone  what  day  and  hour  can  come, 

Yours  very  truly, 

March  6,  1905 . 

0.  V/s ciAAugtc-n ,  Esq., 

c/o  Korean,  Harjes  5=  Co. 

"Pear  Mr.  Wadding  ton: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  21st  ult.,  wish  to  say  that 
we  used  too  ranch  Mercury.  The  distance  'between  the  plates  has  been 

At  last  I  have  f  ound  out  the  trouble  with  the  battery;  it 
will  be  difficult  to  fix  it,  but  I  have  no  fear  now  that  I  know  what 
it  is.  Ko/would  ever  have  suspected  the  cause.  The  capacity,  will 
I  am  sure  be  increased  at  the  same  time. 

March  7,  1905. 

I  send  you  herewith  two  patents  on  the  Tantalum  Lamp 

Yours  very  truly. 

C.  A.  Coffin,  Esq. ,  Cl  t 

c/o  General.  Electric  Co., 

Schenectady,  IT.  Y. 

March  7,  1905. 

icrt  Cox,  Esq., 

1215  Main  Street, 

Wheeling,  W*  Va. 

31r:  s  of  the  4th  inst.,  wish  to  say  that  it 

Replying  to  youi  obtain  the  publi- 

possihle  for  me  to  paper  pencils,  would 

■  vou  to  tile  rt. 

J  truly. 


Samuel  Insull,  Esq., 

Edison  Elds-,  139  Adams  Street, 

Chicago,  Ill. 

Dear  Sir: 

Yottrs  of  the  3rd  received.  V.hen  the  pai 
from  the  Institute  for  my  signature,  youi  request 
Your 3  truly. 

E.  A.  Hints,  Esq., 

K tester,  Minn. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  3rd  inst., 
ordinary  Ugntning  rods  gl-  "* 

perfeot  protection  against  a  *»«-  *  r“° 

tno  afoy.  you  can  rosily  Judge  »etn.r  you  hay. 

Yours  truly, 


March  7 ,  1905 . 

cones  forv/ard 
LI  "be  fulfilled. 


March  7,  1905. 

to  state  that 

L  a/ground  are  a 
>y  lightning.  From 
your  house  properly 

March  6,  1905. 

H.  Clarke  Moore, 

1210-14th  St.., 

Sioux  City,  Iowa. 


Inst. , 

I  return  you  herewith  papers  received  with  your  letter. 

Friend  Adams: 

Have  you  seen  U.  S.  Patents  Hob.  553296  and  553328  of  1896 

on  the  Tantalum  Lamp? 

Yours  very  truly, 

To  Edward  D.  Adams,  Esq., 
71  Broadway, 

Hew  York. 


March  7, 


acor-l  St,  .j 

urn  i.n  the  office  after  an  illness  of  several 
20t;i  of  January  was  placed  before  me  for  attentioi 
■e sent  time  I  have  our  battery  in  about  250  trucks;  for  the  past  year.  Towards  the  end  of  this 
falling  off  in  capacity  and  decided  to  stop  the 
uitil  I  ascertained  the  cause  of  this  trouble, 
•tir.r  the  battery  through  various  tests  I  have 
,d  D)iaii  be  able  to  not  only  correct  it,  but  make 


■s  very  truly,. 

Karch  11,  1905, 

Chas . 

March  13,  1905. 


S.  Swan,  Es«j. , 

82  Devonshire  Street, 
Boston,  Mass. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  8th  inst.,  I  heg  to  state  that 
that  the  arrangement  you  made  regarding  the  old  models  is  perfectly 
satisfactory  to  me. 

Yours  truly, 


March  13,  1905. 

Mr.  Albert  Bruce  Joy, 

Chase  Lodge,  Haslemere, 

Surrey,  England. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  15th  of  January,  wish  to  say  that 
the  hest  school  in  this  country  in  my  opion  is  the  Massachusetts 
Institute  of  Technology,  Boston,  Mass.  The  men  they  turn  out  are  the 
hest  in  the  World  and  practically  run  our 
Yours  truly, 

up  to  date  Industries. 

March  15,  1905, 



ring  to  yours  of  the  13th  inst.,  teg  to  state  that  we 
impression  that  you  extracted  the  small  per  cent  of 
sr  ores  and  sold  it  separately  from  the  Nickel,  lie 
:>ur  Cohalt  from  abroad  out  thought  we  could  get  it 
:: hosing  from  your  company. 

Yours  truly, 

Edison  Laboratory 

March  16,  1905. 

Messrs.  Herts  Tiros.., 

50''  V If Ih  Are,, 

lev.'  York, 

Dear  Sir : 

j  v, er  to  call  your  attention  to  the  following  item  on  your 
hill  dated  ®ej>teniber  7.0  th,  1904. 

Under  date  of  June  8th,  charge  for  upholsterers  time  putting 
up  curtains,  draperies  and  portiere  §28.00;  this  seems  to  he  an  entirely 
new  charge  and  never  appeared  on  hills  previously  rendered  for  this 
kind  of  work. 

Tv.  opinion  and  according  to  your  old  hills  there  was 

to  the  reason 

Maroh  18,  1905. 

Frederick  H.  Knight,  Esq., 

First  K.  E.  Church, 

l"t.  Carmel,  Ill. 

Hear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  16th  inst.,  heg  to  state  that  it 

is  impossible  for  me  to  give  you  any  information  about  the  "Acousticon 

:i&  I  know/vkatsoover  about  this  instrument. 

Yours  truly, 

-  C 

J  rltoU.  f.dL>tn 



March  18,  1905. 

,?rs .  Adaline  \»,r.  Stillwell, 

Somerville,  H.  J. 

Dear  Madam: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  16th  inst . ,  beg  to  state  that  the 
present  address  of  Miss  Eugenie  L.  Stillwell,  is  c/o  Mrs.  M.  Stillwell 
138  Stanley  Ave.,  Hamilton,  Ont.,  Canada. 

Yours  truly. 

March  20,  1905. 

ll  JqiBOOl 
ifoirfw  lot 

in  arid-  no 
ns  anoqjjoo 

Friend  V/eir, 

I  want  t,o  call. your  attention  to  the  fact  that  the  brake 
on  the  I.ansden  delivery  wagon  is  in  my  opinion  no  good,  and  you  shou: 
not  close  anything  until  this  is  made  satisfactory.  I  will  give  you 
any  aid  necessary  to  get  it  right.  I  can  make  him  put  one  on  that 
will  never  cause  trouble  or  depreciation  if  you  will  hack  me  up. 

Yours  truly, 

To  L.  C.  V/eir,  Esq. ,  President, 

Adams  Express  Co . , 

59  Broadway,  New  York. 


Ok  / 

I  write  to  keep  you  informed  as  to  our  progress  Here.  I 
shall  send  3  or  4  patent  applications  to  Berlin  shortly  and  I  wish 
that  the  contents  he  kept  quiet;  just  file  them  and  say  nothing,  and 
caution  nr.  Sell  also.  I  shall  not  file  in  other  countries  until 
later,  hence,  the  reason  for  secrecy.  Look  out  and  say  nothing  to 
Bafn,  as  ultimately  he  will,  I  believe  go  to  lunger. 

T  have  found  the  cause  of  the  trouble  as  you  will  learn  from 
the  patents,  hut  will  not  mention  it  here  for  obvious  reasons.  It  is 
of  course  difficult  to  get  the  bug  out,  but  you  will  see  from  the 
applications  the  lino  I  am  working  on.  will  be  no  Chang,  in  the  iron  grid  orpocMt.,  and 
0ll  tools  and  drawings  you  haw.  will  h.  0.  K.  ih./.hang.  will 

to  in  th.  nickel  Plat,  of  2*  pockets,  and  I  d.  not  think  there  will 
to  m  changes  hors,  me  rilling  »achiu.  and  process  I  hay.  all  set 
«,  „ady  to  test,  and  the  moment  X  »  in  a  position  to  do  so  will 

the  test  and  make  each  changes  as  are  necessary  to  suit  th.  new 

i  am  pretty  sur.  in  swing,  that  th.  -hen  1  »« 

„  lt  will  not  only  h.  mor.  constant  and  unchangeable  than 

though  With  it  will  „ry  oonslder- 

x  ewer  supposed  possible  cut  -  -  *  '  ^  ^  t0  desired, 

rtl,  increased,  and  that  as  a  Whole  it  will 

Yours  very  truly,  ^ 

Tn  5.  Bergman,  Bsq.,  tJy 

Berlin,  Germany.  & 

■Edgar  W.  Dennison,  Esq., 

West  Orange,  N.  J. 

Dear  Sir: 

I  am  sending  you  "by  bearer  the  Seals  of  the  Bates  Mfg.  Co., 
Edison  Phonograph  Worlcs  and  the  national  Phono.  Co.  If  you  will  have 
the  minute  boot  of  the  above  companies  sent  to  me,  minutes  will  be 
written  up  to  date  and  boot  returned  to  you. 

Yours  truly, 

L.  C.  Weir,  Esq.,  Pres., 

Adams  Express  Co., 

59  Broadway,  ITew  Yort. 

Priend  Weir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  22nd  inst.,  would  say  that  as  a  rule 
I  am  here  at  the  Laboratory  every  day  and  would  be  pleased  to  have 
you  come  out  and  see  me  at  your  convenience,  but  before  coming  would 
se  that  you  call  up  on  phone  so  as  to  be  sure  that  I  am  here. 
Yours  truly, 






March  24,  1905. 

iief lying  to  yours  of  the  20th  of  February,  beg  to  state  that 

r-.u~.tic  Potash  from  the  Chemische  i'abrik  Greisheim-Elektron, 


j’rankfurt  aA,  Germany.  It  is  called  "Special  Chlorine/fcle ctrolytic 
Potash"  and  we  pay  6,3/4  cents  per  pound,  f.  o.  b.,  Hew  York. 

We  s imply  dissolve  it  in  a  wrought  iron  tank,  provided  with 
a  cover  of  sheet  iron  close  fitting.  The  best  form  of  tank  is  a  round 
one  with  riveted  Beams,  the  iron  being  about  l/8"  thick.  The  diameter 
should  be  equal  to  the  depth.  A  good  size  for  your  requirements  would 
be  about  five  feet  diameter.  This  will  make  2223  1  item  when  filled  to 
a  depth  of  4  ft.,  which  will  be  enough  for  1850,  E.-18  cellB.  The 
tank  should  be  provided  with  a  conical  shaped  cover,  having  a  door  for 
the  admission  of  the  Potash,  stirring,  sampling,  etc.  There  should 
be  an  outlet  pipe  entering  the  side  about  5"  from  the  bottom  to  draw 
off  the  clear  Potash  for  use,  there  should  be  also  another  outlet  on 
bottom  to  drain  the  tank  for  the  purpose  of  cleaning. 

The  Potash  comes  in  drums  containing  about  230  lbs.  The 
sheet  iron  drum  is  cut  open  without  breaking  the  potash  and  the 
..lid  cylinder  of  P.tadh  1=  P*  *  *“*•  1160  <5  ^ 

arc  put  in  the  «  and  the  aa™  i.  lilM  »•  4  «•  “*»  *ltl‘ 

distilled  water.  Hie  Petal,  will  diseolve  with  the  aid  of  it.  own 
h..t  and  should  to  dtout  1200  sp.  «r.  then  ehout  2  liter,  of  Hydro¬ 
gen  peroxide  are  added  and  tie  solution  well  .timed.  A  solution  of 
Barium  Hydrate  is  now  added  in  Just  sufficient  quantity  to  threw  do™ 


S.  B.  #2.  SO'1? 

all  of  the  carbonate,  which  has  to  he  determined  by  trial  on  a 
sample . 

During  this  operation  the  solution  should  be  hot.  Make  the 
solution  up  to  1188  by  adding  water.  Care  must  be  taken  not  to 
get  a  large  excess  of  Barium.  The  solution  is  allowed  to  settle  which 
will  take  two  or  three  days  when  it  may  be  drawn  off  for  use. 

The  drums  in  which  the  solution  is  kept  should  be  welded 
seams  or  soldered  by  Cadmium  and  very  thoroughly  cleansed  by  boiling 
some  Potash  in  them  before  use.  Peroxide  of  Barium  may  be  used  to 
throw  down  the  carbonate,  in  which  case  no  Peroxide  of  Hydrogen  need 
be  used. 

Yours  truly, 

March  24,  1905/ 

Mrs.  William  Elliott, 

502  Port  Street, 

Port  Huron,  Kich. 

Dear  Mrs.  Elliott: 

Your  favor  of  the  17th  inst.  addressed  to  my  wife  came 
duly  to  hand,  and  in  reply  I  beg  to  state  that  I  would  appreciate 
it  very  much  if  you  would  send  me  the  photograph  of  my  mother.  Thank¬ 
ing  you  in  advance  for  your  kindness,  I  remain,  _ 

Yours  truly, 


March  25,1905. 

Honorable  Irving  B.  Dudley, 

Artier. Envoy  Extraordinary  and  Min.  Plenipotentiary, 
lima,  Peru. 


My  attention  is  called  to  a  circular  which  I 
understand  has  been  distributed  largely  in  Peru,  relating  to 
an  electro-magnetic  appliance  called  the  "Edison  Electrogenic 
Belt",  and  in  connection  with  which  appears  my  photogr&Dj!  urith 
the  words  in  Spanish  "X  deceive  nobody".  This  is  hot  only 
very  objectionable  to  me  for  obvious  reasons,  but  is  certain^ 
ly  misleading  and  unfair,  since  it  is  needless  to  say  that  I 
have  no  connection  whatever  with  this  enterprise.  Prom  the 
circulars  in  question  it  appears  that  these  devices  are  sold 
"at  the  Prench  Drugstore  of  Remy  Brothers"  and  at  the  "Store 
of  the  E1ECTRICA1  BATTERY,  Branch  in  Peru:  Mercaderes  183, 
Ui33tairs.  Casilla  27  Lima." 

I  write  to  you  in  this  matter  for  the  reason 
that  I  have  no  correspondents  in  Peru,  and  also  because  I  re¬ 
gard  this  as  a  case  where,  as  an  American  citizen,  I  can  very 
properly  appeal  for  protection  to  my  country's  representative. 

So.  2  -  Hon,  Irving  B.  Dudley. 

If  consistent  with  your  position,  I  will  deem  it  a  favor  if 
you  will  refer  this  matter  to  the  police  authorities  at  lima 
in  order  that  the  objectionable  literature  may  he  suppressed 
Very  respectfully, 

,s$li ovnoLt>-QJ&A***< 


March  27,  1905. 

I  ceg  to  advise  you  that  Mr.  Edison  received  a  letter  this 
ruing  from  Kr .  Jerome  D.  Gedney,  Attorney  for  the  Peoples  Bank  of 
.st  Orange  regarding  a  loan  made  you  of  *575.00.  In  the  letter  it 
•atea  that  Mr.  Edison  was  in  receipt  of  an  income  from  you  out  of 

Win  you  kindly  come  up  to  the  laboratory  about  this  matte 
necessary  to  give  the  Attorney  an  answer  at  once. 

March  28,  1905. 

Steal  cans  do  not  rust  through.  Of  all  the  15000  cells, 
rs  hav0  lie.ver  found  one  rusted  through.  It  would  require  20  years 
,'j  rust  then  through.  Y/hat  you  think  is  rusting  is  due  to  electroly¬ 
tic  action .  or  to  ail  internal  arc  between  the  bottom  of  the  can,  the 
elates  ;.Hd  the  active  material  which  settles  in  the  quiet  place  on 
..w!:tom,  between  can  and  arm  on  rubber  bottom.  The  whole  trouble  is 
iue  to  leaking  cans  and  badly  designed  bottom  rubber  that  supports 
the  plates.  The  H  cell  which  you  are  to  make  will  have  no  quiet 
place  Tor  the  active  material  to  settle,  hence,  there  will  be  no 
internal  short  circuits  to  burn  a  hole  through  the  can.  Secondly,  id 
the  cans  are  perfectly  welded,  there  will  be  no  leak  of  fluid  down 
to  the  bottom,  creeping  all  over  the  crate  and  giving  a  high  voltage 

you  have  we  rmver  made  right,  the  new  crate  is  0.  K. 

We  have  about  1000  new  welded  cells  in  use  in  New  York  and 
Washington,  and  not  one  has  leaked, and  the  bottoms  are  perfectly  dry 
I  am  absolutely  certain,  that  with  the  cans  we  make  now  the  bottoms 
-v'U  keen  dry,  and  even  by  accident  some  liquid  should  get  over,  the 

telegraph  insulator  . 

and  the  cells  will 

ort  now  used  in  our  crates  will 
Is  will  never  rust  through, 
g  costs  of  many  firms  for  their 

and  rubber  cell  breakage 

e  of  the  large  itgff.s 


tried  everything  to  stop 

,u  that  the  curse  of  the  lead  battery  is  the  rubber 
s  you  attribute  a  result  to  a  wr ong  cause  you  want 

:p  fait  into  the  same  error.  There  is  no  need  of  rubber,  paint,  dope 
m  anything  else  if  the  metallic  cans  do  not  leads.  1  have  iron  cans 
-0 v,  the  Laboratory  filled  with  Lye  for  domestic  soap  making,  °all« 

Lewis  Lye ,  which  I  bought  18  years  ago  and  they  have  not  rusted 
through.  If  they  were  set  on  a  wet  board  six  in  a  row  and  a  current 
passed, there  would  have  been  a  hole  eaten  through  in  a  week. 

I  can  not  send  you  any  material  to  fill  pockets,  and  I 
would* nt  if  1  could,  as  I  don't  propose^in  your  great  haet  to  do 
something  that  you  are  going  to  make  a/mistake  with  my  consent.  I 
did  not  hesitate  to  shut  down  a  going  concern,  and  it  is  no  blow  as 
you  seem  to  think  would  be  the  case  with  your  company,  even  before 
you  start.  I  told  you  many  times  that  the  battery  was  not  right  and 
that  I  proposed  to  stop  and  find  out  why.  I  have  found  out  and  am 
going  ahead  as  fast  as  I  can,  but  I  will  not.  start  up  again  until  I 
have  worked  out  all  the  process  and  got  proper  tools,  and  have  thor¬ 
oughly  tested  the  cell;  then  I  will  start  and  I  will/so  much  busines 
that  it  will  make' your  head  swim.  I  will  keep  you  informed  as  to 

To  S.  Bergmann,  msg.., 

23  Oudenarder  Strassi 

March  28,  1905. 

hear  Mr.  Par shall: 

I  do  not  remember  if  I  told  you  that  Dick  by  a  contract  with 
.tic  before  he  left,  gave  over  everything  into  my  hands,  permitting 
throw  the  business  of  any  country  into  the  three  proposed  Com- 
i  to  wit:  Germany,  Prance  and  England,  eliminating  himself 
ily ,  therefore  as  far  as  future  business  is  concerned  he  is  out 
except  in  the  event  that  serious  changes  are  desired  by  the 

Regarding  cells— the  factory  was  closed  three  months  ago, 
if'  my  experiments,  so  can  not  furnish  any  cells  until  we  start 
th  the  new  cell,  which  I  hope  will  be  inside  of  four  months.  I 
cave  three  months  for  the  test  on  the  new  cell  and  in  the  meantime 
pushing  the  new  machinery  and  taking  the  chance  that  tests  will 
out  all  right.  I  am  filing  a  lot  of  Patents  to  cover  the  new 

r Yours  truly, 

C'J. ,  - 

p.  Par shall,  Esq., 

Salisbury  House,  London  Wall, 
London,  E.  C.,  England. 

March  29,  1905 

ne  M.  Oidney,  Esq.,  Attorney, 

Peoples  Bank,  "air.  3t., 

East.  Orange,  II.  J. 

I  hog  to  enclose  you  herewith  check  for  §631.04,  the  sax 
i/  in  payment  of  loan  made  "by  Mr.  S.  Ogden  Edison.  Will  you  k: 
rn  ne  the  note,  also  a  memorandum  stating  how  the  figures,  §6: 
arrived  at,  and  oblige, 

Yours  truly, 

March  30,  1905. 

Edward  Me  Guirk,  Esq.,  Tresis., 

Town  of  West  Orange, 

We3t,  Orange,  E.  T. 

Dear  Sir: 

I  beg  to  enclose  you  herewith  General  Warrant  for  §25.00, 
for  which  kindly  send  me  a  check  to  cover  this  amount,  and  oblige, 
Yours  truly, 

March  31,  1905 

White  Sewing  Machine  Co., 
16  Railroad  Place, 
East  Orange, 

Dear  Sirs: 

I  heg  to  enclo: 

r.  J. 

herewith  order  blanks  for  automobile, 
aso  my  check  for  §500  in  payment  on  account.  I  will  take  the  dark 
jiue  color,  to  be  delivered  on  April  10th. 

Yours  truly, 

March  31,  1905 

Edward  Savey,  Esq., 

o/o  Edison  Portland  Cement  Co., 
Stewart sville ,  IT.  J. 

Pear  Sir: 

Kindly  let  me  have  your  report  on  cxirrent  used  for  Blower 
Test,  dating  from  Behruary  23rd  when  Morris  Jayne  left  and  this 
experiment  ,a»  put  in  your  »»«=•  W  «“■  !,r0m!>* 

you  will  greatly  oblige, 

Yours  truly, 

Hutchison  Acoustic  Go.,  Mr.,K.  K.  Turner, 
114  W.  3 2nd  Street, 

Hew  York. 

Pear  Sir: 

I  am  so  deaf  from  i 
not  hear  a  cannon. 

to  yours  of  the  21st  inst.,  X  *eg  to  state  that 
-ecent  operation  performed  on  my  ear  that  I  could 

Yours  truly, 

March  31,  1905. 

[.  'Wood,  Esq.., 

41  Cortlandt  Street, 

Sir:  D  the  automobile  mentioned 

■p~>  ease  reduce  the  insurance  on  the  au 

.  ««  o"”1”"4  *  .  .  t  present  tin.  the  «■«» 

> - — t  r:  E::;r,u6 « — — 

B  stored  at  Glen  Ridge  factory, 

ler  Ridge,  H-  J-  should  he  materia^ 

.  .  n„  this  machine  I  thinK 

*“  °n  ^  is  not  used  and  only  stored, 

-educed, ^  it  contains  no  •  ’ 


April  3,  1905. 


riling  you  about  speed,  I  learn  from  Lansden  that 
to  motor  commutator  going  had,  which  I  knew  nothing 
the  General  Electric  to  fix  them,  which  they 

Yours  truly, 


April  5,  1905. 

Albert  W.  Johnston,  Esq..,  Pres., 

American  Nickel  Works, 

43  Exchange  Place,  Hew  York. 

Dear  Sir: 

Regarding  the  proposition  for  the  new  use  of  Cobalt  which 

I  have  found,  I  beg  to  say  that  the  atatus  is  as  follows:  I  have 

found  that  with  the  standard  type  of  cell,  giving  150  ampere  hourB, 

which  I  sell  to  the  public  for  ten  dollars,  in  which  Nickel  alone 

is  used-,  that  by  adding  175  grammes  of  Cobalt  to  the  cell  that  the 

,  tar  T-r  t  sell  to  the  publio  at  the  same 

ampere  capacity  is  raised  to  165.  If  I 

rate  r-<=>r  canpere  the  cell  would  sell  for  $11.0°. 

The  extra  manufacturing  costs,  general  expenses  and  profit 
counts  to  45  cents  per  cell,  leaving  54  cents  per  cell  to  pay  for 
«.  Co'oalt  or  one  <oU„  ***  -ovo»  per  P— ■  »  *“ 

.or,  COP at  .  further  Increase  ”t 

•  rn-nont  of  Co'balt  woiald  have  to  he 
same  ratio,  sc  that  the  second  increment  of  Coha 

furnished  cheaper  to  make  it  pay. 

April  7,  1905, 

the  3rd  inet, 

closely  read 

Laims  of  the  patents  3ent,  you  will  see  that 

the  Uiobium  or  Tantalum, 

he  construed 

the  patent  will  cover  both.  Mr, 

•th  did  an  immense  amount  of 

made  thin 

of  Tantalum  and  used  them  in 

that  it  is  probable  S  &  Hi 

lamps  before  the  date  of  the  patent 

will  have  trouble  in  this  country  with  their  patent.  Mr.  Aylesworth 

abilities  in  the  carbon  filament 

Italian  gets  much  of  a  Btart 

I  shall  ta he  it  up  again  if  ti 




•eder  icl 

dge  receipt  of  your  kind  invitation  to 
the  T-orodical  Publishers'  Association 
i ay  that  owing  to  another  engagement  on 
impossible  for  me  to  attend, 
the  invitation  ,  I  remain, 

scond  Annual  Din 


B  Bairbariks,  Esq.. , 

Chief  C.  0.  Equipment ,  K.  V*  *  *•  *•*■*»• 

160  Market  St.,  Newark,  H.  J. 


sotts  Book 



i  formal 


American  Hickel  Works. 

43  Exchange  Place,  Hew  York. 

Dear  Sir: 

At  present  can  not  give  you  exact  amount  for  second  incre¬ 
ment,  as  I  have  not  determined  it  accurately,  thinking  that  owing  to 
scarcity  of  metal  that  it  would  he  useless  to  pursue  the  experiment. 

I  will,  however,  determine  it  and  will  probably  let  you  know  in  two 
weeks.  When  I  closed  factory  down  three  months  ago  we  were  making 
200  cells  daily  and  had  machinery  in  progress  for  increasing  to  400. 

I  shall  start  up  on  200  daily  and  hope  to  reach  400  by  fall.  This 
will  require  75  lbs.  daily  for  the  200,and  150  lbs.  for  the  400. 

The  German  factory  will  start  up  in  August  and  if  they  adopt  the  Co¬ 
balt  will  require  the  same  amount.  The  English  factory  will  not 
start  until  n.xt  By  n.xt  year  I  fould  say  th.t, 
400  lbs.  par  day  could  f,  and  without  all  .16==  »U.  f 
business  will  increase  very  rapidly. 

Yours  truly. 


April  13,  1905. 

Bear  Sirs: 

Ky  attention  has  been  called  to  the  Keystone  Drilling 
machine  v/  I  understand  you  manufacture,  and  which  I  am  told 
is  the  he  si,  m  chine  on  the  market.  At  my  portland  cement  plant, 
where  wc  quarry  Both  cement  rock  and  lime  stone  it  is  possible  that 
one-  of  your  machines  might  be  used  to  advantage,  and  I  would  be 
pleased  if  you  would  send  me  full  particulars  as  to  what  you  claim 
for  your  machines  and  prices  of  the  various  sizes. 

Yours  very  truly, 


April  19,  1905. 

Bo  r>  in;' ,  Esq- ,  Ass*t.  Her., 
States  fee  It  ine  Co., 
Canon  City,  Cola. 

'  letur  ,t  the  M,  inst .  addressed  to  the  Edison  m- 

n„ld,d  ,,e  for  attention,  replying  to  »e»e  «*  to  say  that 
,  lBe  1  needed  C.d»i»  very  baddy ,hnt,  finding  it  hopeless  to 
an,  4nantity,  I  abandoned  its  ns.  and  fo.nd  a  snhstitnte,  so 
3ent  an  not  in  the  market. 

Tnankine  you  for  calline  our  attention  to  same,  I  remain, 
Yours  truly, 

Sale  of  plot  opposite  Ashland  Ave.  on  Lakeside 


Ave.,  7/e  at  Orange,  N.J. 

Release  on  Mortgage.  April  20,1905. 

Mutual  life  Insurance  Co., 

Buildings  &  Real  Estate  Dept., 

52  Nassau  St.,  New  York. 


An  offer  has  come  to  me  for  the  purchase  of  a  plot  75  feet  hy 
200  feet,  more  or  less,  adjoining  the  rear  end  of  the  Edison  Laboratory 
Cor.  of  Valley  Road  &  Lakeside  Ave.,  7/est  Orange,  N.J. 

The  price  offered  hy  National  Phonograph  Co.,  the  prospective 
purchaser,  is  §20.00  per  front  foot,  or  $1500.00  for  the  plot.  This 
is  entirely  satisfactory  to  me. 

If  agreeable  to  you,  I  should  like  to  have  release  of  mortgage  on 
this  property,  the  purchase  price  being  applied  on  the  reduction  of 
mortgage  on  Edison  Laboratory  property. 

Blue  print  attached  herewith  gives  the  description  of  property. 

Yours  very  truly. 


^  O 

Apr.  24,  1905. 

Messrs.  Brown  Bros.  &  Co., 

SO  Y/all  Street, 
lev/  York. 

Bear  Sir: 

I  have  this  day  received  a  notice  and  order  on  you  from 
Childs  &  Co.,  London  for  £.197  -  10  -  4.  Will  you  kindly  send 
me  a  form  of  draft  which  you  require  for  my  signature,  and  greatly 


Yours  truly, 

April  24,  1905. 

.  Battey,  Esq., 

3?ort  Myers,  Ela. 

'  sir:  -beer  to  state  that  at 

-TJ:  ZZ^  furtJr  tMn  °" 

r « «- — - — - tM  -  th 

_ _ with  you. 

April  24,  1905. 

yours  of  the  20th  inst.,  heg  to  state  that  •  • 
all  gone.  V7e  owe  Lansden  some  and  if  you  can 
wait  you  can  steal  from  Lansden. Yftien  are  you  ci 
good  road  via  Weehawken  ferry,  Hackensack  and 
your  auto.  Bring  your  wife  and  have  lunch  at 
er  some  fine  moving  pictures. 

Yours  very  truly, 


!i  Lu-tCioUi  *  u  lc  • 

/  2.  C  f*hc-udiv& 



May  5,  1905. 

Dear  Hr.  Pilling: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  4th  inst.,  "beg  to  state  that  as 
three  o'clock  was  your  Board  Meeting,  when  I  got  through  at  that  hour 
I  went  to  see  Twombly  and  had  to  wait  so  late,  that  I  thinking  you  had 
gone  home,  came  home  myself. 

If  you  wish  to  see  me  about  Gaunt,  I  can  explain  why  I  want 
him.  As  I  understand  from  Mr.  Mallory  Mr.  Shelmerdine  is  willing  to 
continue  President,  this  suits  me  exactly.  I  thought  he  was  not 
willing  to  he  elected,  so  I  proposed  Thompson.  You  know  I  have  a  lot 
of  money  invested  and  only  have  Mallory  and  myself  on  the  Board,  and 
I  thought  it  not  out  of  the  way  that  I  should  have  Gaunt,  and  it  will 
take  some  stiff  arguments  to  convince  me  that  I  am  not  so  entitled. 
Gaunt  is  new  blood,  knows  everybody  and  will  certainly  interest  outsi¬ 
ders  in  our  enterprise. 

Yours  very  truly 

P.  S.  Will  be  at  the  laboratory  tomorrow. 

To  W.  S.  Pilling,  Esq. ,Treas. , 

Edison  Portland  Cement  Co., 
Philadelphia,  ?a. 


S.  Bergmann,  Esq., 

23  Oudenarder  Stras3e, 

Berlin,  Germany. 

;,'y  Bear  Bergmann: 

Yours  ol  th.  26th  hit.  rece ived .  Uon't  under.tand  about 

I—  uadona.  .  hat.  had  -  -W  ‘  “*  "  ~ 

aud  a  halt  and  ner.r  had  any  trouble.  Adah.  Soproo.  do.  hate 

they  ..rh  every  *«y  -  «■  -*  "  *"*“•  ~  ^ 

thing  appears  to  he  the  brake . 

You  want  to  go  slow  on  batteries  and  autos  as  there  are  many 
•  i,+  are  not,  for  instance,  your  nickel 

*t  r  rr:r- ~ — - 

3  ;  dlht  lo  good  contact  in  Alhall;  nobody  n.uld  haye  ever 

t"at  t°d‘thia  YOU  better  depend  on  «  to  give  you  the  right  thing, 
suspected  this.  ^  ^  ^  for  nlohel  but  only  tor  -on. 

"  *“  "“..“I  „e.  patent.  I  ^  all,  but  retrain  tr„  doing 

vmen  you  get  the  P  ^  R  lea3c  in  y0ur  office. 

80  n°W  ^ ^"Jtry  is  going  to  be  better  and  of  greater  capacity 
T  ^  making  a  few  little  tools  to  make  *00 
you  can  depend  on.  I  -  -»**  send  you  l/s 

Cells  by  hand  for  endurance  tests  -d  when  re  . 

dozen  so  you  can  make  tests.  a.  '  ■ 

.. Yours  truly, 

15  T 

May  10,  1905. 

A.  Merritt,  Esq.,  Chairman, 

Special  Committee  on  Paintings,  etc.-, 

House  of  Representatives, 

Lansing,  Mich. 

My  dear  Sir: 

I  am  in  receipt  of  your  Committee’s  esteemed  favor  of 
April  25th,  having  reference  to  a  portrait  of  myself  to  he  placed  in 
the  Hall  of  Representatives,  and  I  fully  appreciate  the  great  honor 
extended  to  me;  hut  I  regret  vary  much  to  advise  you  that  I  am  not  in 
position  at  the  present  time  to  give  the  necessary  time  for  sittings 
for  a  suitable  portrait.  I  have  so  many  important  experiments  going 
on,  which  will  continue  throughout,  the  best  part  of  this  year,  and  my 
other  varied  interests  are  so  great  that  I  cannot  see  ay  way  to  arrang¬ 
ing  matters  at  present.  The  matter  will  not,  however,  escape  my  atten¬ 
tion,  as  I  have  given  orders  to  my  Secretary  that  your  communication  he 
brought  to  my  attention  from  time  to  time  so  that  it  will  not  be  over¬ 

Again  regretting  my  inability  to  arrange  for  the  portrait  at  this 
time,  and  thanking  your  Representatives  as  a  whole  for  the  honor,  I 
beg  to  remain, 

Yours  very  truly. 

May, 12 ,1905. 

Deutsche  Edison- Akkumulatoren-Company, 


Drontheimerstr.  17  /l8 , 
Berlin,  Germany. 

1  beg  to  acknowledge  receipt  of  your  letter 
of  the  18th  ul.t.  informing  me  that  your  company  has  been  or¬ 
ganized  for  the  purposes  and  under  the  conditions  defined  in 
the  option  agreement  with  Mr.  S.  Bergmann,  dated  September 
3ot.h,  1904,  subject  to  the  proposed  modifications  suggested  by 
the  Deutsche  Bank,  in  its  letter  to  Mr.  Bergmann  of  November 
15th,  1904,  and  my  acceptance  of  the  same  by  letter  to  Mr.  Berg¬ 
mann  of  November  29th,  1904;  and  1  confirm  and  ratify  Mr.  Berg¬ 
mann' s  action  in  this  respect. 

Mr.  Bergmann  wrote  me  on  March  13th  last,  that  the 
contract  papers  v/ere  then  being  drawn  up,  and  as  Boon  as  receive 
I  am  prepared  to  execute  them,  provided,  of  course,  they  embody 
the  terms  and  conditions  defined  in  said  option  agreement  of 

September  30th,  1304,  modified  as  above  set  forth. 

Yours  very  truly. 


May  13,  1905. 

E.  G.  Hoffman,  Esq. , 

17  Eel and  Ave . , 

Mew  P.ochelle ,  M .  Y. 

Bear  Sir: 

I  return  you  herewith  the  papers  received  with  yours  of 
26th  ult.  and  wish  to  say  that  I  could  not  interest  myself  in  Automo¬ 
biles,  as  it  might  predudioe  my  possible  customers  for  the  batteries 
Yours  truly. 

May  13,  1905. 

Charles  Batchelor,  Bsq. , 
53  TJJest  25th  Street, 
Mew  York. 

"  enclose  y.«  zenith  copy  cl  a  ^  «  — »“* 

f  12  18B8  between  Thomas  A.  Ddi.on  and  the  *d».on  aonograp 

«. — * — -  -  -  “• 

■  _ _ cooed  W  Hr.  Dennison  as  secretary. 

77..  /qo$ 

K)V\a  /  hzcrtn t «,  $7  JULlajicb . 

/  3  (s  A/  .VaA  7/7  A  MwJ' 

%itoj  SL 

ifib-u.  ■b’iaco\Jb:~ 

$  txQ.~to  kiAcifrU  f 

S  •  1  v 

Cb\K  Ck  CV\r  UaiCJU  OVu  dCC( 

-/xiAJ lAAJifck  jt&t  cJo  jjvv  jj  7f. 

kir  ih,  Q.ajwJU 

wci-  ^/A,t  ^  cb\r  U**CU  Crw  (Xcc  oia.\,\J^  ,<j  CisUi^^wuaaJ^  ^num  I'VVu  Jn(Anr*C*A-  &t/>/ 

J  Wv.cX  U  A  (»L-i4^YA.^Ad‘ 

/>  a-vl- 
,\j  sit\>  y  2- '7-  / 

H\jl  C^uucp.^MjyJ.\  Unit  I'O  Q-nOsUet 

A"/Ucf>  it-ut  A-t  dsducfaC  %#c'-(JI»4J[6AAj 

,*/  i&zJL  jJLki  cuM.'o , c?.cmt*/> ^ *U~4  A cLl<&™  dvtfe#*  /*ntL 

.  .  t.  . . .  rlrt.  fait.  nlfrtJ  #  14  &  .Xa  dcSl  t&cJo, 

t>lc  tAo  CUrfrO  fi  "]■*}.  /o0  .  ^  7 

/£/lt  l^dtM.d  JUCU,/^ 

\-\A.  J'UitZlW\j  >  d  0  yx-&' 

*  „*£  tucA>  *N#>  iCl-vv\ 


May  22,  1905. 

A.  Melsar,  Esq., 

Evansville  ,  Indiana. 

My  dear  Sir:- 

We  have  had  some  correspondence  in  the  past 
.Latins  to  phcnosraph  matters,  and  I  also  have  pleasant 
recollections  of  my  into rview  with  yon.  I  would  like  to 
connt  on  your  friendly  assistance  in  a  matter  which  I  think 
should  he  thoroughly  ventilated  and  exposed.  As  you  know, 
phonograph  cylinders  and  blanks  are  formed  essentially  of 
stearate  of  soda,  stearate  of  aluminum  and  ceresin,  the  mix¬ 
ing  being  carried  on  at  a  high  temperature  -  about  450  degrees 
p<>  the  aluminum  being  added  in  metallic  fora  to  the 
caustic  solution  before  the  addition  of  the  xauter  uo  the 
stearic  acid.  These  cylinders  and  blanks  Have  been  made  and 

geld  c 

sntinuously  by  me  since  prior  to  the  year  1890.  In  the 
d,VL.  the  Graphophone  Company  either  use  of  a 
i;:;  lead  composition,  or  else  bought  old  Edison  blanks, 
melted  them  up  and  re-molded  them.  They  were  very  anxious  to 
get  hold  of  **  formula,  and  I  understand,  hired  some  of  my  men 
away  for  this  purpose.  In  November,  1896,  Mr.  Hacdonal  .  « 

?.n  application  on  iny  formula*  ‘hut  he  did  not  de  sc  rice  t/ie  ube 
of  ft  high  temperature,  which  ho  wa a  probably  unfamiliar  with. 
Ibis  pat o nt  ms  granted  July  5th,  1398,  numbered  606,725.  On 
August  25,  1898,  Macdonald  filed  a  second  application,  des¬ 
cribing  the  use  of  a  high  temperature,  and  also,  mentioning  my 
formula,  and  this  patent  was  granted  June.  13th,  1899,  numbered 
626,709.'  In  other  wordB,  Macdonald  obtained  two  patents,  des¬ 
cribing  the  wax  composition  which  1  had  been  publicly  using 
.nnHmioiialv  for  mure  than  nine  years.  I  did  not  know  of  the 

nceivable,  but  notwithstanding 
ine  Company  have  sued  my  concern 

you  that  you  were  more  or  less  familiar  with  this  situation, 
and  that,  in  fact,  the  Graphophone  Company  had  requested  you 
to  analyze  my  composition,  and  advise  them  as  to  the  way  to 

nakn  it.  I  would  like,  therefore,  to  i 

disclosed.  This  tes 

uony  could  be  taken  at  Evansville  ,  so  as  not  to  seriously  in¬ 
convenience  you.  First  of  all,  however,  I  would'  like,  to  have 
-ny  attorney  meet  you  and  talk  over  the  situation.  He  can  go 
to  Evansville  at  any  convenient  date,  but  I  would  like  to  hav 
the  matter  attended  to  promptly.  If  you  will  wire  me  on  re¬ 
ceipt  of  this,  and  advise  me  whether  I  can  count  on  your  as¬ 
sistance.  I  will  be  ~rsry  much  varv  truly.  > 

'.land  Cement  Co, 

;  In 


informed  that  a  new  law  has  recently  gone 
he  United  States,  making  it.  desirable  tc  r 
k  again  at  Washington,  and  without  further 

i v.her  than  that  above  stressed,  1 
; ration  of  the  mark  in  this  countr: 
Urmy  to  prepare  the  papers,  in  o. 

Yours  wry  truly, 

MACHINES  loaned  the 
Battery  Company 


Edison  Storag< 

1  Large  Chemical  Balance 
Shipped  to  Silver  Lake 
12  H.P.  Bergmann  Motor 
12  0.  ”  Starting  Box 

Shipped  to  Silver  I.alce 
1  Small  Resistance  Box  for  1 
Shipped  to  Glen  Pidge 
1  Turret  Lathe  and  list  of 
..rtB  on  Memo.  1  attached. 

i-eh.  24,  1902, 

24,  1902 

ipped.  to  Glen  Bidgo 
B»  Ar  sonval  Galvanometer 
Short  Range  Galvanometer  Telescope 

Galvanometer  Shunt 

Double  Contact  Key 

slivered  to  Eleiss  for  Testing  Dept 
Galvanometer  Box  . 

delivered  to  Sadler  for  Testing  Dept 
L  -  10  H.  V.  Motor 

Shinned  to  Glen  Ridge(Memo.  from  Mur 


Glen  Ridge 

•liver  ei 


27/03  to  Glen  Ridge  hy  Caskey 
Motor  and  starting  Box 
Silver  Lake  by  Caskey 
son.  Dynamo  with  1  ■  Armature  9363 
,  Glen  Ridge  J? 


Tail  Stock 

21  Change  G< 

1  Jaw  Chuck  -and  v/rench 

Chuck  and 

12  Boring  Bars 




cross  feed 

1  -  l/4 "  wrench  for  Armstrong's  tool  holder 

Letterbook,  LB-072 

This  letterbook  covers  the  period  May-November  1905.  Most  of  the 
correspondence  is  by  Edison  and  John  F.  Randolph.  There  are  also  a  few 
letters  by  Mina  Miller  Edison  and  others.  Included  is  correspondence  with  field 
workers  R.  D.  Casterline,  John  Morris,  and  Horace  M.  Wilson  regarding 
Edison's  search  for  cobalt  ore,  as  well  as  numerous  other  letters  pertaining  to 
his  interest  in  mines  and  ores.  There  are  also  letters  discussing  Edison’s 
progress  on  his  improved  alkaline  storage  battery,  his  plans  to  reopen  his 
factory  in  Glen  Ridge,  New  Jersey,  and  the  proposed  organization  of  battery 
manufacturing  companies  in  France  and  Germany.  In  addition,  there  are  items 
relating  to  the  business  of  the  Edison  Portland  Cement  Co.  and  to  Edison's 
search  for  markets  for  his  cement.  Several  letters  addressed  to  Adolph  Melzer 
deal  with  Edison's  work  on  phonographs  and  with  a  lawsuit  by  the  American 
Graphophone  Co.  against  the  National  Phonograph  Co.  for  the  infringement  of 
patents  granted  to  Thomas  H.  Macdonald.  There  are  also  letters  regarding  the 
New  York  Phonograph  Co.’s  prolonged  legal  actions  against  the  National 
Phonograph  Co.  Some  letters  refer  to  matters  of  employment  and  to  supplies 
of  chemicals  and  equipment  for  the  West  Orange  laboratory.  Among  the  items 
pertaining  to  family  and  personal  matters  are  letters  concerning  Edison's 
interest  in  automobiles  and  his  automobile  trips;  his  property  in  Milan  Ohio- 
and  the  loan  of  an  old  phonograph  for  exhibition  at  the  Florida  State  Fair. 

The  label  on  the  front  cover  contains  the  following  notation:  "T.A  Edison 
-  Letter  Book,  from  May  -  25  - 1905  to  Nov.  - 13-1905."  There  is  an  inscription 
on  the  spine  with  similar  information.  The  spine  is  also  stamped  "5."  The  book 
contains  497  numbered  pages  and  an  index.  Approximately  30  percent  of  the 
book  has  been  selected. 

May  26,  1906, 

Brigadier  General  A.  Mackensie, 

Chief  of  Engineers  U.  S.  Army, 
Washington,  D.  c. 

Dear  Sir: 

Yours  of  the  22nd  enclosing  list  of  officers  of  the  Corps 
of  Engineers  is  received  and  for  which  please  accept  my  thanks.  Let¬ 
ters  have  been  sent  to  the  Engineers  in  charge  of  the  construction 

I  have  also  received  from  another  source  a  copy  of  the 
specification  covering  cement  issued  by  the  government;  there  are 
one  or  two  clauses  which  operate  somewhat  against  my  cement  on  the 
specifications,  do  not,  of  course,  take  into  consideration  a  cement 
as  fine  as  85/Z  through  200  mesh  sieve.  May  I  send  our  Vice  President, 
Kr.  W.  S.  Mallory  and  our  Chemist,  Mr.  E.  P.  Dinan  to  take  these 
matters  up  with  .the  proper  officials  in  your  department?  If  this 
suggestion  is  agreeable  to  you  and  you  will  appoint  some  day  conven¬ 
ient  for  you  after  June  1st,  I  will  be  glad  to  send  them  to 

I  have  given  a  great  deal  of  thought  and  spent  much  time 
and  money  in  the  endeavor  to  produce  a  superior  product,  and  am 
most  anxious  that  my  cement  shall  be  used  in  government  work. 

Yours  very  truly, 

May  29th ,1905. 

of  the  24th  inst.  has  been • received 
the  courteous  and  painstaking  raanne 

assurance  that  1  may  count  < 

assistance  and  cooperation 

Your  letter  makes  it  entirely  clear  that  in  1894 
you  invented,  independently  of  me,  practically  the  same  composi 
tion  that  1  had  been  using  for  some  years  previously.  The  diff 
iculties  encountered  by  Macdonald,  even  after  you  had  disclosed 
the  process  and  composition  to  him,  show  very  conclusively  that 
he  must-have  had  a  very  limited  ability  in  this  field  in  the 
early  days.  In  fact,  it  was  not  until  men  from  my  own  factory 
went  to  Bridgeport 'that  he  was  able  to  turn  out  a  satisfactory 
blank.  Apparently,  his  difficulty  was  in  the  use  of  aluminum 
hydrate,  which  is  generally  contaminated  with  silica,  so  as  to 
make  the  blanks  gritty  and  objectionable.  One  of  my  o'vm  men  di 
r-insfiri  to  him  the  use  of  metallic  aluminum  in  September,  1896. 

No.  2  -  Adolph  Melzer,  Esq. 

It  is  entirely  clear  to  my  mind  that  Macdonald  did  absolutely 
nothing  in  the  way  of  independent  invention,  and  that  Ms  patents 
are  based  on  disclosures  made  to  him  by  yourself  and  by  ray  work¬ 
man.  Macdonald's  course,  therefore,  in  obtaining  patents  on  this 
composition  was,  to  my  mind,  without  a  shadow  of  justification, 
and  when  he  made  oath  on  filing  the  applications,  that  he  consid¬ 
ered  himself  "the  first,  original  and  sole  inventor"  of  the  com¬ 
position,  he  must  have  known  -that  the  statement  was  perjured.  As 
a  matter  of  abstract,  justice,  I  believe  this  transaction  should  be 
fully  disclosed,  in  order  that  the  discreditable  part  played  by 
Macdonald  may  be  known  to  the  public.  This,  is  not  the  first  time, 

I  understand,  that  Macdonald  has  obtained  patents  on  ideas  of 
other  people,  but  he  has  generally  been  careful  enough  to  so  con¬ 
ceal  the  situation  as  to  make  the  truth  difficult  of  proof.  With 
your  assistance,  1  believe  that  in  the  present  case,  it  can  be 
shown  that  Macdonald  knowingly  secured  patents  on  inventions  of 
others,  and  to  which  he  had  no  claim  whatever. 

In  view  of  the  very  complete  character  of  your  letter, 
it  will  not  be  nece,ssary  for  my  attorney  to  see  you  immediately, 
but  he  will  probably  do  so  early  next  month.  In  the  meantime, 

I  will  be  vary  much  obliged  if  you  will  collect  all  the  letters 
and  documents  relating  to  the  case  that  you  can  put  your  hands 
on.  Particularly,  1  should  like  to  have  a  copy  of  the  American 
Soap  Journal  of  September  1894;  also  copy  of  your  letter  to  Mac¬ 
donald  of  September  1st,  1894;  also  Macdonald's  letter  of  Septem- 


o.  3  -  Adolph  Melaer,  Esq,. 

Uer  19th,  1894;  also  your  letter  to  Macdonald  of  Dec.  1894,  with 
which  you  sent  the  sample  to  him;  also  your  letter  to  Macdonald 
of  Dec.  31st ,  1894;  also  Macdonald's  letter  requesting  the  privi¬ 
lege  of  going  to  Evansville  for  personal  instruction,  and  copy 
of  your  reply;  also  the  correspondence  between  Macdonald  and 
yourself  leading  up  to  your  visit  to  Bridgeport;  and  in  fact  all 
letters  and  documents  tending  to  show  that  Macdonald  depended 
upon  you  for  information  and  that  you  gave  him  such  information. 

I  wish  you  would  also  ascertain  if  Mr.  Gathmann  remembers  your 
conversation  in  August  1894.  Also,  I  would  like  to  have  the  re¬ 
sult  of  the  analyses  made  by  your  brother  of  an  Edison  blanh  in 
Eebruary  and  March  1895. 

After  you  have  gotten  together  tnis  matter,  please 

pre  S3  rye  It  carefully  and  1-  *  **f  ^  " 

June  the  flraphophone  Company  will  know  pretty  weal  what  I 
to  *0,  and  It  moult,  of  course,  he  greatly  to  their  tntere.t  to 
get  hold  of  any  dooumente  hy  which  Macdonald  would  he  discredited 
Thanking  you  again  for  your  klndne.s,  me  - 

Yours  very  truly^, — — • 

May  31,  1905. 

Mrs.  Sarah  ?.  Stewart, 

231  Second  Awe., 

Hew  York. 

Dear  Madam: 

1  duly  received  your  letter’  of  Hay  27th,  hut  waa  unable  to 
go  through  my  correspondence  until  yesterday;  hence  my  Inability  to 
■write  you  until  now. 

I  remember  the  Jerome  Kidder  Mfg.  Co.  very  well  indeed.  Some 
years  ago  I  was  very  much  interested  in  this  particular  line  of  Work, 
but  I  was  unable  to  give  it  that  attention  that  it  required,  and  as> 
consequence  the  furnishing  of  Bleotro  Medical  A  Surgical  Apparatus 
was  discontinued  by  the  Company,  and  since  then  I  have  devoted  time 
to  very  much  larger  interests.  At  the  present  time  X  am  bo  overwhelmed 
with  work  that  it  is  absolutely  impossible  for  me  to  take  on  anything 

I  rosrot,  thoroforo,  that  I  om  not  in  o  po.itlon  to  opnuld.r  «» 

rtf.,  «hloh  y*  h.v.  «*•  1  «■”»*  ««  ““  “  ““  “  throoen  m.  ««>or  *■■■!■  . 

youre  very..truly,’  > 


June  1,  1905. 

Messro.  Pilling  &  Crane, 

Pittsburg,  Pa. 

Dear  Sirs: 

Mr.  Mallory  has  forwarded  me  your  letter  of  May  29th, 
in  which  you  state  that  one  of  your  engineering  friends  asks  whether 
I  leally  nave  anything  to  do  with  the  manufacture  of  "Edison"  cement; 
you  may  state  to  him  that  through  my  men  I  located  the  deposit  of 
cement  rock  and  limestone  on  which  the  plant  is  built,  I  also  in¬ 
vented  and  designed  all  the  crushing  and  burning  devioes  used  in 
our  works,  and  the  plant  has  been  erected  and  is  now  being  operated 
under  my  direct  supervision.  My  financial  interest  is  larger  by 
oorisidex-able  than  that  of  any  other  stockholder. 

You  may  also  assure  your  friend  that  the  product  of  our 
plant  will  be  kept  up  to  the  high  quality  shown  on  our  charts  and  that 
we-  shall  strive  to  constantly  improve  it. 

Yours  very  truly,  — . 

June  2nd, .19 05, 

HO!..— Irving  B.  Dudley, 

United  States  Minister, 

Lima,  Peru. 

i'  Sir:- 

Your  favors  of  the  1st  and  5th  ults.  have  been 
csived,  and  I  Tri sh  to  thank  you  for  your  kindness  in  looking 
Mr.  Cohen  and  securing  frcw  kirn  the  objectionable  circulars 
ope  that  Mr.  Cohen  will  keep  faith  with  you  in  the  matter. 

Mr.  Cohen  has  sent  to  my  Company  a  copy  of  "El  Comer 
0,  Mc;/  4th,  1905,  in  which  appears  an  advertisement  of 
,lscn,8  m-otric  Plaster"  which  is  offered  for  sale  by  P. 
iest  of  lima.  If  I  m.  transgressing  too  much  on  your 
.  ... ,  ......  .......  _..c-  to  have  you  write  a  letter  to  Mr, 

-  +  „  tiniB  advertisement ,  -as  It  seems  to  me  t< 

Adolph  Melzer,  Esq., 

Evansville,  Indiana. 

Your  favor  of  the  1st  inst. 

■  of  Macdonald's  letti 

and  I  thank  you  for  the  same.  I  am  glad  that  you  have  been  able 
to  put  your  hands  on  so  much  valuable  data,  and  I  am  particularly 
pleased  to  hear  of  Macdonald's  letter  of  September  3d,  1896,  in 
■which  he  says  that  he  lias  recently  been  informed  of  the  Edison 
composition.  Kindly  preserve  all  these  papers  in  a  safe  place. 

There  is  one  point  concerning  this  matter  that  I  have 
not,  as  yet,  got  quite  clear  in  my  mind.  In  the  manufacture  of 
our  composition,  we  have  always  ca triad  on  the  cooking  at  a  high 
temperature  -  about  #150  degrees  E. ,  in  order  to  be  sure  to  drive 
off  all  products  of  decomposition,  so  as  to  thereby  eliminate  gas 
bubbles.  Macdonald ,  in  his  second  patent,  Ho.  626,709  dated  June 
13th,  1899,  application  filed  August  23,  1398,  describes  the  use  o 
a  high  temperature,  although  he  bases  the  patent  on  an  absurd  and 
impossible  theory.  The  first  patent  was  applied  for  November  27 tn 

l  give  me  any  light 

!  describing  the  high  1 

June  6*  1905 » 


Mr.  Winthrop  E.  Scarritt, 

Commonwealth'  Trust  Co. , 

27  Pine  St.,  N.  Y. 

Pear  Sir: 

Prom  article  9  paragraph  4  of  the  enclosed  Automobile  law 
of  Hew  Jersey  I  infer  that  automobilists  may  drive  their  cars  at  the 

rate  of  a  mile  in  tv/o  minutes. 

Kindly  advise  me  if  I  «n  correct  regarding  this  matter, 
also  kindly  return  book  with  your  reply, -and  oblige, 

Alex.  Churchward,  Esq., 

General  Electric  Co., 

Schenectady,  IT.  Y. 
Triend  Churchward: 

Replying  to  yours  of 
out  for  a  ride  in  my  auto  every 
for  my  Lansden  Tonneau  in  place 
had  for  a  year. 

June  8,  1905. 

the  6th  inst.  wish  to  say  that  I  go 
Sunday.  What  I  am  after  is  a  motor 
of  the  little  motor  I  already  have 

Yours  truly, 

June  14,  1905. 

Albert  Johnston,  Esq,,  Pres. 

American  Nickel  Works, 

43  Exchange  Place,  New  York. 

Dear  Sir: 

Experiments  show  on  second  increment  that  85  cents  can  be 
paid.  This  would  make  80  lbs.  at *187  and  40  lbs.  at  .85,  or  an  average 
of  U9  per  pound  metallic.  I  am  now  ready  to  go  ahead  either  way,  all 
nickel,  or  nickel  and  SOlbs.  cobalt,  at^l37  or  1201bs.  cobalt  at  119. 

I  have  had  my  man  up  in  the  Harlesbury  District  to  see  the 
lay  of  the  land.  He  thinks  there  will  be  plenty  to  go  around  if 
well  prospected.  My  assays  show  that  the  country  rock  contains 
cobalt  which  is  a  fine  sign  for  more  deposits  being  found.  I  have 
got  two  deposits  in  the  Parry  Sound  District  with  Cobalt;  they  have 
the  cobalt  all  right  but  they  are  rather  microscopic  in  size. 

Kindly  let  me  know  if  you  can  do  anything  definite  so  I  can 


Yours  truly, 

296  Fifth  Ave., 

Hew  York. 

Dear  Sirs: 

I  heg  to  advise  that  on  your  statement  June  1,1  ’  1111 

tot.  of  May  25,  1905,  you  have  charged  again.*  -  «”•  ^  ***  |2°'°°' 
Knowing  nothing  about  the  ahoy,  will  you  Kindly  let  »•  *»™  hy  who. 
was  ordered,  and  oblige, 

jW  PL  I 

V  T 

i\  TO ohm 

\l  ,-r>  *  09  • 

Co  CWtOOl'Vi  .-,  otv; . 

Tlu  /S^csn  Aoi : — 

£  *  3  Ctsac!  l&cwilc 

JU  tioun  fe  4&z  Pjfi^p^d  ncc*£K,  ****«- 

wT*frw«^  vSSSKSiT  i'4«™*<5  ^.s. 

rtwX^tL^' ' 

a^d*Uci4^{^'  %«c^v-.:.  i  .„4i_  rt  „V' 

a  I.  f.fZ — :-  1,-0,-v^  f^ncrriOi^ti.%cA  c^--- 

\AOSntS(SJ .  '  ^taowia 

«H  ‘  fc*“ 

tu  r  ;_., 




July  6,  1905. 

Chas.  Schuler,  Esq., 

72  West  Market  Street, 

Akron,  0. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  3rd  tart.,  *eg  to  state  that  Mr.  . 
0.  IT.  Chapman  has  teen  out  of  my  employ  for  over  a  year  and  un 
stand  that  his  present  address  is  328  Elatbush  Ave.,  Brooklyn,  H.  *- 
YourB  truly, 


'  \  July  10,  1905. 


Albert  VI.  Johnston,  Esq.,  Pres., 

American  Hickel  Works, 

43  Exchange  Place,  N.  Y. 

De£ir  Siri  Could  you  oast  the  Cohalt  Hickel  into  anodes, (sixty  cohalt, 
forty  nickel,  Jwithout  extra  charge?  «hat  does  the  term  crude  maxed 
oxide  mean?  I  can  not  afford  to  do  any  chemical  work  in  jiurif^iSS- 
in  addition  to  pay  $1.37  and  come  out  with  any  profit. 

October  delivery  would  he  just  right  as  far  as  I  can 
*  endurance  test,  will  ead  shout  that  ti»,  a„d  it  th.y  cot.e  out 
0.  K.  I  Shall  want  sixty  pounds  cohalt  (metallic)  per  day  to  star 
with, and  prokahly  double  this  after  Eebruary.  I  am  trying  to  cut 
down  the  amount  so  as.  to  get  the  greatest  benefit. 


10  3ridge  Street, 

Kew  York. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  your  telephone  message,  heg  to  advise  that 
Hr.  Edison  will  not  he  at  the  laboratory  Friday.  He  is  going  to  go 
touring  in  his  automobile  and  at  present  it  is  impossible  to  say 
just  when  he  will  return. 

Yours  truly, 

E.  S.  Opdyke,  Esq.,  • 

Edison  Portland  Cement  Co., 
Stewartsville  ,  IT.  J . 

July  14,  1905. 

Dear  Sir: 

I  enclose  you  herewith  tickets  covering  sundries  paid 
through  Petty  Cash  for  June  1905  amounting  to  $9.39  leaving  a  balance 
on  hand  July  1,  1905  of  $17.61.  Kindly  send  me  check  to  cover,  and 

Yours  truly, 


Daniel  Herbert,  Esq., 
Iona  Island, 

Mr.  Upton  has  shown  me  your  letter  addressed  to  him  dated 
July  3,  1903.  My  letter  to  you  of  September  21,  1903,which  you  have 
never  acknowledged  as  far  as  my  records  show, is  the  only  arrangement 
betv/een  us.  In  this  letter  I  state  that  I  am  willing  to  give  you  the 
right  to  cut  hoop  poles  "under  the  following  conditions . One  of  the 
conditions  being  that  you  would  watch  my  interest  in  the  property,  use 
reasonable  precautions  to  prevent  fire,  snd  prevent  other  unauthorized 
parties  from  cutting  wood." 

The  compensation  for  doing  this 

i  indicated  clearly  in  this 

letter  by  granting  you  the  right  to  cut  hoop  poles 

itioned  for  the  reason  that  none  \ 

(  intended,  as  you  were  watching 

you  own  interests  as  well  as  mine,  and  my  letter  was  principally  inten¬ 
ded  to  authorize  you  to  protect  your  own  interests. 

t'T,  Upton  has  not  been  authorized  by  me  to  negotiate  any  mod¬ 
ification  of  this  arrangement,  and  the  only  arrangement  that  I  recog¬ 
nize  with  you  is  in  my  letter  of  September  21,  1903. 

Yours  truly,  i 


July  25,  1905. 

Inge  rs  oil- Serge  ant  Drill  Co., 

26  Cortlandt  Street, 

Hew  York. 

Dear  Sirs: 

I  Deg  to  enclose  you  herewith  my  check  for  $472.50,  the  same 
oeing  in  payment  of  air  compressor  outfit  as  per  arrangement  between 
Mr.  Mallory  and  Mr.  Saunders. 

Kindly  send  me  receipted  hill  for  same,  and  greatly  oblige, 
Yours  truly. 

The  new  battery,  corresponding  to  the  E  18  in  size  will  give 
on  5  hour  charge  170  amperes  and  230  amperes  on  long  or  full  charge. 

The  economy  on  short  charge,  ie.,  5  hours,  will  he  54,2  per  cent  Watt  ef¬ 
ficiency  and  74  per  cent  ampere  efficiency.  The  weight  is  13,l/2  lbs. 
48.8  lbs.  per  horse  power  hour  on  5  hour  charge  and  37  lbs.  per  horse 

power  hour  on  long  charge.  The  cell  will 
B  27,  selling  for  15  dollars  instead  of  ti 

will  now  take  the  place  of  the 


of  ten.  The«p  will  be  about 

one  dollar  and  sixty  cents  more,  but  the  increased  capacity  increases 
its  selling  price  five  dollars. 

I  am  getting  the  new  devices  ready  and  expect  to  turn  them 
out  in  quantity  at  the  end  of  October.  I  amcertain  now  that  the  cell 
will  remain  constant  for  years  and  the  mechanical  part  will  be  so 

tothing  to  be  desired.  I  do  ; 

;  want  to  do  anything 

with  England  until  I  turn  out  my  first  lot  and  have  all  the  machinery 

dear  Bergnann: 

At  last  I  can  give  you  some  of  the  results  of  endurance  test 
,  new  cell.  We  have  got  a  very  severe  method  of  testing,  which 

knocks  out  the  regular  cell  in  50  runs.  Running  the  new  cell  in 
series  with  the  old  type,  after  174  complete  charges  and  discharges, 
the  old  type  lost  60  per  cent,  while  the  new  cell  showed  no  change 
whatever .  The  cell  corresponding/the  E  18  will  give  on  five  hours 
charge  165  to  170  amperes  capacity,  on  the  long  charge  it  will  give 
230  amperes  capacity.  ThiB  is  equal  to  the  old  E27  cell  which  sells 

I  shall  sell  the  new  cell  for  15  dollars.  The  cost  of  extra 
work  and  material  for  this  cell  will  he  one  dollar  and  sixty  cents  more 
than  for  the  E  18,  hut  as  we  shall  get  five  dollars  more  on  account 
of  the  increased  capacity,  we'  shall  have  very  much  more  profit.  The 
weight  per  i.orte  power  has  been  greatly  reduced.  The  new  cell  I  speak 
of  gives  48.8  lbs.  per  horse  power  on  five  hour  charge  and  37  IDs.  on 
the  long  charge.  This  heats  anything  on  record,  with  the  addition  tha 
there  is  a  certainty  that  the  battery  will  last  for  years. 

the  long  charge .  This  heat: 

l  five  hour  charge  and  37  lbs.  on 
t  on  record,  with  the  addition  tha 

will  ser  i  you  drawings,  ie . ,  sketches 
for  making  the  nickel  plate.  There  i 
hut  the  nickel  plate  is  entirely  diff' 

the  new  machinery  necessary 
j  change  in  the  iron  plate, 

Yours  truly,  —  -  fj 



July  26,  1905. 

ITy  Dear  Bergmann: 

'iHe  iron  you  sent  me  for  teat  from  Shoop  or  Junger  people 
Save  728.  per  poclcet.  On  the  13th  discharge  709,  on  the  35th  discharge 
it  gave  563.  They  stood  40  days,  then  on  the  42nd  discharge  gave 
243.  Thus  you  see  the  Junger  people  do  not  know  what  they  are'  doing. 
The  iron  gradually  becomes  "passive"  as  all  iron  does.  We  worked  2,l/2 
years  to  discover  how  to  make  iron  that  never  becomes  passive. 

Yours  very  truly, 

To  S.  Bergmann,  Esq., 

23  Oudenarder  Strasse, 
Berlin,  Germany. 


Bradley , 

300  Atlas  Block, 

Salt  T.ako  city,  Utah. 

Bear  Sir: 

Yours  of  the  22nd  received.  The  price  quoted  for  cohalt 
was  the  average  price  received  as  reported  hy  the  Canadian  Geological 
Survey,  also  quoted  in  the  Temiskeming  weekly  papers.  Previous  to 
the  discovery  of  these  deposits,  the  entire  product  of  the  World  was, 

I  am  told  controlled  hy  a  German  firm  and  the  Canadian  Copper  Co., 
which  produced  it  from  their  nickel  mines,  there  being  only  one  tenth 
of  one  per  cent  cohalt  in  ore  hut  was  of  course  richer  in  the  motte. 
The  Copper  Co.  and  the  German  firm  have  an  understanding,  and  market 
the  whole  product  through  a  chemical  manuf acturing  house  in  New  York, 
charging  §2.50  per  -pound.  The  market  is  very  limited. 

The  La  Yotte  mines  in  Missouri  are  the  largest  producers 
of  cohalt  in  the  United  States,  it  being  a  bye  product  of  their  lead 
concentration.  The  concentrate  is  shipped  to  the  German  firm,  lately 
another  lead  company  near  the  mine  La  Kotte  have  opened  up  an  enor¬ 
mous  body  of  lead  ore,  and  their  bye  product  is  a  concentrate  con¬ 
taining  8  per  cent  copper,  3.85  per  cent  cobalt  and  3.1  per  cent 
nickel,  and  4%  lead.  They  make  from  10  to  12  tons  daily.  They  are 
storing  it,  there  being  no  sale  just  at  present.  The  only  .use  so 
far  for  cobalt  is  for  paint  and  pottery  coloring  and  that  which  I 
shall  use  in  my  battery.  I  have  some  of  the  Missouri  concentrate 


<fe  VI.  I!.  B. 

which  is  offered  to  me  lower  than  the  Canadian,  which  is  65  cents 
per  pound  of  cohalt,  hut  the  handling  of  so  much  copper  and  lead 
“bothers  me,  and  X  would  much  prefer  to  buy  arsenical  ores  like  your 
sample.  I  would  not  like  to  go  into  mining,  as  I  know  nothing  about 
it,  hut  would  like  to  purchase  a  regular  supply  of  ore.  Both  samples 
are  satisfactory,  and  I  can.  work  them  easily. 

The  president  of  the  Canadian  Copper  Co.  mentioned  to  me 
the  existence  of  a  large  cohalt  deposit  in  Oregon,  which  I  presume 
is  your  mine . 

Any  other  information  you  want  I  will  give,  and  which  you 
can  depend  upon,  as  I  have  not  adopted  .the  modern  methods  of  doing 

Yours  very  ti 

August  4,  1905 , 

J.  W.  Van  rater. 

I  will  purchase  fifty  tons  of  arsenical  cobalt  ore,  guaran¬ 
teed  to  o on tain  not  loss  than  three  hundred  thirty  six  pounds  metallic 
cobalt  per  ton  of  2240  lbs.,  delivered  on  dock  Mew  York  City  within 
ninety  days  from  date,  for  which  I  agree  to  pay  forty \five  cents  per 
pound  for  the  metallic  oobalt  contained  therein,  no  allowance  to  be 
made  for  any  other  metal  contained  in  the  ore. 

In  case  the  contents  of  cobalt  falls  below  fifteen  For  oent 
metallio,  Edison  shall  have  the  right  to  reject  the  ore.  ,'iPayment  to 
be  made  in  cash  on  delivery  at  New  York.  The  assay  of  the  oobalt  to 
be  made  both  by  Ledue  and  Pickets  and  Banks 

P.  S.  It  is  understood  that  my  agent  is  W.  H.  Jacobs,  4  Warren  Street, 

New  York. 


August  4,  1905. 

J.  V/.  Van  Meter: 

I  shall  probably  need  about  150  pounds  daily  0f  cobalt 
KOtal  for  the  oo,dng  year, and  in  addition  about  125  to  100  lbs. 
for  the  European  factories, and  shall  be  pleased  to  purchase  ores 
containing  cobalt  if  they  are  satisfactory  a|  to  quality 



Andrew  S.  Me  Creath  &  Son, 

121  Market  St., 

Harrisburg,  Pa. 

Dear  Sirs: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  7th  inst.,  beg  to  state  that  the 
samples  which  I  sent  you  several  days  ago,  marked  Hos.  3,  4  and  5 
I  would  like  to  have  you  assay  for  cobalt  and  nickel. 

Yours  truly, 

Aug.  9,  1905. 

John  W.  Dixon,  Esq., 

733  Walnut  Street, 

Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  7th  inst.,  I  beg  to  state  that  I 

have  no  process 

for  treating  copper  ores. 

Yours  truly, 

Aug.  11,  1905. 

j'.Ie  ch  an  a  o  shui-g ,  Pa . 

Dear  Sir: 

fours  of  the  5th  inst.  also  the  2  bbls.  of  ore  received.. 


I  am  testing  the  ores  and  will  let  you  know  in  6^s*^  a  short  Eh£&s  what 
I  can  do.  I  shall  want  to  know  if  things' look  favorable , what  arrange¬ 
ments  can  he  made  ho  tween  Logan  and  yourself,  as  to  delivery,  price 
of  the  ore  at  the  pit  mouth,  taking  it  as  it  comes  hut  not  falling 
below  35^  magnetic  ore  at  rate  of  75  tons  daily  at  first. 

Yours  truly, 


Aug.  11,  1905, 

H.  E.  Dick,  Esq. , 

Marenisco,  Kich. 

My  Dear  Dick: 

Yours  of  the  1st  received,  replying  to  same  wish  to  say  tha- 
I  am  getting  on  0.  K.  Hew  test  cells  stand  the  hot  test  224  times 
and  no  change,  while  the  old  cell  goes  to  pieces  in  100  runs.  Cell 
equivalent  to  E18  will  give  225  to  230  amperes  on  long  charge.  Weight 
will,  he  about  45  lbs.  per  H.  P.  hour. 

Yours  truly, 

Aug.  11,  1905. 


William  B.  Sloane,  Esq., 

TS3ra  Court, 

Lenox,  Hass . 

Bear  Sir: 

Yours  of  the  4th  inst.  received,  replying  to  same  wish  tc 
aay  that  1  am  progressing  so  well  that  I  have  decided  on  the  final 
model,  and  I  am  getting  ready  to  manufacture  in  the  fall. 

The  new  standard  cell  is  very  much  reduced  in  weight  and 
all  the  troubles  due  to  leaky  cans,  swelling  of  the  nickel  pockets, 
which  latter  was  our  main  trouble, brought  out  in  practice,  have  bee: 
eliminated.  We  made  14000  cells  of  the  first  type  and  the  experiei 
gained  from  the  use  of  these  cells  by  the  public  have  enabled  me  t< 
rv.  We  are  all  right  now  and  our  reward  will  corn 


Y/estinghouse, Church,  Kerr  &  Co,, 
10  Bridge  St.,  Hew  York. 

Bear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  11th  inst.,  I  heg  to  state  that  I 
am  completely  and  ahosolutely  through  with  gold  concentrating,  now 
and  forever,  amen,  I  return  you  herewith  your  letter  as  per  your 
re quest .  Yours  trulY> 

Enc . 

Aug.  14,  1905. 

Hr.  Sydney  Jessop  Robinson, 
c/o  Y/m.  Jessop  &  Sons, 

Sheffield,  England. 

Bear  Sir: 

Allow  me  to  thank  you  very  much  for  your  kind  invitation 
to  the  Cutlers'  Eeast  on  Thursday  October  12th,  1905,  but  very  much 
regret  to  say  that  it  will  be  impossible  for  me  to  attend. 

Yours  truly, 


North  American  Lead  Co., 

Columbus,  0. 

Lear  Sirs: 

I  have  been  working  on  the  sample  sent  me  and  think  I  can 
work  it  all  right,  except  that  I  can  not  save  all  the  Nickel  and 
Cobalt  without  going  to  considerable  more  expense.  The  copper 
bothers  some,  but  I  do  not  lose  much  of  it.  As  to  the  lead,  I 
eliminate  it  but  at  some  additional  expense.  Could  you  give  me  an 
approximate  price  per  unit  of  Nickel, Cobalt  and  Copper,  S’.  0.  B., 
New  York  in  carload  lots?  Is  there  a  liability  of  the  mesh  and 
quality  of  the  concentrate  varying,  as  I  find  that  my  losses  would 
be  large  if  the  amount  of  Cobalt  and  Nickel  diminished? 


Aug.  14,  1905. 

Herbert  E.  Reinart,  Esq., 

Alburtis,  Pa. 

Dear  Sir: 

I  beg  to  advise  you  that  the  sample  sent  has  been  assayed 
and  is  not  the  material  we  are  after.  Send  all  kinds  of  rock,  slate 
clay  and  black  material.  It  may  possibly  be  that  by  digging  below 
the  muck,  in  some  swamp  you  can  find  the  material  we  want,  it  is 
sometimes  called  bog  manganeese,  possibly  long  swamp  has  it. 

We  found  a  little  sample  in  Henson's  mine  on  the  hill. 
Number  your  samples  and  keep  account  of  the  numbers. 

Yours  very  truly, 

Director  of  Bureau  of  Mines, 
province  of  Nova  Scotia, 

Halifax>  Nova  Scotia. 

Slr;  „  *  „  of  Mr  Mi.«  I  -it.  you  «.  *»«** 

ful  in  your  province.  the  different 

Mr.  Edison  desires  samples  of  the  wad 

+o  date  data  conoeming  deposits. 

deposits,  also  detailed  an  up  lbl  we  shall  he 

Tf  vou  will  send  these  as  soon  as  possible, 

-i  g  8hould  he  sent  hy  express  collect  to 
greatly  obliged.  The  samples  should 

Edison  Laboratory ,  Orange,  N.  J- 

Aug.  15,  1905. 

Edison  Portland  Cement  Co., 


Girard  Trust  Building, 

Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Pear  Sirs: 

I  heg  to  enclose  you  herewith  receipt  from  Mr.  Mallory  for 
$260.00,  also  my  check  for  $6,000.00,  making  a  total  of  $6,250.00. 
Kindly  place  same  to  my  credit,  and  greatly  oblige, 

.yours  truly, 

Au&.  15,  1905. 

K.  M.  Turner,  Esq..,  Pres., 
Hutchison  Acoustic  Co., 

114  West  32nd  Street,  >T. 


Bear  Sir: 

Having  no  farther  use  for  the  Aooa.tloon  I  ■»  retnrning 

as  soon 


Yours  truly. 


I  Au^/l6,  1905. 

J.  P.  Morgan  &  Co., 

23  Wall  Street, 

New  York. 

Dear  Sirs: 

Your  favor  of  the  15th  inst.  addressed,  to  Mr.  Edison  came 

duly  to  hand,  replying  to  same  1  beg  to  state  that^ias  left  with  hi 
family  on  an  automobile  trip  and  will  not  he  hack  until  about  the 
1st  of  September.  On  his  return  your  letter  will  be  placed  before 
him.  Yours  truly, 


August  31,1905. 

Messrs.  J.P.  Morgan  &  Co., 

New  York,  N.Y. 


Your  favor  of  the  15th  Inst,  was  duly  received 
hut  I  have  delayed  answering  the  same,  owing  to  the  absence 
of  ny  attorney,  who  has  charge  of  the  contract  matter  with 
Messrs.  Morgan,  Harjes  &  Company.  I  am  writing  them  today, 
explaining  fully  the  situation. 

Yours  very  truly, 

August  31,1905. 

H.H.  Harjes,  Esq., 

o/o  MeBsrs.  Morgan,  Harjes  &  Co., 

31  Boulevard  Haussmann, 

Paris,  Prance. 

Dear  Mr.  Harjes:- 

Your  favor  of  the  14th  inst.  has  been 
received,  enclosing  copies  of  letters  of  Pebruary  7th  and 
April  13th,  from  your  father.  1  also  received  the  letter  of 
Pebruary  7th  last  from  your  firm,  both  in  Prench  and  English; 
and  also  the  elaborate  scheme  for  the  foraiatioii  of  the  Prench 
Company  proposed  by  your  Notary.  Messrs .  J.P.  Morgan  &  Company 
have  also  written  me  regarding  these  letters.  X  was  firmly  of 
the  belief  that  I  had  acknowledged  receipt  of  all  of  your  let¬ 
ters,  but  as  i  find  that  this  is  not  the  case  I  am  sorry  that 
you  have  been  disturbed  in  any  way.  I  recall  now  that  when 
your  letter  of  Pebruary  7th  came  to  hand  with  the  long  document 
relating  to  the  Prench  Company,  X  turned  them  over  to  my  Attor¬ 
ney,  with  the  request  that  he  look  into  the  matter  and  give  me 
his  views  as  to  your  scheme  and  ae  to  the  differences  between 
the  plan  outlined  by  you,  and  that  proposed  in  my  original  offe 


H.H.  Harjes,  Eso  -  2. 

of  November  2nd,  1904.  Here  the  matter  seems  to  have  rested, 
due  largely  to  his  absence,  but  as  1  was  extremely  busy  in 
making  some  important  endurance  tests  of  the  battery ,  I  did  not 
consider  it  necessary  to  exercise  any  haste  with  regard  to  the 
formation  of  the  French  Company.  When  these  tests  are  complet¬ 
ed,  and  1  expect  to  have  them  finished  shortly,  and  I  am  absolute¬ 
ly  certain  about  the  battery,  X  will  be  prepared  to  move  right 
ahead  with  the  French  Company  and  to  move  rapidly.  I  should 
say,  however,  that  the  scheme  outlined  by  your  Notary  does  nat, 
in  my  opinion,  embody  substantially  the  original  proposition 
made  by  me  and  before  the  matter  of  the  French  Company  can  be 
definitely  settled  between  us,  it  will  be  necessary  to  have  a 
more  simple  scheme  evolved  which  shall  correspond  at  least 
approximately,  and  certainly  as  regards  important  details,  with 
my  original  proposition.  I  still  do  not  see  why  the  proposition 
originally  suggested  by  me.  cannot  in  its  substantial  outline 
at  least,  be  made  a  basis  for  exploiting  the  battery  in  France. 

Yours  very  truly. 


August  31,  1905. 

Chas.  F.  Berlcey,  Esq., 

Tobyhanna  ,  Penna. , 

Dear  Sir: 

The  sample  taken  by  Bush  is  of  fair  quality  .  You  had 
better  arrange  with  Bush  to  spend  Fifty  dollars, making  test  pits  to 
determine  the  area  of  the  deposit  and  depth; so  you  can  calculate  how 
much  there  is  to  be  had  and  also  to  get  an  idea  how  much  per  ton 
you  could  contract  with  me  to  mine  and  deliver  to  the  railroad. 

Send  bills  weekly  to  me  at  laboratory  and  I  will  send  check. 

The  Shulls  Springs  and  Trout  Stream  samples  are  also  the  right 
kind.  Tell  Edward  Bush  to  forward  sample  by  mail. 

I  have  an  idea  that  the  low  lands  and  swamps  up  there  contain 
large  quantities. 

Yours  very  truly, 


D.  33.  Hensinger,  Esq., 

Alhurtis,  Penna.  • 

Dear  Sir: 

The  Ludwig  manganese  is  hestjthe  Saul  next.  You  may  spend 
fifteen  or  twenty  dollars  a  week  for  the  next  month  in  investigating 
the  mang anes'e  .send  hill  to  me  and  will  send  check. 

Send  a  twenty  five  pound  sample  of  the  Ludwig  and  also  Saul 
manganese  hy  express.  Also  make  estimate  after  you  have  found  the 
stuff  in  quantity  what  you  could  deliver  it  at  station  for  per  ton. 

Yours  very  truly, 

August  31,  1905. 

Charles  \V.  Roepper,  Esq., 


Philadelphia,  Pa., 

Dear  Sir: 

In  the  Geological  Survey  of  Pennsylvania, your  father  speaks 
of  a  deposit  of  Cobalt ,;ferous  manganese  wad  located  near  Alburtis, 
Pa., can  you  give  me  the  exact  locality?  I  have  found  wad  at  several 
places  near  Alhurtis  but  not  in  the  quantity  indicated  by  your  father 
who  said  there  was  a  large  deposit. 

Yours  very  truly, 


September  1,1905 

The  Edison  Portland  Cement  Company, 

Girard  Trust  Building, 

Philadelphia,  Pa. 


Pursuant  to  the  understanding  reached  between  the 
Company  and  myself,  and  embodied,  1  believe,  in  a  resolution  of 
the  stockholders,  I  beg  to  inform  you  that  I  will  take  immediate 
steps  to  obtain,  if  possible,  patents  in  Mexico  on  such  of  the 
important  features  of  the  Cement  Plant  as  can  be  obtained  in  that 
country,  having  due  regard  to  the  requirements  of  the  Mexican  law 
precluding  the  patenting  of  inventions  made  public  elsewhere. 

When  such  patents  are  obtained,  1  will  execute  assignments  of 
the  same  to  The  Edison  Portland  Cement  Company,  the  understanding 
being  that  in  the  event  of  actual  manufacture  in  Mexico,  the  same 
royalty  shall  be  paid  to  me  under  the  Mexican  patents  as  is  now 
to  be  paid  under  the  United  States  patents. 

Aj±i  > 

hkiviA.  fy-'icru.L  fhnov, 

(Sbiawcit.  fruuv 

(P  fcxnj  Jouj.'- 

(K^  /II  »’7/  ‘"•'I  . 

/;««  iuJL a  ^  ■ 

fia«vt  To  tv  ■biro-tfun.i^Jj  dMaAJU,  M'di-  «•-  a 


^  feu-  die*  4  kickl  Jtai  And  Way  *i~- 

fa  dna^t  4  }‘i  ^  h  UtL?„i'Pt} 

ctU  ycn^So  dtLJlL  lr«4  a *&.  OtJthnMMpf 

Acuul triuinitL  a.^oL  (III akutd. 

^  -  /  j  -  tf'^/3.ntU  at.^  ^  (HUXcM^ 

(Tfu  Olnmo  ,«  I 

i  t  ,  /  /  irftL*  Tim  ouciCt&o. 

t4  /*e  JjUA.^’tnAcL  Lritu-  n  /_  . 

2.  */. iqos- 

J  o  AArfiic'Yn  (n^j  0  cmWvvo'.- 


„  ,  0  ,  "JL  .  n..a..i.  &  {ira.c'dktvJ 

IwvjdiriiiL  JuL  Q*jj  ZaJrw^  jj 


J1jf,  Aidti  ~*n!Z ' 

/  /,/  7%  aj  l-CJuoi  ~k  -&M- 

i  &-* 

September  2,  1905. 


S.  "Bergmann,  Esq.., 

13-32  Oudenarder  Str., 

Berlin  Hi,  Germany. 

My  dear  Bergmann:- 

Your  favor  of  July  28th  ha.  loon  received, 
enclosing  proposed  d»ft  agreement  betneen  W»«lf  «* 
Deutsche  Edison- Acoumulatoren  Company  ‘h0“li 

lo  made  a  Uttlo  oloarer  on  some  points. 

in  the  first  sootion,  it  should  Is  mads  that 
the  patents  refold  to  ar.  those  relating  to  storage  batteries. 

j„  the  second  section,  the  *rds  "Baited  States 
currency"  should  he  inserted  after  "cents",  so  as  to  male  it 
certain  «h.t  the  contract  refer,  to.  In  this  section,  it  " 
also  he  -do  clear  that  the  si*  per  cent  dividend  is  an  annual 
dividend.  The  agreement  should  also  provide  that  th.  distrilu- 

awe  after  the  end  of  each  and  evety  ~ 

per  the  purpose  of  distribution  there  should  be  an  annuli  ao- 
. ,  f  tte  business  done  by  the  company  in  each  year,  sue 

counting  of  th.  b  >c0„„,t.„t.  in  accords,  1th 

aooountine  »  b.  —  ^  ,  inl.„4  to  ehang.  the 

the  requirements  of  the  Oenmm  lan. 

S.  Bergmann,  Esq.  - 

construction  of  the  battery  somewhat,  so  that  for  the  proposed 
new  cells  the  royalty  arrangement  would  not  fairly  apply,  and  I 
have  therefore  modified  this  section  so  that  it  applies  to  the 
capacity  of  the  new  cells  as  compared  with  the  present  type.  In 
other  words,  I  will  get  a  royalty  of  sixty  (60)  cents  on  cells 
having  the  same  maximum  capacity  as  the  present  type  Edison 
cells  of  18  plates,  24  pockets  per  plate. 

In  the  third  section,  paragraph  3,  after  the  word 
"transfer",  the  words  "or  in  any  way  impair"  should  he  inserted, 
in  order  to  agree  with  my  original  proposition  of  September 
30th,  1904. 

In  the  sixth  section,  the  words  "through  any  account¬ 
ants  appointed  for  that  purpose"  are  superfluous.  My  proposi¬ 
tion  of  September  30th,  1904,  provided  "that  the  books  of  the 
company  shall  at  any  time  be  open  to  inspection  by  me  or  my 
assigns -on  reasonable  notice"..  What  the  accountants  do,  is  to 
make  an  examination  of  the  books  annually  and  report  on  their 
condition  and  on  the  strength  of  this  report,  the  distribution 
of  excess  profits  is  made.  I  understand  that  under  the  German 
law,  these  accountants  are  appointed  by  the  Courts  and  that 
interested  persons  cannot  appoint  them. 

The  last  paragraph  is  not  very  clsar  and  should  be 
amended,  and  furthermore,  should  provide  that  in  the  event  of  a 
termination  of  the  contract,  the  licenses  shall  terminate. 

In  order  to  make  my  position  entirely  clear  to  you, 

I  beg  to  enclose  a  re-drafted  agreement,  which  embodies  my  ideas 


S.  Bergmann,  Esq.  -  3. 

In  this  draft,  I  have  also  included  the  German,  Austrian  and 
Hungarian  patents,  and  the  German  and  Austrian  applications. 

All  of  my  Hungarian  applications  have  now  been  patented,  "but  of 
course  more  will  follow  in  the  future.  Dyer  has  submitted  these 
lists  to  Messrs.  Brandon  Bros,  of  Paris,  for  the  purposes  of 
verification,  in  order  that  we  may  he  entirely  certain  to  in¬ 
clude  everything. 

Yours  very  truly, 


G.  A.  Longnecker,  Esq., 

Mechanic sburg,  Pa. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  30th  ult.  regret  to  say  that  after 
making  many  trials  I  can  not  get  the  phosphorous  and  sulphur  low 
enough  to  get  a  Bessemer  price,  and  without  I  could  do  this  I  do 
not  want  to  go  into  it.  I  think  the  way  you  should  work  the  mine 
is  to  get  a  magnetic  oobing  machine ,  same  as  used  hy  V/harton  at 
Hibernia  Mines  in  New  jersey.  You  could  dump  everything  in  and  raise 
your  ore  6  to  8  points  and  get  a  much  better  price, and  the  ore  would 
be  one  inch  and  less, and  not  fine. 

Send  me  a  bill  for  the  cost  of  labor,  etc.  in  getting  the 
sample  barrels  and  1  will  forward  check  to  cover. 

Yours  truly, 


Mr.  J.  P.  Morgan  Jr., 

22  Old  Broad  St. , 

London,  E.  C.,  England. 

My  Bear  Sir: 

Yours  of  the  22nd  of  August  received,  replying  to  same 
wish  to  say  that  the  cells  are  on  endurance  test  and  so  fat;  they  are 
fine,  hut  wish  to  run  them  longer  before  I  go  ahead.  Will  let  you 

Yours  truly, 

Messrs.  Benton,  Bunn  &  Boultbec, 

20  King  St.,  E., 

Toronto,  Canada. 

D6ar  bir2" Yours  of  the  7th  received,  replying  to  same  wish  to  say  the  decision  is  very  disjointing .  *  associates  have  now 

withdrawn  their  support,  as  they  fear  politics  up  there  interferes 
with  business,  so  I  will  be  compelled  to  sacrifice  *11  *ave  Pa  a 
and  abandon  further  attempts. 

Association  of  Edison  Illuminationg  Companies, 

10th  &  Sansom  Sts., 

Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Pear  Sirs:  ^ 

.  nf*  f'hp  f  iv6  copies  of  "Edison! 
I  “beg  to  acknovaedge  receipt  of  the  rw  v 

shipped  as  per  your  letter  of  the  31st  uX«- 

.  vo1ir  kindness  in  sending  me 

Thanking  you  very  much  for  y 

,  I  remain , 

Yours  truly, 

Ewald  Stulpner ,  Esq.., 

Port  Myers,  Ela. 

•pear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  16th  tilt.,  X  ™>«ld  advise  that 
you  go  ahead  and  huild  a  new  fence  on  the  road  and  between  the  two 
properties,  also  renew  the  wire  to  keep  Hyacinths  out. 

Yours  truly, 

Mr.  A.  G.  Kice,  Chief  Clerk,  \  f 

U.  S.  Kept,  of  Agriculture,  ]/ 

Washington,  D.  C. 

""  ^Heplying  to  youre  -  tB.  «  —  ~  -  —  ‘“l  1 

_  no  aagnettte  o,.  Band,  But  tf  you  -11  to  — 

”t  Benry  H.  V.  Be  ,IU  douBtle.ely  Bay.  3=  -  »*« 

Henry  ore  .nipped.  It  1.  pure  «W.tite  and  Beantamly  cry.ta 

ized.  Yours  truly,  . 

Commissioner  of  Mining, 
State  of  Oregon. 

. J  learn  tBat  OoBalt  Ba.  Been  found  and  ie  ».*,  <» 

«.  state  of  Oregon.  Can  you  git.  »  ~  P-loulare  and  tne  addr 

Of  the  owners  or  miners  of  the  property. 

V/Mivn  ■Roffoectfully , 

Sept.  9,  1905. 

John  Woolcock,  Esq.. , 

Cold  Springs,  N.  Y. 

Dear  Sir: 

Please  go  around  your  vicinity  and  take  samples  about  1  lb. 
each  of  every  kind  of  rock  you  can  find:  Slate,  Slate  with  Iron 
Pyrites  in  all  varieties  of  Slate,  Quartz  with  Pyrites,  all  kinds 
of  colored  Limestone  and  Limestone  with  Pyrites, and  in  fact  every 
kind  of  rock.  Where  the  body  of  rock  is  10  to  15  ft.  wide  chip  off 
enough  every  few  inches  to  make  a  pound.  Put  each  sample  in  separate 
bag  and  mark  with  a  number  inside  and  out  and  keep  a  record  of  your 
numbers,  so  if  I  find  what  I  want  you  can  go  to  the  exact  spot. 

I  am  trying  to  find  cobalt  for  my  new  battery.  I  have  found, 
some  in  Hew  Hampshire  and  the  Berkshire  Hills,  but  it  is  very  low 
grade.  If  you  can  find  a  deposit  I  will  make  it  interesting  for  you. 

yours  truly,  - > 

Sept.  11,  1905. 

A.  Velzer,  Esq.., 

Evansville,  Ind, 

Dear  Sir: 

Yours  of  the  4th  inst.  received.  It  is  hard  to  say  what 
is  the  best  basis.  I  suppose  that  the  first  experiment  should,  he 
the  amplification  of  the  record  on  the  phonograph..  I  once  tried 
experiments  with  a  lone  lever, and  running  the  phonogram  slow  and 
followed  the  trank  of  the  end  of  the  lever  with  a  pencil  held  in  my 
hand  so  the  lever  would  have  no  work  to  do,  I  used  the  word  "Hello", 
hut  I  never  could  get  two  records  alike.  I  think  if  a  mirror  was 
put  on  the  lever  and  photografhic  processes  used,  one  would  get  a 
perfect  record,  provided  the  phonograph  was  run  so  there  would  not 
he  more  than  1  or  2  vibrations  per  second.  To  do  this  the  phono 
would  have  to  he  run  through  a  double  worm,  me  diaphram  will  record 
and  reproduce  perfectly  «  the  record  is  not  loud.  .  Ihe  moment  you 
try  to  get  it  as  loud  as  our  present  records  there  is  distortion  of 
the  record,  due  to  momentum  of  the  moving  mechanism. 

Yours  very  truly, 

dfdv.  ’  *  - 


C.  E.  Mitchell,  Esq., 

Spokane,  Wash. 

pear  Sir:  for 

mat  can  you  furnish  the  ore/l.  »•  »•  »•»  Yorl!'  f3r 
of  nickel  Old  Cohalt?  mo  pre.ont  price  of  oraonloal  ore  at  Cobalt 
Station,  Canada  la  65  oente  per  pound  of  Cobalt,  Nickel  IS  cents 
per  pound,  Arsenic  on.  cent.  Ibis  is  for  the  non  amentiferous  ore. 

Ibe  ore  varies  from  10  to  15  per  cent  Cobalt,  6  to  10  per 
cent  Nickel.  If  I  can  beat  these  prices  and  can  obtain  a  regular 
Bupply,  I  am  ready  for  business.  How  high  a  grade  can  you  Ship? 

You  will  find  a  full  account  of  the  Canada  Cobalt  Silver  mines  in 
the  latest  Geological  report.  of_Can.da,  with  Prices,  freights  and 
a.s.r‘msy“p^t'o"M  fiiVing  large  bodies  of  Cobalt  and  Nickel 
with  and  without  silver.  The  Silver  deposits  are  the  one.  worked 
generally,  the  ore  run.  in  many  ea...  fro.  100  to  050  pound  of 
native  silver  per  ton.  Has  your  mine  any  considerable  ,»antlty 
of  „re,  I  received  a  .ample  of  an  arsenical  Cobalt  ore,  not  contain 
i„g  Nickel ,  which  run.  aim  per  cent  Cobalt.  The  broker  who  offered 
the  mine  for  sale  lives  in  Salt  laM  City.  He  stated  that  there  was 
fro,  ,000  to  ,000  ton.  in  sight.  It  occurs  in  a  slaty  formation 
and  fro.  the  looks  of  the  ...pie,  I  have  reason  to  believe  he  ha. 

*ed  H.  wants  to  sell  the  mine,  whereas  I  only  Want 
not  exaggerate  .  ,  undcrstacO  mining 

„  ■  nnntract  for  a  regular  supply- 


#2  C.  E.  M. 

and  am  pure  would  make  a  failure  of  it.  I  Relieve  that  the  mine  is 
some  where  in  either  Washington  or  Oregon,  hut  I  can  get  no  informa¬ 
tion  from  him.  Can  you  give  me  a  clue  so  I  may  correspond  with  the 

owners  with  a  view  of  getting  ore?  - ^ 

Yours  very  truly. 

Sept.  11,  1905. 

X, .  Noonan  Jr., 

Otter  Elver,  Mass. 

""  S":  K.piyins  «  ,00,0  of  t>e  «  inet.,  «  *« 

.  net  in  tfce  ««  -  a  Pi»»t  in  year  State.  Tnnrfcinp.  yen 
calling  m  attention  to  the  property.  I  retain, 


Yours  truly, 

i  ' 

Sept.  11,  1905. 

.  S.  Mallory,  Esq..,  V.  P., 

Edison  Portland  cement  Co., 

Make  estimate  of  cost  of  a  power  station  of  reinforced 
concrete,  roof,  floor  and  all,  with  necessary  power  for  full  capacity 
of  mill  say  7500.  bbls.,  using  upright  Allis  (800  H.  P.,  costs  for 
engine  and  dynamo  $22,000)  This  will  give  you  idea  as  to  cost  of 
H.  V.,  it  dont  include  condenser,  also  copper  to  connect  to  mills 
and  steam  piping  water  from  'boi:i-er  house.  -  & 

Also  two  more  rolls  in  fine  grinder.  We  to  take  away 
dynamo  in  fine  grinder.  The  cost  of  extending  132  roller  feed  and 
everything  necessary.  Also  kiln  building  with  two  roasters  complete 
with  longer  waste  clinker  conveyor,  extension  125,  etc. 

Possibly  moving  and  fixing  up  coal  blower  house  on  No.  1 
blower  if  necessary  to  get  5000  bbls.  daily  and  all  other  things 
that  is  necessary  for  5000  bbls,  daily  or  130,000  bbls.  month.  War 
it  pretty  close ,  but  sure . 

1CJS  a Mdlvu  '£MuJ-\  P 

•s&  |  n,  .  H-  ■'" 

^tCUuhiM.  \lavo  n  .  , 

<M  /W  uf«4.  „/  Av  -X  k,  *•-«<“ 

fw  Vfl.  -Alt’  !«■&.•  *k  lent*  tw  tfvy  #w»*^4 

/Lu-idhj  <2 u«h  -/&;  l^zIv:jl£  :yidt  <*W  /idivunj  <x.~cL 

&u.c x^1  o-C^l 

J.  C$OsU  ch>£ y&  /  v 

Jccu  IrtMyi  jf 

huw  &.  JQ.  hJUiw 

iflo  l  (DcJLxAMnUd; 
fin*  bft^a.40.  U&- 
,  Mm  /7  Attft  ^  </ 

JUt/  Sta»; 

foi'A,  Av  funvu.  cJ.  M*~*  &&'•/*■ 

.L  n  -  tfcs 

tfijL  vit-ia  twan 


September  12,1905 

Theron  I.  Crane,  Esq., 

Girard  Trust  Bldg., 

.year  ox.'  •- 

In  «  the  te»o  of  «>s  »«■*•> 
tween  dated  heeler  Id,  1900,  I  be8  to  notify  yo»  that  the 
Edison  Portland  cement  Co.p.ny  ha.  prodno.d  an  «•»«•  of  »re 
than  1500  barrels  of  Portland  cent  per  chine  W  durine  the 
pant  three  consecutive  nonths  and  has,  therefore,  bspm  to 
ufacture  esment  in  oo—roial  quantities,  as  defined  by  .aid 
contract.  The  period  of  one  year  in  which  yon  can  .were  ee 
your  option  to  acquire  the  three-thousand  share,  of  etodh  of  the 
Edison  Portland  Cement  Company ,  now  held  in  trust  for  P 

“.a  by  the  West  had  Trust  .  0-  «-»  “ 

to  run  fro.  ths  dats  of  tbs  r.osipt  of  this  lotter  by  y  . 

Kindly  acknowledge  receipt  hereof. 


Grout  Bros.  Automobile  Co., 

Orange >  Mass. 

Dear  Sirs: 

Your  favor  of  the  11th  Inst,  with  sketch  enclosed  came 
duly  to  hand,  and  in  reply  to  same  I  enclose  you  herewith  2  new  blue 

We  are  sending  you  by  express,  prepaid  2  taps  and  one  sleeve 
guide  for  tapping  axle,  and  would  ask  that  they- be  returned  when 
you  have  completed  the  necessary  work  on  which  they  are  to  be 


Yours  truly, 

United  States  Consul, 
La  Paz,  Bolivia, 

Souui  Amev 

Dear  Sir: 

Can  you  procure  for  me  any  government 
ological  reports  on  the  minerals  of  Bolivia?  I 
ores  are  quite  plentiful  in  Bolivia.  You  would 
if  you  could  give  me  the  address  of  a  reliable  - 
would  look  into  the  matter  of  obtaining  data  as 
price  and  freight  rates  on  Cobalt  ores. 

Yours  truly, 

geological  or  miner- 
understand  Cobalt 
also  much  oblige 
ore  merchant  who 
to  the  supply, 


United.  States  Minister,- 
City  of  Mexico, 
Mexico . 

Slr:  X  „ouid  ~ry  -*  t.  ^  ' 

0B  ffie  Mineral  resource*  of  Mexico.  I  ae.ire  to  learn  «  °re  o 
OoOal.  U  fowa  in  Mexico ,  .Me  Piece  •»*  »»«••  «  *“ 

w  wi.=  to  oMtain  date  for  a  co-.rclal  .r„e»».  . 

Yours  truly,  . 


Sept.  18,  1905. 

Gapt.  0.  W.  Miller, 

Edison,  N.  J.  ' 

Dear  Sir: 

Collect  about  5  lbs.  of  old  tailings  from  different  parts 
of  the  dump,  also  2  or  3  lb.  of  rook  v/here  it  shows  green  copper 
like  color,  also  collect  l/2  lb.  of  each  kind  of  rock  found  up  there. 
Do  not  take  it  all  from  one  place,  but  chip  off  pieces  of  the  same 
jelnd  of  rock  from  different  places  to  make  up  the  l/2  lb..  Put  each 
in  small  cotton  bag  and  note  in  bag  where  found.  Box  or  bag  the 
whole  in  big  bag  and  send  by  express.  Tie  the  little  bags  so  ore 
does  not  get  mixed. 

I  understand  Tom  Lang  is  Engineer  at  the  Zinc  Works, 
he  is  quite  a  Mineralogist.  Y/hen  you  get  time  tell  him  I  am  after 
Cobalt  and  that  1  got  a  sample  of  Manganeese  Wad  from  Eranklin  that 
was  quite  strong,  and  if  he  knows  where  the  deposit  is,  to  send  me 
samples  of  all  kinds  of  pyrites  and  rocks,  and  I  will  assay  them 
for  Cobalt,  and  if  I  find  anything  will  be  able  to  do  business  with 

Yours  truly, 

rs.  Denton,  Dunn  «  Boultbe< 

yours  of  the  15th  received.  Ky  people  can  not  understand 
why  in  view  of .  the  custom  in  vogue  of  permitting  delays  in  payments, 
even  now  recognized  hy  the  Department  in  their  notice  to  all  parties 
to  come  forward  and  pay  up,  why  we  should  he  singled  out  for  giving 
an  object  lesson,  especially  in  view  that  one  local  guide  employed 
hy  us  proved  treacherous,  also  in  vi ew  of  the  fact  that  we  were  not 
like  ordinary  prospectors  in  respect  to  finding  ore,  we  relying 
entirely  on  the  needle  and  diamond  drilling  to  make  our  discoveries. 

I  was  in  negotiation  for  a  2500  ft.  diamond  drill  to  do  some  deep 
drilling  at  Blezzard,  where  we  put  down  a  number  of  holes  some  1000 
ft.  deep  and  found  nothing.  It  was  our  idea  that  this  form  of 
prospecting  would  he  encouraged,  and  lulled  into  a  sense  of  security 
by  a  custom  long  in  vogue .of  deferred  payments  acquiesced  in  hy  the 
Department,  and  which  we  respected  in  our  prospecting.  We  did 
not  pay  promptly  because  there  was  no  evidence  of  ore,  except  the 
needle  in  9  out  of  10  places,  and  in  the  best  place  not  20  feet  area 
of  stained  rock.  I  helieve  the  department  is  correct  in  stopping 
this  abuse  of  deferred  payments  and  tieing  up  the  land,  but  my  people 
think  they  have  received  unjust  treatment  in  view  of  the  custom  in 
vogue,  and  they  fear  politics  interferes  in  Canada  the  same  as  it 

•C  ata&d; *-'•  't! j, 


#2.  D.  B.  &  B. 

does  in  this  Country,  consequently  withdraw. 

Some  day  I  hope  personally  to  settle  the  question  if  there 

is  or  is  not  ITickel  deposits  away  from  the  contacts  and  very  deep 

_  Yours  very  truly, 

down . 

Sept.  19',  1905. 

Foote  Kineral  Co., 

Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Bear  Sirs: 

Can  you  furnish  ».  1th  lA  »•'  °£ 

nr  chloritio  Slats,  Clay  Slat.,'  Mica  BdSt.,  Serpentine,  Augite, 
Oillyene  and  yarietie.  of  the  a—,'  and’Woi.  roch.  ep.hen  °£  »■ 

cnlugid  irorh..  I  already  hay.  a  ooll.oti.n  of  dneiee  and  sr.nit.e 
YouPb  truly, 

Sept.  25,1905. 


Sept.  26,  1905. 

P.  L .  Y/arren,  Esq., 

o/o  Congress  Consolidated  Mines  Co.,  Ltd., 
Congress,  Ariz. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  20th  inst.,  heg  to  state  that 
Cohalt  does  not  always  color  the  crucible.  Cohalt  is  more  generally 
distributed  than  is  generally  believed.  I  am  finding  it  out  in  one 
case  out  of  six  in  certain  parts  of  Re w  York,  Pennsylvania  and 
Maryland,  from  samples  sent  in  by  operators,  but  so  far  just  below 
paying  quantities.  I  know  of  the  Canadian,  but  the  ore  is  cornered 
by  a  Trust. 

I  remember  Kennan  and  also  Geo.  Everett,  who  was  an 

operator  at  Korwalk . 

Yours  truly, 



Theo.  B.  Starr,  Esq,, 

Eadison  8q.,  West, 

Kindly  charge  lira.  Lewis  Wilier,  Oak  l’lace,  Akron,  Ohio 
with  Pearl  &  Liamond  Ding  §70.00,  August  -23,  1905,  and  deduct  same 
from  my  account;,  and  oblige, 

F.  S.  Send  "bill  direct  to  her  for  the  above. 


\y E Sept.  29,1 

Vim.  K.  Bobertson,  Bsq., 

3137  Lucas  A ve . , 

St.  Louis,  j'o. 

Dear  Sir: 

Ym„  of  tie  25  th  received.  Karine  nothine  further  «  < 

Wlth  the  manufacture  of  Incandescent  lamps,  would  you  « 

0-ra»l..«  with  «-s  O.ner.1  meotrlc  Co.  of  Harrison,  ».  2.  «* 

place  this  matter  before  them, 

yi'  Yours  truly, 


Sept/'M,  1905. 

X,.  Hewitny ,  Esq.,  |/ 

729  Bldg., 

Denver,  Colo. 

xar  sir!  w *  *  25t,  -  —  “  -zzrxz 
««.  -  - » —> — — 
..ii  *  «*  «-—“*•  'b,°  “0  80  „  „<*  «■ -  « 


send  a  man  to  loofc  it  over.  there  is  a 

ln  UP  1 

rolo  hut  nothing  seems  to  hav 

0— — “  — 7 0 otMr  c-11 — 

-  -*  “■ ™  i"r: ... — — -  -  *• 

x  use  some  Cobalt  i  .  and  he  free 

..  that  I  can  v/ortc  myself  ana 

-  -  —  —  -  ~  -- 
from  paying  Dlg  y 

and  I  .111  **uuif“r  C0’”lt- 



John  Morris,  Ssti. , 

Hotel  Hitshue, 

Reistertown,  Kd. 

Hear  Sir: 

Some  of  your  bags  have  no  numbers  on  outside  and  your 
initials  are  very  indistinct.  Get  good  stencil  or  cut  one  yourself 
and  see  that  initials  and  numbers  are  bold  and  black.  Be  sure  and 
make  full,  notes  of  place  where  sample  taken;  one  of  your  samples  has 
a  fair  amount  of  Cobalt  and  will  let  you  know  soon  how  much.  Be  sure 
and  sample  all  varieties  of  country  rock  as  well  as  mines  and  mine 
dumps.  She  counter  will  not  be  necessary  if  you  guess  closely  at 
mileage  and  note  position  by  a  fence,  house  or  barn,  and  about  the  number 
feet  from  some  object,  no  your  notes  will  be  full  enough  to  permit 
you  to  relocate  without  any  doubt,  any  sample.  You  might  note  where 
sample  is  from  a  mine,  etc.,  who  the  owner  is  and  if  the  outcrop  is 
exposed.  The  character  of  foot  and  hanging  wall,  width  vein  or  miner¬ 
alized  part,. how  long  it  goes  on  the  strike,  etc 
Yours  truly, 

P.  s.  We  only  take  l/4  of  each  piece 
so  3/4  of  the  rock  is  saved. 

in  the  bag  'and  crush  this 

Sept.  30,  1905. 



C°  (3.  itUdciiMim 

few  C Hi/adtlfU U-fc’A-.e 


iauvr^jxk^  Ai^^Awi 

//rc>  6cn4^^t  @<r$raJLl\  &&&  ?t*-*JU\  cu\a 

nJLwmX'UM'-*' - J!  ,  <7  ,, 

^Ct/  art>  'tij  COuu^iA.  c'aJL  Otrlrn.ih jOM  h.<-jJLk  Oi*\cL fiM*'Ly 
kacL.  Oo  r/*  •%  >4  <4  <*  ^ 

U  ^  eL  1  A~*  i*  f  f~»4.  «*>•**"  ^ 

\r  a r 

Uu,  .(Uiew  uriu.'  JLcnn^  /  t  ,,  ^  ^favegu 

uM,  tu  cLju*Ji.n™  bka,  tfy  y. 

Ani  Ct.  no.-du™bo.u  cnM^, 

M  w  »-  r&fr  *; 

«4  "n,  '>7^  bf&rec  ir 

J  fyvud <UUv*t*^ 

Oct.  2,  1905. 

S.  S.  Smith,  Esq., 

Garland,  Ga. 

Dear  Sir: 

Only  send  pieces  about  Walnut  size,  one  of  each  kind.  Tie 
the  number  to  the  peice  with  a  3tring  and  pack  box  or  bag  so  sam¬ 
ples  will  not  rattle.  Look  out  for  dark  pyrites  as  the  dark  variety 
of  arsenical  pyrites  generally  contain  cobalt .  The  weather  on  the 
surface  staining  the  rook  a  peach  blossom  color,  and  this  is  almost 
a  certain  indication  of  Cobalt. 

Yours  truly, 

OotoBer  2,  1905. 


'  VI 

'V  \ 

D.  B.  Riser,  Esq., 

Rendalia,  Ala. 

Bear  Sir: 

Should  line  mere  samples.  Cobalt  occurs  some  «»"»  ln 
Hite  and  yellcw  write.  In  conneotion  with  Sulphur,  tut  .ore  gen¬ 
erally  in  very  dark  write,  containing  areenlo.  The -weather 
time  a  deeomposes  the.  and  the  reek  ha,  a  hlo.eo»  eeler.  Send 
chunks  about  the  alee  of  a  walnut  of  each  kind  of  rock,  put  a  number 

WUUUW  auwwu  - 

on  each  well  secured  by  a  string,  then  put  then  all  in  a  little  bow 
or  bag  and  forward  by  mil.  Consult  the  postmaster  »=  to  the  best 


Should  any  of  your  samples  be  found  to  show  a  Mr  a»ount 
of  cobalt  will  notify  you  so  you  can  secure  for  yourself  a.  option 
from  owners  of  land,  then  I  will  inve.tig.te,  -  if  satl.fantory 
we  will  do  some  Business. 

Yours  truly, 


H.  IT.  V/ilson,  Esq., 

Harleyshurg,  Ont., 

please  collect  a  lot  of  series  ,1th  Cobalt  Hoorn.  I  ■» 
.ending  out  samples  of  or.  of  Cobalt  to  different  parties  so  they 
Sill  to„  Shat  to  looh  for  and  I  a.  short  of  Bloom,  fh. 
samples  can  he  thin  l/8  to  l/4  aim.  and  lA  -*  spnare.  Os.  a 
couple  of  pounds. 

you  better  send  a  eener.l  sample  of  the  eap.eed  reel. 
Campbells  lot,  as  -  hare  very  delioate  tested  conld  eh.n  if  « 
traces  of  cobalt,  by  sir  line.  fro.  any  point  sample.  — 
east,  west,  north  and  south,  and  th.y  shored  more  and  more  Cobalt  < 
^  reoesded  of  approached  a  certain  point,  it  mould  indicate 

flbat  direction  to  look  for  the  vein.  ^ _ 

Yours  truly. 

Chas.  H,  DearicV-.-Eeq,. , 
Covington,  Va. 

Having  already  employed  a  man  for  i 
tised,  I  return,  you  herewith  your  photograph 
Yours  truly, 

for  the  position  as  adver- 

Prank  T.  Wyman,  Esq., 

Manchester,  Vt. 

Pear  Sir: 

Replying  to  your,  of  the  12th  of  Sept,  in  regard  to  po.ltlo, 

heg  to  .tat.  that  I  .ill  giro  ir™  ■  ”“«>* 

„rt,  .tarting  »t  *lS.°°  P"  <"=“  «  »»“  "»*'*  ','i'0re  0°*°Mr  ,tt’ 
Yours  truly, 


Harleysburg,  Ont., 

Dear  Sir : 

I  am  at  a  loss  to  know  the  "best  policy  regarding  Cobalt, 
jiy  present  impression  is  that  if  there  is  a  likelyhood  of  discovering 
more  deposits  up  there,  that  I  better  not  do  anything.  Next  year 
there  will  be  about  ten  times  more  Cobalt  for  sale  than  there  is  a 
market  for,  consequently  the  prices  will  all  go  to  pieces.  Those 
who  have  only  Cobalt  will  make  nothing,  as  the  Silver  bearing  company 
people  will  be  able  to  sell  their  Cobalt  for  a  song,  if  they  get  a 
good  price  for  the  Silver.  Regarding  the  Campbell  proposition,  as 
you  say  he  has  only  12  days,  it  is  entirely  too  short  a  time  to  do 


You  better  get  samples  of  all  kinds  of  rock  around  the  Co¬ 
balt  area,  Ditrlte,  Diabasi,  Calcite,  Slate,  etc.,  also  of  wall 
rock  and  or%,  and  locally  of  all  known  deposits  as  well  as  owners, 
and  the i_r  address,  so  next  spring  I  will  be  able  to  know  all  the 
mine  ft  and  to  whom  I  can  get  ore  from.  Mr.t  shipment  of  samples 

Yours  truly, 


Oct.  4,  1905. 

H.  K.  Wilson,  Esq., 

Canada . 

Dear  Sir: 

The  Leith  people  have  offered  me  their  mine  and  40  acres 
for  $75,000.00  cash.  They  dont  seem  to  have  enough  faith  to  spend 
a  little  money  to  prove  up  vftiat  they  got.  VJhat  is  your  opinion  as 
to  the  comparative  value  of  the  Leith  and  the  Green  as  to  Cohalt, 
quantity  and  prospects.  I  would  go  $25,000  for  a  Cohalt  mine  if  it 
showed  up  a  reasonable  amount  of  Cohalt,  hut  not  more  as  there  is 
going  to  he  a  tremendous  glut  of  Cohalt  next  year  and  total  known 
consumption  not  over  250  tons  anually. 

Tasses  minerals  only  show  traces  of  Cohalt  and  is  S.  G. 

for  us.  .  ; 

Yours  truly, 

2nd  lot  of  samples  received. 

Bhat  ft*bout  Cobalt?  Can  you  ±et  m 
You  never  answered  iny  last  lette 
ill  prepared  to  take  care  of  me, 

■  mercies  of  a  glutted  Cobalt  ore 
Yours  truly, 


D.  B.  Ely,  Esq. , 

5  Nassau  St., 

New  York. 

Bear  Sir: 

Yours  of  the  5th  inst.  regarding  automobile  passenger 
service  in  I'ontclair  received.  As  I  am  generally  at  ray  Laboratory 
every  day,  would  be  pleased  to  have  you  call  to  talk  matters  over. 
Before  coming  I  would  advise  you  to  telephone  so  as  to  be  sure  that 
I  am  here.  Yours  truly. 

Oct.  6,  1905. 

J.  L .  Eredericks,  Esq., 

Sec.  Outing  Club, 

Harrison,  N.-  J. 

„„  sir;  Yours  .of  th.  5th  that.  resardin8  th.  a.*t  Outin*  t.  he 
Mld  Oct.  a.  1905  rao.iv.d,  ropiyins  to  s»o  .1*  to  .ay  that 
it  i.  at  all  J.0..1WL.,  I  ™doayor  to  h.  pro.eht. 

Yours  truly, 

Oct.  9,  1905. 

Milan,  Erie  Co., 

».  Edison  Ban  turned  over  to  ».  «  deed  for  none  property 
Which  he  h>s  purohnsed  in  Mil™,  for  m  to  have  it  rsoorded.  As  I 
do  not  know  Where  to  .end  »»».,  if  you  onn  give  «  any  infomation 
to  When,  and  where  it  should  he  ad.  reseed,  it  will  he  very  much  appr 


9,  1905, 

te  that  the 
on  and  mental 



;ion  regarding  Col 


come  to  any  "business  ui 
the  Toronto  news  of  KQJ 
tion  on  the  market  pos: 
is  the  retail  price  to 
of  the  yearly  contract 

,5,  you  will  get  a  lot  of  informa- 
>alt.  -Regarding  nickel,  40  cents 
aners,  a  price  greatly  in  excess 

large  consul* 


Oct.  10,  1906. 

Dear  Sir: 

Dr.  W.  Gill  Wylie, 

28  W.  40th  St . , 

I  understand  our  people  are  figuring  with  you  for  a  lot 
of  Portland  Cement.  The  present  prices  are  below  the  cost  of 
actual  production,  so  you  have  struck  the  proper  moment  for  "buying. 

If  you  close  with  our  people,  I  want  you  to  specify  that  "before 
shipment  a  test  "beam  shall,  be  made  with  the  actual  concrete  mixture, 
as  used  in  practice  and  of  the  same  character  as  put  up  at  Atlantic 
City,  which  beam  shall  be  put  up  at  the  Works  and  tested  to  destruction 
in  your  presence,  or  any  one  you  desighate,  and  that  the  strength 
shall  be  satisfactory  to  yourself.  If  you  desire  we  will  also  make 
test  beams  of  any  other  brdnd  of  cement  you  may  furnish  us,  and 
with  whom  you  are  figuring,  all  at  our  expense.  Whatever  the  beam 
shOWB,  we  "Will  guarantee  to  furnish  cement  of  the  same  character. 

These  test  beams  give  the  cement  k  chance  to  tell  its  own 
story,  and  they  will  sihbw  our  statements  correct.  ^ 

Yours  truly,  jj| 


L.  C.  ^Wf  SMm 

PrQ(|  Ad**®8  Express  Co., 

^roadway,  S'-  Y* 

My  Dear 

tfha  reason  j  -can  not  produce  "batteries  is  that  I  have  been, 
and  am  ^  gr^atly  delayed  in  getting  ray  buildings  and  machinery 
ready,  to  have  some  ready  in  midwinter.  This  country  is 

too  4^  prosperous,  «very  shop  is  full  of  orders  and  I  can't  get 
anythl^Lnc  v/ithin  3  months  of  the  time  of  ordering.  Have  you 
ordered  ^  *Hb*a»*t  Sou  promised  before  you  closed,  that  I  should 
haT®  a  <W>«*  t°  criticise  the  drawings.  There  are  certain  things 
about  th  re<7*Ptacle  ?°r  'tJre  "batteries  that  I  want  carried  out  in 
tue  *  '  -^at  viH  tend  to  a  very  dong  l«e  to  the  batteries. 

I  honest!^  1  ttan  deXi"rer  a  reasonal3le  amount  °f  tatterieB 

*  »ai  you  ixave  the  vehicles  ready?  -Are  you  going  down 

tt>  the 

Oct.  10,  1905. 

H.  M.  Wilson,  Esq*  i 

Haileybury,,  Ont., 


Iiear  Sir: 

I  am  willing  to  gamble  one  thousand  dollars  in  two  places, 
(i..)  in  ...  place  «*  -other  41,000  in  »  »°*“W 

for  l/ard  interest', J  toe  money  all  t.  *.  used  f«r  promoting  under 

your  dlreotlon,  Us)  you  W  «■  »°"ey  out  “eKLy  f°r 
labor  that  I  »  to  bate  enough  Cobalt  or.  to  giy.  10,00  Ibo^  per  » 
at  oL  of  »ini»8  «  *!»!«,  toe  balance  .»  O.bult,  «.»!,  Silver 
to  be  Bold  to  Others  for  our  mutual  account. 

Sow  Wilson  go  i»«  thins  and  »«  yo"f  °™  I**”*"*' 

just  as  if  it  -  youf  «  «*  M,**r  **  “  flr*1  " 

'  in  host  showing  -  wait  until  to,  last  .mate  to  Plate  to,  oooo. 

If  you  want  money  telegram  through  Bo.ton  to  send  41,000  an 

..  on  Bank  Qf  Montreal,  or  such  bank  as  has  branch  there, 
send  draft  on  Bank  &  nave  contracts 

In  your  telegram  mention  «  an  .  &n  ^  re<luire- 

with  to.  people  properly  dr.™  up,  and 

-  -  - — -  - 

Of  the  Stuff  »ined>  see  that  P 

o^toinS  -.  to  toow  that  it  is  a  worhingjoine— under  -to. 

Yours  .tr-uly, 


Oct.  11,  1905. 

l»r#  Albert  V.  j0hJ*ston,  Pres., 
jtolerlc«.n  jrickel  Worto^ 

23  Exchange  Place,  N.  Y. 

W  s6'ri 

From  my  experiments  with  arsenical  ores  made  years  ago,  I. 
tW"*  y°U  n0t  have  s«o0th  sailing  with  the  Temeskming  ores, 

t  t~’3riink  is  plenty  0:'  trouble  ahead  for  you  yet.  I  have 

r»ur  ^  WOrkine  °n  a  procefJs  and  I  only  see  a  little  daylight,  in 
the  ^«^ti,ne  is  there  any  objection  to  *>y  buying  a  few  tons  of  ore 
r«V  °r  others.  I  bought  50  tons  from  Bolivia,  but  that 

WUi  nv*  arrlVe  i°r  SODle  tlBle*  1  ha’re  been  buying  oxide  from  the 
*&**<*,  paying  $2.50,  vfcich  is  a  rather  rapid  encroachment 
°*  s^ored  health-  I  can  not  very  well  leave  my  experiments  to 
Tew  Yorjj,  can’t  you  COjne  out  some  day  when  you  have 'ennui. 
Yours  truly,  ..——*7 


John  Lovelock,  Esq. , 

Lovelock,  ITev, 

Dear  Sir: 

Are  you  still  the  owner  of  some  Cobalt  ancl  Nickel  claims, 
and  do  you  want  to  sell2  I  am  not  a  speculator  but  want  Hickel  and 
Cobalt  ore.  Are  you  in  position  to  send  me  a  general  sample  of  your 
mine,  and  guarantee  that  the  mine  will  produce  equal  to  the  samples, and 
name  a  real  bottom  rock  price  that  you  will  take  in  cash-  1  want  to 
deal  in  an  honest  way  and  not  have  to  go  through  a  lot  of  wild  spec¬ 
ulative  statements,  send  experts  and  be  dissapointed,  x  have  had 
enough  of  that  kind  of  business. 

Yours  truly,  - - 


J.  P.  Smith,  Esq., 

Wail  &  Express  Co., 

Wew  York. 

Dear  Sir: 

On  June  19th  last  there  was  paid  you  $200.00  for  represe 
tation  in  "Men  of  Affairs,"  published  by  your  company,  and  for  vshi 
I  was  also  to  receive  a  copy  of  the  book.  Having  no  record  of  it 
ever  being  received  at  my  office,  kindly  inform  me  if  has  already 
been  forwarded  and  if  so,  where  and  to  whom  w as 
Yours  truly, 

it  delivered? 

tOct.  IX,  1905. 

Port  layers,  Pla. 
Dear  Sir: 

I  enclose  you  herewith  a  letter  received  from  Hr.  Philip 
Isaacs.  Mr.  Edison  has  agreed  to  loan  him  the  old  phonograph  at  the 
Laboratory,  and  have  written  him  to  that  effect.  As  soon  as  he  calls 
you  can  turn  it  over  and  see  that  it  is  returned  after  the  fair. 
Yours  truly, 

Mr.  Philip  Isaacs, 

Port  Myers  Press., 

Port  Myers,  Pla. 

Dear  Sir: 

Yours  of  the  7th  inst.  received.  Begarding  the  old  phono - 
grpah  for  exhibition  at  the  State  Pair,  beg  to  state  that  I  have 
written  my  man,  Mr.  Stulpner  at  Port  Myers  and  instructed  him  to  le- 
vou  have  the  machine  when  you  called. 



Cot.  12,  1905. 

John  Morris,  Esq.., 

West  Minster,  Md. 

Dear  Sir: 

you  tetter  .rite  <nm,er  of  Kemington  and  icing  mine,  end  ** 
he  .ill  tmce  tor  them,  that  you  Hay.  teen  iron  mining  end  thin 
th.t  if  you  oould  get  them  rea.onahle,  you  might  WoJWopper. 

Yours  truly, 

yPct.  12,  1905. 

3  ' 

X.  M.  Wilson,  Esq., 

Haileybury,  Ont., 


Dear  Sir: 

I  wrote  you  yesterday  that  I  would  gamble  in  the  two  dif¬ 
ferent  prospects  to  the  extent  of ($1,000.00)  one  thousand  dollars 
each.  I  write  this  letter  to  say  that  X  leave  it  entirely  to  your 
judgement,  as  to  the  properties  and  the  bargain.  Do  the  best  you 
can  in  the  bargain.  Perhaps  you  better  not  say  anything  about  giving 
the  Silver,  but  buy  the  proportion  of  interest  outright  without  any 
strings  to  it,  also  put  in  a  clause  that  in  case  the  parties  after 
having  expended  the  money  and  shown  up  Cobalt  in  mining 
that  If  they  do  not  mine  hittin  •  ShaU  “ 

rl8ht  to  min.  to  the  extent  of  one  or  t.o  ten.  of  *Ki„pl»8  ore  daily. 

alee  if  yon  can  huy  the  ^  ““  ^ 

,a  ete.  m  other  words  protect  yourself  for  the 

in  the  other  parts. 

i't  stop  us  getting  the  < 

::  r:;:  ~ •  -  *-*-  * ir°perty 

;et  Cohalt  if  found. 


H.  HIT.  Wilson ,  Esq., 

Haileybury,  Ont., 


Dear  Sir: 

Buctaiells  mine  gives  fair  OoDalt  in  the  Calcite  where  low 
grade,  hie  gangue  would  need  crushing  and  concentration.  See  how 
much  interest  you  could  acquire  in. the  mine,  providing  you  furnish 
him  from  time  to  time  money  for  developing  only  the  mine  to  the  ex¬ 
tent  of  one  thousand  dollars.  The  piece  you  sent  which  you  thought 

was  Bismuth  is  Bismuth  all  right. 

Your  Bo.  SO.  The  fihroue  -tuff  in  a  sort  of  Born  blende, 
the  rook  e.»«ays  l/B  of  one  per  oout  Cohal,,  which  i.  about  the  earns 
a.  all  the  rook,  around  there  eho.,  and  proves  that  even  .her.  you 
got  the  sample ,  there  t.  a  lik.lyhood  of  Cludlnd  a  yoin  of  Cobalt. 

Wherever  'you  find  a  elate  or  other  rook  outcrop,  e.ud  Hr 
pies  and  I  .ill  a.aay.  If  the  oountry  rook  goes  a  little  higher 
than  UBUal  in  Cohalt,  you  may  he  sure  there  i.  «  vein  near. 

Also  Bee  .hat  the  French  Canadian,  .ho  ha.  a  claim  on 

Saaaginega  Luke  .ill  sell  -  -*.»•*  for,  if  -  ««  — ’ 
raent  money  to  extent  of  1000  dollars.  I  think  -  can  do  best  by 
tensing  —  of  money  to  poor  ,«en  to.develope  their  claim, 

and  pay  government  fee.  for  an  in  the  mine,  rather  than 
U  a  mine.  »  -  —  an  interest  in  several  claim,  time  W 
and  see  that  the  money  .e  furnished  1.  need  solely  to  dev.  ope, 

y/f  ©-cxva  sjot 


Slfptt  IAS  Ce> tvito.  , 


1  a*wwn««;1il'5f ^cakrfdVeni  U>C#>  co^  of  tfte  frndfjwfro.?- 
Ott  CenWttf  Mfijfcm*,  cvnd  'ffeci/vtK 

Jtcixti  wucft  wCTaiuwC;  cvv»&CoYW^«£ud*2i 

tfiu.  wp<mlf»!  e^enenof  Oitcefentt  of'VCi.'TctfC  cvr\d  <Acdc- 
ty^  w  'VitectPeoo'lo  J\«$f *^om.'*^.olTT[  Jvxue.  .rtefenncd  wJR 
'wtXoitdrfo  lfv«  C&oJ^Cn-ft  «Aft<a?Mr»e^  Wlewtfion  aw»s: 

VUvXoc n*«¥  <xdof£on  of  tfce  >^<vvv<^c*vd^fe./vv^T 
^tK&Jke-pcrfti  <**z  c^Tof**^ 

*<**»«•  *W<*  fee  <vnor^'  tw*HiT 

CovtSa  fee  cr&t^VneJ.  ofrnort  fri^cnX  vvOSrvoJk. 

«vn  .bfWU^  * 

Stats-.  H“~*  < ”*- 

S»t— *  -?■ 

foe<xn  vw>  cW  <*  e~=*  S*f»  ** 

^cci^^Tevv^  €*»X* 

clfc^^^v^.4^  **<“*•* 

erf  d><me“ 

l^euut*  '^Je%^r  - 1  _ 

S fjf  >.  #4  ..*  . 


*  iJQcow*  blM 

\J^***t  *fce >««<«« A  -'$1^  <mC?c^*  wi  <*~'4* 

^  ^  ^ — ~"<!r'««**-J  lr  ***  ^fHr*  *fe)  “*  ^ 

^  w  «.  ^  v~«**  -f e^  ^,ok‘f 

C^ur  ^vUk-fc.  «•— *•*  l~“ 

w— wfc'r**"  *  —  *  *"*“ ’-a~~ 

I  ....  u.  YC.-W-  ?«*•"  *‘*bA" 


Oct .  17,  1905. 

'ear  Sir:  „ 

X  am  sending  you  under  separate  cove!  - 

auot* **  —*“»*■«  *n,t  °MU'  ™ 

,troM.  Hard  ’Sad*  m0Bt  C°’°81*" 

Yours  truly , 

you  to  recognize  it. 

>,  sample  of  the  Hard 
Boehn  8"  vein  Has 
will  find  it  there 
This  sample  will  aid 


B.  Myers,  ***•» 

State  Collese.  ?a" 

ear  Sir:  of  the  12th  inet.  in 

Replying  to  y  industry  heg 

.  al  &  Hetallursi°al 

he  Rlectrochem  r Rental. 

.  mfiCtrolytio  and.B*P«  _ 

answer  to  my  add  i 
to  state  that  the 


/  . 



JOct,  18th, 1905, 

S.  Bergmann,  Esq. , 

23-32  Oudenarder  Str., 

Berlin,  Germany. 

My  dear  Bergmann 

Your  favor  of  the  2nd  inst.  has 
"been  received  enclosing  agreement  in  duplicate  "between 
the  Deutsche  Edison  Accumulatoren  Company  and  myself,  and 
I  have  signed  the  agreements  and  beg  to  enclose  one  copy 
herewith,  retaining  the  other  copy  for  my  own  use. 


H.  M.  Wilson,  Esq. , 

Haileybury,  Ont., 

Dear  Sir: 

I  think  the  smelter  project  will  fail.  Of  all  the  ores 
known,  Arsenical,  Silver,  Cohalt  and  Nickel  ores  arc  hy  far  the 
hardest  to  work;  they  are  the  despair  of  the  most  highly  endowed 
.  metaa.'iaji«<i4-^t .  The  Nickel  Trust  have  got  some  of  the  best  men  from 
Germany,  they  have  been  working  night  _.and  its  only  recently 

that  with  all  tllwfeP  and  knowledge,  they  have  devised  a 

poor  and  expensive  process  to  work  the  ores, and  the  great. 

If  expense  is  entirely  regarded  there  is  no  troupe  to  work  the  ore. 

X  thl’nk  onr  present  plan  of  helplns  poor  prospootor.  for  «n, 
which  letter  is  »o  safe  dhard.d ,  that  wo  shell  here  e  mini,™.  »oo»t 
of  ore  »t  cost  of  minine,  end  so  attended  that  if  they  fell  to  work, 

we  can  take  our  minimum  out  free  of  claims.  - 

Yours  truly, 


-E»  3),  Caste rline,  J3sq., 

Kennett  Square, 


Dear  Sir: 

You  better  quit  Chester  County,  ffe  have  no  luck  at  all. 

J  Jiave  had.  a  man  down  in  Carroll  County  and  also  near  Pinksburg,  and 
he  is  setting  some  very  fair  results  in  the  mineralized  zone,  so  here¬ 
after  keep  in  the  mineralized  helts.  Go  to  the  Serpentine  Barrens 
and  after  that  I  shall  probably  want  you  to  go  South  frpm  Washington 
and  follow  the  mineralized  belt.  I  am  getting  sour  on  Gneiss Our 
best  way  is  to  follow  contact/a,  mineralized  belts  and  Wad.  C--- 
Answer  if  you  understand. 

Yours  truly, 

Qgt.  18,  1905. 

ST  aril:  35.  Stoneman,  Esq., 

North  American  lead  Co., 

Columbus,  0. 

Dear  Sir-: 

You  are  w.rong  about  the  Toro«^  article.  You  should  take 
the  local  paper  Te^eakanirf.  Ontario.  So  far  there  have  been  dis¬ 
covered  29  mines’.  con fining  Cobalt  and  Nickel,  and  some  with  Silver, 
but  mostly  Cobalt,  and  they  are  heing  discovered  at  the  rate  of  one 
to  two  per  ws->k.  Some  of  them  have  veins  from  3"  to  10"  of  solid 
Cobalt ite.  The  mine  owned  by  the  two  Professors  of  the  University 
of  Wisconsin,  assay  27  per  cent  of  Cobalt;  The  Nickel  Trust  are  loaded 
up  to  the  muzzle  with  ore  in  New  York  and  are  buying  no  more  except 
on.  an  old  contract,  and  there  is  going  to  be  litigation  over  this. 

'fhey  have  had  the  best  Metallurgist  on  devising  a  process  to  econom¬ 
ically  work,  the  ores  and  obtain  a  high  saving.  Obey  claim  now  they 
have  got  a  fair  process,  but  I  have  been  unable  to  buy  any  metallic 
Cobalt  from  them  as  yet.  There  is  no  doubt  that  these  arsenical 
or,,  are  or  tW  MotolWofe,  I  W»Xf  Peon  "«■*»« 

.its  a.ol'.taoto  ...  the.  and  ean  not  ..  jet  »*e  a  U4S 

ooou<»i<»13y.^  ^  e^y  o»W«rod  to  the  ar.onto.l  oroo, 

«  an*  irouPX.  roar  or.,  i.  to.  «ry  1-  ’  ™ 

ZZZ  X  oan  not  wort  matte.  Aa  soon  aa  I  set  through  ok- 
:  “X  .XX  «.  difforent  Adndo  of  nro,  X  »UX  lW  xou 

I  have  used  up  nearly  all  of  140,  so  you  better  pick  stock 
pile  and  sort  ore  into  heavy  and  light,  and  send  samples  ,  also  go 

into  mine  itself  and  look  for  hard  Wad.  Don't  forget  the  Boehn  8" 


vein,  this  is  higher  grade  than  Ebbew  Vale  ore  and  tell  me  all  about 
the  8"  vein,  how  long  it  is,  outcrop  and  what  you  can  do  with  the 
farmer  about  prospecting  and  mineral  right. 

Yours  truly, 

Arthur  M.  Beaupre,  Esq., 

Arn^r.  Envoy  Extraordinary  &  Minister  Plenipotentiary, 
Buenos  Aires,  Argentine  Republic. 

S  I  R  :  - 

I  have  been  very  aftjch  annoyed  hy  extensive 
advertising  in- the  Argentine  Republic  of  a  so-called  "Electric 
Plaster",  which  is  evidently  put  before  the  public  as  one  of 
njy  inventions.  Many  of  these  advertisements  have  reached  the 
United  States  and  have  been  brought  to  ray  attention.  The 
plaster  in  question  mo  not  invented  by  me  and  I  strongly  ob¬ 
ject  to  the  use  of  my  name  and  photograph  in  connection  there¬ 
with.  As  a  sample  of  the  advertisements  in  question,  I  call 
your  attention  to  the  issue  of  "Caras  y  Caretas"  of  July  15th, 
1905,  the  advertisement  appearing  on  the  back  of  the  cover. 

Prom  this  advertisement  it  would  appear  that  the  plasters  were 
manufactured  and  sold  by  Messrs.  Bauer  &  Black,  283  Twenty-fifth 
Street,  Chicago,  Ill.,  and  I  therefore  brought  the  matter  to  the 
attention  of  the  Post-office  authorities  at  Washington,  and 
requested  that  a  fraud  order  be  issued  against  this  concern. 

Messrs.  Bauer  &  Black,  however,  absolutely  disclaim  any  connec- 


No.  2  Arthur  Beaupre,  Eaq,. 

tion  "//< i/i  i’ll t?  objectionable  advertisements  and  state  that  it  is 
a  ::■•>  .ioo practice  in  South  America  for  large  drug  houses  deal¬ 
ing  .It-,  piasters  "to  buy  them  in  bulk  and  attach  such  printed 
matter  as  they  think  will  best  aid  them  in  selling  the  goods". 
Other  ad’/,  to  ~u. ich  my  attention  has  been  directed 
and  t'-r-  in  rhich  the  pi* ate  vs  arc  rice  ted  state  that  the 

plasters,  :  -uunsti  .,,1  .-.,4  by  Messrs.  Bauer  &  Black  for 

Soldo ti  ,  Cstv. r.ri  ,  <-i>ue  &•.  Ola  .  of  Buenos  Aires,  and  I  presume 

this  latte;.-  sponsible  op .viom  in  the  matter.  My 

purpose,  therefor* ,  ir  '■  in-  :  -r  to  see  whether  some¬ 

thing  cannot  be  do ..Ho  Argmr  ■  authorities  to  have  this 
obj  actionable  use  rune  stopped,  •  only  because  such  use 

is  object!  enable  p  •  .  ?.y  to  me,  "  rir.cipally  because  it 

Is  false  and  •  •'  the  public  must  necessarily  be  im¬ 

posed  upon.  l;i  if  i ted  States,  an  you  know,  the  use  of  the 
mails  is  prebi  ti  1--  .  •  oncer-. s  doing  a  fraudulent  business, 

but  I  dc  no c  -  thin  could  be  dons  in  South  America. 
However,  I  shall  v.ry  much  appreciate  any  efforts  that  you  may 
make  in  reference  to  this  matter,  and  am  - 


Howard  Edison  Miller,  Esq.,  Sec., 

International  Syndicate, 

Baltimore,  Kd. 

Bear  Sir: 

Your  letter  having  "been  mislaid  otherwise  would  have 
answer  you  sooner.  I  an  afraid  if  these  newspaper  people  kept 
on  with  their  eulogistic  talk,  that  I  shall  get  a  swelled  head, 
which  you  are  well  aware  is  unbecoming  and  dangerous. 

I  thank  you  very  much  for  sending  the  article  and  hope 
will  make  a  success  of  your  bureau,  which  you  surely  will  if  you 
peg  away  at  it  and  never  let  up. 

Yours  truly, 

"olp.oy-  wad  next  to  quarts.  Give  me  your  opinion  as  to  prospect* 
o.f  Retting  the  wad  there  in  quantity.  Can  you  tel}  from  the  direc¬ 
tion  of  the  vein  if  it  It  likely  to  run  over  into  other  farms,  also 
if  it  runs  straight  from  its  known  position  either  way  and  extended 
across  both  farms,  how  long  would  it  he . 

You  better  take  option  to  purchase  farm  and  right  to 
prospect,  paying  anything  under  $50.00  to  both  farmers,  so  we  can 
,o  ah.aa  and  prospect.  Teleeraph  and  I  »«»*  >»»•*  « 

x  will  gamble  that  much. 


#2  R.  B.  c. 

Get  enough 

supply  others  with  i)ieces, 

I  mean  fanners 

who  have  the  prospecting  spirit. 

T .  E. 

Agent,  Adams  Express  Co. 
Spring  Grove,  Pa. 

Dear  Sir: 


Your  notice  of  the  26th  to  hand, 
to  John  Morris, to  West  Minster, 
Yours  truly, 

Kindly  forward  goods 
7£aryland,  and  oblige, 


John  Morris,  Esq. , 

West  Minster,  Kd. 

Bear  Sir: 

I  can  not  get  it.  clear  from  your  slips  who  owns  the  Ebbe- 
vale  deposit.  Please  state  who  owns  the  property,  who  leases  it,  who 
work?  it,  what  amount  is  shipped  monthly,  price  obtained,  who  buys 
it  and  what  use  the  purchasers  make  of  it?  Who  are  they,  what  do  they 
manufacture,  also  give  idea  of  the  amount  of  different  kinds  of  ore 
available  .  Are  the  people  who  are  working  it  making  money?  What 
royalty  do  they  pay?  ’That  is  minimum  amount  they  must  pay  on  prop¬ 
erty  to  hold  lease?  How  long  does  lease  run?  Is  there  much  ore 
in  open  pit  that  can  be  mined  without  going  under  ground?  Have  you 
been  underground?  Is  there  much  ore?  How  much  in  your  opinion  is 
there  available  underground?  Give  all  other  particulars ,  also  keep 
me  informed  about  Boehn  and  the  other  farm,  and  Josepheus  Onderdorff's 

place  . 

Yours  truly, 


'oot.  30,  1905. 

V/hen  you  prospect  the 

see  on  which  side  of  the 

quartz  ledge  the  wad  is  found.  I  have  an  Impression  that  circulating 
waters  carried  the  wad  in  solution  and  striking  the  inpenetratable 
quartz  seam  deposited  there.  You  will  probably  find  it  in  hunches 
along  the  sides,  some  places  showing  scarcely  any,  while  at  other 
places  there  will  he  quite  large  pockets.  There  may  he  pockets 

of  wad  in  the  soil  several  feet  from  the  Quartz.  I  notice  that 
the  wad  in  the  Quartz  from  Josephus  Onderdorff  is  in  the  Quartz 
itself  and  was  prohahly  originally  Yanganeese  spar.  In  the  samples 
from  Boehn  I  did  not  notice  any  in  the  quartz,  hut  you  being  on  the 
ground  could  notice  better. 

The  Onderdorff  and  Boehn  wads  are  far  superior  to  Ebbvale, 
■but  the  question  is  how  about  quantity. 


Chamber  of  Commerce, 

Yew  York  City,  Y.  Y. 

Dear  Sira: 

I  'beg  to  acknowledge  receipt  of  invitation  for  the  137th 
Annual  Banquet  of  the  Chamber,  hut  regret  to  say  that  owing 
the  fact  that  I  will  he  absent  from  Yew  York  on  Tuesday  ITcvemher 
21st,  1905  it  will  impossible  for  me  to  accept. 

Regretting  my  inability  to  he  present  and  thanking  you 

for  the  invitation,  X  remain,  truly> 

/'  Oct.  50,1905. 

Warren  Davey,  Esq., 

Chief  Engr.  Colgate  &  Co., 

Jersey  City,  Y.  J. 

Dear  Sir: 

Yours  of  the  24th  inst.  received.  The  gentleman  who  has 
charge  of  the  construction  of  my  new  concrete  building  is  Mr.  H.  I. 
Moyer  c/o  Edison  Phonograph  Works,  Orange,  Y.  J.  If  you  communicate 
with  him,  no  doubt  he  will  you  all  the  information  you  desire. 

Yours  truly, 

//  l/V' . ; 

John  Morris,  Esq., 

31,  1905. 

West  Kins ter, 


Pear  Sir: 

Send  description  of  each  number  of  the  Ebbvale  samples. 
The  slips  sent  have  got  so  dirty,  can't  read  them.  Put  slip  noose 
when  you  tie  your  hags,  my  finger  nails  are  all  gone  picking  out 
knots,  also  put  your  number  below  your  initials,  then  will  not  have 
to  untie  bag  to  see  numbers,  also  make  a  bend  in  bag  and  tie  tag  in 
bend,  this  keeps  tag  clean. 

Yours  truly, 



Oct.  31,1905. 

John  Morris,  Esq.-, 

West  Minster,  v 


Dear  Sir: 

ITot  a  trace  of  Cobalt  in  Rockdale  Powder  Co.  deposit, 
yours  truly, 

7t  Clit  tfg. 



VJiJo  t:yy 

{yn (wu,/ 


iv  'AfOi*j!  fpwu* 

slyer,  the  Cobalt 

;ly  rich 

how  much 

ire  of  the  picked  variety  could  he  got.  out,  as  near  as  you  could 
uess.  You  say  the  title  is  good  on  Darby  mine.  X  cun  not  under¬ 
hand  how  they  got  good  title  of  mining  property  in, a  timber  reserve 
understand  nobody  has  a  right  to  prospect  on  a  timber  reserve,  and 
hat  if  they  did  clandestinely  find  a  deposit,  they  could  get  no 
atents  without  permission  of  the  owners  of  the  timber  right,  and 
wia  wouid  not  he  likely  as  mining  would  endanger  the  timber  by 


4,  1905. 

John  Korr: 

West  Minsti 

of  wad  from  float,  on  J 
Cohalt.  Bei 

quartz  with  spot! 

The  wad  itself  has  about  2/ 

,i»  can  s.t  a  ohanc.  «  pro.p.ct  and  find  th.  «in  to  . 

Would  like  about  10  lb .  of  140  if 
It  was  first  sample  sent  in  from 

if  it  can  be  got  in  quantity, 
yo.u  can  find  the  exact  place 

Yours  truly, 


7  ^  'cAtb 

2  lS~0 

JJov.  6,  1905, 

W.  H.  Wilson,  Esq. 

laileybury,  Ont, 


Dear  Sir: 

Bushnell  ore  0.  K.  for  Cobalt.  I  could’nt  deal  on  basis 
of  giving  five  thousand  cash  and  one  half  of  proceeds  of  sales.  At 
the  present  time  there  is  absolutely  no  market  for  Cobalt  and  there 
is  ’nt  likely  to  be.  The  Germans  have  completely  dropped  out  and 
the  Orford  Co.  or  trust  are  sick  of  the  vtfiole  business.  I  will 
gamble  only  $10,000  for  a  fair  mine  with  good  tile  and  pay  cash, 
and  that  is  all.  If 'you  think  it  unlikely  that  I  can  not  get  Darby 
Sr.  or  Jr.,  or  Bushnell,  etc.  for  that,  you  better  arrange  to  return. 
Want  you  to  go  down  in  Southern  States,  vfcich  I  have  reason  to  think 
have  more  Cobalt  than  10,000  such  mines  as  you  have  up  there. 

Yours  truly, 


S.  Mallory,  Esq.,  V.  P 

Portland  ement  Co, 

Stewartsville,  IT.  J 

Dear  Sir 

I  am  laying  out  :  plain  roll  and  I  think  I  can  get  oil  hath 
get  power  way  down  probably  Ooeff  of  friction  1  to 
14"  shaft  turned  down  to  12- inches,  every- 
.ring  and  mandril.  This 
im  of  bearing  and  a  big 
iverflows.  I  also  have  a 

oiling,  if  so 
50.  I  do  it  by  using 
where  except  where  it  passes  through  bes 
gives  me  a  bath  5/8  to  3/4  deep  in  botti 
overflow  pipe  set  up  5/8  to  3/4  so  oil  < 
packing  that  I  think  will  keep  dust  out 
I  am  also  laying  out  a  n ew  bai 
will  go  in  any  of  our  housings,  that  wi, 
wheels  locked  together  and  new  kind  sheave 
sheaves  on  hand  yet?  Got  2  draughtsmen  at  i 



John  Morris 


which  is  not  the  case  with  Kbbevaj.e  ore .  *  4.. 

and  ■«*  option  on  mineral  right  and  rl*t  to  prosit.  ** 
are  after  magnetic  iron  ore  and  manganeese .  The  ore  has  3 fi  o 

arsenic  so  its  no  good  for  anybody  else  and  that  may  he  reason  it 

was  never  worked.  How  much  of  a  vein  is  there?  How  wide  and  how 

l0«  ^  you  traoe  i«.  H  «* "  «  *ett'r  " 

8«i..  »io»s  -to  »d  S.t «««  ^ 11 1°”‘'’>1';.or„10„ir. 

THe  canoe,  are  that  »  „<*  prop-rty  «*«•  roreoL.ur. 

and  would  he  glad  to  get  their  money  hack. 

Yours  truly, 

S.  0.  Edison, 

Milan,  Ohi< 

_  Yours  Of  the  5th  inst.  received..  Regarding  the  necessariei 
you  need  for  the  house,  would  advise  that  you  make  up,  a  list  of 
exactly  what  you  re  quire,  ascertain  the  cost,  also  what  changes  are 
necessary  for  both  the  house  and  grounds  and  give  me  an  estimate 
of  the  cost,  forward  this  information  to  me  at  once  and  I  will 
advise  you  how  to  proceed. 

Both  the  house  and  furniture  are  insured,  so  you  will  have 
to  do  nothing  as  far  as  insurance  is  concerned. 

Yours  truly, 

E.  D.  Oasterline,  Esq., 

Vesuvius,  Va. 

Dear  Sir : 

Your  Manganeese  Y/ad  lTo.597  from  Elue  Black,  Augusta, Co. 
has  two  percent  Cohalt.  Please  see  if  it  is  in  quantity  and  how 
much  could  he  got.  Possibly  we  may  strike  a  process  for  working 
low  grade  wad  and  want  all  information  you  can  give.  Hereafter 
mark  on  card  a  little  more  information,  stating  if  small  or  large 
deposit,  if  probability  of  plenty  being  found,  also  state  ownership 
if  working  or  not  working,  and  other  information.  You  could  mail 
a  descriptive  letter  with  each  bag  of  sables. 

Yours  truly, 


■Tchn  ’"orris,  Esq. , 

V/ost  Minster,  j.?d, 
Bear  Cirs 

I  will  ship  needle  by  express. 

So  far  in  your  district  the  wad  stuck  to  the  quartz,  on 
Boehn's  place  it  is  the  best,  the  next  best  is  Ebbvale  140,  1st  satnpl. 
The  last  140  is  full  of  rock  and  tests  low.  The  next  is  the  magne¬ 
tic  vein  on  the  Trust  Oo's.  property.  If  this  is  a  big  vein  it  will 
probably  be  the  best,  as  I  find  it  can  be  concentrated.  Casterline 
is  now  in  Virginia  and  is  sending  wads  going  You  better  hurry 

the  Trust  Company  samples,  etc.  so  as  to  be  ready  to  go  to  Tennessee. 

I  believe  that  country  is  full  of  wad  and  we  will  have  no  trouble 
in  dealing  with  the  natives  I  guess. 

Yours  truly, 

Grout  Bros.  Automobile  Co., 
Orange,  Haas. 

Bear  Sirs: 

I  find  that  you  can  not  use  foot  brake  when  backing  up,, 
this  I  am  changing  .  There  was  a  bad  weld  in  distance  rod  where  it 
broke  .  It  has  been  made  too  short  at  first  and  a  piece  had  been 
welded  on,  also  the  pin  going  through  the  springs,  is  not  more  than 
3/8,  which  is  too  small  for  people  who  do  not  carry  a  heavy  acci¬ 
dent  insurance,  this  should  be  3/4".  The  bottom  of  the  thread  on 
distance  rod  should  be  same  size  as  diameter  of  the  rod,  otherwise 

it  will  always  break 

have  it.  The  wheel  also  broke. 

S.  Bergmann,  Esq.., 

23  Oudenarder  Strasse, 

Berlin,  Germany. 
lly  dear  .  Bergmann: 

Yours  of  the  31st  ult.  received.  We  will  increase  height 
of  iron  pockets  to  suit  increased  amount  of  iron,  six  grammes 
necessary.  Please  send  a  test  sheet  showing  the  weights  of  100 
pockets  filled  by  machine,  so  I  can  see  the  variations  in  weights. 
Weigh  stuff  in  each  pocket. 

Yours  truly, 


P.  S.  I  send  you  the  weights  of  the  iron  in  the  pockets  that  you 
sent  me.  You  will  notice  very  great  variation  in  the  weights.  The 
was  the  trouble  we  had  and  our  filling  machine  was  the  result  of 
the  great  difficulty  of  getting  even  weights.  There  is  no  trouble 
in  getting  a  good  filling  machine  if  big  variations  are  allowable. 

We  shall  want  a  6  gramme  cake  of  iron  and  the  variations 
Should  not  be  more  than  5.750  to  6.250.  5.750  being  ihe  lowest 

in  100  pockets  and  6.250  the  highest. 

JJ’ranl:  Denton,  jijgq^  ^ 

20  King  Street,  E., 

Toron+'°,  Canada. 

Dear  Sir: 

1  ^nd  you  herewith  ym.rl 

th0  Blmge.  J  ”  th»  1«W  Bin. 

“  *  £e”"‘1  ■*»1>  ..looted  ,t  dirre  al"°  *  Se',<"'“1 

*•"*  „„  J'™*  »««..  >11  Piece.  „ 

*“  *-  *“-*•»  .1™  d.pp.n  4„  -**  o'f 

““  ^ree.  „lth  0„  ^  ^  ^UO *“  °0l’*lt 

ftVe  ta"°  trled  oonceatration  of  this  or  *  ^  Per°ents- 

Y°U  WUI  3ee  that  on  account  of  the  i  “  ^  ^  t0nS  38tons- 
would  he  impossible  to  compete  with  Z  7^  ^  ^  ^  ***  “ 

thS  1S  al  tog  ether  unpromis^  sn^2  ^  °°" 

to  go  into.  that  1  would  not  want 

Letterbook,  LB-073 

This  letterbook  covers  the  period  November  1905-April  1906.  Most  of  the 
correspondence  is  by  Edison  and  John  F.  Randolph.  There  are  also  a  few 
letters  by  Mina  Miller  Edison.  Included  is  correspondence  with  field  workers  R. 
D.  Casterline,  John  Morris,  and  Horace  M.  Wilson  regarding  Edison's  search 
for  cobalt  ore,  as  well  as  numerous  other  letters  pertaining  to  his  interest  in 
mines  and  ores.  There  are  also  letters  discussing  Edison's  progress  on  his 
improved  alkaline  storage  battery  and  his  plans  to  reopen  his  factory  in  Glen 
Ridge,  New  Jersey.  In  addition,  there  are  items  relating  to  the  business  of  the 
Edison  Portland  Cement  Co.  and  to  production  problems  at  the  cement  plant 
in  Stewartsville,  New  Jersey.  Some  letters  refer  to  matters  of  employment  and 
to  supplies  of  chemicals  and  equipment  for  the  West  Orange  laboratory.  One 
letter  deals  with  the  assignment  of  Edison’s  phonograph  patents  to  the  New 
Jersey  Patent  Co.  There  are  also  two  letters  from  Edison  to  Josiah  C.  Reiff 
mentioning  Edison's  work  on  quadruplex  telegraphy  during  the  1 870s.  Among 
the  items  pertaining  to  family  and  personal  matters  are  letters  concerning 
Edison's  diet  and  sleeping  habits,  his  interest  in  automobiles,  his  railroad 
investments,  repairs  and  improvements  at  Glenmont,  and  the  upkeep  of  his 
winter  home  in  Fort  Myers,  Florida.  Also  included  is  a  letter  to  journalist  Arthur 
Brisbane  in  which  Edison  discusses  his  deafness  and  relates  an  anecdote  from 
his  days  as  a  telegraph  operator  in  Louisville,  Kentucky. 

The  label  on  the  front  cover  contains  the  following  notation:  "T.A.  Edison. 
Letter  Book  from  Nov.  13  - 1905  to  Apr.  1  - 1906."  There  is  an  inscription  on 
the  spine  with  similar  information.  The  spine  is  also  stamped  "5."  The  book 
contains  486  numbered  pages  and  an  index.  Approximately  30  percent  of  the 
book  has  been  selected. 

r.  Wilson,  Fsq. , 
Haileybury,  Ont . , 

I  :an  sending  you  today  a  speciman  of  Mangsneese  Wad, 
sometimes  called  Bog  Kanganeese .  83,<  of  all  the  Cohalt  produced 

in  the  World  comes  from  Wad,  which  is  imported  from  }Tew  Caledonia, 
the  French  penal  Island  near  Australia.  The  ITickel  mines  are  in 
the  mountains  and  the  wad  is  dug  out  of  the  alluvial  soil  in  the 
lowlands.  There  are  more  then  100  mines  worked  hy  convicts.  The 

stuff  is  found  in  pockets; 6500  i 

sre  shipped  last  year  to  France 

and  Germany.  It  is  in  this  form  we  are  finding  it  in  Maryland, 
Virginia  and  Tennessee . ft  just  occured  to  me  that  there  ought  to  he 
lots  of  it  in  the  swamps  or  lowland  around  the  Cohalt  district.  You 

it  in  stream  or  rivulet  i 

ning  out  of  swamps,  possibly 

along  the  lake  and  river, in  exposed  hanks, and  well  digging  and 
excavations.  From  its  appearance  nohody  would  think  it  of  any 

I  send  it  via  Boston. 

E.  P.  Roberts,  Esq., 

The  Roberts  &  Abbott  Co., 

Scofield  Building,  Cleveland,  Ohio. 

Dear  Sir: 

I  am  in  receipt  of  your  esteemed  favor  of  Nov.  6th,  which 
has  remained  unanswered  owing  to  my  absence  and  pressure  of  very  import¬ 
ant  work. 

I  regret  very  much  that  my.  time  is  so  fully  occupied  in  connection 
with  my  various  experiments  and  business  interests  that  X  cannot  see  my 
way  to  sending  you  a  record  of  speech  to  be  made  to  the  Electric  Club 
of  Cleveland.  This  is  something  that  1  have  never  heretofore  done, 
although  I  have  been  importuned  many  times  in  the  past,  and  I  regret, 
therefore,  that  I  cannot  arrange  for  the  record  to  be  taken  in  the  man¬ 
ner  indicated. 

I  have  referred  your  letter  to  the  President  of  the  Rational  Phono¬ 
graph  Co.,  with  the  suggestion  that  he  write  you  as  to  the  balance  of 
the  communication. 

Yours  very  truly, 


Grout  BroB.  Automobile  Co., 

Orange,  J.'ass. 

Dear  Sirs: 

Voura  of  the  14th  inst.  reoe  ive<jl;  •  I  have  already  changed 
and  made  new  distance  rods,  also  ‘in  changing  brakes,  so  as  to  he 
able  to  hack  up.  Am  putting  on  a  stronger  brake  wheel. 

rfhe  springs  were  so  hopelessly  wrong  that  I  am  having  a 
new  set  made  that  may  have  right  oscillating  time,  which  I  can  not 
tell  until  I  try  them. 

Kemember  I  am  not  kicking,  but  wait  until  I  get  your  oar 
to  my  satisfaction,  then  I  want  you  to  come  down  and  copy  the 

Yours  truly, 


?riend  We  ir  : 

Your  engineer  Wells  cane  over  here  with  drawings  of  the 
Lansden  wagon  exactly  as  he^makes"  it.  I  spoke  of  a  lot  of  changes 
and  he^  also  was  to  make  several  changes.  He  said  he  would  have  ne\ 
drawings  ready  find  come  over.  He  has  not  turned  up  and  I  don't 
think  he  ever  intends  to.  I  am  not  so  dead  slow  in  sizing  up  men 
and  from  Wells  talk  I  am  convinced  you  are  going  to  get  it  in  the 
neck  with  the  wagons  he  orders.  He  is  too  damned  mathematical  for 
an  earthly  corporation. 

I  will  help  you  out  on  batteries  of  the  first  type  until 

Mr.  Can  Smith,  3upt.  Quarry , 

Ed'i3on  Portland  Cement  0r>„, 

Stewartsville ,  IT.  ,7. 

Pear  Sir: 

I  have  got  a  mine  containing  Cobalt,  the  vein  is  Calcite 
or  Lime  about  3  to  6  inches  wide  in  slate,  hard  slate.  It  stands 
nearly  vertical.  In  the  Limestone  is  a  streak  of  Cobalt  pyrites 
from  one  inch  to  three  inches  wide,  its  very  heavy  and  v/orth  $200.00 
per  ton.  I  propose  to  work  the  rock  from  3  to  4  feet  and  cob  out 
the  pyrites,  to  sink  a  shaft  and  have  levels.  How  I  want  to  get  a 
good  mine  Captain  to  take  charge  of  it.  I  am  going  to  erect  a  log 
camp.  It  is  in  Canada  about  300  miles  north  of  Toronto,  shall 
employ  about  eight  men  all  told .  Can  you  put  me  in  the  way  of 
getting  addresses  of.  3  o-r  4  men  who  are  IT.  J.  iron  miners, and  who 
know  hc-.1  to  lay  out  and  sink  a  shaft,  run  levels  and  work  the  mine 
economics  '.ly,  if  so,  get  the  addresses  and  send  to  «e  and  I  will 
look  them  up.  Only  send  names  cf  the  so  who  you  know  understand  their 


honest  and 

Messrs.  Bradley  &  Pischel, 

300  Atlas  Block, 

Salt  Lake  City,  N.  Y. 

Lear  Sirs: 

Are  not  the  Vulcan  mines  an  extension  of  the  large  group 
of  Cobalt  mines, under  option  to  the  assistant  to  the  professor  of  the 
Mining  School  of  the  State  of  Missouri,  of  which  I  have  samples  and 
report?  The  locality  given  "by  you  is  the  same  as  that  given  by 
him.  He  is  seeking  to  sell  the  mines.  Mines  are  offered  at  Cobalt, 
Canada,  having  veins  of  20fa  Cobalt  for  from  10,000  to  75,000  dollars, 
and  Cobalt  is  offered  at  45  cents  per  pound  in  the  ore,  freight  to 
JTew  York  eight  dollars,  so  you  can  see  the  Idaho  proposition  is 
not  attractive  on  any  high  priced  basis.  Its  only  merit  is  the 
quantity,  the  Canada  mines  are  small  and  hard  to  work,  the  veins 
generally  averaging  3  inches,  but.  what  little  there  is  runs  from 
16  to  21%  Cobalt . 

Yours  truly, 

H.  1/f.  Atwater,  Esq., 

San  Rafael,  cal. 

Dear  Sir: 

Yours  of  the  15th  inst.  received.  I  would  not  advise 
you  to  risk  any  money  in  looking  up  what  old  miners  say.  I 
knew  one  of  them  to  pan  out.  I  would  buy  a  Cobalt  mine  if  the 
quantity,  quality  and  position  is  right.  Several  days  ago  I  bought 
a  small  deposit  in  Canada,  paying  ten  thousand  dollars  cash  for 
the  property. 

Yours  truly, 

P.  S.  I  return  you  herewith  your  letters  of  recommendation. 


Uov.  20,  1905, 

M. r.  L.  0.  Yfe i r ,  pres., 

Adana  Express  Co . , 

59  proadway,  IT.  Y. 

Dear  Sir: 

Your3  of  the  17th  inst.  received,  replying  to  same  wish 
to  sey  that  what  I  mean  is,  that  should  you  get  your  wagons  out 
before  I  can  get  out  the  new  battery,  I  will  help  you  out  with  the 
type  you  first  got,  which  are  good  for  one  year,  I  agreeing  to 
exchange  for  new  battery  when  ready  without  expense  to  you. 

I  do  this  so  as  not  to  retard  the  use  of  Electric  Vehi¬ 
cles,  although  it  is  mighty  expensive  to  me. 

Yours  truly, 

Henry  C.  lewis,  Esq., 

P.on  Aqua, 


Hear  Kir: 

This  will  introduce  Mr.  John  Morris  from  my  Laboratory, 
who  comes  to  your  place  to  investigate  the  rocks  in  'STest  Tennessee 
for  Cohalt.  Any  information  and  assistance  you  can  give  will  he 
properly  paid  for  3hould  it  result  in  finding  Cohalt  in  quantities 
as  to  he  extracted  economically. 

Yours  truly, 


Mr.  Guido  Corbo , 

P.  0.  Box  513, 

Cairo,  Egypt. 

Pear  Sir: 

I  am  in  receipt  of  your  favor  of  the  26th.  of  October,  rela- 
tibe  to  the  organization  of  a  new  Club  in  Cairo,  in  connection  with 
•'-which  you  desire  to  use  my  name. 

I  am  importuned  so  frequently  by  all  kinds  and  classes  of  people 
to  have  my  name  attached  to  different  clubs,  associations,  institutions, 
etc. ,  that  1  have  been  compelled  to  make  a  rule  not  to  permit  my  name 
to  be  used  in  this  way. 

Although  the  object  for  which  your  club  has  been  established  may 
be  a  very  worthy  one  indeed,  still,  it  would  seem  to  me  better  that  the 
■name  of  'the  club  should  indicate  the  purposes  for  which  it  was  orga¬ 
nized,  and  I  do  not  think  that  the  addition  of  my  name  to  such  an 
institution  should  be  considered,  as  it  indicates  nothing,  and  generally 
speaking  I  am  opposed  to  anything  of  the  kind. 

Trusting  that  you  will  see  the  force  of  my  position,  and  regretting 
that  X  am  unable  to  grant  you  the  permission  asked  for,  X  beg  to  re¬ 

Yours  very  truly, 


George  3?.  Sever,  Esq. ,  Director  of  Exhibits , 

Madison  Square  Garden  Electrical  Show, 

26  Cortlandt  St. ,  New  York. 

Dear  Sirs 

1  have  your  favor  of  the  16th.  I  have  carefully  considered 
the  question  of  furnishing  you  with  some  of  the  old  apparatus  which 
I  have  heretofore  from  time  to  time  exhibited  elsewhere. 

I  have  been  loath  to  make  exhibits  for  a  long  time  past,  and  since 
the  exhibition  of  my  old  apparatus  and  models  at  the  St.  Louis  Exposition 
I  have  decided  to  discontinue  the  Bhowing  of  this  apparatus.  In  view 
of  the  decision  reached,  I  regret  exceedingly  that  I  cannot  see  my  way 
to  letting  you  have  any  of  these  models  or  apparatus. 

Yours  very  truly, 

Edison  Portland  Cement  Company, 

Stephen  Girard  Trust  Bldg.. 

Board  of  Directors  the  policy  to  >e  rol 
in  the  matter  of  protecting  its  rights 

802,631  Of  October  241,1),  190a  o< 

fully  considered.  In  vj  aw  of  %\ 
number  of  inf  ring  ins  lei  Inn  vr.vre 
to  the  issue  of  this  patent,  I  1 
requires  that  the  infringing  ‘.-os 
licenses  under  this  patent,  upo- 

on  C^mnt  Kiln,  should  be  care- 
the  fact.  that,  a  considerable 
ins  tailed  and  in  -use  prior 

that  entire  fairness, 
should  be  offered  3Ub- 

subsequently  adjusted.  If,  after  giving  infringing  concerns 
this  opportunity,  the  offer  is  not  accepted,  then  I  would 
suggest  that  the  company  should  proceed  immediately  with  the 
prosecution  of  infringement  suits  and  that  these  suits  be 
pressed  to  final  hearing. 

Upon  reviewing  my  contract  with  the  company  of 

with  the  company  of 

June  9th,  1899,  I  believe  that  the  provision  therein  for  the 

Edison  Portland  Cement  Co.  -  Z, 

division  of  any  royalty  that  might  he  received  from  sub-licensees 
ie  not  »3  clear  r«s  it  should  he,  The  contract  provides  that  in 
such  cases  I  shall  receive  from  the  company  "the  same  amount  of 
royalty  por  every  four  hundred  pounds  as  if  such  cement  were 
manufactured  by  d  party  of  t he  second  part."  (i.a.  the  company) 
This  method  of  cal  eolation  fci.fiht  he  very  difficult  to  carry  out 
and  since  it  has;:  tun::  'understood  between  us  that  1  should 
receive  one-half  of  :»ny  i.y  paid  to  the  company  under  my 
patents.  1  sumrsot  that  the  understanding  he  made  the  subject 

Vices fc»£v’Wo 
iC  «««*■.. •&*«* .  {jeSSf  itjatm 

,'w^ll,'i)&tt'»»  a  WSNn*^*4** 

ajsva  S5v*  6:«a4^-  ^ 

t c'CcOcS  i^ays*  ^wATtS^C  ^  "V*4rt*J 

. 9"^*‘  C^-CSA*  •"‘'■“l 
u  u.'f  t^JSl  ■»».■«--*-■ 


,t  ~  Ai-.*--***^ 


Canada.  D< 

small  Cobalt  Mine 

Mining  Captain  capable  of  opening 

•the  addrei 

Pov.  27,  1905. 

VY.  Mallory,  Esq.,  V.  P., 

Edison  Portland  Cement  Co., 

Stewartsville,  IT.  J. 

Dear  Sir: 

I  see  you  are  troubled  with  want  of  steam.  I  suggest  you 
take  hull  hy  the  horn,  get  indicators  and  rigging  and  insist  on 
cards  to  he  taken  every  two  days  on  all  engines. 

All  up  to  date  firms  do  this,  its  the  proper  thing  to  do  and 
it  always  results  in  finding  had  waste  of  steam, valves  leaking,  set 


Yours  truly, 


S .  Be rgmann ,  Esq. , 

23  Oudenarder  Strasae, 

Berlin,  Germany. 

Bear  Sir: 

Rogers  reports  on  the  acetyline  welding  that  it  appears  to 
Be  all  right,  hut  to  ascertain  if  the  weld  iron  is  porous.  Suggests 
you  make  dozen  cans,  fill  with  21$  K.  0.  H.,  close  tops  and  set  them 
away  for  month  on  shelf,  if  iron  porous  you  will  see  white  deposit 
of  potash  along  the  seam.  I  am  progressing  fine  and  have  in  last 
few  days  got  the  most  difficult  operation  in  the  v/hole  battery  solved 
perfectly.  Byer  hopes  to  forward  Patent  applications  in  few  days. 
Yours  truly, 

163  W.  Jackson  Elvd 

Chicago,  Ill 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  24th  inst.  wish  to  say  that  we 
in  about  60  cell's  daily  to  keep  our  ole 
cell  yet.  Expect  to  start 

are  changing  Nickel  plate i 
customers  going,  but  not  ready  for  n« 
sometime  in  the  middle  of  the  winter, 
Yours  • 

Owensville ,  Ind, 

lived.  This  being  out  of  my 

line  I  return  you  herewith  drawing  and  description  received  with  your 


Your?*  truly, 

'Nov.  28,  1905, 

W.  L.  Cushing,  Esq. 

Westminster  School. 

Simsbury,  Corn 

Pear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  24th  inst . ,  would  say  that  Col. 
Carlisle  stands  very  high  socially  and  is  a  man  highly  respected  in 
Indiana.  He  is  part  manager  of  the  Studehaker  Wagon  Works  and 
married  the  daughter  of  Clement  Studehaker,  Senior  Member  of  the  firm, 
and  one  of  the  leaders  of  the  Methodist  Church. 

Yours  truly, 

28,  1905 

•tea  for  you  until 

the  required  mileage 
tea  lasting;  six  years, 
of  E.  18.  The  old  ones 


believe  that  with 



.  battery  will  last  six  yean 
ill  probably  only  cost  $3.00 

good  battery 

at  exp'iratii 

another  six  years 


Adams  Exprei 

59  Broadway , 

;  "/1 6: If  * 

M*  /unflrfu  ^/Vi.  ci&w  iirj" 
(JtAft J'OM*.h  A*\tl  fy  ^  d  v 

KJ-  A,  <JU\ncVUbp  . 

/  (s2-  fy  nxi  tfU*'  UamA 




i*  in 

\taw  icit.i'J  ■ 

,lvth.l>  (K  c-i\  Q.  oMaJ-CA.  C?ci<j j 

I  am  in  receipt  of  your  kind  invitation  for  the  Seventh 
Annual  Dinner  of  your  Society,  hut  regret  to  say  that  owing  to  the 
fact  that  I  am  so  very  busy  at  the  present  time  it  will  he  impossih: 
for  me  to  attend. 

Thanking  you  for  the  invitation,  I  remain, 

Yours, truly, 


Nov.  29,  1905. 

Mr.  Edison: 

Following  is  a  list  of  changes  made  on  the  Grout  Machine 
IT ew  coupling  on  drive  shaft 
New  springs,  front  and  rear 

New  spring  hangers,  with  9/).S  holts  instead  of  3/8 
Lined  up  rear  right  spring  hanger,  was  out  3/4" 

One  entire  new  brake  on  differential  shaft 

Lined  up  yoke  shaft  that  takes  care  of  the  clutch,  was  out  3/L6" 
Put  on  new  distant  rods  and  blocks  over  the  rear  shaft 
Refitted  ball  joints  on  steering  rod,  sockets  rode  on  the  neck  of 
the  balls  and  did  not  touch  the  bottom  of  the  cup  by  l/B" 

Made  new  pall  and  changed  rack  on  gear  shifter 
Put  large  set  of  sprockets  on  jack  shaft 

Made  battery  boo:  and  put  in  Edison  batteries  instead  of  dry  cells. 


Y  Nov..  29,  1905. 

Thomas  J.  Reynolds,  Esq,. , 

Dover,  M.  J. 

Dear  Sir: 

I  am  in  want  of  a  Mine  Captain,  to  take  charge ,  open  up 
and  work  with  8  or  10  men  a  small  narrow  vein  of  Cohalt  ore,  300  miles 
north  of  Toronto,  Canada.  I  shall  want  to  start  work  as  soon  as 
there  is  plenty  of  snow  and  everything  is  frozen,  as  egress  to  the 
mine  is  easier.  If  your  experience  is  such  that  you  would  think 
you  could  fill  the  hill,  you  might  come  down  to  the  Laboratory  and  see 
me  about  it.  I  will  pay  your  fare  hoth  ways,  wages  $125.00  per  month 
and  hoard. 

•Yours  truly. 


Mr.  Albert  W.Johnston,  Pres., 

American  ITickel  YTks., 

43  Exchange  Place,  IT .  Y. 

Bear  Sir: 

When  can  I  expect  to  get  some  of  your  Metallic  Cohalt 
from  the  Canadian  ores?  If  there  is  any  doubt  about  your  being  able  to 
supply  me  soon,  I  want  permission  to  buy  some  ore  from  the  mine 
owners  direct, and  refine  it  myself  while  you  are  getting  re&dy. 

Kindly  let  me  hear  from  you  by  return  mail. 

Yours  truly, 

that  you  have  not 


each  individual 

ladies,  except 

thine  uniaue  in  up  to  ds 

hy  usinr 

complete  and  final 

Edward  L.  Tilton,  Esq., 

In  answer  to  yours  of  December  9th,  I  desire  to  say  that 
there  are  no  knife  switches  in  the  panel  box  above  the  desk.  Where 
the  whole  of  the  lighting  is  side  wall  lighting,  its  the  .universal 
practice  to  have  a  general  switch.  You  would  have  saved  the  men '  s 
salary  and  fare  had  you  used  the  telephone  and  asked  if  it 
convenient  for  them  to  come.  There  was  a  party  at  the  house  and  it 

I  want  to  call  your  attention  to  the  fact  that  the  large 
plate  glass  in  front  has  a  stiration  clear  across  it. 

Me.s-srs;.  T.'al-lory .  &  Maaw^ 

lSoji y$r£lprf>r,  c(?Hd'riT. 
Steiw-a,r,tpy,tiL-Jl.v0 .  % .  Jj> . 

Spftfe  o&  c*^i  '  A&  '^a&tffi'y  *»!•  ‘blfok/fiid  YjIKow 

<UMfe,  WCMfe  ^HrWdh  sftS&l  Krtimv,  IWAfitit 1^'"  ^  s^2fer.  _ 

'55f#l  %dr  c<?e\tt  HHj^gh 

rf-^i-l-OW  ""  ;£l  '"  "  "  ... 

Iptfj;  tfiWn  +tWrd^h  r&fe  -:&32i  '\°&Wr  '&&  rA$htS 

tfcft*  r^sR&  .^e  4  WWs  % Wt  H»f#L  %  Wl 

q£f  if$b  bums,. 

W-rav  agm  9fe£fe  flftTr  RRdYft  «&!*«&  ’Sfifi&x 
B-l-ftftil;  ""  ■  4ft,  £$4  ""  ""  ""  "" 

-  Thu&f  4  ^  **  'MA  tfctf*.  m  cwfs^b  rn®k  ^  W«riffll8h 
v;;i;iii-  *?**?&  Sftfc  wmk  <&  W#  ^  %  We 

ijiw-Ris-  2.QQ  -  ygpb'.  ■fcftsvn.  %}?.  y^i-iw*  — 

«b  «  %%'rfe  Wd  W&5r  W^’d  Wg^r'^r  V***  J*T- 
((LR,.)),,%^Rik  %  #>  W&gHfe  ®fd  ’  , 

'  Vft>OKRa&  tftfe  Xfi&imv  Hftfs  'meh  W$&m  -to  rso  ’*&&  -a  teWei'S-W^  *  %  * 

*»  «&m&*  «  *  **».  ^ 


the  material  to  compress  it  into  a  solid.  I  should  say  one  i 
■  the  work  of  the  roll  would  he  expended  in  bringing  this  yell< 
,lid  clinker  hack  to  a  state  of  division, whioh  the  black  has 


Without  going  into  any  hair  splitting  chemical  theories, 
the  following  is  known  to  wit:  _ 

1st.  If  a  finely  ground  and  properly  proportioned  mixture 

of  raw  material  for  Portland  is  burned  to  such  a  consistency  .that  .  _ 
the  microscope  shows  homegenity  and  perfect  transparency  in  thin 
sections,  with  no  -trace  of  the  original  Ingredients  .that  the  cement  .  . 
will  he  good,  and  this  holds  good  for  every  temperature  up  to  and 

including  the  actual  melting  of .the  clinker. 

2nd.  Whatever  variations  of,  a  perfect  mixture, serilf used 
or  melted  may  have  afterwards,  is  due  purely  to  pysical  causes,  such 
as  the  proportions  of  the  fine  to  the  coarse,  ageing,  gypsum,  etc. 

3rd.  The  cause  of  dense^ri^a^e  somewhere  the 
furnace  where  the .  temperature  is  very  high /and  the  only  remedy  ^ 
is  to  lengthen  this  high  temperate  zone,  giving  the  clinker  a 
longer  time  at  a  lower  temperature.  .  '  -.  ’  ' 

I  will  make  further  experiments.  . 

Yours  truly, 

Dec.  13,  1905 

Pulton? St , 

Brooklyn,  V.  Y. 

1  keg  to  advise  you  that  the  flue  at  my  rei 

smokes  and  would  ask  that 

have  the  defect  look 

Yours  truly 

13,  1905 

Orange  Awning  Co 


received..  I 

Yours  of  the  29th  uH 

work  at  my 

u-ised  at  your  remarks  therein,  as  1 
.deuce  was  notified  of  the  damage  h< 

Yours  truly, 


&  Kason, 

Edison  Portland  Cement  Co., 

Stewartsville ,  II.  J. 

Dear  Sirs: 

The  reason  cement  don't  dry  out  quick  at  this  season, is 
that  the  atmosphere  has  a  very  low  capacity  for  moisture. 

The  reason  our  cement  don't  dry  as  quick  as  Vulcanite  and 
thus  harden,  is  that  Vulcanite  has  a  quick  internal  dryer, in  the  form 
Of  an  excess  of  flour.  To  get  this  flour  or  dryer  in  our  cement, 
you  must  lengthen  the  zone  of  excessive  high  temperature  and  stop 
carrying  the  fusion  so  high.  40  ft.  of  3000  deg.  is  better  than  20  ft 
of  4000  deg. 

■What  you  want  i3  to  purchase  a  microscope  for  Percy,  give 
him  a  sample  of  clinker  you  desire  and  have  him  produce  it;  then 
if  Dinan  keeps  hie  mixture  perfect,  you  will  produce  cement  that 
will  he  satisfactory  and  help  out  fine  grinders  tremendously. 

; on  Portland.  Cement  ' 
Philadelphia,  Pa» 

Yours  of  the  13th  received,  replying  to  sc 
that  the  cement  is  all  right  hut  the  trouble  arises 
iue  to  colder  weather  and  droppin,  from  85  to  B*. 

to  £0  to  85^  and  not  to  burn  - 
more  fines,  which  makes  rapid  set. 
the  Verbs  and  I  guess  they  h.-'./e  LJot 
or  will  before  I  B«t  through. 

e  explained  the  "situation  i 
.  dearly  through  their  heads, 

Albert  '<! .  lohnston,  Esq., 

V.  ?.  -  Oxford  Copper  Co., 

43  Exchange  Place,  IT.  Y. 

Pear  Sir: 

Your 3  of  the  15th  inst.  received 
j;  have  nearly  one  million  dollars  invested 
v.’ill  he  ready  to  start  up  this  winter,  you 
oVAari  :-»nr!  nrovidfi  myself  with  Cohalt 

f  rtemlaeiO  awnst. 



[anurt:  qllieJ&nsV 
dw  ni  td^oY  well 
Idw  eloliia  edi 
p  atitdion  wora£  I 

Bonoo  nl  yaw  yob 

ted)  iaoupei  odt 
Iliw  non  eloid-iB 

tadt  ,aauioa  lo 

Lester-Vanderlip  Eurnace  Co., 

W.  B.  Vanderlip,  Esq,  President, 

12 2  Liberty  St.,  New  York. 

Bear  Sir: 

I  am  in  receipt  of  your  favor  of  December  15th,  and  in  reply 
■desire  to  say  that  I  most  strenuously  object  to  the  use  of  any  part  of 
the  interview  had  between  Mr,  Creelman  arid  myself  and  which  appeared  in 
the  "Sunday  World"  of  December  10th. 

In  myii-jiterview  with  Mr.  Creelman  it  was  not  my  intention  to  indi¬ 
cate  any  particular  line  of  apparatus  that  could  be  used  in  connection 
with  the  furnishing  of  electricity,  and  as  I  am  not  at  all  familiar  with 

the  apparatus  handled  by  your  company  and  i 
go  into  the  merits  of  your  apparatus  and  hi 

i  not  in  a  position  to 
;  timesitoidiook  over  your 

drawings,  I  would  request  that  you  eliminate  entirely  the  UBe  of  my  name 
in  connection  with  any  literature  that  you  or  your  company  or<<  any  indi.-; 
vidual  thereof  may  issue.  =■ 

Yours  very  truly, 


■iK  -3".K  .Ui 

bna-to  bJ 

:tir.  ib9(x 


'«o  ton  dud  g 
rti  nu/nid-jali 
law  varf*  aa 


5  x  .  alfiJ-g/jj 

2ftOW  9-tI/i-j;^ 


f  Dec.  20,  1905. 

Fessrs.  Ledoux  &  Co., 

95  John  Street, 

Hew  York. 

Dear  Sira: 

I  shall  purchase  several  car  loads 
time  from  the  Canadian  Cohalt  district,  some 
as  10  ton  lots.  Will  you  please  inform  me  as 
sampling  and  assaying  for  Cohalt  and  ITickel. 

C oh alt  Eickel  arsenides  not  containing  silver 
Purchase  these  ores  on  your  certificate  than 

of  ore  from  time  to 

lots  may  he  as  small 

to  the  charges  for 

I  am  only  buying  the 

.  I  would  prefer  to 

otherwise.  I  shall 

prohahly  he  a  continuous  buyer. 

Yours  truly, 




«  *•  “rjr  •<* '  ‘  *'s" 


Deo .  21,  1905. 

shl,  V.nq.  t 


There  was  a  number  of  years  ago  in  Brunn  a  manufacturer 
cal  machinery;  he  made  a  specialty  of  extracting  apparatus 
dating  valitil'e  liquids  through  different  chemicals  to 
out  certain  substances  in  them.  His  name  v/as  Kerz .  He 
lumber  of  the  machines  in  this  country. 

tiipt  I  want  is  a  catalogue  or  description  and  all  informa- 
bar,  about  the  apparatus,  together  with  prices  for  the  dif- 
iiaes  vou  will  do  me  a  great  favor  which  I  will  hope  to 
:ate  if  you  can  send  me  the  required  information. 

Y/ith  a  Kerry  Christmas,  I  remain, 

very  truly', 


37a war k ,  37.  J. 

Dear  Sir: 


I  "beg  to  acknowledge  receipt  of  your  favor  of  the  20th  inst- 
with  enclosures  as  stated.  Thanking  you  for  same,  X  remain, 

Yours  truly, 

Dec.  22,  1905. 

Gardiner  C.  Sims,  J7sq., 

Karine  Engine  &  Hachine  Co., 

Harrison,  17.  J. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  20th  inst.,  wish  to  say  that  I 
will  call  you  up  the  first  clear  day  and  if  you  are  at  your  office 
will  run  down  in  rny  machine. 


He  plying  to  yours  of  the  21st  inst.  wish  to  say  that  I 
do  not  want  a  representative  present  at  your  works  when  the  sampling 
is  going  on,  as  I  would  he  perfectly  satisfied  with  your  certificate, 
"but  I  have  to  satisfy  the  party  from  whom  I  purchase ^the  ore. 

The  ore  is  the  regular  smaltite  from  the^Cohalt  District, 
which  I  think  you  are  perfectly  familiar  with.  I  do  not  want  to  go 
to  the  extra  expense  of  sending  all  the  ore  to  your  place  if  you 
could  have  a  man  come  over  on  receipt  of  each  shipment  and  take  a 
small  sample  from  each  hag  to  make  a  general  sample,  which  could 
he  crushed  here  at  laboratory.  I  think  the  seller  would  he  satisfied 

Please  state  charges  for  the  above,  and  oblige, 

rff  ? 


'.a8n  ms 

/  f  Dec.  28,  1905. 

Charles  Graham,  Esq. , 

986  Metropolitan  Ave . , 

Brooklyn,  II.  Y. 

Dear  Sir: 

I  am  thinking  about  erecting  a  small  plant  for  making 
about  three  ton  of  Hydrochloric  Acid  daily.  Do  you  contract  to 
arect  the  whole  plant,  furnace  and  all? 

Yours  truly, 


J.  \Y.  Glaister,  Esq.,  y 

Livingston  Buildings, 

Darlington,  England. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  22nd  ult.  wish  to  say  .that  I 
can  give  your  son  a  place  as  Research  Chemist  at  tv/enty  dollars  p 
week.  If  he  is  good  at  Industrial  Chemistry  could  probably  in  tii 
obtain  him  a  place  paying  very  much  higher  salary. 

If  he  -wishes  to  accept,  position  will  be  open  for  six 


Yours  of  the  27th  inst.  addressed  to  the  Edison  Storage 
,tery  Co.  regarding  letter  from  the  Stanley  Vflc s.  received.  Same 
i  35KB3C  referred  to  the  Battery  Co.  for  attention  with  instructions 
explain  matters  to'Vou.  My  impression  is  they  stole  the  stock 
■  the  works  to  take  care  of  customers.  The  man  who  was  up  there 
Pnnmii  ma  that  the  Stanley  Co.  would  have  new  stock  ready  in  ten 

that  the  Stanley  Co.  would  1 

y  Dec.  29,  1905. 

The  Sfoginefcrifte  ”■=  fining  Journal, 

505  Pearl  St., 

Hew  York. 

Dear  Sirs : 

ipeEUe  Kindly  send  me  the  following  hooka: 

13  Mining  By  Prof.  If,  0.  Ihlseng  .f.| 

L5  0re  &  stone  Dining  By  Clement  Le  Heve  Poster  1( 

21  Ore  Dresaing  in  Europe  By  v?.  b.  Kunhardt  ; 

23  Electro  Metallurgy  By  Walter  G.  Me  Millan  : 

23  Electro-Plating  &  Electro-Refining  of  Metals 

Ey  Arnold  Philip  '  4 

i5  ITotes  on  Lead  &  Copper  Smelting  ."c  Copper  Converting 

By  K,  V/:  Hixon  2 

!5  Hydro -Metallurgy  of  Copper  By  M.  Eissler  A 

>9  Advanced  Course  in  Chemistry  Ey  Ira  Remsen  2 

a  Electro-Deposition  of  Metals  Ey  Dr.  George  Langhein  4 

11  Electro-Plater,  Practical  By  Martin  Bruner  1C 

44  Arsenic  By  Prof.  J.  A.  Wanklyn  1 

Industrial  Chemistry  By  J.  Payen  10 

Ship  the  above  to  me  at  once  and  render  bill  in  the  nair 
of  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Co.,  Orange,- IT.  J. 

Yours  truly, 

Deo .  SO,  1905. 

3&1  !• 

-  nia  Toed 

•rl‘:  S#i>r. 

ksd  »rf  l 

ine,  He  Cl- » 

: vi oral  Electric  Co. , 

84  State  Ot.  ,  Boston ,  ':asc. 

Yours  of  th.  28th  mot.  roc«ived.  I  should  say  that  if 

.  mn  B.  „o  natural  **  * 

I  : 

_  rrMiv-se  and  lose 

i.  3,  1906. 




5'ri/6d  Weir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  2nd  inst.  wish  to  say  that  I 
approved  Madden’s  drawings  hut  was  rot  fully  convinced  as  to  the 
strength  and  flexibility  of  the  iron  frame.  It  is  probably  all  right 

I  wanted  a  rubber  buffer  on  the  driven  sprocket  to  cushion 
the  shock  on  the  motor  and  chain  in  starting  up  and  he  has  submitted 
a  drawing  of  it .  Before  you  close  with  them  let  him  bring  over 
complete  drawings  of  just  what  he  proposes  to  furnish  and  I  will 
go  over  them  again. 

V/e  can  give  you  batteries ,  old  type,  at  rate  of  say  12  to  13 

sets  a  month. 

i  rfatmv  Hew  Year,  I  remain, 

V.yn^Jjtfstrnd  Company, 
23  Murray  St . , 

Few  York. 

i.r  Sirs: 

Kindly  enter 
Arnold  Philip,  price 
Ison  Storage  Battery 
once  . 

935  Broadway, 

Hew  York. 

tear  Sirs: 

Replying  to 
lave  you  call  any  tiim 

:ny  order  for  hook  called  "Electro-Deposition 
$4.50  and  render  hill  in  the  m>me  of  the 
Company,  Orange,  H.  J.  Send  the  above  to  me 

Yours  truly, 

yours  of  the  4th  inst.  would  he  pleased  to 
Monday  of  next  week. 

Yours  truly, 

Your h  of  the 
wish  to  say  that  power 
feasible  and  can  bo  do 
there  is  no  incentive 

8th  inst.  received.  Replying  to  sane 
froir  the  wind,  the  tides  and  the  sun  is 
ne  economically,  but  as  long  as  coal  is  cheap 
to  work  up  the  processes. 

Yours  truly, 

Canada . 

Dear  Sir: 

The  Mica  sent  is  Ho  good.  The  sample  <?.?  wad  is  wad  all 
right  hut  has  no  Cohalt.  We  sent  you  $800.00  as  asked  for,  Did  you. 

"buy  any  ore  and  how  much? 

■Tan.  10,  1906. 

Dear  Sir: 

Your  expense  account  for  the  Week  ending  Jan.  6th  came 
duly  to  hand,  same  has  been  turned  over  to  Mr.  Edison  for  approval 
and  he  does  not  appear  to  understand  the  hotel  hills.  Will  you 
kindly  send  proper  explanation, 

and  oblige. 

I  have  bought  one  of  the  best  of  the  Canadian  Cobalt  Mine 
i  am  now  working  it.  I  a  pleased  to  know  that  you  also  have  a 
ocl  mine,  as  its  uncertain  how  deep  the  Canadian  mines  will  go 
t'nout  being  exhausted. 

The  largest  deposit  of  Cobalt  is  in  Idaho,  110  miles  from 
railroad. .  The  grade  is  good  and  quantities  practically . unlimited 
is  an  arsenical  ore  like  the  Canadian,  taut  the  wagon  haulage 
d  freight,  to  i!ew  York  makes  it  absolutely  valueless  and  I  hope 
ur  freight  rate  to  Hew  York  or  by  vessel  around  the  Horn  %-rs  not 
ohibitory . 

I  am  well  posted  on  the  Cobalt  Industry  and  can  give 

iu  any  inf on  at ion  you  desire.  _  _ 

Yours  truly,  J 

Hun nelly,  Term 


We  have  worked  out  a  pretty  fair  smelting  process  for 
Wad.  The  grade  we  can  v/ori:  depends  upon  the  cost  of  colce  or  charcoal 
mining  and  hauling  to  smelter.  Keep  in  mind  in  each  district  you 
prospect,  ir.  the  chances  of  locating  at  a  central  point,  mining  and 
hauling  and  price  of  charcoal  or  coke,  and  prohtble^ quality  of  ore, 

iould  work  some  districts  wit'h  wad 


this  hasii 

Jan.  19,  1906. 

Walter  Stevens,  Esq., 

National  Phonograph  Co.,  Foreign  Sept. 

Union  Sq. ,  Hew  York. 

Dear  Sir:  *  ' 

Please  go- to  foreign  ship  brokers  and  say  I  want  a  quoti 
tion  on  one  thousand  metric  tons  of  Cobalt  ore  from  the  port  of 
Noumea,  New  Caledonia .( in  the  Paoific)  to  Now  York  by  sailing  ves 
Time  no  object,  but  cheap  rate  the  desirable  thing. 

Let  me  know  what  they  can  do. 

Yours  truly. 

.9,  1906 

William  Carl  Elle,  Esq., 
23  Dupont  St., 

Buffalo,  IT.  Y. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  13th  inst.  wish  to  say  that  the 
sample  received  only  showed  a  small  trace  of  Cohalt,  and  no  Platinu 
Molybdenum  or  Radium.  V.'e  do  not  assay  for  any  other  metals. 

r  Car  Co.  of  N •  J-> 
Halsey  Street, 
Hev/ark,  R  ■  J  • 

■  S'.rs: 


Kr.  Charles  S.  H.  Sinai  1, 
11  Randolph  Street, 
Passaic,  IT.  O’ . 

Dear  Sir: 

I  heg  to  advise  you  that  I  decline  to  make  the  loan  mentioned 
hy  you,  as  I  have  this  day  received  a  letter  from  the  Treasurer  and 
Superintendent,  of  the  Western  Union  Telegraph  Co.  stating  that  they 
will  not  collect  from  your  salary  $5.00  per  week  and  send  it  to 
me  in  payment  on  account  of  the  loan. 

rs  truly, 

'  J 



know  Saturday  what 

drome  if  I  feel 

Cobalt  or  Nickel,  Your  74-0.1^  Nickel 
•old  estimated  at  10  to  15  dollars  per  t< 

Your  No.  71 

&  Cobalt 

Yours  truly. 


Jan.  24,  1906, 

I  note 

Mr.  Edison  has 


This  is 

what  I  told.. 

"Mr.  Edison  agreed  to 

the  Company  and  send 

-34,  1906, 


I  have  an  opti< 

ilch  I  want 

isel  charter  for  1000  tons  ITew  Caledonia  Cohall 

.t  Canada  cent: 


Cobalt  situation  I  will  show  him 

rew  York  for  46 

0.  3.  Port 


General  Electric  Co, 

44  Broad  St.,  New  York. 

Dear  Mr.  Griffin: 

I  have  your  favor  of  the  19th,  and  X  should  be  very 
glad  to  endorse  the  nomination  of  Mr.  Rice  for  the  Presidency  of  the 
American  Institute  of  Electrical  Engineers.  You  are  therefore  at 
liberty  to  use  my  name  in  connection  with  that  of  Professor  Thompson  and 
Mr.  Eish  to  the  end  of  endorsing  him  for  the  position. 

Your  i 

Jan.  26,  1906, 

La boUford,  Out . , 

,ve  been  carrying  on  negotiations  with  Timmins  through 
:  Smith  *  Nab ley  Auto  people,  New  York, who  are  inters s- 
ms.  Timmins  refuses  to  deal  at  price  named  to  wit, 

Ld.  and  92  per  cent  of  the  market  price  of  Silver,  the 
,ot  less  than  13  per  cent  Cobalt  and  not  over  150  os. 

its  no  user  trying  to  buy  any  ore  of  those  peopl 

or  1000  tons  Hew  Caledonia  Cobalt  ore,  which 

ear  soon  about  a  sailing  vessel  charte 
lobalt  ore,  which  can  be  delivered  at 

and  nothing  for  the  Nickel.  The  ore 
and  l,l/2  per  cent  Nickel.  I  have  ar 
lcrS  and  am  promised  a  sailing  vessel 

j,te  of  between  24 

reason  you  have  not  mentioned  in  all  your 
s  that  you  have  blasted  out  the  good  ore  at 
find  any  more.  X  wish  you  would  keep  me 

Mas,.  «P  a.  I  *»»* 

„d  scut  W  1>»VS  uotyet  TrlT*. 


Kortb.  American  Lead  Co 

I  a  lay  down  Bow  Caledonia  Cobalt  Ore  in  the  Port  of 
for  SO  cento  per  Ih.  for: the' Cohalt  only.  •  There  i.  on.  and 

s  than,  the  Nickel  is  • 

one  half  per  cent  of  Kichel  in  the  ore  which  la  not  ch.rsed  for,  a. 
it  i.  wore,  than  ueelese.  The  operation  of  ..paroling  it  tr»  coot,  .ore  than  the  Bloh.l  i.  ™rth,  which  will  he  oonfir.ed 
by  your  men  at  the  mill.  I  can  e.ti.fy  you  hy  shewing  you  the  actual 

correspondence  that  the  price  named  above 

Bar.  are  two  objection,  to  He.  Caledonia  ore  as  esain.t  . 
that  of  Canada',  on.  that  it  ie  low  erode  and  of  re«e„te,.„d 
the  other  that  the  retired  is  yeryen.ohcr.ater;  fet 
the  oermane  and  English  still  continue  buying  the  Caledonia  or 
ao  not  buy  any  Canadian.  Trie  1.  «  *•  -  1-t  undoubtedly  that 

the  bye  product,  are  -re  mutable  "  TO1.  sen. 

nY,A  if  the  Cohalt  does  not  run  any- hign 
your  ore,  if,  tn  n0  value  in 

the  hye  products  are  moi 
your  ore,  if  the  Cohalt 

the  crude  state  and  would 
s-vm  through  the  process 

i  could  get  the  crud' 

cent  Cohalt  with  . 

# 2  3T.  A.  L.  Co. 


Latch/ford,  Ont 

hear  you  are  pro- 
Lmmins  or  Tetheway, 



t  of  the  Cohalt  Industry  or  situation,  and 
rking  their  property  would  only  lead  to 
.ness  capacity  in  the  whole  hunch  and  any 
»ss  with  them  is  useless. 

«i-.  i*  14  a  e00d  0M  °r  “ 

.Hahie  t.  Ship  a 

t0  B.t  idea  if  he  riil  U  4° 



$ '  i 

1204  Wood  Si&k  ‘  , 

Will: in r'  .  rg , 

Dear  Sir: 

I  would  like  to  have  -ore  ore.  The  sa 
probably  rich  pic*ed  ore.  I  would  like  a  snmpl 
certainly  be  the  average  of  the  ore  mined. 

Regarding  Mine  Le  Hotte,  they  have  be 
on  their  Cobalt,  Hickel  Concentrate.  They  foil 
Cobalt  is  so  near  iron  that  it  always  throws  a 
m0st  expert  smelter  chemist  when  he  comes  to  as 
Getting  Cobalt  out  of  an  ore  commer 

in  books.  Yours  truly, 

S  Iku.  ~h>  {Laa.  tl  c/uu  H  crpJ  J\&nb-unfci-\j  (h^yj  JL 
2d  o  0  0,  °~^  O-'CiAi^  JbtMs^  CLcUr^dU  ^cfJjnuA 

(yy^jj  (iMjh-c/Ai^d&Mv  > 

U  /XaJa  My.  CLcJbiA  in,\,'ilcljj£/  /it  QJbCjiJ^  (rt  Q-MA^JL  Olaa&I 

2d  o  oo,  —  /m& 

h-  A 

fef  «L# 

Would  advise  that  you 

1'  sent  you  by  this  day  a  copy  of  a  late  Geological 
Purvey  of  the  I'luorite  "bolt  in  Kentucky.  I  have  marked,  the  pages. 

This  is  a  19o5  report  and  therefore  u;p  to  date.  You  will  notice 
that  the  wad  was  found  running  from  2  to  17  percent.  I  infer  that 
the  wad  is  finely  divided,  so  it  colors  the  clay_.  You  will  perhaps 
have  to  wash  the  clay  to  concentrate  the  wad.  Please  drop  Hickman 
County  long  enough  to  go  up  there  and  investigate  that  region  where 
the  wad  was  found  and  perhaps  across  the  Hiver  into  Illinois  into 
which  these  fluorite  deposits  occur,  then  you  can  return  to  Hickman 
County.  I  advise  that  v/hen  you  do  return  that  you  proceed  along  the 
wad  belt  and  not  more  generally  because  I  notice  that  good  wads  of  , 
both  yourself  and  Casterline  occurs  in  streaks  as  if  in  certain  places 
there  was  Cobalt  in  the  original  rocks  and  these  leaching  out,  depos¬ 
ited  good  wads  where  i„  another  place  the  wads  would  be  poor. 

Somewhere  down  there  you  are  bound  to  find  rich  wads.  The 
I'luorite  deposits  are  not  far  from  where  you  are  and  perhaps  you  will 
strike  a  good  streak.  X  was  not  aware  that  wad  could  be  so  fine 
and  generally  deru.od  as  only  to  tint  the  Olay,  I  1 W  thought  It 
occured  ta  ohnnho,  oo  ho  g-JAgr**""  W  ”'"''lng- 


1204  Wood  St] 

V/ilkinshurg ,  Pa. 

Dear  f.5ir: 

Yours  of  the  3rd  Inst,  received.  I  told  you  that  I  wanted 
one  car  load  per  week  and  thought  T  could  work  up  a  satisfactory 
process  .  I  infer  from  your  talk  that  Johnson  insisted  that  if  he 
takes  any  he  wants  the  whole,  and  as  this  is  a  very  enticing  arrange¬ 
ment  it  will  useless  for  me  to  spend  any  more  time 
I  will  drop  it  and  look  elsewhere  for  my  supplies. 




■  o  thjs  8tli  inst.  in  regard  to  the  stock  of  the  adds  on 
•  '  o^received.  Whatever  stock  I  held  of  this  company 

.rn  ;./.o  and  heard  nothing  of  it.  since.  I'or  information 
•d  x’-.\  r.i',07 e ,  T  would  advise  you  to  cummunicate  with  !?r. 

Lnirsg  Journal, 

5' eh .  10,  1906. 

Yew  York. 

Dear  Sirs: 

Having  no  hill  covering  Hdse.  mentioned  on  the  enclosed 
statement,  will  you  kindly  send  me  an  itemised  invoice  covering 
the  above,  and  oblige, 

Pet).  13,  19D6, 

isslaohe'r  ■Chemical  Co 

two  pound  sample 

of  Oxone  and  stat< 

ascertain  what  the 

■Yours  truly j 

Peh.  13,  1906, 

to  the  Cartersville. District  as  John  Morris  who 
5  in  Tennessee  has  been  driven  out  hy  the  snow  and 
i  the  Cartersville  District,  Georgia.  Let  him 


have  this  Distric 


«’eb,  13,  1906. 

rohn  r.orris,  Esq., 

Cartersville,  Bartow  Co . ,  Ga. 

Dear  Sir: 

I'y  man  Caaterline  was  on  his  way  to  the  Cartersville  Dis¬ 
trict  but  I  have  written  him  to  keep  away  from  it  and  leave  it  to  you 
so  confine  yourself  to  that  District  until  further  notice  or  you 

get  through  with  it. 

The  last  wads  you  sent,  the  750  group  are  the  best  wads 
yet  received  from  you.  Kany  are  over  one  per  cent.  Did  you  cover 
all  of  the  deposits  furthest  south  and  did  you  leave  because  depos¬ 
its  stopped,  or  v/as  it  snow  that  made  you  <iuit?  v. 

Yours  truly, 

Its  uncertain  how  I  lost  my  hearing,  but  it  was  probably 
due  to  being  lifted  up  by  the  ears  when  a  boy,  as  soon  after  that 
I  became  very  deaf. 

It  is  true  that  I  was  shot  at  by  a  policeman  in  Louisville 
in  1866  when  I  was  a  telegrapher  operator.  I  was  night  operator 
and  had  bought  50  volumes  of  old  Horth  American  Reviews  at  an  auction 
sale  of  junk.  I  went  home  at  3  A.  1'.  after  getting  through  with  tak¬ 
ing  night  press  reports,  was  lugging  a  lot  of  Reviews  home  on  my 
shoulders,  the  night  was  dark  and  policeman  gave  a  yell  for  me  to  ■ 
stop,  not  hearing  iy  kept  on.  He  then  fired  at  me  and  that 
brought  me  to  a  stand;  he  came  up  and  recognized  me  as  I  went  home 
Sn'his  beat  every  night.  He  thought  I  was  a  burglar. 

If  seven  phonographs  don’t  dry  up  your  capacity  for  new 
ideas,  why  not  try  fourteen.  You  must  have  a  limit. 

Neb.  13,  1906. 

Ifr,  K-,  T.  Sh-eppord,  Secretary, 

Jamestown  Exposition  Company, 

Norfolk,  Va. 

%  aear  sir"> 

I  am  in  receipt  of  your  esteemed  favor  of  February  1st, 
advifiijjg  me  that  at  a  “e^ing  of  the  Board  of  Directors  of  your  company 
I  had  sleeted  a  member  of  the  Advisory  Board. 

j  liave  read  over  the  by-laws  of  thin  Advisory  Board,  and  I  regret 
that  i  cannot  consistently  see  my  way  to  accepting  the  position.  My 
interacts  are  so  varied  and  my  time  so  much  occupied,  and  will  be  for 
the  ne3cfc  year  or  two,  with  not  only  experimental  work,  but  also  in  con¬ 
nection*  the  many  enterprises  with  which  I  am  connected,  that  X  find 

I  mu  *>< b  unable  to  do  anything  whatever  in  the  interests  of  your  company, 
X  understand  the  object  of  same  and  sentimentally  am  favorably 

diEp0sld  toward  it;  but  it  is  absolutely  impossible  for  me  to  give  any 
attention  whatever  to  it,  and  I  must  therefore  ask  that  your  Board  of 
Directors  arrange  to  place  someone  else  on  the  Board  in  my  stead. 

pegbetting  that  I  cannot  see  my  way  clear  to  accepting  the  honor 
that  been  conferred  upon  me,  believe  me  to  be,  _ 

m  m 


•ry  truly, 

ass  send  me  a  copy  of  /the  -Mining  laws  of  Hew 
e  Government  polish  maps  of  •minir.s /locations  ,  ^ 

;  owing  patented  an  A  unp  ate  nted  miner al  lands?  : 

;  V/ad  Districts  all  taken  up  ~  ?  Are  tKey;°pen  . 

,  X  am  much  interested  in  the  low  Etade,:wads 
;c.rt  ,He  present  quotation  for  a, four  per  cent 
nt  *.  Port  of  Moumea,  H~  Caledonia  is  ^enty 
;r,e  tfJ11  The  freight  by  sail  to  Hew  ’fork  is 

and  fifty  cents.  X  should  to.know  if 

.  from  Port  Require,  per  pound. of 

•  ^11,  not  average  more,  tkan  three  per  cent 

X  learn  would  'oe;  less  from  there. 

.  verY  much  ohligod  if  you  could  give  me  some  in 

"  -  o  nuantitv  of  say  three  per  cent  wad  tnat 

■  A^ressire  operations  were  carried  on  .  also 

•07,  South  Wales,,  also 
charcoal  could  he  obtained 





.A/tS-fifi  \  }  j 

•,;,3\  ■  j 

Fred.  Irland,  Esq., 

House  of  Representatives, 

Washington,  D.  C. 

Dear  Sirs- 

Please  accept  my  very  best  thanks  for  your  telegram 
of  February  11th,  congratulating  me  on  my  fifty-ninth  birthday, 
and  I  wish  you  could  convey  to  Messrs.  Welch,  Small,  Cochrane, 
Lafferty,  Gray,  Cremer  and  Dodge,  as  well  as  your  good  self,  my 
very  best  wishes  as  well  as  my  thanks. 

Yours  very  truly, 

p.  S.  I  find  that  my  Secretary  inadvertently  overlooked  acknow¬ 
ledging  receipt  of  the  telegram  before,  and  trust  you  vrill  accept 
apology  for  the  apparent  oversight. 


national  Phonograph  Company, 

Orange,  Hew  JerBey. 

Gentlemen : * 

Begarding  my  patents  on  processes  for  making 
molded  records,  No.  667,662  dated  Eebruary  5th,  1901  and  Ho. 
713,209  dated  November  11th,  1902,  these  patents,  as  you  will 
remember,  were  assigned  to  the  National  Phonograph  Company  for 
the  purpose  of  permitting  suits  to  be  brought  thereon  in  the 
name  of  that  company.  This  course  was  considered  desirable 
for  legal  reasons,  since  the  company  was  the  licensee  under 
said  patents  and  the  only  manufacturer  under  the  same.  Under 
the  resolution  of  the  Board  of  Directors  of  the  National  Phon¬ 
ograph  Company,  dated  April  20th,  1903,  it  was  agreed  "that 
on  the  termination  of  the  pending  litigation  on  the  said  pa¬ 
tent,  the  officers  of  this  company  are  hereby  directed  to  re¬ 
assign  the  said  patent  to  Mr.  Edison  or  his  nominee  as  of  this 
date."  Since  I  am  informed  that  the  pending  litigation  involv¬ 
ing  these  patent b  has  now  terminated,  j  have  to  request  that  in 
accordance  with  our  understanding,  the  patents  be  now  trans¬ 
ferred  and  re -assigned  to  my  nominee,  the  New  Jersey  Patent 


No.  Z  -  Nat1]  Phon.  Co. 

Company,  a  corporation  organized  under  the  laws  of  this  State. 
X  already  have  an  understanding  with  the  New  Jersey  Patent 
Company  that  the  equitable  title  in  and  to  each  of  these  pa¬ 
tents  should  be  vested  in  that  company  from  and  after  the 
27th  day  of  June,  1903,  and  the  object  of  the  present  request 
is  to  veBt  the  legal  title  of  each  of  these  patents  in  the 
New  Jersey  Patent  Company  also.  In  this  connection,  there¬ 
fore,  I  hereby  consent  to,  ratify  and  confirm  any  payments 
for  royalties  under  said  patents  which  may  have  been  made  to 
the  New  Jersey  Patent  Company  since  June  27th,  1903.. 


ry  truly. 

28,  1906, 

Wessra .  "Morrison  & 

In  regard  to  ny  opinion 

Grout  Automobile 

)  yours  of  the  24th  inst.  that  I  have  purchased  one  of 
and  after  putting  in  new  srpings,'  new  axles  and  making 


have  a  first  class  machine, 

several  other 

rill  have 

I  have 

If  they  will  duplii 

Yours  truly, 


make  cloi 

;ood  tool 

at  the  bench 

Yours  truly, 

.  Edison  laboratory 



■y  much  cheapen 

Dont  yoi 

the  whole  outcrop  showing  hlc 


quick.  I  lea.’. 

and  Randolph  will  forwi 
e  shipped  in  January  hi 

important  ones  to  me.  The  hags  oi 
yet  arrived.  Please  state  ii’  the) 
Diabase  in  line  with  the  outcrop. 

slate  abi 

striking  it  in  the  slati 



T.atchf  or  d,  Ont., 


.Dear  Kir:  , 


If  you  will  read  my  letter  regarding  proposition  ^ja-rettaar 
working  Bushnells  mine  you  will  notice  that  it  only  asked  ycur 
oolnloA  of  awoh  a  proposition,  not  that  you  should  make  the  proposi¬ 
tion,  however,  since  its  "been  made,  all  right.  I  think  it  very 
little  use  to  try  and  do  business  with  such  people.  They  prefer  to 
he  fooled  ty  a  lot  of  scheming  speculators  who  lie  and  get  options 
with  great  price  and  never  will  or  can  do  anything. 

Regarding  Woodworth,  I  will  take  a  large  amount  of  his  ore 
at  35  cents  for  the  Cohalt  and  90  per  cent  of  the  assay 'on  Silver 

60  per  cent  of  the  silver  values.  I  would  prefer  that  he  pick  out 
his  rich  silver  ore  and  sell  it  to  others  giving,  me  the  rich  Cohalt 
ore  which  should  not  fall  helow  10  to  12 *,  the  latter  preferable, 
hut  if  j^can't  do  it,  X  will  take  it.  I  venture  the  assertion  that 
Woodworth  is  lucky  with  his  mines  and  sells  the  ore  to  me,  that  at 
the  end  of  the  year  he  will  come  out  better  than  any  of  them. 

i/hat  you  can  put  him  to  work  for  two  weeks 
BU.  I  will  take  the  responsibility  of  auth'or- 
.  Edison  is  away.  Ho  doubt  I  will  hear 
s  as  to  whether  you  shall  keep  him  any  longer, 

Yours  truly, 


H.  it.  Wilson,  Esq., 

Latohford,  Ont., 
Canada . 

Dear  Sir: 

I  air.  afraid  that  the  prospect  at  the  Darby  Mine  would  not 
warrant  much  ox'  an  investment  in  water  power  plant;  you  better,  however 
gc-:t  rights  all  the  same  and  make  estimates.  If  you  have  a  steam 
plant  it  will  probably  require  4  oords  of  wood  daily. 

What  can  you  get  gasolene  up  there  for,  also  what  is  the 
price  of  coal  at  Latohford.  It  seems  strange  to  me  that  there  is'nt 
enough  wood  near  by  to  run  a  steam  plant  for  this  summer  until  we 
can  find  something  that  would  warrant  putting  in  a  water' power  plant. 

1  an  now  ir.  S’lorida  but  will  be  back  in  early  part  of 
April  and  let  you  know  about  the  assays,  etc. 



oh JIB,  1906. 

present  I  sr. -getting  my  Cobalt  ore  from  fjanada  somewhat 
;;he  prices  you  quote,  (as  I  understand  them)  but  I 
i-iov;  long  I  shall  be  enabled  to  get  these  low  prices, 
tf  understand  when  you  add  to  the  price  per  ton  11  &  4 
r  unit.'1  Please  explain  this  as  I  am  not  familiar  with 
regarding  these  ores.. 

found  considerable  trouble  in  getting  a  quotation  for 
; ailing  vessel  to  Hew  York.  Please  keep  me  informed  as 
,1  getting  cheap  freight  by  sailing  vessel  to  Hew  York, 

■e  can  be  obtained  a  good  supply  of  Cobalt  at  prices 
; g  probable  time  required  per  1000  tons  for  getting  it 
I  c-n  not  tell  what  moment  I  will  be  cut  off  iron  my 

Regarding  Hickel,  I  have  a 

Jhwu\  * 



s/lA  ,fo.  L, 

J  y  Jfet&n  JmlUiA  yj 
{&}*>« ft  h'/i- 

i  Auvl  ’- 

(L  tj  andu-ify 

u  (?inwktz> 

.tAjdVuVujd  f,n  Vvuv  inlC'  m\AsKt  cLtifa  t/-  IfiS' 

*  §  {&!  fa  j/«'&.  0xaJ\  J  iSliwJt  ^ttv  $&■**  oii**U* 

(yiwll-aJiib  fllfcVid**Lq  tka**tu  ct**-d  cvOLckax^uL-  few  $&»».£*■  , 

J  Jiaut  OxtKsj  iiVv  fi'fat******  ft£4tX*uluio  £f\JL  f  xtnrf  Ai’ 

Ub  <me  ~tkcKA  its  4>x£^j  fiistLd,  ^  /&, 

MrhuA  aa>  <i*oh£u*L  4/  ^  ****-'  ^  ft**™  ditk~ 

Hto&u  '. 

(Oi'M.  10-  '*$  $  jJ\  4i  £itir- 

**,  JLttfo  -k  hk,  $*ir  24-  .*, 

^  tikok  ttt, 

t'adthodcu  io  'fiaii  jfiy  tAe 


'fcti'jL  own  eruijx  urn*  fi*’-  *£~ur*&  * 

»W'  bo  -p  & 

,  fULO.lL  - 

okatub  aJ\  Cendcb 

J  (Hck  //- 


\$r.  to-  J&r  <*>«* 


l  sskdii?  ^ 

A  oh  <*( 

nr-LS-HfoS  TO  '  .JfV,  ,y  , 

^  J  -A*e  ^ 


Letterbook,  LB-074 

This  letterbook  covers  the  period  April-September  1906.  Most  of  the 
correspondence  is  by  Edison  and  John  F.  Randolph.  There  are  also  a  few 
letters  by  Mina  Miller  Edison.  Many  of  the  items  relate  to  Edison's  search  for 
ores  of  cobalt  and  other  metals.  Included  is  a  letter  mentioning  his  intent  to 
abandon  his  cobalt  search  in  Canada  and  to  construct  mills  to  extract  cobalt 
from  the  manganese  beds  of  the  southern  United  States.  Also  included  are 
letters  pertaining  to  Edison's  automobile  trip  to  the  manganese  belt  in  North 
Carolina  and  adjacent  states  in  May  and  June.  In  addition,  there  are  items 
relating  to  the  business  of  the  Edison  Portland  Cement  Co.;  to  Edison’s  plans 
to  construct  concrete  houses;  and  to  his  stock  holdings  in  the  Edison  Ore 
Milling  Syndicate,  Ltd.,  and  the  Dunderland  Iron  Ore  Co.,  Ltd.  There  are  several 
letters  to  Josiah  C.  Reiff  discussing  Edison's  work  on  quadruplex  telegraphy 
during  the  1870s  and  Reiffs  protracted  litigation  over  related  matters.  Also 
included  are  letters  regarding  the  accidental  death  of  Edison's  associate,  A. 
Theo  E.  Wangemann.  Some  of  the  letters  refer  to  supplies  of  chemicals  and 
equipment  for  the  West  Orange  laboratory.  Among  the  items  pertaining  to 
family  and  personal  matters  are  letters  concerning  Edison's  diet;  the  purchase 
of  property  in  Fort  Myers,  Florida,  and  Milan,  Ohio;  and  the  upkeep  of  Edison's 
homes  in  Llewellyn  Park  and  Fort  Myers.  Also  included  is  a  letter  to  the  Bank 
of  Metropolis  in  which  Edison  declares  his  net  worth  to  be  "over  a  million 

The  label  on  the  front  cover  contains  the  following  notation:  "Thos.  A. 
Edison.  -  Personal.  -  Letter  Book  from  April  1  -  1906  to  October  1  -  1906." 
There  is  an  inscription  on  the  spine  with  similar  information.  The  spine  is  also 
stamped  "5."  The  book  contains  498  numbered  pages  and  an  index. 
Approximately  10  percent  of  the  book  has  been  selected. 

/  April  11,  1906. 

/  / 

!  / 


1  ; 

!  :  J’-r.  I.  Crane,  Secretary, 


Sdison  Portland  Cement  Co., 

Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Bear  sirs 

I  have  not  received  any  stock,  either  preferred  or  common 
coy^r'ing  the  money  I  have  sent  on  account  of  my  subscription, 
t0  $1*5,000.00. 

I  wish  the  stock  issued  in  full  and  notes  for  the  balance 
Kin&J-y  arrange  to  have  stock  and  notes  forwarded  to  me  by  return 

Harlan,  Page,  Esq. , 

Germantown,  Pennsylvania. 

Having  reference  to  my  proposition  that 
you  and  Mrs.  Page  should  assign  certain  preferred  and 
common  stock  now  held  by  yourselves  in  She  JSdisom 
Portland  dement  Company,  and  standing  in  your  nameB  on 
the  books  of  the  company,  to  me  as  trustee,  1  beg  to 
say  that  should  any  dividends  be  declared  on  such  stock, 
I  will,  in  the  event  of  the  truBt  being  created  and 
during  its  continuance,  turn  over  the  said  dividends  to 
you  and  Mrs.  Page  as  the  same  may  be  declared,  without 
waiting  until  the  termination  of  said  trust. 

Yours  very  truly,  "  ~j 

April  14,  1006. 

rking  each  territory  close 

stance— the  area  Lewis  is  in  is  good.  Nov.'  if 
Carolina  you  could  visit  a  particular  area,  3er 

'Pont  forget  to  run  up  to  Kentucky  and  sample  that  locality 
to  you  about  as  having  14»  wad.  Answer. 

Your^ truly, 


c.  V.’eidner,  ®sq., 

KLackhird,  Xemhi  Co., 
Idaho . 

2"'r  31r‘  t  „„  «  *.  ^  «—  —  — — °r  •—  „• 

-  rrr;  r  r ::  r" »: 

^  m  n:  z» .« —  -  « -*  *“*  ::  :r 

„„+0  Vho  ’•sally  owns  them  and  are  they 
'  „  ^  «^;  7J  ,  ;„14  Utt  .  Xit.t.le  .r. 

— 'llrtlOB  “d  ““'“T.  aus’ject.  .»»*»  «°M1' 

Any  ore  samples  *hxw  @&oh  &nd  j  wlll 

Tiadium  You  can  send  hy  mail  say 
Cohalt  or  Tfadium.  T^iber  each  sample  so 

assay  for  these  minerals  and  let  you  Know.  - 
you  can  spot  its  locality  if  anythin  is  round. 

**  yours  truly , 

IE  fisher,  Esq., 
Yale  University, 

Yours  of  the  20th  inst.  received.  I  generally  experimented 
with  two  months  periods.  One  period  with  only  vegetable  food,  another 
period  with  only  animal  food,  other  periods  mixed  foods  with  coffee 
or  tea;  again  without  tobacco;  in  all  cases  with  small  amount  of  food. 

It  is  very  surprising  what  a  small  amount  of  food  is  required 
to  keep  ones  weight  constant  where  practically  no  physical  labor  and 

only  mental  effort.  As  to  enaurai 
can  not  give  you  the  data  except  t 

i  on  different  kinds  of  foods  I 
to  mental  effort,  and  that  I 

i  mixed  diet  was  used  with  11 




hundred  pound 

ticate  stock  as  dividend, 

your  p'j 

;ion  you  will  greatly 

'ours  truly. 

Mi  son  Ore  billing  Syndicate,  hvL. , 
;"itzalan  House,  Arundel  St.,  Tendon,  W. 

’’his  morning  )'r,  Edison 

Ore  Villing  Syndicate 
you  kindly  send  me  as 

cane  after  me  again  regarding  the 
stock  due  him  hy  you  in  the  Edison 
er  to  keep  me  out  of  trouble  will 
foie  the  seven  one  hundred  pound 

s  of  bunder land  Iron  Ori 

Company  stock  which  is  due  him  on  the 

.’otel  Crittenden, 
Marion,  Ky. 

}  best  Wad  tiffel  you  sent  in  i 

that  near  Webster,  N.  C., 

i  ton  of  this  Wad  is  worth  two  of  the  Hickman  Co. 

oka  county  where  Haleigh.  is.  situated.,  X 

vicinity  of  Serpentine  that 

s  should,  look  for  rich  wads  and  do  i 

with  -two  automobiles, 

"ay  14th  or  18th  and  will  probably  e 

in  Kentucky  indicated  in  th 

respecting  and  then  return 
Aqua,  and  notify  you 

X  has-"  got  track  of  a  good  Cobalt  spot  near  Charlotte  and 
want  to  fc®lp  looking  over  the  district.  Answer  to  Orange  if  you 
understand.  Randolph  will  send  you  a  double .  do  se  jof^ajssasy  so  you 
will  not  be  bothered.  Yours  truly,  ,  ,  1 


C-  X*~*  ,  - -u-**^ 

l-scj-  *»  ^ 

,^-A.  t  ‘“•>J  ^ 

«J--*  fc '"  ^  ^J’.1^'ir“ 

_ .wn  ~‘—  **  \ 

Ti^  ^  •“ 

tw^f-  1 

c  « 

...ITM./&  If  n  h-M  1  • 

i f\  i  ?  1 

fr  .-il-  r,  ■it'W 

/  /  kfti^i  n  »9 

r  /  ' 


%)  j  y\(A.oo 

9  lajo  Jvi)i- 

$  U  a  to  ol  dvzio 

ku  rf  8.  W  uiw<  ■'•«>  f 

’  vj  #feJjbo»OL~  tkvJr.  Ji 

J1  ^  /^c4r'et  ^ 

C  ^ 

w  tml, 

*}.  • 

hilt  a** 

»<W  ^OMu'to  ^ 
f  • 

,  /,».«*  ^ 

5V?^  m. 

/>?ay  /2  iqoto 

J1.  (0.  &>  Y 

K*V»~-  ^  'f 

!  '?<?-«/•  iOvl- 

i  .&t»  /o  S'.xclum,  >'!:/  L 

J  ilt^  to  lxxc£«u,  7:M(<  htf\UAfdk  ClhldLiJj  ?$JLC&>  dt\ &<*'*■•  lb 
*^-riAA>  (nrdtAj  'jpn  $  ■  ;  57).  ,jf0.  -i'Ajt,  Qii-vne.  -fyv  jotajjyrt/^J^  fr//^ 

5/(ftv€n«.  y6^  pjwih  .  i^tx,  MuljLWV.  Ml  fain;  cAanp 
jjmt-fwJL  UtAjLvu  fal/O  fylfrArtlAi  7rt„>-C<Uo  :  " 

JuLjjL,  -Aotnr^  lAsb  Med,  .:-yiAd*.n*A-A^  Hxt,  >£n  a*»s  t/y" . 

i-vvy  h/livicj  %}■  a**M  ko»*,"4>  HA  cm  MM"  ••-•-  •-••• 

tA*  -h  ,V7nA.  G/jZcMty 

%'  (,  'in/x 

'  •  *  O  ,  ’ 

!ibrw\*-*  (KX BAA-f#* 

and  Garden  I  notice 

Late  for  supplying  my  residenci 

Would  tie  plgased  to  have 



ling  he  done  t( 


Mr.  Creelman.  I 

if  1  should  hold  th« 


i  turn, 

id  by  telegraph 

Latchford,  Ont 


Kindly  0.  K, 

ittaehed  bill 

18,  1906 . 


Electric  C< 


Ion"  trip  in  the 

led.  from 







are  Doth 

much  about 


i  I-'orris,  ‘Esq., 

.  Nunnelly,  Tem 

Hereafter  send  a  description  of  location  of  each  sample  oi 
an  additional  sheet  for  each  shipment  of  samples,  enclose  in  envelo] 
in  hag.  I  have  been  all  day  trying  to  find  the  Itanganeese  outcrop 
10  miles  from  Lincolnton  where  we  dug  the  shafts.  Can  not  locate  it 
from  slips  in  hag,  neither  can  I  tell  about  the  copper  mine  near  ° 
Rhinehardts  on  Lincolnton  Hoad  where  we  stopped  at  night  and  took  ' 
sample.  I  told  you  £p  mention- Copper  nine  sample,  hut  you 
evidently  forgot  it.  r  cant-tlwclfte  the  2,l/2  miles  from  Shelby 
£!a-1Ho ,  in  fact  I  have  lost  all  day  at  it  opening  hags. 

then  your  slip  says  some  place  or  location  as  No.  so  and  s 
-his  compels  b*  t0  firjd  that  particular  hag  and  this  takes  time.  If 



John  riovria,  hsq., 

hunnelly,  Tern:. 

You  better  dig  test  pits  all  over  the  hill  and  on  top  and  the 
opposite  hill  where  deep  shaft  is  on  kunnelly's  place,  to  determine 
once  for  all  the  area  and  probably  quantity  or  acreage  of  wad.  I  would 
not  HH±y  dig  then  only  down  through  roots  and  float  to  the. compact 
stuff  and  not  sink  deep  as  most  of  the  wad  will  show  in  the  float 
.lust  under  the  sod.  Xf  none  there  then  it  will  probably .  be.  poor 
in  the  cracks  deeper  down.  Keep  in  mind  the  hydraulic  sohone  of  work¬ 
ing  as  i  am  convinced  that  is  the  only  scheme  that  will  be  economical. 

Also  when  digging  over  the  several  acres  better  send  in., 
samples  from  widely  separated  pits,  because  I  find  the  wad  varies 
in  all  kinds  of  ways  as  to  quantity .  I  want  to  see  if  dt  varies 



much  in 

e  area., 


tandard  Consolidated  Fining  Co. 

i  may  enter  my  order  for 

!  carload  of  thirty  1 

oncentrates  per  month,  the  first  carload  to  be  shipped 

in  .Tuly  1906  and  'conti: 

g  that  we  do  not  desire  any  more, 
ad  is  to  be  shipped  to  Ledoisc  tc.  Co.,  Few  York  for 
assay  for  Gold,  Cobalt  and  Fickel  with  instruc- 

The  price  which  the  3di s< 

storage  Battery  Co.  will  pay  is 

ss  than  240  and  reaches  28 0  lbs.  i 
forty  cents  Tier  pound  for  each  pi 

If  the  ore  contains  more  than  280  lbs.  < 

Cobalt,  the  price  is  to  be  fo: 
Cobalt  contained  in  the  ore. 

ten  cents  per  pound  c 

Fickel  per  ton  of  < 

Fickel  than  60  lbs.  of  Fickel  per  ton  we  will  only  pay  seven  cents 
per  pound  of  Metallic  Fickel.  This  metal  being  very  detrimental 

will  pay  ninety  six  pc: 

■  the  gold  contained  in 
>£  the  market  value  of 


dned  hy  fire  assay.  We  do  not  pay  for  any  other 
prices  are  I’.  0.  E.  Iedoux's  Works,  New  fork, 
ng  and  assaying  to  he  paid  hy  the  seller  of  the 

receipt  of  the  ore  and  assay  at  Orange,  IT.  the  • 
"tandard  Consolidated  Kines  Co.  shall  he  paid  in 
notifv  us  if  these  terras  are  accepted. 

1 4  ;ii  nr 

r  <U  Jr  hj^f 
u<y  KM, 

ft  snU  '4p§ 

U ^  r  T- 

yt  y 



a  ip  ra 

v  Tra  Pr 

4-  A  1  **■ 

11  Mm  li 

I  *  M  J 
y  y  o  ^ 

p-  4  (i  4 

4  J 

The  sample  sent  must  have  rfilfe  astray  as  T  can  not  find  it, 
j  have  received,  however,  a  sanple  from  i\  I’ugan  of  your  town  which 
concentrated  and  the  concentrate  assayed  18£  Cobalt  with  quite  a 
small  loss  in  tailings.  This  is  the  only  sample  sent  me  by  several 
parties  from  Lehmi  County  that  could  he  concentrated  high  grade 
without  great  loss  in  tailings.  I  imagine  that  the  pyrites  are  finer 
and  more  intimately  mixed  with  gangue  in  different  parts  of  the 
District  and  that  Dugan’s  sample  was  an  exceptional  one. 

Describe  the  bawkeye  group  owned  by  you.  Is  this 
group  the  same  as  Dr,  Dugan's?  f  am  "buying  a  carload  per  month  of 
arsenical  Cobalt  concentrates  from  the  Ctandard  Consolidated  Dines 
Co,  in  Grant  Co.,  Oregon.  The  ore  varies  from  12  to  14£  metallic 
Cobalt.  It  is  delivered  i’.  C.  B.,  pew  York  at  40  cents  per  lb,  -bf 
Detallio  Cobalt.  I  think  they  have  a  haul  of  12  miles  to  K.  K.  I 
also  pay  from  90  to  95/j  of  the  assay  value  of  the  gold  according 
to  quantity.  Its  properly  a  gold  ore,  the  Cobalt  being  incidental. 

If  you  can  show  me  how  I  can  get  my  Cobalt  cheaper  than  prices 
above  stated  I  an;  ready  for  a  deal. 

Yours  truly, 


<•’.  T  Yallett,  Ksq., 

Camp  Bristol, 

Glen  Lyn ,  Va . 

Bear  Sir- 

Bours  of  the  30th  tilt,  received.  If  you  will  send  me 
a  sample  of  the  ore  found  on  your  /property  I  will  assay  for 
Cohalt,  Be  sure  and  mark  it  so  i  can  tell  where  it  comes  from. 
Yours  truly, 

July  5,  1906. 

Hahermann  Kf g .  Cc.., 

Laurel  Hill,  L.  I. 

Lear  Sirs : 

Tills  will  introduce  to  you  my  representative,  Mr.  Julius 
UuesTce.  I  intend  to  build  muffle  annealing  furnaces  for  my  new- 
electric  battery  parts  and  if  there  is  no  objection  would  like  to 
see  how  you  build  yours, if  you  use  muffle  furnaces...  —  - 

Yours  truly, 



H.  IT.  Holleman,  Esq. , 

1019  Capitol  Ave,, 

I  am  in  receipt  of  your  very  kind  invitation,  dated  June  22nd, 
asking  me  to  pay  a  viBit  to  Houston  for  the  purpose  of  going  out  to 

Tarpon  on  a  fishing  expeditioi 

Although  I  would  very  much  like  to 

accept  this  invitation,  I  regret  to  say  that  I  am  so  fully  occupied  with 
my  different  experiments  that  I  cannot  spare  the  time  to  make  the  trip. 

So  far  as  tarpon  fishing  is  concerned,  I  would  say  that  right  in  front 
of  my  plantation  in  Elorida  I  have  had  great  sport  catching,  tarpon,  and 
when  I  was  South  in  the  Spring  of  the  year  I  enjoyed  it  immensely. 

Eegretting  that  I  am  unable  to  accept  the  invitation  at  this 
time,  and  thanking  you  for  same,  believe  me  to  be, 

Yours  very  truly,  , 


20  Broad  street, 

I  have  stopped 

iJng  notes 

the  decree 

;ered  yours? 

will  not  carry  out  the 

why  the  principal 



susinessi  direct 

ahead  and  do 

that  I  night  go  hack  on  you.  Dont  feai 

You  seem  t< 


loney  Tor  pe: 

that.  Tf  you  want 


fighting,  I  wii: 

have  some 

sonduct  proceedings  before 

the  inaste) 

"ours  truly: 



12th  inst.  received.  Would  he  pleased  to 

it  some  time  during- the  day  with  the  new  Lanter 
much  to  see  it  in  operation.  We  have  current 

darken  the  large  room  at  any  time 

Yours  trul- 

.4,  ISO  6 

■ecent  date 


f  oundat ion 


lOanU  JUt.  .  //  oji-tot 

v  A3  AZXjlJrUnQ 

.  pA 

iQlGJv  'lui>  '.-  "  .  ,  ■ 

i  *»«*  +o  Jo-Mf-kttL  Only  lhu~* 

^vl  (cv~  wwi  ^  a-ot  lark,  ovuu  ih,  aatK.^ 

~k§\AA*H  CAM  el  Gw  CA&ZJ  0|^>  <X  /up  rrA  <rj^  4at/\  (J^ 

,(&  %oJ~,  Aajou^,  f°  ojunfik,  <^>  A*.  4o 

x  ^  wA.  oft*’  7^  -A  **%  (fr,a^  ***/4*$ 
/ufcn,  4 Ipi^y  pp  p'- * 

Ct r^iOv^Vb  pf*  vbloJ^O  VliJjs 


•&  i  tt'MM&b 

Aug.  20, 

3’.  -Joyner,  Esq., 

41  Euller  St., 

Schenectady,  E.  Y. 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  17th  inst.  wish  to  say  that 
sent  Hr'.  Edison  is  away  on  an  automobile  tour  and  not  expected 
‘ore  the  first  of  September.  If  you  will,  send  me  a  sample  of  th 
rill  see  that  Mr.  Edison  gets  it  on  his  return. 

E.  E.  Harding,  Esq., 

Replying  to  ybuw'  of  recent  date  wish  to  say  that  Hr 
i  hilled  by  being  crushed  between  the  platform  and  ti 

T&agesoan  wan  lined  by  being  orusne 
the  B.  II.  1-  at  Bath  Beach  June  2nd 

star  «  Del .  B .  It, , 
,  IT,  Y, 

,  C.  Sanford,  Rsci., 

Station  Agent,  i 
Big  Inrlii 

jar  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  20th  Inst.  wish  to  say  that  . 

tt-kU"-  '1,-rar'i.te  cover  I  send  you  a  B 
Yoaj.t  is  found  most  any  wne*®-*  'i 

f  Cohalt  ore.  If  you  will  send  me  &  or  °  one  02 ' 
at  skills  I  will  have  them  assayed  and  aavise  you  if  conta 

so  I  can  tell  where  they  come  from. 

and  mark  them 


:itS  lead 

tHK  84Ml 

:  JSSs^a 

li  OttQ  && 


■■  V 



ilia  ised 
r  vocal,  ton 

Robert  Ewing,  Esq>, 

Mgr . -Rashvill e  American, 

Hashville,  Tenn. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  1st  irist.  wish  to  say  that  I  am 
not  familiar  with,  the  iron  ore  deposits  in  Tennessee,  hut  judging 
from  the  amount  of  Manganeese  ore  containing  Cohalt  and  Eickel, 
scattered  over  several  counties,  I  should  say  that  somewhere  there 
must  he  a  large  deposit  of  Cohalt  from  which  the  Cohalt  of  the  Manga¬ 
neese  leached.  I  also  notice  large  quantities  of  hones  in  some 
pits  sunk  in  prospecting  and  do  not  douht  hut  that  large  deposits 
can  he  found.  I  am  also  under  the  impression  that  there  are  many 
more  phosphate  deposits  in  Tennessee  that  have  not  yet  been  discovered. 

I  suggest  that  the  State  arrange  with  some  competent  Chemist 
or  firm  of  assayers  to  make  free  assays  of  all  samples  sent  in  by  farm, 
ers,  etc.  and  widely  advertise  the  fact. 

Yours  truly. 

Sept.  10,  1906. 

Wilson,  Esq., 
Xatchford,  Ont., 

Pear  Sir: 

I  heg  to  confirm  telegram  3ent  you  this  day  in  answer  to 
yours  a3  follows: 

"If  you  will  take  30  or  40  tons  of  whatever  is  on  hand, 
can  get  Glendenning  for  40  cents,  E.  0.  B.,  New  York.  H.  K.  Wilson" 
(3fy  reply)  "allright.  Will  take  30  or  40  tons."  Edison." 

Yours  truly, 




10t  1906. 

Mr.  S.  E.  Pollen. ycSeo. , 

•  fa." 

Dunderland  Iron  ore  Co . , 

Tours  of  the  30th  of  August  received. 

We  abandoned  ropes  on  the  rolls  because;  we  wanted  more  pres¬ 
sure  to  obtain  a  greater  output  and  also  because  nfixen  we  dhut  -down 
one  roll  to  change  ropes,  all  the  rolls  had  to  be  stopped,  whi-ch  is 
not  the  case  with  your  mill.  Our  ropes  lasted  on  an  average,  120 
hours,  100  lb.  pressure  on  8  inch  cylinder,  ho  not  see  Why  yours 
should  not  last  as  long. 

We  then  substituted  springs  on  the  same  roil,  discarding 
the  spacing  rolls.  We  could  not  get  as  much  output  as  before,  because 
the  power  was  greatly  increased  and  the  small  bearings  would  not 
stand  the  pressure.  I  then  designed  a  very  powerful  roll  and  have 
6  of  them- working.  They  have  a  great  output  and -work  perfectly, 
giving  no  trouble.  Have  small  repairs.  The  only  drawback  being 
that  the  power  required  per  ton  is  about  double-,  l>ut  the  cost  of  the 
power  ie  more  than  made  by  doing  away  with  delays  .and  increasing 
the  output. 

If  you  desire  I  will  have  got  out  a  complete  set  of  blue 
prints  of  the  new  rolls  and  forward.^ 


a.  Croydon  Marts,  Esq.., 

18  Southampton  Buildings,  Chancery  ; 

London,  V.  C. ,  England. 

Sept.  12,  1906. 

X  have  just  received  your  cable  reading  as  follows: 

"Stewart  attempting  form  company;  states  Edison  given 
rights  for  sale  of  battery  here  until  others  interested, 
get  it  on  market.  Cable  shall  injunction  issue.11 

which  I  immediately  answered  as  follows; 

"Stewart  has  no  rights  from  me,  directly  or  indirectly,  for 
battery  or  anything  else.  Act  accordingly. " 

Mr.  W.  M.  Stewart  haG  no  authority  to  represent  himself  as  acting 
for  me  in  any  capacity  whatsoever,  and  I  trust  you  will  take  proper 
measures  4c  offset  any  attempts  on  his  part  to  represent  me  or  any  <?f 

Mr.  Robert  LevenBon, 
202  B.  88th.  St... 

Sept.  22,  1906. 

Youra  of  the  14th  ins t.  received,  replying  to  same  wish  to 
say  that  I  have  no  objection  to  being  a  member  of  the  Committee, 
providing  I  have  no  duties  to  perform.  X  am  loaded  down  to  the 
Plimsol  line  now. 

R.  I).  Casterline,  Escj. , 

1918  N.  18th  St., 

Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Yours  truly, 

Sept.  22,  1906 

Dear  Sir: 

•I  beg  to  advise  you  that  I  can  give  you  a  job  for  a  month 
or  two  around  3Jew  Jersey.  If  you  accept  kindly  advise  me  when  you 
could  come. 

Yours  truly, 

Philadelphia  Inquirer, 

Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Pear  Sira: 

Please  insert  in  two  issues  of  your  paper  in  the  financial 
page,  and  to  occupy  two  inches  df  space,  the  following: 

"frwd  thousand  Shares  Edison  Portland  Cement  Common  wanted 
at  si*  dollars  per  shard;  Address  Salford,  Inquirer  Office." 

Kindly  send  hill  and  replies  to  the  above  advertisement 

Letterbook,  LB-075 

This  letterbook  covers  the  period  October  1906-June  1907.  Most  of  the 
correspondence  is  by  Edison  and  John  F.  Randolph.  There  are  also  some 
letters  by  Mina  Miller  Edison.  Many  of  the  items  relate  to  Edison’s  search  for 
limestone,  cobalt  ore,  and  other  ores.  Also  included  are  letters  pertaining  to  the 
business  of  the  Edison  Portland  Cement  Co.;  the  operations  of  the  cement 
works  at  Stewartsville,  New  Jersey;  and  Edison’s  progress  on  his  poured 
concrete  house.  In  addition,  there  are  letters  discussing  Edison's  work  on  his 
alkaline  storage  battery;  the  manufacture  of  batteries  by  Sigmund  Bergmann 
in  Berlin,  Germany;  and  ore  concentration  operations  in  the  Dunderland  region 
of  Norway,  in  connection  with  the  Edison  Ore  Milling  Syndicate,  Ltd.  Among  the 
items  pertaining  to  family  and  personal  matters  are  letters  concerning  Edison’s 
health;  his  membership  in  clubs  and  societies;  the  upkeep  of  his  winter  home 
at  Fort  Myers,  Florida;  and  his  donation  of  five  hundred  dollars  to  a  public 
school  in  Milan,  Ohio,  for  the  purchase  of  scientific  apparatus.  Also  included  is 
a  letter  regarding  a  loan  of  one  thousand  dollars  from  Edison  to  his  former 
associate,  Edward  H.  Johnson,  as  well  as  a  letter  by  Edison  reminiscing  about 
his  early  years  in  Boston  and  New  York. 

The  label  on  the  front  cover  contains  the  following  notation:  "Thos.  A. 
Edison.  -  Personal  -  Letter  Book  from  October  1  -1906  to  July  1  - 1 907."  There 
is  an  inscription  on  the  spine  with  similar  information.  The  spine  is  also 
stamped  "5."  The  book  contains  502  numbered  pages  and  an  index. 
Approximately  1 0  percent  of  the  book  has  been  selected. 

T  regret  exceedingly  that  a  previous  engagement  will  prevent 
my  accepting  your  very  hind  invitation  of  the  26th  of  September  to  visit 
Scranton  on  the  occasion  of  the  fifteenth  aniversary  of  the  International 
Correspondence  Schools. 

Although  I  cannot  be  present  at  the  exercises,  it  is  a  pleasure  for 
me  to  assure  you  of  my  familiarity  with  your  great  and  deserving  educa¬ 
tional  work.  Please  accept  my  congratulations  on  the  successful  outcome 
of  your  past  years  of  labor  and  my  most  sincere  wishes  for  the  continued 
prosperity  and  public  appreciation  of  the  International  Correspondence 
Schools . 

Yours  very  truly, 



frA&nflt.  ■ 

Oda  v  Jxi;_ 

ii  C*  OjAlikm  <H  QI'jI  Vrtu Iti  t-'Jj*  /**>  fia.d‘  cAatijO 

m*  (  rt  ii  ^  Ant ax,  ~ft>  lv'y}UH  -iccheuv  rn  iX<>  GAxftCfo  fi*d  f  ,/uShA 
fauj  ■luch^dum.  ( ■  ft-  J&fit.  '.  to  fiii/ib  ptitc'f.  u>o  4 avo  /«#*n> 
ifa^Cc*  (hn*-  ^  Ae»  /■  :  pvnay  ,f  /^a4  <fc$.u*(Aui^  intrUx 

'•  i\.jiju%\)'  (\intsfb  :iVir£j  luni&il  iintru  ch  li'-fitix.  fwk  ii  fi\d  t3-J 

we f>  /f / xi-  do  tfvi\.  JJ  Xtb  k)l(kCiffrxj  ./XaX  J7  lAt^fo 

d/iru((l  <r>ditv  a^Mid  kjt^U*j  fPhllb  jfY  fi>mjectiix'j^ 

i/L  ft 

nL  tbLm, 

rJ^cL-^t  futrrfth 

r~l)  t£  UHl>  eim*  t£i>  Wftlfli,  lipiY  4i> 

i'/Jkin.s>  {M‘  -AruCrl  kds  iCd4nny&  4/ 

idntiLU^  ^  ■«*>  ft  t&nf/v  '• 

j-  irrCy-iKiv  f'  /n.CncAtU^.  -4W 

,/v  Gca^/  Mit  ;A  f  Aiji/"***-* 


%\ A.ctuua  [nf: 


inx  f/ffl-v  ^riatbf;  tl'y  <M 

*  cL  O.A  l™*  *» 

JYlII  duM-rtv 

Gel  10.1 » 

/il  0 

p>  ,  Esq., 

33/24  Oudenarderstrass 

t4y  dear  j)„gmann: 

Berlin,  Germany. « 

I  tov.  your  letter  e.  Octets  8th,  the 

“U8r  «*  t”e  manufacture  of  storage  batteries. 

I  am  lf,d*ed  glad  to  W  that  you  are  turning  out  at  the  rate  of 
50  cell.  pRj,  day  and  that  if  necessary  thin  can  he  increased  to  100;  and 
1  am.Pl9aa«^  a'1S°  t0  n0te  that  testa  indicate  that  your  cells  are 
eqU&l  t0  manufactured  by  ue.  The  two  cells  that  you  have  sent  me 

—  have  not  *R  yet  cone  in,  but  when  they  do  I  will  look  them  over  and  write 
you  furthQp_  if  necessary. 

I  do  ^  want  to  say  at  the  moment  whether  we  will  send  a  jnan 
orer  at  preaP  n't  or  not;  I  will  take  this  under  advisement,  and 

.  "rite  you  ^er.  Weber  has  bean  laid  up  for  the  past  two  or  three 
weeks  and  j  <*oubt  if  he  could  nake  a  trip  at  present. 

T}le  of  active  material  is,  of  course,  very  high,  for  the  simple 

reason  that  *e  are  running  our  works  only  partially,  and  naturally  the 
general  is  greater  thin  it  would  otherwise  be.  With  the 

exception  Qf  the  cobalt  flak#;  the  active  material,  when  we.  do  start  up 
again,  wi.^.  ve  very  much  reduced  in  price,  and  I  therefore  think  there 
will  be  n0  c<,tnplaint  on  this  BcofC  later  on.  We  are  hoping  to  more  than 
cut  the  in  half  6ti  the  iroi  alone. 

•  Kow>  a0  fB'r  aB  PriceB  are  concerned,  we  sell  the  *E-18"  type  at 

3.  Bergmann. 

£0.00,  whero.e  oh.  prl08  of  the  1>aa  0S11  w  tho  ^  oapacity  15 

Th.  Adams  .*pr,.,  Oo„  .ho  have  Juot  put  ^  ^  ^  ^ 

»ry  sucks,  purchased  our  peasant  halt  ary,  „  they  fi„a  lrm 
previous  experience  that- our  cells  are  very  much  cheaper  to  operate  in 

,  r"n’  °"d  *h'y  ««  lead  h.ttery  at  any  price. 

In  addition  to  this,  have  8lBllt  to  ton  othor  Undo  fi™  who  have 
tirown  out  th,  1«  battery  absciately.  flffany  »  Ior 

‘  '°tal  °f  ”»«»»■  operated  rtth  our  battery. 

I  ojqooot  to  send  you  on,  of  my  oell,  >bout  j.bruary,  i»7.  mi. 
cell  Mil  to  made  up  Mtn  tools,  and  not  Hand-mode. 

I  hay,  always  boon  under  the  impr.e.ion  that  you  underotood  that  th. 
active  material  w.  have  been  .hipping  yeu  „a.  abnormally  hi  oh  in  prloo 
hut  it  i,  no  criterion  so  far  a,  the  ultimate  cost  is  concerned.  . 

The  new  oell  above  referred  to  will  have  60*  more  capacity  for  the 
same  weight. 

The  enclosures  with  your  letter  are  most  interesting,  and  I  have 
gone  over  them  carefully,  hut  I  do  not  see  that  there  is  very  much  com- 

Generally  spewing,  I  am  more  than  satisfied  with  the  results  already 
attained  in  connection  with  the  new  cell,  and  Just  as  soon  as  I  can  give 
you  some  definite  figures  rest  assured  you  will  hear  from  me. 

Yours  very  truly, 

Oct.  27,  1906. 

Daniel  Hogan,  Esq., 

C3e  rk  United  States  Court, 

Danville ,  Ill  0 

Dear  Sir: 

In  reply  to  yours  of  the  22nd,  would  say  that  I  have  a  fa 
recollection  of  the  lncedent  you  mention ;am  glad  to  hear  you  are 
pleasantly  fixed  which  is  more  than  Rockefeller  can  truthfully  say 
Yours  vory_truly., _ _ 

d.  iS)  L  tJjr~ 

'  KuUm.WH 

fliOAJ  dwi-  V  n 

c& cns-fl  tn\d\  I'AS'id-.  litre  Jo.  Afatb  J/M-do.  r.\>  ‘  tlArt't 

JfaiiQj  hi>  j.  orfrvizJ  fait  Lltvutod'.  fa'll ptat  faAo  LtvuJ-i *-A 

Jucfo  ii<  <  l  V  iS  it/  ftV 

(L  lM: 

,tMu  " h  H^d  sUU)  (j-ivUA'd  Cfrc/t 

it  L  nrCnhcoL#}  y  irvis  Q. A  rule/  h 

f  ,  /•’  / 

caaX  i\  ft>  fad/  //  j*y»  d* j ft  cfa\ 

ihre/u  oJtdb  jin  lfa 
%CHAJ  CcfapA-vUrk 

;wCu  A  M  cl  tnvv  rtuifu/. 

/  ^ 

^udel  ifa\  OnJftd  a  Ae>  y/UUi*'*A:> 

\wel  Vijin'V  (3  fa  truAcl  ‘Mi'l'  :^.ci^r-rlil<L.  -d-O-o  ji  ^ 

yUwud to  fan  fazt'k  UiAfevut-nv  i  ■  At- 

Assistant  Director, 

Office  of  Public  Roads,  ' 

U.  D«Pt.  of  Agriculture, 

Washington,  D.  c 

I*ear  Sir: 

. - 


Yours  very  truly, 

Alex.  Churchward,  Esq., 
Edison  Building, 

Dear  Sir : 

40  Broad  St. , 

New  Yorfc. 

Is  there  any  way(hy  sacrificing  economy)  to  do  away,  or  diminish 
weight  of  reactance  coil  in  the  mercury  rectifier.  I  want  to  carry  the 
rectifying  device  with  the  touring  machine.  I  am  experimenting- with  the 
chemical  rectifier  at  present. 

November  19,  1906. 

1  Ewn.ld.  Stulpno 

Esq. , 

Eort  Myers ,  lee  Co., 


Dear  sir: 

In  reply  tp.„your  letter  of  the  10  th.  test.,  I  leg  to  state 
that  you  can  go  ahead  and  order  the  tank  from;  W.  E.  Caldwell  Co.,  as 
stated  in  your  letter.  0  • 

Yours  very  truly, 

Hovember  19’,  1906. 

M.  P.  Hutchinson,  Esq.  e  Pres., 

Universal  Motor  Car  Company, 

Humber  One  Madison  Avenue, 

Hew  York  City. 

Dear  Sir:  .  .  ■  '  '  ’ 

In  reply  to  your  letter  ;of  the  .  9th.  test . , • I  beg  to  say  that 
I  have*rit  the  time  to  write  letters';  If  you;  want  any  information  come 
over  to  the  laboratory. 

roj  wjo  oj 
L'lOW  Hj80  I 

r  November  26,  1906. 

'i'v ederio  E.  Dewey,  Esq., 

■Mint  Bureau, 

Treasury  Department , 

Washington,  D.  C. 

Dear  Sir: 

In  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  22nd.,  would  say  that  you 
better  hold  off  purchasing  cobalt  ore.  The  total  demand  is  only 
380000  pounds  yearly;  and  there  will  be  ere  produced  next  year, 
carrying  enough  to  supply  tha  world  for  ten  years  to  come. 

They  will  be  glad  to  sell, 

Yours  truly, 

llov ember  26,  1906. 

In  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  20th.,  would  say  ,  you  can 

tell  Mr.  Brown  to  go  ahead  and  buy  his  apparatus,  and  when  ready  have 

the  bill's  sent  to  me  at  Orange;  to  the  extent  of  five  hundred  dollars, 

not  more.  I  am  so  overworked  I  have'nt  the  time  to  go  over  the  list. 

Yours  very  truly, 

1  »  r  November  27,  1906. 

Johri Morris,  Esq., 

Billsburg,  Penna. 

Bear  Mr .  Morris: 

There  is  no  oohalt  in  the  ore  as  the  man  said;  hut 
there  is  cohalt  in  the  blue  or  green  shist,  one  sample  has  considerahl 
Please  find  out  how  wide  and  long  the  shist  is,  and  if  it  is  impreg¬ 
nated  with  pyritieB. 

I  notice  all  your  samples  are  from  dumps  and  not  from 
rock  in  place  .  Can't  you  find  outcrop,  so  as  not  to  depend  on  dumps. 
The  shists  carry  from  10  to  20  per  cent  of,  You  better  spend 
week  after  Thanksgiving  finding  these  pyr’.teous  shists,  and  take 
general  samples  and  return  to  laborattry .  as  I  want  yeu  to  go  to 


Ji  b^93 

Jacob  Henry,  Esq., 

Gainsville,  Georgia. 

December  1,  1906. 

The  ore  you  sent  is  a  fair  cobalt  ore  and  I  think  it  could  be 
concentrated  up  so  the  concentrate  could  be  shipped.  Where  is  the  mine, 
is  It  far  from  a  railroad  ?. 

I  would  purchase  a  good  mine  if  the  quantity  and  quality  of 
the  ore  was  right.  It  will  take  some  time  to  make  an  accurate  assay 
of  the  sample. 

Yours  very  truly, 

December  5,  1906. 

W.  H.  Mason,  Esq., 

Edison  Portland  Cement  |3o., 

Stewartsville,  Mew  Jersey. 

Dear  Mr.  Mason: 

Perhaps  it  is  best  to  use  brick  foundation  to  hold  the 
iron  column  up  from  grouriri,  and  not  depend  on  cement  where  any  weight 
ia  sustained.  Red  briok'will  be  0.  K. 

I  guess  we  need  not  use  the  heavy  columns,  but  the  small 
columns,  only  casting  the  slots  in  for  holding  plates  in  position.  You 
Will  probably,  have  to  divide  column  in  two  lengths  and  use  flanged 
ends  bathed  together.  Ribs  on  plates  probably  not  necessary;  they  would 
liWce  it  bad  to  cast  in  moulds. 

Make  ohanges  in  drawing,  mark  material  to  be  used  on 
drawing  with  some  few  details  and  return  to  Orange  for  criticism  again. 

December  5,  1906, 

S.  Bergrnann,  $Bq,  , 

23  Oudenu W«i'  S^iv.sse, 

Berlin,  Germany. 
l.Ty  dear  Eergmann: 

Yours  of  the  12t.h.  of  Fovember  received..  I  cannot 
consent  to  the  battery  company  going  into  any  outside  business,  it 
would  lead  to  endless  o.r.p  lie  at  ions  in  the  future. 

You  will  remember  I  warned  you  repeatedly  to  go.  slow 
until  things  were  certain.  I  told  you  not  to  build  any,  of  the  old 
style  batteries,  but  to  wait.  It  is  I  who  is  spending  the  money  in 
large  quantities,  but  not  foolishly.  TOien  I  say  it  is  all  right,  you 
will  have  somethin*,  valuable  to  do  business  on. 

You  say  the  battery  has  greater  bulk  than  the  lead, 
that  will  not  be  true  of  the  new  1  .itteryj  for  the  same  capacity  it  will 

he  less  bulky. 

largo  chemical 

The  only  thing  delaying  me,  now,  is  the  finishing  of  the 
t,rl:s  s.1;  Silver  Lake,  to  work  cobalt  ores. 

Yours  very  truly, 

§  trzcj't'b  ^vvv  fijkid  >5"? 7' "zoo 

Oi_  Occnit  ,-vL  J~pr  yww  (i  cJ u,\-~j  4n«/  jtyju-uAMj  Qaw  inndAkij.  /e  6  7-t3« 
a^n?t  tixb  (baJcw  uu  500 .  /ti  j-{t  ^t-vd  ~h  Mcwt  <y  to  ‘ 

tyneJw  o.  elvtAM-m,  ~/o  /hv  f ev*  Maa  Mnvfl*  hr  M  rs  ;;Vw 

Mriovd  Oo*\^.  (h'lcrrt,  jJabsUL  Ml.  4-0  S  C<^W  CjM  Ms 

M  (jvx,  &mjb  * 

%i\J  ScluPn  GCLyi'to  't  Co\H  &  CiM/i  ods  cbltoAnO  /oft 

Mown  Cool  hlv  CtJLjMl  O^ti  lu*\rL 

OgovJ  (Lt-ud.  aJ"  Mo  JiM. 

hr  /Wu  aJs  /ULolzJvU  J&a,  $.4vzlcM\MC  fl  ( frfUj  ijt-  Ms 
Omfidji  Cum  d  Qa-UaMcL  M  &v  6u*tl  <&>  %W 

1u  btitf/\5j  ytivi 

U5U  /(Ml  Ms  hit/  (MvoiyjMu 

f\C\A  qM//Ji/L  M/M 

j  (Tl  1/  V3-  'V  .- ; 

M  ’ 7 ’  ■  Q'tw^d <ttfMs/ 

cember  12,  1906. 

Thomas  Manning,  Esq.,  1  / 


Island  of  New  Caledonia. 

Near  Sir: 

Please  quote  on  hoard  ship  Noumea,  all  grades  of  cobalt  ore, 
from  three  per  cent  metallic  to  four  and  one  half  and  higher.  Be  sure 
and  state  if  quotations  are  for  protoxide  or  metallic;  for  dry  ore 
and  metric  ton  etc.,  in  fact  all  data.  Should  probably  purchase  in 

five  hundred  ton  lots.  Ledoux  and  Co. 

i  the  umpire  chemists  at  New 

York  and  all  ores  are  paid  for  on  their  assay.  Ti  wjpuld  pay  on  receipt 
of  their  assay.  Ores  are  generally  consigned  to  them. 

I  suppose  you  could  give  me  as  favorable  price's  as  Haford 
Isha  Works .  I  understand  you  furnished  last  lot  for  one  hundred  francs 
for  four  and  one  half  per  cent  metallic,  E.O.B.  Noumea. 

Please  state  unit  prices  above  four  and  one  half  per  cent. 

Yours  very  truly - - 

Ota  .  w n-X-Cdt 

December  15,  1906 

E.  de  Haen  Chemische  Fahrik,  List, 

Seelze  near  Hanover,  Germany. 

Dear  Sirs: 


In  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  27th.  ult.,I  heg  to  state  that 
we  "buy  most  of  our  chemicals  in  this  country.  We  use  a  large  quantity 
of  electrolytic  potash,  free  of  chlorine,  paying  6  l/4oents  Hew  York, 
and  not  carbonated.  We  no  longer  use  barium  salts. 

We  buy  very  large  quantities  of  caustic  soda  from  Brunner 
Kond  &  Co.,  London,  but  think  you  could  not  compete  with  them.  I  notice 
your  price  on  metallic  thallium;  I  just  received  fifty  pounds,  paying 
less  than  four  dollars  per  pound,  all  expenses  paid. 

How  muoh  for  one  metric  ton  of  Bismuth. 

Yours  truly, 

JUk>,  - 

^I^l/aav  j/fzv*,  tQjUMAdU  liui 
cC{,\ }  J f>v  AK  Q  hi  /.  a  /^i-c  ai . 

y/nitL,  /Ai^y  <£&,  /f'SntA  SJc«iL#a/n&. 

L  f  y/*.  . . . 

/7^  -  ^-v  dUCLlianJ  exuc/  ^  ^ 

vfijovcUw  ihibA  if.  ■6dtL4&  if'  ffif-tw  (socj jfnk  /U-.^  died.* 

P-Cix A*d*  -fUiil  o+x.  oJl&  M,  /  /  '/  . 

t*  J  ■  cz,  [  dJmrt! 

***'  wcwri/,  ^ 

•A  /  ^  ,*UL  JdM  yy„  U^z. 

v***'  funAjm,  $Hf  6Lmj  4  „  a  *  ~ 

0  ~t  IX  CJvtez^^  <LCo  (nt£J^^dr,^,  aU^A  ?s-0  XwW*,  fau  <4*.. 

?W  A-*P  (ruLnWj  atu^uu*,  M,  »y  6*-:^  ^  ^  ^ 

%‘^*mAw  AaA£ai  f\an  it  ft  A. .  i  -/■  ■ .  /  _/  ' 

y  ^  4#  /'• 

U^Ltk  7b  JzA  Mtfo  ?hi-u„a£ 
ti'U-j/  irudL, 

/  fa  id  Li  i  *  lb\Li  A  .  h uv  %■  m/v  f  f 

JSloaj  falw  Owe*.*;.  v  fj 

0. M,  Itfdy.  ^  cAuyxd.  'fl  ^  AU.^* 

■  u.d  cw  (@d  13.  yfrvo  odUo  zAajuic  o-nv  "  " 

JJlffuXci  S  ii  -'Aantid  UA£  ^  al^AaA, 

ktriv  altLo  Aelv*.  w  eJiWijefl  dntL  71  &&A  fcfa".  h  tfu*  cw**J\ 

i  S  pyU,f  cuh/jtaju  J o  h. 

6v\r&  7V\dV\Jtj . 

■vi  -budi 

Li.  fa  7-  fjiddw 
.  i ini^c/t 

l/\Jb  ■  l btlAAJ  '/cilllAli  tOyfl'-r /'l  & 

in  k  fl*jl  3°-  'V0^  A*  \J  o-  fa 

6  .tmxcA, 

Hu  fab  a  U.fadu, 

/■£  iOxil  u.—  v  * 

/6>3  bf  W--  jlcacJutw-  (h paIl-'smJ'J 
JbJucGj  o  •  *£££".■ 
lOiOKt  liiv;-  ^ 

Ctonv  jj-n^  fa  k  ^'X  ur.  fu>.  joJi^i^ 

^4-  kvtih  a  iVlCMCC^j  IlM'Wiidi iYrtCfin^  //IC/.pUm  U’-~— 

f  i 

N  1\Sa\j  did.  Jti\L<.j  M  £u  ,0%,  (m  cL\j\ndJtM(b  cuLlo  J"iew<> 

1  U 

fowl-  mi.  U  o-G  J-/u,^  (hriL  MuUl-th*~ 

*"/”'  "  ■ ''■'•^v..,-  *-,■  /-J.v  £  W '!•••.,•  <m&  KLqandUdq  ttfcu 

JO  JfiJ  ‘ 


£u\J  JOv.'- 

(J&ICKU..  a"'l  <Leucl  lU'“Z«,**Js 

'i (riw  v\/-U\iz£ O  <x\\U  a-  cJUcl  / by  Jf\&>  lra.&CL\ALL 


f  <m*J  t\ji. 

V\L  crb-tt-Cjb 



]  iojv 

h./o.jL y  4-  h /0  y 

(i!  to.  i'V 

J  /L  lUrLVTl(je>,  (/t/ivw. 

ir«R,*  la^d  tU  s/^4  $h  4 

».«£  uL.  4  t»~h  nyd  ^7  ^ 

,Vx  (n\Jb.  ?fcKvt>  had  lUWi&L  pr  ovim  liolk  pcutAf. 
oiavi  tk>ub  <4  mo  d^Mj  cdnrvJ^ 
if  kj  rvwi  inAA^.j 

Jan.  11,  1907. 

■  (/ 

Mr.  L.  B.  Marks,  President, 

Illuminating  Engineering  Society, 

220  Broadway,  Mew  York. 

My  dear  Mr.  Marks: 

I  am  in  receipt  of  your  very  kind  invitation 
of  the  7th  to  attend  the  first  dinner  of  your  Society  to  he  held 
on  the  evening  of  January  14th,  hut  I  regret  exceedingly  to  Bay 
that,  due  to  the  fact  that  I  have  been  suffering  from  a  very 
severe  cold  the  past  ten  days,  from  which  I  have  not  entirely 
recovered,  I  am  corbelled  to  decline  invitations  of  all  kinds. 

I  shall  he  very  glad  to  have  you  present  my  name  for 
membership  in  your  Society. 

Trusting  that  the  dinner  will  he  in  every  way  successful, 
and  wishing  the  Society  itself  continued  success,  believe  me  to 

Yours  very  truly, 

Jan.  14,  1907. 

L / 

The  Telegraph  Club, 

Mr.  William  Bradfi eld,  Secretary-Treasurer, 
Washington,  D.  C. 

Sear  Sir: 

Your  favor  of  December  22nd,  quoting  resolution  adopted 
by  your  Club  at  a  ineating  held  the  same  day,  in  effect  that  I  had 
been  elected  an  honorary  member  of  the  said  Club,  came  duly  to  hand 
but  pressure  of  work  and  ray  recent  slight  illness  have  prevented 
my  acknowledging  it  before.'  Please  convey  to  the  Club- my  thanks 
for  same,  which  is  hereby  accepted. 

Berlin,  Germany. 

Dear  Sir:- 

Your  favor  of  the  5th  inst.  has  been  received. 

I  note  that  the  mortgage  therein  referred  to  for  M. 730. 000 
due  December  Slot,  1906,  has  been  paid,  and  that  the  com¬ 
pany  made  use  of  bank  credit  with  the  Deutsche  Bank  against! 
its  note  until  the  mortgage  may  be  placed  elsewhere  under 
more  favorable  conditions.  The  action  of  the  Board  in 
issuing  its  note  under  the  circumstances  meets  with  wy 
approval .  _ ^ 


:ry  truly, 

/  ~J  -  /  ‘f  o~j 

'  fyuiayvx  cvvi^j  4-- 

vyv\  uawj  jj^ 

/  o(s  ia\j  /itAp  JJ  U  ti//- 

u  « 

*•  “7^ 


i "-“■A  z»'^M.azz 

imitr  ^hnfrtu i &. ,  (.<’,/<.■  j  ,  ,  .  / 

'  .  L  •‘l  &t 'ii-fidj  etlui'p:,  t/tfti ,'/ 

"  '  ,C7V  /^4/-  ^  .?'«*  ^  /me  a  yaa(l 

*f.'  */Unu‘-1'  .*/  ^ 

^  **  tUdJi*  ,ma 

’7f/ »  <"‘mr  ^  ^  /io^w 

/mi^'  **  ■^"■/Movotu'ix/  MuniLi  Hu j^Ly. 

[77'"//i‘xZ 'ry^i  <<«■- 

t  l::ix;ir/ 

*■&<«*  7  /y£  i 

\(TMA  VU-l-C,/ 


Port  Myers,  Florida. 
Dear  Sir: 

Have  you  in  your  possession  an  invoice  from  V/.  E.  Caldwell  Co., 
amounting  to  $49.75.  for  a  tank.  If  you  have  this  invoice  and  the  same 
is  correct,  will  you  kindly  mail  it  to  us  at  Orange  a*  iham  people  have 

drawn  a  draft 

'John  Morris,  Esq., 

Dillshurg ,  Penna . 
Bear  Sir: 

I  "beg  to  state  that  I  am  sending  you  under  separate  cover 
sample  eb  per  your  letter  of  the  27th.  ult., 

Yours  very  truly,  . 

John  Morris,  Esq., 

Dillshurg,  Penna,, 

Dear  Sir: 

Mr.  Edison  requeste 
will  require  your  services  s 
You  will  he  advised  more  1' 


r.o  advise  you  that  the  cement  works 
time  in  March,  to  do  some  prospectin, 

future . 



?eb.  6,  1907. 

•Hr.  Edward  II.  Johnson, 

Hotel  Great  Central, 

*  London,  England. 

My  dear  Johnson: 

I  have  your  favor  of  the  24tii,  requesting  the  1 
of  one  thousand  dollars,  and  I  have  just  cabled  you  as  follows: 

"Schermerhorn  has  been  instructed  pay  you  one 
thousand  dollars.1' 

Erora  this  you  will  understand  that  Mr.  J.  R.  Schermerhorn 
has  been  instructed  to  pay  you  this  amount,  and  you  will  doubtles 
have  received  same  ere  this. 

I  fully  appreciate  your  situation  and  gladly  come  to  the 
rescue . 

Yours  very  truly, 

> .  S.  I  return  the  letter  of  Mr.  Messer,  dated  January  2:1,  1907 
which  veu  enclosed  with  your  communication. 

E.  P.  Barle,  EBq., 

Nipissing  Mines, 

31  Nassau  St., 

New  York  City. 

Dear  Sir: 

February  13,  1907. 


1  have  returned  the  sample  of  44  l/s  pounds  to  Xedoux.  It  was 
very  much  decomposed,  the  surface  of  the  silver  itself  was  sulphurized 
from  exposure ,  hence,  we  had  a  very  had  material  to  work  with.  Totally 
different  from  Timmin's  and  the  University  Mine. 

We  found  that  we  could  not  reduce  the  silver  below' 97  ounces 
per  ton;  whereas  with  University  ore  we  could  reduce  it  to  25and30  oz. 
The  concentrate  we  made  went  about  five  hundred  pound's  silver  per  ton. 

Yours  very  truly. 

P.  S.-  Sample  "  A  "  is  part  untreated  except  that  silver  Shrove  l/4  "  has 
been  removed. 

Sample  "  3  "  is  part  treated.  HaB  poured  through.  130  mesh. 

Feb.  16,  1907 

Mr*  E.  D,  Phillips,  Principal, 

Manual  Training  High  School, 

15th  St.  &  Forest  Ave.,  Kansas  City,  Mo. 

My  dear  Sir: 

1  am  in  receipt  of  your  favor  of  the  2nd  of  February, 
advising  me  that  a  number  of  your  pupils  have  organized  a  society 
and  honored  me  by  calling  it  the  "Edieonian  Society",  which  is 
entirely  acceptable  to  me.  I  have  looked  over  the  periodical, 
which  has  come  to  hand,  and  find  it  most  interesting  indeed. 

I  can  only  say  to  the  Society  and  boys  as  a  whole  that  it  is 
by  perseverance  in  continuous  activity  that  any  success  is  achieved 
ip  our  great  American  Republic.  The  opportunities  for  advancement 
are  even  better  to-day  than  they  were  when  I  was  a  young  man  start¬ 
ing  out  on  my  career.  It  is  the  man  who  accomplishes  something 
that  makes  the  suocobs,  and  opportunities  are  continually  opening 
]fp ,  not  only  in  connection  with  the  great  railroads,  but  equally 
so  in  all  other  industries  that  are  growing  so  rapidly  and  enor¬ 
mously  in  our  great  country.  Ambition  and  perseverance  will 
apcosiplish  this  end,  and  those  who  are  negleotful  of  their  oppor¬ 
tunities  must  of  necessity  fall  behind  and  become  one  of  the  great 
army  of  workers  rather  than  leaders  of  men. 

With  best  wishes  for  the  continued  success  of  the  Society 
and  thanklpg  you  for  the  invitation  tp  visit  you  should  I  have 

“*•  D.  Thillipn.  (2)  2/16/07. 

occasion  ta  stop  off  in  your  great  and  rapidly  growing  city, 
believe  to  be. 


"Win.  -3*.  .Edison,  Esq.. , 

'ffiaterriew^  Virginia. 

Dear  Wills 

As  per  your  favor  of  the  17th.  inst.,  I  heg  to  enclose  you 
-herewith  the  .following  checks-: 

November  10.,  1906.  Check  #  6668  4  35.00. 

”  17,  "  *  6742  35.00. 

"  24,  "  »  6755  35.00.  4 

December  1,  "  "  6778  35.00. 

"  8,  "  "  6801  70.00 

"  22,  «  "  6920  35.00. 

Kindly  return  these  checks  as  soon  ub  you  are  through  with 
as  we  must  have  them  to  complete  our 


files,  and  greatly  oblige. 
Yours  very  truly, 

'ebruary  26,  1907. 

Messrs.  Munn  &  Co., 

361  'Broadway,  New  York. 

Bear  Sirs: 

I  Beg  to  enclose  you  herewlth^my  check  for  Three  hollars,  for 
one  years  subscription  "to  the  Scientific  American.  Will  you  kindly  send 
the  same  to  Mr.  CharleB  Bdison,  Xlewellyn  Park,  West  Orange,  New  Jersey 
and  greatly  oblige. 

Yours  very  truly, 

Dear  Mias  Beckwith: 

I  am  very  sorry  to  inform  you  that  it  will  Be  imposs¬ 
ible  for  you  to  make  an  appointment  with  Mr.  Edison,  as  he  is  away 
on  his  vacation,  and  not  expected  hack  until  the  middle  of  April. 

Yours  very  truly, 

Schmitt’  Brothers, 

40  East  23rd.  Street, 

Mew  York  City. 

Dear  Sirs: 

Mrs.  Thos.  A.  Edison  requested  me  to  write  you' and  say  that  the 
top  of  the  table  you  sent  her  never  looked  right.  She  would  like  you  to  e 
send  a  man  over  at  your  earliest  convenience  and  put  the  table  in  proper 
condition . 

Yours  very  truly. 

//  /qo 

q7  * 

slo  tlnix/i.  — 

y°  Miwk 

\t yH. 

XO  S.GJU  Ja/u'.  . 

Oflv  hlv  (?c^wm>  /itti\rv*j  AatAa.  c-A  /\nth  fr-f  alnry^ 

^07,  ^  m> \aj  littlAj  AvtLL  Imj  jdxutL  IrA^jnO  . 

\  irvwi  JrujiJLj 

d  iMtJjty.' 

'  hztaMu*., 




(X  clotjJj  J.  t*-j~ 

c/ii  ^L.  fuiv  \  f\£.  i\M> 

pn{£>  u  *i* : 

,(Olcuv  Jvv!-  -  •  n 

J  U«  /o  (ydbwx.  'jjw  M**”  **  av^l  *"*' 

JUnXb  ^irk  A*  Aw  fe  jfru,**  Lrndtu  ^S,  Ji>- 

WlPvxJo^i  jtru,  AH^f  flnuU  U  M*> 

'’OalLntfrfj .  hid 

^trwv  tcivyyfiJ  2^/W,,  S. /<£  ft>  $h&j 
*  ^dtbi^Q  M&Jumaj  it,  do  Avitd  i&t>  Sicctru^  V 
cu*  J_  j-  tryj  ivu* aM.  £ir tk/L.  it,  J*r/  (fxt,  :.-/ 

^^(OYltLQ  ^  f/h  oen 

>>  ri  “Vi.'  ’  '  'X  f 


f^rrA  b^te/iA-  (fniA-'o 

ff^drk  h'WenA,.  J\fzYuAc~ 

G cdvm.a-A.cjt'cS «*e,  jraho  'mcuu  (to  alt&k,  aoi*.tlD  f&v  f**> 

3  Hr  3  df^i/  (a,  .  crr^  Omv  (hycuttbo  jj-Pssich  //Uk.ctv  *Jj~~ 

(H  f/ijo-t  i  (me,  QueL  G(mxu.t}pial6t>  CidUcm^L  Jcrrlu*™  oiiAj 

cu  biocu  oj-  (PA-omlj,  tneucMj  aj.  tateXo  Ct<uX  Gm*L  On &£*****' 

Qio  jMlj&Acrivu.  & 

UcJBL  aw  fa?el&  MtxAjo  ftori*  ht^tA*  Qpiidv  fivv  Jrr* 

onL,  a  idtk  ora  caaaXo  (m  at&A),  %)a  (?p£.  0.4&J. 

^&£&cwfl*u  hreJUb  hahm,  t-j  t-jirvuntLa,  -Jitfu  ienj.  H^cu^C 
H  jlufJH\£h/b  Cct^zacUarMu  hna.^v\t^Xaj  ‘So Amt,  ot,%^e(  Cic-icb 

thaeij  (ft  (Pi)  i/xhJi  iruc,  CteXcL.  ^ttenefc.  #£  t^Pa&Aj 

y*v  fo  <ri  Jteo,  J  s 

(HvvJ \oi  CK~J  Amjji  rrle^Xk  OvwxewXU  ft  GcX-m-L,  ffto  h'tit  imj 
9nyj  jJd-Ctj  it  AaA*.£>  Irr  Mrrvdiy  Qywjafdj  CKtAj  2s,J‘1.  Urv3j 

ffL  (tcHteJu  Hi  ckfitj,  ftnrto  ~l!&c*»v  to  J-utiauaXj  {Pe-foLitj  to 

%,  t(M»Jb  AArdcJi  aAs  CnUcL  .ififUrafo  o™*1  ^  *••*'&**&'& 

^UXJ  dfjj.dnAttch  itLcaj-  ^tmAA 

$~l!l'syn  (V<l  (X.  GcLiden  { 

flfa^b  Jha 

-frbu  (m  ff( 

1  vuL 

R,  D.  Casterline,  Esq., 

May  2,  190TC. 

1918  North  18th.  St., 

Philadelphia,  Penna. 

Dear  Sir: 

In  reply  to  your 
I  cannot  tell  just  what 

National  Aniline  &  Chemical  Co., 

100  William  Street,  Hew  Yorh. 
Dear  Sirs: 

I  hog  to  state  that 

letter  of  the  26th.  hit., 

I  will  do  this  summer. 

Yours  truly, 

neaw  .end  „o  ton  pound.  Carton  Ltraohdorido 
Youurs  truly, 

i  -in  M-mjiiii.i  tji  iiu!iiifiittufi,fr  »t»>  . . .  • —  V  ' 

,  (o  Wj 

fy/lsiwi  irdj  cHi/Kil  ^’’TT  I  ^ 

& MsCaaaIjifw .  fcjf 

^AjJy  h  ,"•  ■{*"  f  A  M.  S  ty  *  <**  *** 

^jovuv  IrVjj  i/if  /ujjU\}  &t  tjredio  (M^Pmciz^  cdicb  hf  £tj& 

*t  waiAo^A  ov*j  £Au  L  an,jul\ , 

fcf  Qm  (n^ ^M/TroJbitt  Cmck^mfo  0$£&*vvvs*-^  •£■  h  ^-i1  TMa\.  &i 
M,  cOlyr  cimcHA&w  aa,  (no  QmrvrfzM,  '  krwu  imJi> 

ij  fpfw  CLpLijn  / 

y  / 

AA !}  ‘  V~: 

QaaJt  oju  o . 

'  Gx* A<xdfr.  ,  „  , 

IDtcuuJw!-  /  J  qAa Alj  fifcttfri, 

L,  /ttM/Vi  AW  ^  ■  I 

^Mmddi  ^  iLkL  iwe*dn*Jmh>  tw  jfl 

(hMi/  Jcv^irvv-  ,Vh  +\l  '-x'  y  (:iv 
\etym  ^1^,1  b 

.  >7  3  Z-  >fz>7 

SaatoIcJu  XlixAtii/i.'&ti  —  l 

J\(T(?  Ml****,  ' 

.  A  * bti  eicu 

^ IcxaJ  4Ajv1~  „ 

AviiAmti  HOtA)  J/Kfiryi  /3oa 

%A,\cf  J  Jl  Rnrtu  Mt-fuMxio  jtvvm  ^  Mrrrvdci  Out  c&fiJ  £■«&■ 

ijfajfaj'A  01a.i  o(  i\  RAsZj  fairfdj  -A.'vm  /6A/x£\  ‘f'innw  /unru^^  '&&& 

'tyVvrn  .A^rfa/ leJi  fafa^L-  A/ffLCCS.  fkiAi/t^A  /# 

falA^  /[/fajb  frfAAAtzJb.  ,  a 

h  >u  L  Am  MUcL  /a*  '«r  Ckf  . 
UJ,  «A  U.  A  / 

j?  A  m/u-t,  (YvtCKpU.  Cl.  (frxlAna  i/v  ^ 

JlffTK  KylA-pi/xAu .  n  fpyiOUL  /a 

Qlcw  Ifjhil-  “ 

J)Mj  fll  joArf  7 h  ‘l  &WV  lovin'*  Ot  £&*->  J'  ArC& 

To  aJcxJtt>  itkudU  S  (Ln/l)  Jlcct  jil.  /0%r  C**£>  $jjrQ&tLJ  V 

{AJTL4  Z^W  UtrlLcU.  0~i-~  JfausicA  prf  /ULmLj  (&«£'-  -fnO^ 

On*'.  IL  ItulAuvt’i)  Mrtil  fa&>  TWO  /at£ac£  *1 MJ £*rv 

LS  '  .  -PT ,  A  l.i  .-j  0  0 _ L.  J, 

JdotfJbtL  {yntAAh  Pn/dj  f o  Ul  aA  .  u  Iq  pyvia  JrtAatf 

‘  V  $>a(A.  td^>  IB- 

a.  fbJ%U  ir:  v 

jqA  (PblAA.^  .  fiVvilvtf  . 

&>  /7^WV  J- 

ifxoJk  J  d  f/yreA  Vdova  dw  .iavUm-s.  ,  (., 

(fj\oivJbd^  jwv  jw  OciMaA^  O^jj  attuliwv  To  Q.a^±.,  PmM 

§liA.jj  bviA$jj 

j$i/z  LA*  tdjva  ttr> 

I?  Ii  »;M”  HHIHHHfW  fH  iff  »?MMH  KtyHJrHjm  H«>  S\L,'  '  '  4  -  ,!t+  TP  S  '  ; 


H.  J.#  1 

R.  M.  Davis,  Esq..,  ' 

315  Dryden  Road, 

Ithaca,  Hew  York. 

Dear  Sir:- 

Your  thesis  has  heen  forwarded  me  from  the  mill, 
and  1  find  that  it  contains  much  that  is  of  interest.  It 
is  unfortunate  that  most  manufacturers  are  not  in  position 
to  make  such  extended  investigations  for  the  sake  of  pure 
science  hut  we  each  contribute  our  mite-  It  is  gratifying 
to  note  that  the  subject  is  one  of  interest  to  young  engi¬ 
neers  but  not  surprising  as  concrete  is  destined  to  become 
the  leading  structural  material  of  the  future. 

1  $  '< 

|  '!«  V  i 

May  28,  1907. 

E.  c.  .Benedict,  Esq., 

Indian  Harbor, 

Greenwich,  Conn. 

W  dear  Benedict: 

In  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  8th.  ult.,  I  beg  to  state 
that  laws  originally  was  President  of  a  western  college.  Cane  to  Hew 
Torjc  and  was  made  president  of  the  Gold  Exchange:  got  up  the  Gold  Indi¬ 
cator.  Resigned  and  started  the  system.  Had  600  subscribers,  made  a 
large  amount  of  money.  Sold  out  to  the  Gold  and  Stock  Telegraph  Co., 
for  $100,000.00,  and  $10,000.00.  a  year  until  gold  went  to  par. 

Laws  had  trouble  in  running  his  system:  Prank  Pope  was 
in  charge.  One  day  there  was  an  accident  and  Pope  got  rattled,  because 
exactly  600  boys  came  up  a  narrow  stairway,  to  state  that  their  indicator 
was  out  of  order.  I  happened  to  be  there  and  found  the  trouble;  result, 
Pope  quit,  I  took  his  place. 

While  in  Boston  previous  to  this  I  had  invented  a  Stock 
Printer,  Callahan  in  Hew  York  also  invented  one 

The  Gold  and  Stock  Co.,  was  started  by  Andrews  and  Pield 
and  I  understand  Benedict.  My  patents  were  finally  bought  by  the  Gold 
and  Stock  Co.  Callahan  was  bought  out  by  the  Gold  and  Stock  Telegraph 

You  are  right  about  Tommy;  he  did  sleet  in  the  Battery 
Room  and  put  in  about  22  hours  daily,  now  reduced  to  18  hours. 

When  you  go  fiBhing,  why  dont  you  come  down  to  Florida, 

the  Gulf  side  at  Port  Myers,  guarantee  20  fish  per  hour,  26  varieties 

'  '  »  >r»  ‘  ifn  ,  i" 

George  F.  Kunz,  EBq. ,  ^ 

401  Fifth  Avenue, 

Mew  York  City. 

Dear  Mr.  Kuna: 

In  reply  to  your  favor  of  the  27th.  inet.,  I  heg  to  state 
that  I  use  the  Lithia  chemically.  Just  bought  eleven  hundred  pounds 
carbonate  at  eighty  five  cents.  I  find  that  this  lot  was  imported  and 
was  made  from  Spodumen  exported  from  this  country  to  Germany. 

Storage  Battery,  new  cell',  will  he  out  in  a  couple  of 

Yours  very  truly, 

'jL o-j  £X 

Ohm/  i  fj $ 

p-  act  fcjr 

<P  3  a  ^ e^^Mb  wvu  k 

of  (A.  Cl^  QfllAj.  (  \  6. 

*1-  'yi 

JLv  /itjxLj  to  ^wwj  lavyv  4  A&u  2  ^  tudi,d  *  'J 
l(  l  J\  (A.  Is  ^  J  dm  d-k  0  Ant  A  gAi  ft  4 ft  « 
in  cLa.\a.q  fA&  PL4VU4'  rp(l\'  fwWlM', 

fa  PI  MA  t/udy 

r  M-a  ^ 

df  n  d .  dda 

;'W  4vtoi«4«/  p  *  (f 

s  A  X  $y  lAsk  2->Sy  kdhiik 
%Iav  J  nfj. 

W  ifvUi  h  nL t~n*  4  ikk>  Sfj  io  **** 

h  (Vi  O  cmt  tn/iA  AifiJU  fitted  wdlrWl)  JlowWiCj  Q-Ua-o  ddiD 

h*A  hrle/&*k*1Y  ,  n  , 

il  J  falhk  i  Mnil  gt^d  d  a*  fo  /w 

t'Lg-  V  7 

'  IS 

■Rrold  Stu^afifcr,  Es  q, , 
lpqL*  Mye\s,  Elorid 
Dear  Sii\ 


In  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  7th.  inst.,  I  beg  to  state  that 
the  Quarantine  authorities  in  Washington  will  not  budge  an  inch  for 


Yours  truly. 

Jas .  T .  White  &  Co . , 

320  Eifth  Avenue, 

New  York  City. 

Dear  Sirs: 

In  reply  to  your  letter  of  X he  10;fch.  inst.,  I  beg  to  state 
that  if  you  will  send  Galley  proof  of  sketch,  I  can  see  what  you  want. 

Yours  truly, 

$>/ vim J\  oJi owo  (  Ik  oti- ‘it 

9.6  (§n trad  Ivi&tk 

htv  hrt/t' 

a .  ,  f 

AAAJts  !S  *?<>" 

l^M/  /•  V-  Hi  **»  /,W  S  *7  /Dn  L 

L U  //  -  -  Hh  rb  b'^7^  a"T^ 

"M /fort's.  ^  .~i /• . *•*■*• 

. t~r  T-^ 


f  cfna.uw 

A.  ni'ck 

iy  ( 

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JLrv  to  ynniv  ItkATW  d-  kAt>  •'•'.•  '  •  Mail*  SjrVL'f'D  (Atdo 

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Ajjfoi.  Jj  j4  'fu.iw  ^tvl.  oAsb  otaJ-  p~L  Jl/i  OA.A*Me>  .  " 

Arum  ilhkJL* 

Letterbook,  LB-076 

This  letterbook  covers  the  period  July  1907-May  1908.  Most  of  the 
correspondence  is  by  Edison,  John  F.  Randolph,  and  Harry  F.  Miller.  There  are 
also  some  letters  by  Mina  Miller  Edison.  Many  of  the  items  relate  to  Edison’s 
progress  on  the  concrete  house  and  frequent  renewals  of  notes  for  money 
advanced  by  Edison  to  the  Edison  Portland  Cement  Co.  Also  included  are 
letters  pertaining  to  Edison’s  work  on  his  alkaline  storage  battery;  the 
manufacture  of  batteries  by  Sigmund  Bergmann  in  Berlin,  Germany;  the 
possible  use  of  bismuth  in  the  battery;  and  difficulties  at  the  ore  processing 
plant  in  the  Dunderland  region  of  Norway.  In  addition,  there  is  correspondence 
pertaining  to  the  impending  shutdown  and  attempted  sale  of  the  Darby  Mine  in 
Ontario,  Canada;  a  letter  by  Edison  stating  that  he  has  "nothing  to  do  with  the 
reproduction  of  music  by  the  National  Phonograph  Co.";  and  several  letters 
regarding  the  suicide  deaths  of  John  F.  Randolph,  Edison’s  secretary,  and 
William  Simpkin,  a  draftsman  for  the  Dunderland  Iron  Ore  Co.  Also  included 
is  a  letter  to  the  novelist  Theodore  Dreiser  in  which  Harry  F.  Miller  conveys 
Edison’s  permission  for  an  interview.  Among  the  items  pertaining  to  family  and 
personal  matters  are  letters  concerning  a  second  mastoid  operation  on 
Edison's  ear  and  his  convalescence;  his  membership  in  clubs  and  societies; 
and  the  upkeep  of  his  winter  home  at  Fort  Myers,  Florida. 

The  label  on  the  front  cover  contains  the  following  notation:  "Thos.  A. 
Edison,  Personal  Letter  Book,  From  -  July  1st,  1907.  To  -  May  29,  1908." 
There  is  an  inscription  on  the  spine  with  similar  information.  The  spine  is  also 
stamped  "10."  The  book  contains  995  numbered  pages  and  an  index. 
Approximately  20  percent  of  the  book  has  been  selected. 

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(titLa,  Ot~A  dxih*^'  '■  „ey  *  ■■  ■■<’ 

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$  JSoArt,  ufa*M*b  '**  ■£*** 
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i^U  AejUvo  Sr-,  Jrt  f  '"7 

.  fcr*  WwW^  -  ^SfT>  <£aj. 

fife,  *yc£U  fr.  '***■  "  lA~~  *  ^ 

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fcfa£  OntracA.  ^auAkp^ 

ptkvCj  4Af%Cttu»  fan/  vGwttAU  r-£  4-*nrVii-PtZ  eAwy&,  -ff~ — 

’($^JuA  tL  imrya^d 

July  20,  1907, 

V.  H.  Fogarty,  Esq., 

1116  Eight  Street, 

Saoremanto,  Cal. 

Dear  Sir: 

In  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  3rd.  inrt.,  I  beg  to  state 

In  reply  to  your  favor  of  the  13th.  inst.,  I  beg  to  state 
tixat-I  have  dropped  oobalt  entirely  and  will  probably  never  take  it 
up  again. 


YourB  truly, 

CLCck  intern- 

X\  v  /  Hi  ^-'10  1 

h.  I  L‘r  v  " 

ydfowcurfforilU  ,  ji  Jl- 
kQtcvy  j')  (/V  h'lfrUrry:* 

(Jb\j  ^  cdtwi  cI(l+iJ  trrvvvUo  (/w  /^)-A.  O^V »ft»A  Jl&$tAJV\Hj 

^/vvo.  ftci-c&LvY*  J  0 ~h>  JuH  cdnrvok  (n^u  JlritlU^y  fcAju  (Q&cb 
Qt-ila  io  $T>.  JpYr^jUb  Mv  (3 01/idL  WVj  fdbfn  ‘&Cx.cb  ’farf*L) 

fi/tO.  fa  (h  ~fo  Ol'l'l'l£A/d~~  Cjj^  §■  (l&sw  PoLia  fr\ 

fe~lj  ^  Q-  Cn-voO  CUv-v  ^  ^  ^wkc  V&lA/lt,  /{j\JL  fl  (ytOl,  CiAJb  H'-Ls 

(ftyJIA,  Iridlb  hi  /^K/  tcL*  tn  ^-pY  ^4>y4w^  GL^aaA 

Gu*gL  /OviAJU  sfxiv-tL  hv  dw&mcdL^^  <?u  /^{£, 

sJ-CK,(ldo  ^Jrjj  Unv  Skl<2-/r>  PlJIcA  QXtAftAJ  (ib-  PAGfA-  (hj  ^ 
lYl'i/xj  C  (/yv~j>-  CvvH  <9 Ui/ur>  qJ^\  CY-tdj ^JLQlA/Yt/  C{,  £fi C.dd\ 

sjjr/  tUxu  Gfcw  u*s»M  ^  rn^>  7fl"  Jgyv^uU^^ 

A/n„  ,«  -b..  6 

S.  H.  Pollen,  Esq. , 
Pitzalan  Houbo, 

Arundel  St.,  Strand, 

London,  W.  C.  England. 

Dear  Sir: 

I  call  your  attention  to  the  sixth  paragraph  of  your 
circular  of  the  17th.  of  July,  and  request  that  you  "be  a  little 
more  careful  in  making  statements  of  this  kind. 

I  reoeived  no  designs  whioh  were  approved  hy  me;  I  simply 
sent  the  drawings  of  the  new  rolls. 

that  I  am  'building  a  Bmall  model  of  a  house  which  I  propose  next 
year  to  build  entirely  of  cement. 

Youra  truly, 


Rothschild ,  Esq., 

core  S.  Dangsdorf  &  Co., 

17  Crosby  St.,  New  York. 


1,  1907. 

Dear  Sir: 

In  reply  to.  your  letter  of  the  26th. 
that  I  do  not  remember  any  one  by  the  name  of 
Will  you  kindly  let  me  know  where  he  is  doing 

ult.,  I  beg  to  state 
Samuel  S.  Erankenstynv 
the  construction  workr 

and  greatly  oblige, 

Yours  truly, 

iVt'  aatU 

tM  iB9i) 

j*a  od-  sscf 
io^  soJtvof) 

taX  as  Ilf 

dB9b  Yfi 

OoW  .X  .1 

'.113  used 

H.  M.  'Wilson,  Esq., 

Darby  Mine,  Latchford, 

Ontario,  Canada. 

f  August  1,  ■ 


In  reply  t.  your  letter  of  the  8*tH-  1  to  w 

tt.t  you  want  to  go  t,  the  .Uorte.t  eut  to  the  «i«.  I  -  al.po.ed 
to  .top  now.  I  a.  not  prop...  to  drift  forty  or  fifty  feet. 

You  .an  got  ready  to  .tendon  tt»  tnins  a.  I 
a-bout  all  tbe  money  I  am  going  too. 

yours  truly. 

Hr  -  ' 



Mrs.  Alex.  H.  Rice, 

The  Cambridge , 

Cambridge,  New  York.  * 

Rear  Madam: 

In  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  5 
state  that  the  last  address  I  had  of  W.  1.  Edison,  was  Marshallton 
Post  Office,  Relaware. 

Yours  truly, 


August  19,  1907. 

Jacob  Henry,  Esq., 

Jasper,  Georgia. 

Dear  Sir: 

In  reply  tp  your  letter  of  the  14th.  inst.,  I  heg  to  state 
that  at  present  my  chemist  is  very  busy  and  it  will  be  some  time 
before  he  can  make  tests. 

Yours  truly, 

August  19,  1907 

Ewald  Stulpner,  Esq., 

Port  Myers,  Florida. 

Dear  Sir: 

a  reply  to  year  letter  ol  toe  6th.  lo.t..  1  «»6  *»  »«*' 
that  I  suppoae  the  only  thine  we  eon  do  M  to  wilt  and  hate  Hr.- 
T..1..  porter,  hi.  contract,  Settles  p.l«»  trm  °»*°«  “  °'  K’ 

can't  you  find  eo.e  other  well  driller  In  the  etatel  let 

_  no  we  will  know  where  we  stand, 

Mr.  Towles  say  yes  or  no,  so 

Yours  truly. 



August  23,  1907. 




B.  M.  Jones,  Esq.,  Aas't  Seo., 

Mercantile  Trust  Company, 

120  Broadway,  Hew  York. 

Dear  Sir: 

According  to  your  letter  of  the  22nd.  which  I  am  returning 
to  you,  you  say  that  the  check  you  received  was  for  services  from 
the  year  1890  to  1907.  My  understanding  is  that  it  should  read  from 
the  year  1890  to  the  year  of  1908. 

Kindly  give  this  your  kind  attention  and  greatly  oblige, 

Yours  truly, 

for  your  attention, 

Yours  very  truly, 

September  12,  1907. 

Frederickstown,  Mo.  1/ 

Dear  Sirs:  ' 

In  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  7th.  inBt.,I  beg  to  state 
that  I  now  have  a  substitue  for  Cobalt,  which  I  use  in  the  battery. 

I  however  use  a  little  which  I  extract  from  Canadian  ores;  my  supply 
of  ore  will  be  used  up  in  about  two  months  and  I  shall  want  a  fresh 

supply  of  Cobalt. 

:  cents  per  pound  metallic,  in  c 

Hew  York.  Twelve  per  cent  ore  and  it  costs  me  twenty  eight  cents 
per  pound  to  get  in  form  cf  oxide,  which  I  reduce  by  oharcoal  and 
melt  in  electric  furnace  to  anodes. 

From  my  experience  with  your  ores,  I  can't  see  how  you 
can  compete  with  this  proposition, 


September  13,  1907. 

Meno  Kammerhoff ,  Esq., 

Deutsche  Ediaon-Akkumulat oren  Co., 

37-39  Drontheimer  Str.,  Berlin,  Germany. 

Dear  Sir: 

Bogers-  has  his  man  making  drawings  of  Rubber  Separator 
Tools.  To  day  we  are  working  the  big  filling  machine.  Monday  we 
start  finishing  si*  others,  one  of  which  I  will  ship  to  you. 

We  are  progressing  rapidly  now  and  you  can  count  on  144 
w.r.  sour.  *  4  »»  th.  short  charge.  kod.1  Wing  Iron  »•<»»■ 
Uh.  nickel  ..rk.  good,  to  mklng  lull  elt.d  -eehlnee, 

Yours  truly, 

United  States  Electrical  supply 
Mount  Vernon,  N.  Y. 

Dear  Mr.  Clarke: 

I  have  your  fhvor  of  September  11th.  The  posi¬ 
tion  that  1  have  always  assumed  relative  to  high  potential  or  high 
frequency  currents  is  so  well-known  that  it  is  impossible  for  me 
to  write  you  a  letter  approving  of  its  use  in  connection  with 
your  lectures  or  otherwise.  I  have  always  been  opposed  to  its 
use,  and  could  not  signify  my  approval  to  you  or  anybody  else 
under  the  circumstances. 

Yours  very  truly,. 

\  /  ([yJ-  A  /?<7 

h'bVL  h°V  <£).  ScLum  / 

jcyiOAAJi  aJUUtA'J.  0.(D  j  / 

JOllaMrtWU.  j / 

filQAJ  fftM-  8oUt  #*W«'  ,  ,  /  0  0  / 

Jl  /co  <U*  C-itnjL.  4</w  Jw**v$*'  CiXecX^  jin'  100  J” 

uxJ*  *~*4  *  oJa*  »  '*'7- 

Jl  jlU  w  ffrfu* 

4U  lnu  *■.«*  ^r«*U  —<*  U^’  *" 

hu  sL»  ~i  ^  v  ^ **rnn 

tiTZZ^ ~“~. 

(Xciuxrirkck^^  Ui^1jT^M^'  .  ^ 


R.  W.  Devonshire,  Bb q. ,  Gen.  Mgr., 

American  Bell  Telephone  Company, 

Ho.  125  Milk  Street,  Boston,  Mass. 

Dear  Sir: 

In  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  30th.  ull 
that  if  you  desire  to  terminate  the  arrangement,  I  have 
Yours  tn 

,  I  heg  to  state 


Fjluoenn - . 

October  2,  1907, 

\  .ilBO 

ilBon,  Esq.  * 
Latchford,  Ontario, 

Canada . 

Dear  Sir: 

In  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  26th„  ult.,  regarding  you: 
going  home,  I  beg  to  state  that  you  better  close  things  up  before 
you  go.  Then  leave  a  caretaker  while  you  are  away;  then  you  can 
close  up  selling  the  machinery,  when  you  return, 

Yours  truly. 

I u 

Messrs.  Brentano's, 

Union  Square,  New  York. 
Dear  Sirs; 

In  reply  to  your  favor  of  the  3rd.  jnst.,  I  Beg  to  state 
that  you  can  renew  the  Subscriptions  for  Mr.  S.  0.  Edison  for  another 

Please  make  the  bill  out  in  the  name  of  the  Edison 
Laboratory  and  oblige, 

Yours  truly, 

October  7,  1907. 


Messrs.  "Brentano's, 

Union  Square , 

Hew  York. 

Dear  Sirs: 

Please  send  the  following  publications  to 
Mrs.  Marion  E.  Oeser, 

Modenheimer  Str.  4, 

Mulhausen,  Elaass, 

for  one  year. 

Life  >  MoClures, 

Harpers  Monthly,  Century, 

Cosmopolitan,  Munsey's 

Harpers  Weekly. 

Kindly  hill  same  against  the  Edison  Laboratory,  and  oblig 
Yours  truly. 


‘QnOJv  hv 1C  ScUiml- 



'?<tvu  <a.a/C/  Y;-^  /o  G^c-  y 

£vm.c£  i  ^Cr  '  :  <^LCvrdU«,  Jo  CTU;J  Jmrfju  ±Jvi*> 

■,  citoJl.  cm  JJjL>  £levAuCCj 


Cl  O  aJcL(J^  cU-JL  /f-  /f^- 

J  e^c£c^o  -  tfw  J'&i&yk;k  4rv  %kz> 


\i , 

oJ.  VJ  ;rww*  c  <"■ -■  *• 

9  ,  - 

t>’  jU\C,t<A 

J  w  **  V  ^  .  i  .  J'J CfLi. 

sTzlvj".‘  j<lJUcJ\j  ^VS  tyO  ~  ';y^ 

o  MrtjJo  &JcUvLo  (9<zf  /£-  'yon.  Ci^xd  **uno  AvdA 

i~*  '■ 

f'.O  cJ\J.cJ\Jl>  cU*JL  2-6-  /  f  o*j~ 

October  9,  1907. 

Simeon  H.  Rollinson,  Esq. , 

252  Main  St.,  Orange,  N.  J. 

In  regard  to  the  enclosed  letter  from  Mr.  R.  W.  Walk er,  I 
beg  to  enclose  you  herewith  copies  of  the  following  letters: 
letter  to  Mr.  R.  W.  Walker  dated  December  17,  1906. 
letter  from  Mr.  John  Morris  dated  December  27,  1906. 
letter  from  Mr.  R.  W.  Walker  dated  December  26,  1906. 
letter  to  Mr.  John  Morris  dated  October  5,  1907. 
letter  from  Mr.  John  Morris  dated  October  8,  1907. 

After  you  have  looked  over  the  above  letters,  I  think  you  will 
agree  with  me  when  I  say  that  Mr.  Walker  is  not  entitled  anything,  as 
he  admits  in  his  letter  dated  Dec.  26,  1906  from  Carter,  Tennessee, 

that  it  was  not  there  in  quantity. 

However  to  help  him  out,  I  will  make  him' a  present  of 
Fifty  (  $50.00.)  Dollars,  and  enclose  herewith  my  check  for  same, 

[is  K& 

Yours  truly, 

October  12,  1907 

Ewald  Stulpner  ,  Esq  „ , 

Port  Kyers,  Florida., 

Dear  Sir: 

In  reply  to  your  favor  of  the  3rd,  i.r,  3"  ,  beg  to  state  that 
you  better  go  ahead  and  irrigate  well  and  have  fine  grass  all  over 
when  I  get  there,  which  will  he  earlier  this  year, 

Yours  truly, 


October  12,  1907. 

Wm.  P.  Helm,  Eb  q. , 

92  Eleventh  Ave„, 

Newark,  N.  <T. 

Dear  Sir: 

In  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  7th„  inst.,  I  beg  to  state 

that  I  am  so  very  busy  just 

that  1  have  no  time  to  be  interviewed 
Yours  truly, 



October  16,  1907, 

Sheraer  *.  Vincent,  Eai . , 

7  Dunham  Place,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

Dear  Sir: 

T.n  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  9th.  Inst.,  I  beg  to  state 
that  inventors  get  no  protection  as  it  is,  as  the  U.  S.  Courts  do 
not  sustain  patents. 

The  result  is  the  best  inventors  in  the  United  States, 
stopped  inventing  end  have  descended  to  mere  „«»»f  acturlng .  So 
an,  extension  of  the  patent  «.nld  produce  no  result,  to  the  inven  or, 

yours  truly,  ^ 

j October  16,  1907. 

H.  P.  Parshall,  Esq.,  '/ 

Salisbury  House ,  j/ 

London  Wall, 

London  e.  c.  England. 

Lear  Sir: 

In  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  1st.  inst.,  I  beg  to  state 
that  Bergmann*s  permission  to  sell  in  England  and  Prance,  is  only 
temporary  and  until  suoh  time  as  factories  are  established. 

You  must  have  some  batteries  to  pioneer  withSrYou  probably 
see  now,  why  I  wanted  to  stop  making  the  old  battery.  There  are 
always  certain  comnercial  considerations  which  must  be  met,  before 
things  can  be  permanently  successful,  v 

Yours  truly,  / 

'OllW  CX^oSu 

October  16,  07 

krf**T.  S 

LCoO  .T  .1 

I  :i±3  1.69(1 

tlaati  tsdt 
ms  I  Jarf* 
liilf  t’no'I 
nsraii  septa 


i5*i  bloods 


The  Boring  Auto  Appliance  Co., 

1900  Broadway,  New  York. 

Bear  Sire: 

In  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  10th.  inet. ,  I  beg  to  state 
that  I  am  v/ell  supplied,  just  now, 

Yours  truly, 

October  16,  1907 

j.  C.  Reiff,  Eb  q.  , 

20  Broad  Street, 

New  York  City. 

Bear  Sir: 

In  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  12th.  inst. ,  I  beg  to  state 
that  I  have  read  over  the  brief.  It  seems  to  be  all  right, 

Yours  truly, 

D.  P.  Bradshaw,  Esq., 

Einatioe  Committee, 

Commercial  Telegraphers  Union, 

Astor  House,  New  York  City. 

pear  Sir: 

Yours  favor  of  the  15th.  received.  Please  find  enclosed, 
check  for  One  hundred  (  $150.00.)  and  fifty  dollars. 

You  will  confer  a  favor,  by  not  mentioning  the  subject; 

^  think  your  organization  has  made  a  botch  of  the  whole  thing.  The 
are  too  many  youngst^s.  Had  the  married  men  been  given  five  votes 
to  or,  -f  the  unmarried,  you  would  have  had  a  conservative  sort  of 

quarrel  and  a  compromise  and  partly  won  out, 

Very  truly  you£fu 

Haworth  Stone  &  Building  Co., 

1  Beekman  Street,  Hew  York. 
Dear  Sirs: 

In  reply  to  your  favor  of  the  22nd.  inst. ,  I  beg  to  state 
that  the  moulds  for  the  house  will  cost  $25000.00.,  the  machinery 
about  $15000.00. 

I  shall  erect,  the  first  one  near  the  laboratory  in  the 
spring.  One  set  of  moulds  will  probably  permit  a  house  being  built 
every  15  days;  the  machinery  would  keep  four  moulds  busy. 

If  you  want  to  see  the  model  house,  come  over  to  the 

The  only  terms  I  will  ask-  that  the  house  be  erected 


Yours  truly, 

H.  G.  Barnum,  Esq.,  Pres.,  y.) 

First  Nat'l  Exchange  Bank, 

Port  Huron,  Michigan. 

Dear  Sir: 

In  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  21st.  inst.,  I  heg  to  state 
that  if  you  refer  to  the  mine  which  I  own  in  the  cohalt  district, 
would  say  that  I  do  not  want  to  give  an  option,  hut  will  sell  for 

Yours  truly, 

M.  R.  Hutchison,  Esq., 

1  Madison  Avenue, 

New  York  City. 

Dear  Sir: 

In  reply  to  yours  of  the  19th.  inst.,  heg  to  state  that 
I  have  done  a  lot  of  experimenting  on  producer  gas  for  kilns. 

If  Mr.  Nagel  has  got  any-thing  good;  I  am  open  for  a  deal 

to  test  it  experimentally, 

Yours  truly, 

]  October  29,  1907. 

Johnson  Mathay  &  Co., 
Hatton  Gardon, 

London,  England. 

I  shall  soon  he  in  the  market  for  a  regular  supply  of 
Bismuth,  either  metal  or  salts.  It  will  be  used  for  a  special  purposi 
andijjnot  interfere  with  jbhe  regular  market. 

I  understand  your  firm  sets  and  holds  the  price.  If  you 
care  to  make  me  a  special  price,  with  conditions,  we  probably  can 
do  some  business.  I  want  to  avoid  working  the  ores  myself. 

Shall  need  about  fifty  pounds  daily,  after  first  of  year 
and  thereafter  gradually  increasing  the  amount,  — . - - 


October  29,  1907 

S.  Bergmann,  Esq. , 

Bergmann  Electrical  Works, 

23  Oudenarder  Str.,  Berlin,  Germany. 

My  dear  Bergmann: 

In  reply  to  your  favor  of  the  15th.  inst.,  I  heg  to 
state  that  the  tube  filling  machine  is  Being  crated  to  day.  I  guess 
you  will  get  the  job  for  machinery  for  English  battery.  Have  no 
letter  from  Morgan  Harjes  &  Co.;  don't  want  any,  until  I  am  ready. 

We  are  pushing  so  as  to  turn  out  fifty  per  day, 
by  December.  You  will  not  be  able  to  do  so,  so  quick. 

The  battery  is  fine, 

Yours  very^truly-,— 

6%$  a 


r  \  V*'  October  30,  1907 


.  W.  S.  Mallory,  Esq., 

Edison  Portland  Cement  Co,, 

Stewa.  tsvllle ,  New  Jersey. 

Dear  Sir: 

As  per  your  request  I  am  enclosing  tax  bill  for  the  property 
at  Edison,  Hew  Jersey, 

Yours  truly, 

Yours  truly, 

Nov.  11,  1907. 

British-American  Specialty  Co., 

In  reply  to  your  favor  of  the  21st.  ult . ,  I  heg  to  state 
that  any  person  you  may  send  I  will  give  full  information  and  Bhow 

the  model.  The  iron  forms  i 

i  being  made.  I  enclose  a  circular 

which  I  send  out  to  people,  who  ask  information  on  the  subject. 

I  have  no  company  and  do  not  intend  to  take  advantage  of 
the  experiment  in  a  financial  way, 

/I  Oir  /if-  > tyO'J 

L  Q.  hldt*~  & 

4^  3y tX/Urtvd/^  CU/Jifa 

L  cr^fajvu ,  \i^r 

£0  JLouu  JuiA,!.  V 

L  fl zfr-i'ij  7  0  *H/i/i/  -i-  OtArvr  pi  OIl>  /3^ \or-ah,  3  1st  a.  lo  oh&ht 

HL  *  Q  P  11  L  *  j.  f  0 

UtAA  J  nfrsb  To  do  Mntt  hn . ,  In...  $****.& 

most*-  L]j  »»y  s«~'  Sr*!  &.  gciu^.  ’ 

‘Lffitj  XmUL  4ftvt'  A  l.rl  +0  A,.  **>  fit  q  {Vi  di*>  -7  tAs-i 
J.  s  JL*  4  .  „  '  /  / 

l7a/>  ft  £%&.  Amu 

1/  /  f  . 

A)  $'!AHA  It+ui  : 

ffunc*.  a.  ZJ***- 


^aCoj^VC^  ^-vv^TS 

Go-/-  <|^cW  rW  ^  **  -- 



ojc  <&*  u 


^  VO  tf*  ' 

^  4-  du~^ 

cvesj:  ”’°“u  w  “ !’“'~ 

<wsv^-  ■««*  V 

Messrs.  "Brooks  Bros., 

Broadway  &  22nd.  St., 

Hew  York  City,  M.  Y. 

Dear  Sirs: 

In  reply  to  favor  of  the  14th.  inst. ,  I  "beg  to  Btate 
that  Mr.  Dye r  i?  general  counsel  for  a  number  of  companies  in  which 
I  am  ’.ntee«-(5*ed.  gets  a  good  salary  and  I  think  him  a  reliable 

Arthur  L.  Bennett,  Ban., 

28  McGill  College  Ave„, 

Montreal,  Canada. 

Dear  Sir: 

Yours  truly, 


In  reply  t.o  your  letter  of  the  5th.  inst.,  I  beg  to  state 
that  the  architects  who  drew  up  the  plans  for  the  model  house  are 
located  at  #  2  East  33rd.  St.,  New  York.  Name  of  the  firm  is 
Mann  &  KacHe ille , 

the  firm  is 

Fred.  A.  Binney,  Esq., 

Third  and  C.  Streets, 
San  Diego,  Califi 

Dear  Sir: 

In  reply  to  your  favor  of  the  5th.  inst.,  I  beg  to  Btate 
that  I  can  use  any  soil,  which  is  composed  of  sand,  or  Band  and 
gravel.  A  little  experimenting  with  a  good  cement,  used  very  wet,  will 
soon  convince  one  that  a  sandy  soil,  even  with  some  loam  in,  is  all 
right  in  reinforced  concrete. 

I  have  built,  7  factory  buildings,  covering  9  acres  of 


space,  with  ordinary  sand  and  gravel, 

November  18,  1507. 

American  Radiator  Co., 

104  West  42nd.  St., 

New  York  City,  N.  Y. 

Dear  Sira: 

In  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  12th.  inst.,  I  beg  to  state 
that  some  time  this  winter,  I  shall  have  plans  completed  for  moulds. 

I  have  already  gone  into  the  heating  prospect  and  got  data.  I 
will  he  glad  to  take  the  matter  up  with  your  company  when  ready. 

Would  you  care  to  hid  on  casting  about  250000  pounds  of 
moulds;  they  are  very  ornamental  and  must  he  very  smooth;  which  is 
the  character  of  your  work.  There  seems  to  he  a  future  for  these  moulds 
should  I  succeed  in  casting  the  house. 

If  you  are  interested,  you  might  send  an  expert  over  and 

see  the  model  house, 

Yours  truly, 

November  21,  1907. 

O'  \  K 

losers.  Frost  &  O'Brien, 

The  Co-operative  Press, 

Mail  &  Express  Bldg., 

New  York  City. 

Sirs : 

Since  you  left  the  other  day,  Mr.  Edison  has  received  a  full 
report  of  your  concern  and  pedigree.  He  objects  to  your  using  the 
paper  and  now  .’~ks  that  you  return  the  same, 

Yours  truly, 

November  22,  1907 


L.  A.  Dover,  Esq,, 

Associated  Press, 

Portland,  Oregon. 

Dear  Sir: 

In  reply  t.  yonr  letter  o!  the  13th.  Inst.,  I  heg  to  state 
that  X  a.  a  little  sour  en  the  Onion.  »h.„  they  were  in  X 
sent  money  to  alleviate  distress,  with  a  r.„ue„t  that  it  should  not 
h.  mentioned;  whereupon  they  sent  word  around,  to  every  o«ioe,  tha 
I  had  sent  them  money  etc.  It  will 

November  22,  19 

'V'  \ 

W.  P.  Hix,  Esq., 

104  Madia on  Ave . , 

New  York  City: 

Dear  Mr.  Hix: 

In  reply  to  your  favor  of  the  19th. ,  I  beg  to 
state  that  our  policy  in  the  National  Phono.  Co.,  will  be  adapted 
in  the  Battery;  which  is  no  exclusive  rights.  This  has  resulted  i 
an  enormous  developement  of  the  phono  business  and  every  dealer  i 
making  lots  of  money. 

You  can  bring  Duncan  over  any  time, 

Yours  very  truly, 


Brentane 1 c , 

Union  Sq’u<*:  f- . 

Hew  York 

Dear  Sira : 

P  U  a  sc  mail  t» 

Burlington;  II.  J.  the  fo. 

N.  Y.  Herald-daily, 




Everybody  't- 


K I VI.  v; 

,  .nur ton  Willard,  R.  P.  Belivery  No. 
wing ,  for  one  year; 

Scribner’ a 
Blue  Book 
Red  Book 

Harper's  Weekly 

».-•?  in  at  the  Bdieon  Laboratory,  m 

Yours  +rvly, 


of  Carbonate*  Sulphate  or  Hydroxide  and  probably  more. 

How  about  a  supply  oi  cheap  Bismuth  ores?  Can  you  produce 


y  December  9,  1907. 

E.  Stulpner,  Eaq. , 

Port  Myers,  Florida. 

Dear  Sir: 

In  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  30th.  ult.,  I  beg  to  state 
that  I  have  engaged  a  gardener  for  our  place,  as  you  requested.  He 
will  be  down  about  Hew  Years  and  I  guess  can  take  hold  by  January 
3rd.  or  4th.,  and  relieve  you  so  you  can  move  around  that  time. 

How  is  the  House  at  end  of  dock  getting  on;  also,  how  many 
palms  along  the  road  survived. 

)ecember  14,  1907. 

Henry  S’.  Liebbe,  Esq., 

State  Architect  for  Iowa, 

Board  of  Control  of  Statt 

>  Institutions, 
State  of  Iowa. 

Bear  Sir: 

In  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  4th.  inst.,  I  beg  to  state 
that  I  am  taking  precautions  about  dampness  and  have  kegs,  made  of 
eement  and  filled  with  water,  to  observe  the  rate  of  loss  of  water 
by  porosity.  The  variations  are  immense,  according  to  how  the  cement 
is  made.  Am  also  observing  the  rate  of  penetration  of  water  Boluable 
dye  oolors. 

I  think  the  doctors  refer  more  particularly  to  block  built 
houses,  ueing  a  damp  cement  in  moulds.  The  porosity  of  these  blocks 
is  very  great  and  they  are  not  suitable  for  dwellings. 

Yours  truly, 


American  Conorete-Steel  Co., 

Union  Building,  Newark,  N.  J. 

Youtb  of  the  7th.  receives.  Below  please  find  process 
for  making  Cement  Relief  Pictures. 


Prom  an  ordinary  photographio  negative,  a  glass  positive  is 
made.  A  photographio  dry  plate  is  fixed  and  washed,  giving  a  film 
of  clear  gelatine  on  a  glass  support.  This  is  sensatized  in  a  solu¬ 
tion  of  Potassium  Bichromate  and  allowed  to  dry  in  the  dark.  The 
gelatine  "bichromate  plate  is  then  placed  behind  the  positive  in  a 
printing  frame  and  printed  in  daylight.  It  is  then  soaked  in  cold 
water  and  placed  in  hot  water,  which  causes  the  gelatine  to  swell 
in  the  parts  where  the  light  has  not  acted  upon  it,  but  where  over 
the  light  gets  through  in  the  white  parts  of  the  positive;  the 
gelatine  becomes  insoluable  and  does  not  swell.  In  this  way  a 
plate  is  obtained,  having  relief  in  a  gelatine  film;  a  plaster  cast 
is  made  from  this.  When  this  plaster  cast  is  dry,  it  is  saturated 
in  a  bath  of  paraffine  and  an  electrotype  is  made  of  the  surface 
containing  the  picture.  This  copper  electrotype  is  used  as  a  mould 
from  which  any  number  of  cement  copies  can  be  made, 

The  pictures  are  both  made  with  neat  Edison  Cement. 

Yours  truly, - "  '  > 



Heller  &  Merz  Co., 

Hamburg  Place , 

Newark,  N.  J. 

Bear  Sire: 

Please  aend  me  ounce  sample  of  Alcohol  Benzol  or  Turpen¬ 
tine  Soluable  colors.  I  want  to  make  some  experiments  to  see  if 
they  can  he  utilized  with  Portland  Cement  work. 

Yours  truly, 

Mr.  JEllis  lever 

December  17,  1907. 

Colwyn  Bay,  Wales. 

My  dear  Mr.  Lever: 

I  duly  received  your  favor  of  the  21st.  of 
October,  and  note  your  reference  to  some  of  the  inventions  which 
I  have  gotten  out  in  the  past  and  in  which  your  eon  Charles  wae 
so  much  interested  at  the  time  he  was  in  Menlo  Park,  and  thank 
you  for  the  honor  you  do  me.  It  is  greatly  to  be  regretted  that 
your  eon  did  not  live  to  fulfill  the  promise  of  his  early  years. 

I  note  with  interest  the  postal  card  which  you  sent  me,  showing 
the  handsome  residence  at  Colwyn  Bay,  the  corner  stone  of  which  was 
laid  by  him. 

The  plans  for  cheap  concrete  houBee  mentioned  by  you  have 
not  been  developed  sufficiently  for  me  to  furnish  you  with  any 
particular  information  that  would  be  useful,  except  that  which  has 
already  been  published  and  with  which  you  are,  of  course,  familiar. 

Thanking  you  for  your  kind  wishes,  1  am, 




Kdison  Portland  Cement  Co., 

Stewartaville ,  Hew  Jersey. 

Dear  Sir: 

In  my  chemical  works  I  shall  use  about  l/4  ton  daily,  of 
pure  Caleite .  Please  have  somebody  pick  out  from  your  pile  from 
Crestmoor,  a  number  of  pieces  (  fist  size)  say  10  pieces,  of  the 
whitest  and  best  crystalized;  also  from  Raub,  if  you  have  any. 

Want  to  test  it  for  Alumina  and  see  if  by  picking,  I  could  use  it. 
I  now  pay  $200. 00.  per  ton  for  it. 

Prank  Denton 

Denton,  Dunn  &  Boulfbee 

20  King  St.  E.,  Toronto,  Canada. 

Dear  Sir; 

Tn  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  13th.  inst.,  I  heg  to  state 
that  vf  h*re  Btarted  manufacturing  the  new  type  of  battery.  Over 
2 CO  truc>  -e  h«en  operated  with  great  success,  for  over  three 
years,  with  the  old  ;  and  are  still  running  fine.  Adams  Express 
Company  have  r*-  nundred. 

There  is  a  great  amount  of  experimenting  going  on,  in 
trucks,  and  I  'nk  there  is  one  type  that  is  nearly  perfect  and 
suitable  for  pubuic  trucking  companies. 

When  I  am  ready  to  supply  the  new  cell,  will  let  you 
know  and  give  you  such  data  that  you  would  need. 

Yours  truly. 


7/ill  you  please  ask  the  experts  of  the  Smelting  Co.,  if  at 
any  of  their  worts  they  have  Bismuth  residues  or  do  they  receive 
any  ore  with  bismuth.  I  am  after  a  supply  of  Bismuth  for  a 

new  application  and  the  supply  is  closely  cornered  in  London. 

Thanking  you  in  advaree  for  your  trouble,  I, am, — 

post  Of  /'ice  Station  0,  Baltimore,  Kd. 

Dear  Sirs: 

In  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  31st  ult.,  I  “beg  to  state 
that  I  can  use  from  100  to  200  pounds  of  Metallic  Bismuth  per  day, 
if  I  can  get  it  cheap  enough.  T  use  it  to  increase  the  capacity  of 
my  new  battery.  I  could  use  it  in  any  residuum  or  slag,  after  you 
had  obtained  your  gold  from  the  slimes. 

Jan.  7,  1908. 

Chaa.  E.  Semple,  , 

30  W.  Federal  Street, 

Young .own ,  Ohio  . 

Dear  Sir: 

Ir.  reply  to  your  favor  of  the  3rd  inst.,  I  beg  to  state  that 
it  will  ”e  all  right  for  you  to  come  over  to  the  laboratory  any  time, 
and  inspect  the  model  house. 

Jan.  7,  190? 

The  Tropical  Breeze, 

Fort  Myers,  Florida. 

Dear  Sirs: 

in  reply  to  letter 

that  I  am  building  a  pavillion  at 
use  ten  or  f if *-®en 

of  the  30th  ult.,  I  *<>  stat 

me  end  of  pi«r,  but  will  only 


Yours  truly, 

January  9,  1908. 

V.  Gherardi,  Ksr^  ,  /' 

237  V/.  30th.  St., 

New  York  City. 

Dear  Sir: 

Your  letter  to  Conova,  New  York  Herald,  received.  I  want 
some  clay  modelling  done  and  will  pay  Four  Dollars  per  day,  usual 
factory  hours,  if  you  can  do  the  work  satisfactorily. 

You  might  come  over  and  see  the  kind  of  work  I  want. 

Yours  truly, 


S.  E.  Kinton,  Esq  , 

P.  V.  T..  '  *  , 

Pen.  *,air<l,  V; 

Tjear  Sir: 

Jn  reply  to  your 
that  I  sov.  not  in i. >-!■.!/,  ,''o  in  ^  cutter 

Jan.  9,  1908, 

,-our  letter  or  tl>*  7th  inst.,  I  Deg  to  state 

yours  truly, 


T .  C .  Mart  in ,  Esq., 

239  W.  39th  St., 

Hew  York  City. 

Jan.  9,  1908. 

My  dear  Martin: 

I  regret  to  say  that  it  will  he  impossible  for  me  to 
attend  the  dinner.  My  etornel.  ha.  gone  hack  on  me  »,  »hicli 

neceBBltates  W  lyind  ««■  t"~  *  “**•  *  "0t  4° 

in  the  Metropolis. 


Sin  .'i  He-r,  ,q,  , 

52ii  E.  138th  St„ , 
New  York  City, 

Dear  Sir: 

January  14,  1908. 

In  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  29th  ult.,  I  beg  to  state 
that  if  you  will  come  over  to  the  laboratory  I  will  give  you  a 
trial  at  §4.00  per  day.  Take  the  D.  L.  &  W.  R.R.  and  get  off  at 
Orange,  walk  one  block  north,  take  a  oar  marked  West  Orange  and  ask 
the  conductor  to  leave  you  off  at  the  laboratory. 

Yours  truly, 



irn/t;  .m 

3  v  a  (a.' 

3  1B8CI 



January  16,  1908. 

D.  H.  Coles,  Esq., 

11  McDonough  St., 

Brooklyn,  N,  Y. 

Dear  Kir  - 

In  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  11th  Inst,,  I  beg  to  state 
that  I  have  read  tons  of  experiments  and  theories,  but  there  is 
always  something  that  is  not  explained.  If  you  will  read  Tolver 
Preston,  on  the  Ether  of  Space,  you  might  not  be  so  sure  you  have 
struck  the  right  solution. 

Yours  truly. 


Jan.  17,  1908. 

/  ■'  - 

Ity  dear  Bergmann: 

I  beg  to  confirm  following  cable,  sent  this  day 
via  Western  Union. 

'S.  Bergmann, 

4  Sommerstrasse , 

Berlin,  W„  Germany, 

"  Congratulations  to  Dodo  on  her  marriage,  Papa  Bergmann  must  buy 
her  a  fine  automobile  " 


•*  Mr.  &  Mrs.  Thomas  A.  Edison." 

Yo  urs^vwy^t  ruly , 

_ O*  — 

To  S.  Bergmann,  Esq,, 

4  Sommerstrasse, 

Berlin,  w,  Germany. 

Mias  Elizabeth  Kugler, 
100  South  Irvine  i 

when  it  is  poured  and  the  a< 
bath  tub  and  everything  is  i 

*  tum  cverytmng  is  moulded  in  one  operation.  After  the 
cement  is  set  and  the  forms  removed,  only  the  doors  and  window 
sash  have  to  be  put  in  and  they  constitute  all  the  wood  used. 

After  the  first  hoi 
to  give  all  plans  and  detail* 

poured  I  will  be  in  a  position 


Jan.  20,  19n8, 

A.  H.  Tingle,  Esq., 

Mitchell,  So.  Dakota. 

Dear  Sir: 

Yours  of  the  13th  received.  Read  my  first  letter  carefully. 
I  am  now  making  jjatterns  for  the  iron  moulde  for  the  first  house, 
there  are  1200  sections.  I  don't  think  you  could  do  much  with  the 
mould  for  a  single  house,  as  the  single  mould  would  cost  $25000.00, 
and  the  machinery  $15000.00  rut  with  the  $15000.  machinery  and  six 
moulds  you  could  keep  the  gang  of  <0  men  continuously  at  work  and 
then  the  costs  would  come  within  my  figure.  Therefore  it  would 
require  a  company  to  handle  the  scheme. 

The  first  house  will  be  poured  tt i 
all  data  will  be  availabu..  . 

i  coming  summer,  then 

yours  truly, 

J.  W.  Buzzell,  EBq. , 

East  Orange,  N.  J. 

Tn  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  15th  inst.,  I  heg  to  state 
that  I  proposed  using  an  elevator,  have  tried  the  experiment  of 
forcing  the  cement  up  a  four  inch  pipe,  hy  compressed  air;  hut  do 

If  you  get  a  chance  come  up  and  i 

Yours  very  truly, 

'  -'T 

Jan.  21,  1908. 

E.  P.  Earle,  Eb  4. ,  Prea., 

Nipissing  Mines  Co,, 

31  Nassau  Rt.,  Hew  York., 

Pear  Mr.  Earle: 

In  reply  to  your  favor  of  the  18th  inst.,  I  beg  to 
atate  that  I  am  after  Bismuth.  Have  you  thought  of  the  idea  of 
drilling  100  feet  down  on  vertical  10  or  12  inch  veins,  10  feet 
from  the  shaft  and  loading  the  hole  from  top  to  bottom  with 
dynamite,  and  blowing  the  whole  into  the  shaft:  then  do  the  same 
thing  with  the  next  10  feet  and  so  on.  I  understand  your  walls  are 
firm.  I  did  this  in  an  iron  mine  once  and  it  worked  O.K.  and  gave 
mighty  cheap  mining. 

Yours  truly, 


Bronk  A.  Reynolds,  EBq. , 

U.  S.  Dep't  of  Agriculture, 

Forest  Service,  Washington, 

Dear  Sir: 

Jan.  21,  1908. 

Yours  of  the  14th  inst.,  with  dipping  receive.  I  thank 
you  very  kindly  for  the  same.  There  have  been  many  changes  ana  more 
are  coming. 

Yours  very  truly. 

P.  B.  Spahr,  Esq., 
York,  Penna. 
Dear  Sir: 

Jan.  21,  1908. 

In  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  17th  inst.,  I  heg  to  state 
that  I  received  the  samples.  I  have  a  large  number  of  colored  Briquet¬ 
tes,  colored  by  earthy  pigments,  which  are  now  on  test  for  strength, 
permancy  of  color,  effect  of  sulphur  etc.  The  material  I  got  from  the 

pigment  people. 

Yours  truly. 

January,  22.  1906. 

Vy  D«ar  Mr.  Miller: 

V/e  have  arranged  a  plan  hy  which  we  wi 
lie  able  to  take  care  of  the  note  for  §10300-  falling  due  on  Jany 
25th.  without  your  indorsement  and  I  expect  to  be  able  to  see  yo 
the  early  part  of  next  week  and  hand  you  a  check  in  full,  I  will 
also  bring  with  me  the  agreement  covering  the  transfer  of  the 
stock  and  a  renewal  note  to  fall  due  on  July  10th.  08. 

Trusting  that  this  will  be  satisfactor 

and  with  kindest  remembrances,  I  am 

Yours  very  truly. 

,  j  ;  ;  “• 

Jan.  23,  1908 

S.  Bergmann,  Esq., 

35  Drontheiraerstr. 

Berlin,  K.  Germany. 

%  dear  Eergmann: 

Yours  of  the  8th  inst.,  received.  You  assume  that 
we  progress  very  fast  over  here.  It  is  only  to-day  that  we  have 
got  our  hig  flake  machinery  started  and  it  will  he  10  or  15  days 
■before  I  can  send  you  the  several  pounds  of  flake. 

I  however  am  sending  you  a  small  sample,  which 
we  make  on  our  one  drum  and  use  for  test  cells.  The  flakes  are 
punched  from  the  sheets  and  the  copper  eaten  out  while  they  are 

Tell  Kamarrhof  we  had  to  oxidize  the  flake  and 
reduce  it  by  hydrogen;  30  that  the  polish  on  the  surface  was 
destroyed.  Then  the  flake  adheres  to  the  green  particles,  which 
it  did  not  always  do,  when  it  was  polished. 

Yours  very  trulv. 

3  3? 

January  25,  1908. 

E.  P.  Earle,  Esq. , 

31  Nassau  Street., 

New  York  City. 

Dear  Sir: 

Yours  of  the  22nd  received.  I  have  been  offered  a  price  by 
the  Johnson  Mathey  end  of  the  Bismuth  Combination,  but  I  am  in  the 
same  boat  as  I  was,  with  Cobalt,  as  I  cannot  make  any  money  in 
using  Bismuth,  without  I  can  get  it  at  a  certain  price. 

I  know  that  they  buy  all  the  Bismuth  ores  in  the  market  and 
my  only  chance  is,  that  possibly,  I  might  find  a  margin  on  certain 
kinds  of  ores,  between  the  cost  of  extracting  Bismuth  in  my  own 
works  and  the  price  they  ask.  I  of  course,  know  that  you  would  sell 
to  me,  if  I  could  pay  a  slight  advance  over  Mathey* s  price. 

Please  quote  price  and  assay  of  different  lots,  and  if 
send  two  pound  sample  and  I  will  see  what  I  can  do. 


Yours  very  truly, 

Jan.  28,  1908, 



ii?.  -laecr 

i  .H  .1?,! 
i  esrf  bna 

W.  H.  Gross,  Esq., 

185  Market  St. , 

Newark ,  N .  J . 

Dear  Sir: 

In  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  22nd  inst.,  I  -bee  to  state 
that  I  am  at  the  laboratory  every  day.  Call  up  on  telephone  before 
com inei  Ho.  907  Orange. 

Commercial  Telegraphers'  Union  of  America, 

Room  308,  56  Pine  Street,  New  York. 

Jan.  28,  1908 

Dear  Sirs: 

Yours  of  the  23rd  received.  I  am  a  little  sore  the  way 
your  officers  treated  me.  I  sent  money  to  help  along,  with  a  special 
request,  that  my  name  should  not  be  mentioned;  the  next  morning  your 
officials  had  it  published  in  all  the  mprning  papers.  It  will  take 
me  some  time  to  recover  from  the  shock. 

Yours  truly, 

January  51,  19 OB, 

Slipp-Butler  Co, , 

45  Broadway, 

New  York. 

Dear  Sirs; 

In  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  29th  lust.,  I  beg  to  state 
that  it  is  impossible  for  me  to  decide  if  there  is  enough  margin  to 
make  purchase  of  the  ores  attractive,  until  I  have  found  out  proper 
method  of  working.  Before  I  expend  much  time  experimenting,  I 
should  like  to  know,  that  in  case  I  am  successful,  you  could  give  me 
si  regular  supply  of  o’-e  of  this  character.  I  cannot  only  work  up 
?.  process  for  a  special  character,  as  I  have  no  general  metallurgical 
facilities  to  vrr.rf  mixed  ores. 

If  vour  answer  is  far s rr.hle  to  providing  a  regular  supply, 

;  shall  w,i?  t  one  ton  of  err.  chipped  here  for  experimental  work, 

-"Mob  :•  appose  you  will  furnish  at  price  quoted. 

Yours  very  truly. 

John  Hi-tf-ra,  v.s.<.,  \/ 

C/o  Knoxville  Typewriter  &  Phonograph  Co., 

4!U  Char  St.,  Knoxville,  loan. 

Dear  Sir: 

I  ta a  in  receipt  of  your  favor  of  the  24th  of  January, 
ami  I  air.  indeed  >_,1hc1  to  lean:  of  the  very  great  success  you  hc\'. 
ht-f:n  having  in  connection  v.i  th  riie  mile  of  the  apparatus  raanufc 
turefi  and  cold  hy  the  National  Phonograph  Co. 

Personally,  I  give  little,  if  any,  attention  to  the  commei 
cial  end  of  the  phonograph  or,  in  I'rr.r. ,  ;.uy  other  business,  as 
ay  time  ana  efforts  are  given  principally  to  my  experimental  wc 
which  is  very  diversified  r.r.d  not  only  on  phonographs 
and  appurtenance*  in  connect  ion  thrrovith,  but  other  fields  the 
art-  absolutely  cut aide  of  the  talking  r.u  chine  line.  Nature.  11  j 

I  .an  always  interested  in  the  success  of  the  jobbers  and  dealer 
generally,  as,  of  course,  this  inures  to  the  benefit  of  the  m?.i 
factoring  and  selling  complies  in  which  I  air.  a  very  large  stoc 
holder • 

I  appreciate  very  much  the  invitation  extended  in  the  last 
paragraph  of  your  letter,  aching  me  to  subscribe  to  some  of  the 
stock  in  your  company,  but.  I  have  siaae  it  s.  rule  not  to  >.ake  st 
in  any  companies  other  than  those  which  I  own  and  control.  Pv 

last  few 

Feb.  3,  1908. 

tloT'.H  .0 


John  S,  Eark-i,  j.  i. , 

1  ’  Ave . , 

.oton,  Ill. 

:*!l3  laser 

•flri  I'-iafo  '’ 
Wolftoi  Mni  S1 


In  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  30th  ult.,  I  beg  to  state 
then,  the  Bouton  Tech  is  hy  far  the  best  school  in  the  United  State 

Yours  truly, 

intfcfdA'  .E  „E 

rsss  .rr 

tx3  -iasdarver 

S  •I’-Jahi 

G.  Lasher  &  Son. , 

41  Clark  Street, 

Chicago.  Ill. 

Dear  Sirs: 


Feb.  3,  1908. 

Yours  of  t:.  30th  ult.,  received.  If  you  have  any  spare 
cash,  you  better  buy  first  class  Railroad  bonds.  You  can  reduce 
worry  and  sleep  better  nights. 

Yours  truly, 

Gibson  Realty  Co., 
West  Winfield, 
row  York. 


Dear  Sira: 

In  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  30th  ult.,  I  beg  to  st 
that  the  experimental  house  is  a  two  family  house;  49  feet  long 
21  wide,  three  stories  and  cellar;  separate  steam  heaters  and  b 
Gravel  and  sand  from  cellar  excavation  is  only  required. 

Am  now  making  patterns  for  moulds.  The  cost  where  soi 
is  sandy  will  be  about  $1200.00. 

Yours  truly, 


Yfa.  L.  Keatir.g,  Esq. 

o/o  American  Typewriter  Co., 

Shelton,  Conn. 

Dear  Sir: 

In  reply  to  your  letter  of  tV.c  3rd  inst.,  I  beg  to  state 
that  you  can  get  a  fair  technical  2d-.;  cat  ion  from  the  International 
Correspondence  Schools  at  So rant on,  Penna.  It  is  very  practical. 

Yours  truly, 

JFeb.  5,  1908. 

i\  .  I'-y'walfl  ,  "Esq, , 

89  Pine  street, 

IT'-v.  :..rk  Cat y. 

Bear  Sir; 

In  ply  uO  your  letter  of  the  3rd  inst.,  I  beg  to  state 
that  Konweioer  may  be  a  good  chemist,  but  he  was  a  poor  experimente 


Prof.  E.  >’ ,  HicholB,  \/ 

Col'  iiia  University, 

pew  York  City,  N.  Y. 

Dear  Sirs 

Yours  of  the  4th  inst.  received.  You  are  right  about  the 
sensitiveness.  I  have  been  snaking  a  lot  of  experiments  with  it 
lately,  on  account  of  i-.o  self  induction.  I  only  have  :  ,  expert.,,* 

If  you  could  drop 

-  to  the  laboratory,  I  'r- 

inf orsnation,  so  you  could  have  one  made.  I  ha- 
inders  of  Strontium  Carbonate  great!,  ...  *e, 

A  ;  honograph  speaking  to  a  Bell  W-r-elvar>  •  i  " 

to  reproduce  the  sound  loud  -■■■■•C-’  ;  '",1"  ‘  found  that 

iff ioient  current 



I  Hi . 


jZ  &~2~  -J^-- 

c/teA  ft/  r  1  ft) 0X> 

i*2  iAM  *  *  «.  ' 

;. d S'h  son.  r*A* 

'  "’*’  0?  ti  t  «.«£««*-  y~*>  ••'••“■ s -{'-  W--'---'  ■>; 

:_^0<a^ ■■  ■,..  ~  T~Z/-,S .  - 

;  .  /1-4^/L  <l)^i-^c£.a-  f*'-<st'it-  J  £  1  **  ^ 

-  ^  ^W*-~  ■>■****+*< ... 

^  TtJr- 

4  •  ■*  '/  ~  f-J'  /  /  .- •  .  /«<* 

,;/e£e;».  *-•-  ' 

Feb.  15,  1908. 


Mrs.  K.  G.  Shepherd, 

1707  IT,  Calvert  St., 

Baltimore,  Maryland, 
pear  Madam: 

In  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  9th  inat.,  I  beg  to  state 
that  I  myself,  have  been  nearly  deaf  for  fifty  years.  Last  night 
I  listened  to  a  concert  and  heard  it  all,  using  an  instrument  my 
■wife  bought  in  Hew  York.  It  is  called  the  Acousticon. 

Perhaps  this  instrument  would  aid  you  very  much.  I  think  my 
wife  said  she  paid  Fifty  Dollars  for  it. 

Yours  very  truly,  — _ 


Pet).  18,  1908. 

'Chas.'  Steppler,'  Esq.,  j 

General  Delivery, 

S.i'.V  5fi-tt»‘our;;h  ,Ba. 

-rDear  Sir: 

In -reply  to  your  'i  :-  Mer  of  the  14th  inst.,  I  beg  to  3tate 
that  at  present  1  t.  •.11  the  men  that  I  can  utilise. 

Yours  truly, 

I’eh.  18,  1908 

Calvin  T.  3  -  '  ■ 

Market  8v.:-  ■ 

::-.wark,  Hew  Je-.ioy. 

Dear  i:.  -  : 

In  reply  to  your  letter  -i 
that  no  works  are  full  -...*«<>  J««t  re 
er  recoismendat?  or  r 

I  heg  to  state 
i  herewith  your 



J.  w.  Snyder,  Esq.,  Feb*  19 •  1?0S. 

3426  No.  218t  St., 

Philadelphia,  pa. 

Dear  Sir: 

Your  letter  of  the  loth  in.t.  receives 

°“  Blve  you  i,  j  haye  ^  ^  of  ^ 

Within  60  days  I  „„„  lt  „m 

The  best 
Cement  Works, 

r  I 

Yours  truly, 

Feb.  20,  1908. 


V  \ 


Union  National  Bank, 

760  Broad  Street, 

Newark,  New  Jersey. 

Bear  Sirs: 

On  account  of  the  decease  of  Mr.  J.  S'.  Bandolph,  kindly 
cancel  the  authority  given  him  for  signing  checks.  In  future  all  checks 
will  be  signed  by  H.  i’.  Miller,  Cashier  and  countersigned  by  myself. 

Yours  very  truly, 


Hew  York  City. 

Dear  Sir: 

Kindly  forward  money  order  on  Orange,  11.  J,,  for  the 
proceeds  of  the  enclosed  M.0.#6417,  from  Wanganin,  New  Zealand 
for  tv/olvc  shillings  and  oblige, 

Yours  truly, 

Peb.  26,  1 

Cryder  &  Company, 


Park  Ave .  &  63rd  St., 

|l|.'  ■  mm 

New  York  City,  N.  Y. 

pv  h^hi 

Dear  Sirs: 

Yours  of  the  25th  inst. 
brought  to  Mr.  Edison's  attention 

received.  The  wtter  will  be 
on  hie  return  ;  ora  the  hospital, 


in  about  a  week. 

Youra  truly, 



mm:  ’ 


0  .. 

'oriw  Wo\; 

Feb.  28,  1908. 

Mrs.  Beatrice  Willard. 

General  Delivery, 

Burlington,  New  Jersey, 

Dear  Mrs.  Willard: 

You r  letter  addressed  to  Mr.  E,  L.  Dyer  was  handed 
to  me  for  attention.  I  cannot  understand  why  the  hank  refused  to  p«j 
Hr.  Randolph's  check.  However  I  enclose  Mr.  Gilmore's  check  for  the 
same  amount. 

Yours  truly, 

Feh.  28,  1906. 

Burton  Willard,  Esq., 

Burlington,  New  Jersey, 
rear  Sir: 

Enclo.ed  find  tele*™.  fro.  Honor  B.  HoCutcheon,  Benv.r, 
Colorado,  offerine  you  directorship  la  rater  power  oortpara, 

Mr.  Kl.on  1„  error.  Ur.  .«  da.truoted  «  to  iorrard  this  to 

,-ou  lor  your  attention.  I  have  not  replied  to  It. 

Yours  truly, 

Ur.  B.  Camera.*, 

President  farmers'  National  Congrei 
StagvilJ.e,  II.  C. 

Your  favor  of  Feb: 

Edison ,  and  he  wishes  to  express  to  you  Ms  appreciation  of  your 

inventions  brought 

no  far  as  making  an  address  before  your  body  Is  concerned, 
this  is  something  that  Ur.  Edison  could  never  be  prevailed 
to  do,  as  it  has  never  been  his  custom  to  make  public  addresses 
vf  anj  kind,  and  his  many  Interests,  to  say  nothing  of  the  expcr- 
mentn  which  he  is  continually  making,  demand  so  much  of  his  time 
mt  •*»  l*  ***  ■>«  «*»  “ll  *lth  y0U  S",t“b" 

storage  battery  is  intended  for  use  in  automo¬ 

biles,  electric  trucks. 

uid  in  fact,  any  place  where  i 

battery  can  be  utilised  to  furnish  power.  I  do  not  know,  however, 
that  any  „«■*  of  drawing  a  plow  has  been  devised  whereby  a 
storage  itt-  ry  could  be  used. 

I  ,  circular  in  h“”“'  ^  *“ 

.  ,  Bilon  as  has  been  made  public  up  to  the  present 

giW  you  ouch  infoixna-ion 

time «  Youro  very  truly  f 



rcaO  .sr-.iH 

:alB  tsoCC- ' 

wb  .iiogiia 
.or M 

[j'r  o£ 

iu  «1  aJtrli 
HJ3  ,  ob  o  J 
[lx  jna  1* 
f2/:  r  c*nsnt 
flffittB  bits 
;  *ixpn 
C  '.'til 
Is  , aullrf 

VLB  lArii 

na  I  - 

}  .  arilt 

March  2,  19o8. 

.7.  S,  Mallory,  *:»  q. , 

’  dison  Pori  land  Cenent  Co., 

Stewartsviil  New  Jersey. 

Pear  Sir: 

Enel  ob'. 

E.  C.  Miller  &  Co. , 
Portland  Cement  Co. 
It.  Ly brand,  return 

r  ise  find  certificate  Wo.  668  in 
for  ICO  shares  preferred  stool:  of 
Will  you  lrindly  transfer  the  same 
5  me  for  my  signature  and  greatly 
Yours  truly, 

the  name  of 
the  Edison 
to  Mr.  V/illiara 
oblige , 

T  rea  surer. 


w.  s.  Mallory,  Esq., 

Edison  Portland  <!eme»*  1:0  • » 

Stev/a »•* eville ,  New  Jersey. 

Dear  air: 

Referring  to  your  letter  of  the  14th  ult  ,  enclosing  a 
number  of  oeeds,  covering  property  purchased  by  Mr.  Edison,  on  which 
the  Pohatcong  R.  P.  is  being  billed.  Mr.  Edison  -wishes  to  know  if 
these  deeds  have  Veen  filed  in  the  county  courthouse. 

An  early  reply  will  oblige, 

Yours  very  truly, 

March  7,  1908. 

A.  /k  >  .  Thrown  Co . , 

Elizabet'nport,  N.  J. 

:  -.a:  Rirs  : 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  4th  ins  t . ,  we  beg  to  say  that  we 
expea-,  to  pay  cur  ''a  mu  ary  accounts  on  or  about  the  20th  of  this 
month,  ,-:r.  wi-  w;.n  take  pleasure  in  sending  you  a  check  for  your 

account . 

Yours  very  truly, 

Cashie  r. 

March  9,  IE08, 

J.  Truax,  Esq., 
Station  B, 

Toledo,  o. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  5t,h  inst 
«.  .  °  ,n  lnst«»  heg  to  state  that  my 

£  ::rr-  ^ ~  -* « «« >. 

•  j01"  ln  «“  “HTtU^Uw  you  describe. 

Yours  v*ry  truly, 


Mar.  9,  1908. 

Miss  Rilla  McElwain, 

Stratton,  Colorado. 

My  dear  Miss: 

We  are  in  receipt  of  your  very  kind  letter  of  the  3rd 
inst.  Mr.  Edison  is  still  in  the  hospital,  hut  is  very  much  better, 
and  expects  to  go  south  in  a  few  days.  Thanking  you  for  your  good 
wishes,  I  am, 

Yours  very  truly, 


G.  Allen,  Esq.  , 

Albe  rta ,  Canada. 

replying  to  yours  of  March  5th. ,  I  heg  to  state  that  I  do  not 
manufacture  telephone  apparatus.  I  also  cannot  supply  you  with  prices* 
and  catologues  as  you  request.  Tnink  however,  that  you  can  secure 
these  from  J.  H.  Bonnell  &  Co.,  or  the  Western  Electric  Co.,  of 
New  York  City,  who  are  large  dealers  in  apparatus  for  telephones  etc. 

Yours  very  truiy, 

■•jCETUi  /UaA  sunoA 

•uosppg:  -BJH  op  sSesssw  aitt  pauoqdaiap  i  usasmok 
•asnoq  spx{  op  psupjuoo  xm«  sp  uosppa  ‘P^-paow  „£teAoos>a  u0 

auopp-sxnpeaSuoo  *P-t*OH  «  ‘3uTPb:w  U08TPa  *JM  0 *  "re-13®!8*  Jno^ 

:apg  -read 

•spoupra  ‘  o3eopt{0 

>-oo  uosppa  oSeopqO 

‘•ijsa  ‘xinsux  ponures 

•8061  ‘TC  ttOJW 

March  13,  i9oS, 

"3vrt  Myers ,  Florida. 

IXsar-  Sir* 

Enclose  herewith  Chech  for  $130.00  covering  your  salary  for 
Benseanbe  r  and  January.  We  have  sent  afreet  a  check  f  or  the  Town  and 
County  taxes,  also  a  ;ch«ek  to  Evans  &  Co.  fur  $40.-10  covering  their 
TSSU  .xsZ~  January  31st.,  and  a  oho  oh  to  the  H.  E.  Heitnan  Co.,  for 
$ST.SS,  cove  ring  their  hill  of  January  1st. 

Whateve r  balance  yo.u.may  have  on  hand,  vri.ll  you  kindly  see 
1 Sr.  Edison  about  it,  on  his  arrival. 

Yours  -very  truly. 


March  16 ,  1908. 

{ .£"*V 


iioY  W90 


Dear  Mr.  Edison: 

You  asked  me  before  you  left  how  the  Fort  Myers 
taxes  of  this  year  compared  with  last.  I  find  that  last  year  you 
paid  for  State  and  County  taxes  $72.80,  this  year  $98.05,  and  for 
Town  taxes  last  year  $42.00,  this  year  $51.60.  quite  an  increase 
over  last  year. 

Yours  very  truly, 


'  March  17,  1908. 

V/.  K.  L.  Eiok3on,  Esq. , 

64  Strand,  London,  w.c.  England. 

Bear  Sir: 

Your  letter  of  the  25th  ult .  was  duly  received,  and  owing 
to  Wr.  Edison’s  illness  it  was  impossible  to  show  it  to  him,  until 
to  day.  Accept  my  sincere  sympathy,  in  the  loss  of  Mrs.  Bickson,  and 
believe  me  to  be. 

Yours  very,  truly, 

20,  1908. 

Stewartsville ,  Hew  Jersey. 

Dear  Sir: 

Enclose  herewith  check  to  the  order  of  the  Edison  Eortland 
Cement  Co.,  for  §4700.00  covering  note  discounted  to  day.  Owing  to 
Mr.  Edison's  absence  in  the  South  I  A3&e'~to  draw  this  check  for 
the  full  anjount.  I  also  enclose  bill  for  the  interest  on  the  same, 
amounting  to  §78.55  for  which  kindly  send  me  your  check. 

You  will  find  herewith  another  bill  for  interest  on  the  two 
notes  which  fell  due  on  March  5th  and  16th.  The  bill  amounts  to 
§200.54.  Hill  you  kindly  send  me  a  check  for  this?  I  should  think 
it  would  be  better  to  settle  these  interest  charges,  rather  than 
to  have  open  account  and  interest  compounded  thereon. 

Yours  very  truly, 



20  Broad  Street, 

Hew  York  City. 

Dear  Sir; 

Yours  of  the  24th  inst.  received.  We  received  *  -not*  *rem 
iaiwon  thie  morning.  He  does  net  State  how  his  health  is, 
although  he  requests  us  t.  send  him  a  nuirfber  of  things;  »o  I 
Believe  he  is  going  to  do  some  experimenting  down  there.  This  will 
ge  to  -how  that  he  i«  gating  Better.  Be  receives  all  the  daily 
Bapa^^nd  qther  foiejitjfdo  publications . 

fiis  laat  title  we  hoard  of'Vr.  Waller?  he  was  in  the  Best 

of  health- 

Yours  very  truly,  ,y 

■+SJ  gP,-.  j'  -j 



March  26,  1908 

W.  1.  Edison,  EBq., 

Hotel  Imperial, 

Broadway  &  32nd  St., 

Hew  York  ,Clty. 

your  letter  of  Thursday,  requesting  that  we  send  check  to 
your  new  address  received  this  mq.rning,  But  not  until  after  your 

check  was  mailed  to  Marshallton,  Delaware.  I  presume  that  you  want 

u.  to  send  the  check  in  future  to  your  Hew  york  address. 

Yours  very  truly, 

>  v/) 


Bdison  Portland  Cement  Co., 

StewartBville ,  New  Jersey. 

Dear  Sirs 

I  have  received  &  letter  from  Mr.  Edison  regarding  the 
check  for  $16060.00,  covering  the.  coupons  of  the  Bdison  Portland 
Cement  Company,  due  April  1st.  Mr.  Edison  wishes  me  to  write  you 
as  follows,  "  I  think  for  the  present  that  I  will  huy  the  coupons 
to  the  amount  of  $16p80.00.  The  coupons  are  quite  as  good  security, 
if  not  "better  than  notes." 

I  presume  that  when  you  receive  the  coupons  from  the 
Jidelity  Trust  Company,  you  will  send  them  along  to  us,  sending  us 
a  "bill  for  same. 

Yours  very  truly, 

it'  l: 


Dear  Mr.  Edison: 

I  enclose  herewith  check  for  W.  S.  Mallory,  for 
One  Hundred  Dollars,  covering  salary  for  the  Month  of  March  and 
check  for  One  Thousand  Dollars  to  the  order  of  the  Pike  Adding 
Machine  Company,  covering  subscription  for  stock  due  April  1st. 
Kindly  sign  these  and  ratim  and  i  will  forward  them. 

I  also  enclose  a  hill  of  the  National  Phono.  Co. 
Foreign  Department,  Saw  ,  for  $165.  cash  delivered  February 

28th  to  Mr.  Mill**  and  March  10th  to  Mrs.  Edison.  Kindly  approve 
thla  bill,  t  enclose  herewith  a  few  letters  for  your  attention. 

I  enclose  herewith  hill  of  the  Rosedale  Cemetery 
for  *188.00  for  Mr.  Randolph's  grave.  This  has  been  O.K.d  by  Mr. 
Baiaunan.  Will  you  please  approve  it  and  return. 

Please  find  the  enclosed  postal  oard.  The  young 

U*T  «■*«  «“»  “  "M"**  “  ““*•  “  * 

„„  per.lot.nt  one.  So  I  »*”  *° 

with. 8 •  Title  le  the  eeoond  tin.  the  has  written  for  it. 

Yours  very  truly, 



Thomas  A.  Edison,  Jfciq. ,  IX 

i’ort  Myors,  EXae 

Dear  ITr.  Edison:  .  •  -  . 

2noloS«  he  rewith  a  'letter  rkceivik  f  rom  George  0. 
Bergeron,  Latchford,  Ontario,  With  a  request  that' ‘We  send  him 
Ten  Dollars  for  two  trips  to  the. mines  and  a  *1.70  for  two  locks 
purchased.  Also/requests  us  to  inform  him  whether  we  want  him  to 
prosecute  the  men  who  broke  into  the  "camp. 

V  Kindly  advise  what  to  reply' to  him  and  oblige, 

Yours  very  truly, 



Port  Hye ra,  Tlorlda. 

Dear  Sir: 

I  have  your  letter  of  the  26th.,  In  Which  you  request  us 
tA  order  two,  12  inch  or  14  inch,  "Electric  Pan  Motor*  and  one 
i*ine  Inch,  Edison  Battery  Pan  Motor.  Immediately  upon  receipt  of 
jratth  letter  "I  went  Pat  Brady  into  Peer  York  and  he  purchased  the 
two  General  Electric  Motor*  and  saw  them  shipped  by  Adams  Express. 
The  Edison  Ifeono.  ^Works  will  -ship  the  nine  inch  motor  also  by 
express,  to  day. 

Trusting  you  will  receive  them  ell  right,  I  «n, 

Yours  very  truly, 


f:  | 


Market  Street, 

Genii*  town: 

Referring  to  the  checks  which  you  are  to  furnish  me, 
sampled  of  whioh  I  am  holding  to  show  Mr.  Edison,  kindly  advise 
-me  what  the  price  of  these  hooka  will  he,  each  hook  to  contain 
one  thousand  checks.  An  estimated  price  will  do  as  I  want  to  have 
94m  idea,  in  order  to  tell  Mr.  Edieon. 

Youre  very  truly, 

fU,  ■■ 



'■ih  ■ 

Oep.  0.  Berg?  rP»* 

Lfrtoi»*«rA»  Pnt*ri«,  C«m(U. 

W*r  81  Your  lot*. r  .r  n.roh  86th  0*llln6  ”“r  attention  to  too 
trips  «a6s  „Y  you  to  the  Ita*  «•  -»  **  •-*-  “** 
tuUdlhgt  hat.  hs.n  »*»»  tnto.reo.lw.i. 

,  encloos  herewith  a  ohsoh  ftr  *»•»  «  ^  “r  ^ 
trip.  an*  1  ^.o  ».  to  stats  that  *  *•  »•*  -  *° 
th.  persons  who  hrota  Into  ths  hutWlns- 

,  ...I...  herewith  vouohor  -hloh  P«*«  »«lf*  - 


Yours  very  truly, 

Thoa.  A.  Bdls^p/lfcq., 

Tort  Mye  rs,  Fl a. . 

Dear  Ur.  Bdlson: 

I  enclose  herewith  a  check  to  the  order  of  the 
BoaedalB  Cemetery  for  $233.00.  Since  you  approved  the  hill  for 
the  lot  in  Ur.  Bandolph*»  grave,  a  second  hill  was  received 
covering  the  charge  for  building  the  hricfc  tomb  amounting  to 
Forty  Five  Dollars.  1  have  Included  this  in  the  check.  Till  you 
kindly  D.  K.  the  "bill  and  return. 

1  also  enclose  several  letters  for  your  attention. 
Yours  very  truly. 

April  13,  ;1«ob. 

¥rs.  ¥.  E.  Poyer, 

SZ59  So .  Park  Ave . , 

Chicago,  Illinois. 

Dear  Mrs.  Payer: 

Yours,  of  the  10th  Inst.,  requesting  that  I  send 
you  your  chock  to  reaoh  you  hy  the  15th  inst.,  received.  I  regret 
that  I  will  he  unable  to  comply  with  your  request  as  all  checks 
here  to  he  forwarded  to  Mr.  Edison  in  the  South  Tor  his  signature. 
This  takes  about  a  week.  I  will,  however,  nail  your  check  to  night 
su*  will  send  it  on  just  as  soon  as  it  gate  hack  here. 

I  will  send  it  to  the  above  address,  unless  I 

Mia 8  Eugenie  L.  Stilwell,  / 

168  Stanley  Avenue,  'S 

Hamilton,  Ontw  Canada. 

Dear  Miss  Stilwell: 

.  pr.  Edison  has  instructed  me  to -continue  the 
allowance  made  you,  for  three  more  months.  I  will  therefor  Bend 
you  i  the  -usual  check  on  April  20th,  May  20th  and  June  20th. 

Yours  very  truly, 

April  16  j  1908. 

Mrftvfai.  L.  Edison, 

Hotel  imperial, 

Hew  York  City. 

Bear  l&tdam: 

As  per  instruct  lone  received  from  Mr.  Edison,  I  beg  to  e 
close  herewith,  a  check  to  your  order  for  $100.00.  Kindly  acknoifrledg 

Yours  very  truly, 


Thomas  A.  Edison,  Esq., 

Sort  Myers,  Ela. 
Bear  Mr.  Edison: 

April  16,  06, 

Your  letter  instructing  me  to  Bend  check  to  Mrs. 
W.  L.  Edison  r  Hotel  Imperial,  received  to  day.  The  check  went 
forward  promptly.  I  obtained  this  from  the  Edison  Mfg.  Co.  and 
I  beg  to  enclose  your  check  to  their  order  for  the  same  amount, 
•whioh  has  been  charged  on  your  hooks  to  1m.  Edison. 

Yours  very  truly, 


Hf  ’.Mbtfi 

ai  ij/d  K«ff 

Dunderland  Iron  Ore  Co.  Ltd., 

Fitzalan  House,  Arundel  St., 

Strand,  London,  w.o.  England. 

Dear  Sir: 

Your  letter  of  the  let  inet.  regarding  the  difficulties 
you  are  experiencing  in  your  Norway  Plant  received.  In  reply  I 
hog  to  State  that  the  cause  of  the  breaking  of  the  holts  ie  not 
due  to  the  bolts,  but  is  due  to  the  fact  that  you  a©  not  scrape 
your  plates  to  fit  the  mandril.  If  thereto  notjjperfect  scraped 
fit  the  plates  will  give  a  little  every  time  a  rock  is  cracked 
and  pull  the  heads  of  the  bolts  off,  nothing  Trill  stand  this 
action.  It  never  occurs  with  ub  as  we  tike  a  section  of  a 
mandril  i»  our  shop  and  scrape  each  plate  to  a  dead  fit.  As  the 
plates  last  for  orushing  several  hundred  thousand  tons  on  big 
roll  the  expense  is  almost  nothing  per  ton.  You  should  do  this 
on  the  ftae  crushing  rolls.  Take  my  advice  in  this  and  you 

will  be  surprised  at  the  results. 

We  have  no  trouble  with  our  dryers,  probably  your 

trouble  i®&t  .buttle  .«  *»•  »«« 

throw* -t*.  «T.r.  »a«  y«»  b...  .  -»  *»  a“ln°” 

,0  th.  B-  /ou  .r.  uebl.  to  the  Plato,  r.rpod.  they 

*11  B.t  when  or.  i.  *«■•*«.  “*  if  *»'  °™ 

_  tb.  X.r«»  1.®.  tibt  -  d“*0r  r°U 

the  plates. 

will  c«T-tainly  warp 

You  should  not  have  any  spill  of  ore  if  you  deliver 
the  ore  on  the  belt  properly.  To  do  this  is  quite  an  art  and 
can  only  he  learned  hy  experience.  We  have  no  trouble  -with 
this.  I  have  recently  applied  for  a  patent,  whereby  the 
wear  of  conveying  belt  is  reduced  one  half  and  the  capacity 
increased.  We  have  them  in  operation  at  our  works  and  they 

Yours  very  truly, 

Orange,  N.  J.  April  16,  08. 

...  «.  •  •;  Portland  Cement  Co., 

StewartBVille,  New  Jersey. 

Dear  Sirs: 

I  teg  to  acknowledge  receipt  of  yours  of  the  15th 
inet.,  enclosing  check  for  $4000.00  from  the  Treasurer  of  the 
State  of  New  Jersey  to  the  order  of  the  Pohatoong  Railroad 

This  has  been  deposited  to  the  credit  of  the  Pohatcong 
Railroad  Company  in  the  Union  National  Bank  of  Newark,  N.  J. 

Yours  very  truly, 

April  20,  08. 

J.  P.  Morgan  &  Co., 

Broad. &  Wall  Sts., 

New  York  City. 

Dear  Sire: 

I  enclose  herewith,  check  for  Twenty  Dollars,  Being 
an  additional  subscription  to  the  Longfellow  Memorial  Commitee 
for  the  statue  to  be  erected  in  Washington. 

Yours  very  truly. 


April  22,  08. 

Cobalt.  Oat.  Canada. 

Yours  of  ths  11th  inst . ,  regarding  sale  of  my  claim 
J.  B.  33  in  the  Portage  Bay  diotriot  of  the  Coleman  Township 
reoeivw*.  I  beg  to  state  that  the  price  I  want  for  this  mine 
and  machinery  is  $18000.00  spot  cash. 

Yours  very  truly, 






April  22,  08 

W.  1.  Bdiaon,  Eaq., 

Douglas  Mario  r  Inn, 

Douglaston,  I.  I. 

Sear  Sir: 

Yours  of  the  21st  inst.,  calling  our  attention  to 
your  change  of  address  received.  This  will  have  our  attention. 

As  to  the  receipt  for  the  $100.00  heg  to  state  that 
the  same  reached  us  all  right.  ' 

Yours  very  truly. 

Secretary.  ' 



April  22,  08. 

M.  P.  HarriBon,  Esq,, 

cars  Now.  York  World, 

Pulitzer  Building, 

Park  Row,  New  York. 

Dear  Sir: 

Yours  of  the  14th  inat.  regarding  the  25th  anniversary 
number  ef  the  World,  received.  This  letter  was  forwarded  to 
Mr.  Edison  and  he  said  that  inasmuch  as  the  National  Phono. 
Compaby  ia  to  he  represented  in  that  issue,  this  is  all  he 
cares  to  do. 

Yours  very  truly, 



:it3  vasCT 


h»o3  axO-  at 

t  Btiri  10 1 


Automatic-  Ventilator  Co.., 

B5  Liberty  Street, 

Hew  Yoric  City,  H.Y. 

Bear  Sira: 

Youru  of  the  15th  inquiring  aB  to  the  habits  of  Mr. 
Cetta,  who  claims  to  have  worked  for  me,  received.  Mr.  Cetta 
Was  employed  here  about  18  or  20  years  ago  by  me,  doing 
carpenter  work  in  connection  with  the  Paris  Exposition.  His 
work  waB  entirely  satisfactory  at  that  time. 

Yours  very  truly. 

b'"  •«  •* 

\n  xnsqrao: 


Dr.  Samuel  G.  Tracy, 

240  WWt  lo2nd  St., 

HewYorit  Oity,  ’*.Y. 

Dear  Sir: 

Yours  of  the  23rd  inst.  ,  endldelng  ft  pwnphlet  on  the 
influence  of  High  JraqUonoy  aectric  Currents  in  Retarding 
Senility;  received.  Ur.  Bdison  requests  me  to  thank  you  for 
thin  pamphlet  and  to  state  that'1  in  hie  opinion  i*  people 
would  diminish  the.  amount  of  food  they  eftt  to  a  point  where  the 
nutrition  value  of  the  contente  of  the  large  intestine,  is  very 
low,  the  hacoili  of  that  trac’t  would  starve  to  death  and  not 
make  toxin  to  poison  the  whole  eyotera. 

He  says  that  although  he  ie  <51  y»rs  old  hie  arteries 

are  still  in  fine  condition. 

*  YourB  very  truly. 



Jo  P.  Korean  &  Co., 

23  Wall  Street,  Hew  York. 


Please  purchase  for  uy  account,  to  the  extent  of  One 
hundred  thousand  Dollars,  at  a  price  not  greater  than  the 
latest  quotation  on  the  24th  or  25th  of  April,  b  mixed  lot  of 

the  following  Bonds,  to  he  registered  in  ray  namet 

Hew  York  Central  1st  Mortgage  3  l/2  % 

West  Shore  1st  " 

Onion  Paoifio  1st  » 

northern  Pac if:. >  1st  " 

Enclosed  please  find  cheok  for  same. 

April  27,  OB, 

tt.  Qernebaok,  Bsq. ,  »iitor, 

Modem  Sieetrios, 

87  Warren  St., 

Wee  York. 

Dear  Sir: 

Youra  of  March  28th  received. ,  also  the  copy  of 
LModern  XL eo trice.  Please  accept  ay  thanks  for  th'6  first  copy 
of  your  magazine.  Wishing  you  every  success,  I  ar^ 

Yours  very  trull", 

[oatfameO  .H 

K  'as- io2 

J.  N.  Brulatour,  Edq.  , 

The  Lumiere  North  American  Co. , 

11  West  27th  Street,  New  York. 

Dear  Sirs 

-  Youra  of  the  20th  inst.,  requesting  an  interview 

received.  Mr.  Edison  instructs  me  to  say  that  he  will  be  at 
the  laboratory  every  day  this  week,  but  it  would  be  advisable 
for  you  to  telephone  the  morning  .you  intend  coming  out  to  See 
if  Mr.  Edison  will  be  here  nfr.  that  particular  day. 

Yours  very  truly, 

Secretary,  } 

J.  M.  Alexander,  Baq.,  \  / 

Healdsbursi  Cal.  J  / 

,’“r  .r  the  i«h  or 

to.  heed  held  ...1UUS  »l»n-  return  rro„  the  »»*“• 

hu,  juet  got  -  lnetructe  «  to  re*,  to  ,.u  -  *U-. 

K  .ill  t.  eome  the.  hrfer.  ..  .hall  he  ahle  to  euPPl* 

— — -rrt-“ i- 

Yours  very  truly. 


April  29,  1908. 

Hem r*.  /.  P.  ,*:<jt^an  ft  Co., 

23  frail  Street,  New  York. 


Your  letter  of  the  27th  inst.,  advising  of  the 
purchase  Of  Bonds  received.  Begarding  the  balanoe  of  $2000.oo 
remaining  uninvested,  you  can  carry  this  amount  to  my  credit, 
along  with  "the  'balance  of  the  previous  transaction. 

Please  send  me  a  statement  of  the  total  amount 
to  my  credit  after  completing  purchases. 

•fcjclosed  find  oheck  for  $30000.00  which  please 
dlairiat  ic  i  mixed  lot  of  fetinds,  at  a  price  not  higher  than 

28tc  eloping,  ej^.lar  ’  /  those  mentioned  in  my  letter  of 
^2*  JfNSi-  Jfindly  have  than  registered  in  the  name  of  the 

Yours  very  truly, 

Aluminum  und  Mag  nea  Ivor.  Fabrik, 

Eemelingen  bei  Bremen,  Germany. 


Your  letter. of  February  7th  regarding  magnesium-ingots 
has  been  held  awaiting  Mr.  Biison' s  return  from  Florida.  He  haB 
just  gotten  imck  and  directs  me  to  write  you  that  He  is  trying 
to  find  a  use  for  your  metal  and  hopes  to  succeed  shortly. 

YourB  vey  truly, 



April  30,  08. 

Messrs.  CrydeA^  Company, 

Park  Ave. 4  63rd  8t.f 

Now  York  City,  B.  if. 

Dear  Sirs: 

Bnolosed  .herewith  find  1)1118  covering  Changes  to 
46  Horse  Power  Mors  car  and  the  drawings  in  connection  therewith. 
The  first  mentioned,  till  amounts  to  $907.46  and  the  last  mentioned 
Amounts  to. $76. 20.  Kindly  credit  our  account  with  these. 

▼e  are  also  returning  to  you  by  Colt's  Express  a 
number  of  partB  taken  off  the  car.  Kindly  give  us  credit  for  these 
also  and  oblige, 

Yours  very  truly, 


a**B. -toed 

Edison,  \ 

Mrs.  V.  L.  Edison,  \ 

Douglas  Manor  Inn, 

Douglaston,  L.  I. 

Soar  Madam: 

Your  letter  of  Thursday  was  handed  me  by  Mr.  Edison 
with  instructions  to  send  you  next  week's  check  in  advance.  Me 
however,  left  on  a  trip  before  I  oobld  get  him  a  cheok° 

I  therefore  send  you  an  express  money  order  for  that  amount,  which 

you  will  have  no  trouble  in  cashing. 

Yours  very  truly. 

tuq  sees Iq 
isiiol  yfu 
'  a  man  srii 
(■  to  emsa 


&ay  2,  1908. 

D.  M.  B.  Eero ,  Esq., 

Hs*burgh  Realty  Co., 

Jtswhurgh,  New  York. 

Dear  Sir: 

Bnplying  to  your  letter  of  April  29th  regarding  Mr. 
TfrTlnrCv'l&n  and  Kr‘  0148 •  Hughes,  Kr.  Edison  directs  me  to  write 
you  that  KttLftughlan  shot  his  daughter  and  killed  himself  in 
Sia  Tr* noisco,  a  few  months  ago.  Mr.  Chas  Hughes  has  retired 
fro*  business  and  lives  in  Orange. 

I  enclose  a  circular  letter  regarding  the  cement 
house,  which  will  give  you  information  regarding  the  same. 

Yours  very  truly, 

SiM, , 

Secretary,  / 





aniatam  won 

I  feel  aure  that  the  members  of  your  Club  will 
spend  a  moat  instructive  day  if  they  will  viAifc  our  Cement 
Plant  at  Stewartsville,  Hew  Jersey  on  May  16th  treat,  and 
inspect  our  up  to  date  machinery  and  methods.  And  with  yout- 
permission  I  should  like  to  accompany  you  on  your  special  train. 

Yours  very  truly, 


ft>  wife 




•iaoot  ifqUttS 

,  HbaO. 

jeq&o-t  I 

'  i 


Youra  of  the  2nd  inat.  regarding  an  interview  for  your 
magazine  received.  jZt.  Edison  aireots  we  to  write  you  that  he 
floea  not  -want  to  ^e  interviewed  juBt  at  present. 

Yours  very  truly, 


">».  Urol..,  *  *’*  s'  ***• 

Ths  IWIMM.,, 

^,lr!"wy°ri^  -.V. 

receive  ^  °f  «*•  -1th  lnBt 

«*•  »r.  3%Jlaon  nBt-  Seating  «„  lM, 

^orato^,  *°ts  mo  to  WrJf.  ^ierviev 

— . :  ,r„r  -  ~  -  >»: :;~  ■•  -•  - 

^  he  W11  be  her^  ®*®Phone  0Bt  ln  the 

Y0Ur8  truly, 




May  6,  1908. 

H.  K.  Heitman-,  ^BBq. , 

Fort  Myers,  J’la. 

Bear  Sir: 

,v„t  lrtt'r  °f  ^  lBt  »«■»  for  .prinlcler 

::::  r~- Mr-  b,,b°"  dir’°“  -  -  «*•  -  - 
’  *°  »»*«  ,«*,„«*,  ,  ,m 
8  •priffla»-  **•■•••  u».  on.  of  *«*«,..  vruam 

sent  me  here  to  test". 

Yours  very  truly, 



!  1M0 
mrr  uo'{ 



J.  P.  Morgan''*  Co., 

Now  York  City. 

Yours  of  the  1st  inst.  requesting  definite  instructions 
as  to  registering  tiie  bonds  which  you  purohased  for  the  national 
Phonograph  Company  and  the  Edison  Phonograph  Works,  received. 

I  would  request  that  you  register  $6000.00  in  Sew  York  Central, 
$6000.00  in  West  Shore  in  the  name  of  the  national  Phonograph 
Co.  and  $5000.00  in  Union  Pacific  and  $6000.00  in  northern 
Pacific  in  the  name  of  the  Edison  Phonograph  Works. 

Yours  very  truly, 



Kay  6,  1908. 

H.  Pollen, 

Sunderland  iron  Ore  Co., 

Fitzalfui  House,  Arundel  St., 

London,  tr.  c.  England. 

sr  sir:,mr.  - «  »>  *  ■**“-  ■" 

.  Korway  of  the  diffio^left  you  are  experlen 
our  manager  In  7  your  man  that  we 

•n  ^ur  Plant  in  that  Country  race  •  Regarding  the 

leliver  our  ore  on  the  ^  f  ^  ^  oan  you  see 

iust  we  have  lots  of  it,  i*  *  place  in  muzzle 

houee.  All  tha.  men  i  of  them,  one  he 

„  M  tr-  '>  ' «  W**t’*'a-  “  .  f.  th.  «*!.  hone. 

..*«  -  -  n  he  —  «*  -  *1-  *•  — 

and  changes  it  £ o:  his  other  n  > 

-  *“ — “  rr». — i*  -* 

In  t"k'  0CT'n*  1  y  ten  oent.  »»re  to 

-Ah  I"  — *"£  attention  to  the  »et  thet  it  » 

I  want  to  oall  y  ,  t0  take  advantage 

ortly .  tht.  -  -  -  -  r  r  :r.-  -  - 


»<!  .h  .a 


ism  -iuo^ 
isjo\,  nJt 

9V  dBUb 

tool  nsi 

S-  H,  Pollen  _  2  - 

have  the  present  financial  troubles  and  your  problems  would 
all  have  been  solved.  We  are  crushing  2200  tan/s  in  one  shift  of 
ten  hours,  to  l/4  inch  and  finer  and  also  crushing  in  the  next 
mill  2200  tons,jfiwo  shifts,  180  mesh  fine,  or  finer  than  wheat 
flour,  and  in  the  final  mill  yesterday^s  run  was  1800  tons  of 
hard  Cement  Clinker,  180  mesh  fine.  Your  problem  is  child's 
t  play  compared  to  this  work. 

■live  me  details  of  all  your  troubles  and  we  will  try 
pur  best  to  help  you  out. 

fours  very  truly,  ^ 

#L  a  iW-*, 

S.  E.  Pollen,  pBcj.* 

Dunderland  Iron  Or#  Co., 

Eitzalan  House,  Arundel  St., 

Strand,  London,  w.c.  Kngland. 

Dear  Sirs 

Yours  of  the  27th  ult.  regarding  the  trouble#  you  are 
having  at  your  Works  in  Norway  received.  In  reply  I  beg  to  say 
that  there  ie  only  one  way  to  atop  bolts  breaking  on  rolls  and 
that  1»  to  Scrape  the  mandril  and  plates  to  a  fit,  then  the 
Plata#  -will  wear  out  before  they  opine  loose.  There  should  be 
weekly  inspection  of  bolts  with  tightening  wrench.  Pouring  head. 
Zinc  etc.  to  hed  the  plates  is  no  good.  Simpkln  had  this  soraping 
business  thoroughly  impraBse4  on  him;  its  one  of  the  most 
important  things  in  running  a  inill. 

I  fear  that  the  gigantic  conceit  of  Simpkin  has  got 
you  in  a  hole.  If  you  could  get  your  mill  manager  to  send  his 
assistant  over  with  an  account  of  all  your  trouble,  I  think. we 
could  pull  you  through.  You  oould  trott  i»  »  Bun  to  U.  hit 
plac.  h  of  ore  ho  .tart..  Ho  .ill  ...  «  -»«*« 
tier  hour  on  36  inch  baits. 

The  hulk  of  our  ore  is  twice  as  great  as  yours. 

Hoarding  .gill  fro.  hit,  «  do  not  h.T.  It.  ~>*t  *» 

of  a  .tttt-tam,  it  i.  thon 

Youtb  very  truly, 


Howard  Adamson,  Esq. , 

Latohford,  Out.,  Canada, 

Dear  Sir: 

Yours  of  the  4th  Inst.,  Inquiring  whether  the  machinery 
at  my  mine  near  Latohford,  Ontario,  i«  for  sale,  received.  In 
reply  I  beg  to  say  that  I  don't  want  to  sell  any  part,  but 
will  sell  the  whole  outfit  only. 

Yours  very  truly, 



H.  D.  Schaad,  Esq.  v  j  /  Aeolian  Co , , 

Aeolian  Hall, 

New  York  City- 

Dear  Si r: 

Your  letter  of  the  8th  inst.  requesting  Mr.  Edison'* 
signature  on  a  piece  of  note  paper  for  IJadama  Paderewski 
received.  I  take  pleasure  in  enclosing  herewith  a  card  signed 
■by  Hr.  Edison  which  I  trust  will  meet  Kadame  Paderewski’  b 
approval . 

Yours  very  truly, 



Kay  11,  1908. 

R.  D.  Cheterline,  He  , 

1918  ETo.  lath  Street, 

Philadelphia,  Penna. 

Dear  Sir: 

Youra  of  the  9th  lnat.  requesting  e  position  received. 
JTr.  Edison  directs  ne  to  write  you  that  he  has  nothing  at  present 
that  he  can  offer  you. 

Yours  very  truly. 


I  W't&’TLsSa  rfxTT 
nefi  •» 

:*rJta  nascr 
,a  jiia  tsoct 
iox  A.,ot 

o  duo  iqpjf  ed 

John  If..  Lansden,  Jr..,  Esq., 

64  M.  &  E.  R.  R.  Avenue, 

Newark,  New  Jersey. 

This  letter  will  bring  to  your  attention  your  notes 
Tailing  due  on  the  11th  and  24th  inst.  and  June  5th  for  $1026. < 
$500.00  and  $500.00  respectively.  If  it  is  your  intention  to 
renew  these,  kindly  send  us  new  notes  and  will  Bend  you  hills 

Yours  very  truly, 


Kay  15  ,•  1908. 

W.  S.  Mallory,  Ea  q, .  V.  IP., 

Edison  Portland  cement  Co., 

Stewartoville,  Sen  J-erasey. 

Boar  Sir: 

Wo  have  +.o  make  a  report  to  the  State  Board  of  AfiseeBors 
on  the  Sub o ax  County  Iron  Co.,  covering  the  amount  of  capital 
Stock  authorized  etc.  and  vre  have  until  the  20th  Inst,  in  which, 
to  do  it.  I  have  not  Been  Able  to  locate  the  minute  hook  and 
cannot  make  out  the  report  until  I  find  it.  Will  you  kindly 
advise  me  whether  it  is  in  your  possession  or  if  you  know  where 

it  is  and  oblige, 

Yours  very  truly, 


23  Wall  Street, 

Sew  York  City. 

Dear  Sire: 

Enclosed  please  find  my  check  for  $100,000.00. 
Please  continue  purchasing  Bonds  to  the  above  amount,  the  same 
as  enumerated  in  my  letter  of  April  27th  1908. 


Moyl6,  1908. 

!  / 

Albert  C.  Adams,  Bsq. ,  I  / 

Sycamore,  Ill. 

Dear  Sir: 

Youre  of  the  12th  in  at. .  asking  advice  aa  to  the  Btepa 
necessary  to  take  to  get  a  knowledge  of  electricity,  received. 

Mi%  Miaou  directs  me  to  write  you  that  he  thinks  you  had 
better  take  the  International  Correspondence  School  of  Scranton 
Course,  after  which  eo  into  a  Technical  School. 

Yours  very  truly, 


-  •  . .  inprW,' '  " 

Cor  E.  Laurel  &  Jessie  Sts., 

Santa  Cruz,  dal. 

Yours  of  the  11th  inst.  asking  fop  to  purcahse  a 
phonograph  on  installment,  received.  In  reply  I  beg  to  say  that 
the  business  of  selling  phonographs  is  left  to  Jobbers.  There 
are  however  a  large  concern  in  Chicago,  Baboon  Bros.,  Edison 
Building,  Chicago,  who  sell  phonographs  on  installments.  You 
might  write  direct  to  them. 

Yours  very  truly, 

295  Broome  Street, 

Nw  York  City,  N.  Y. 

Dear  Sirs 

Your  letter  regarding  an  improvement  to  the  moving 
picture  machine  received.  If  you  will  call  on  the  manager  of 
the  kinetoeeopo  department  of  the  Edison  Mfg.  Co.,  Mr.  Alexander 
T.  Moore,  No.  10  Eifth  Avenue,  New  York,  he  will  no  douht  look 
Into  the  merits  of  your  invention. 

YourB  very  truly, 

Kay  IB,  1908. 

Paul  Kanoury,  Esq., 

14  Ave.  Kae-Mahon, 

Paris,  Prance. 

Dear  Sirs 

Yours  of  the  6th  inst.  requesting  a  photograph  received. 
Under  separate  cover  I  am  sending  you  one  with  my  signature 
thereon.  As  to  the  future  of  electricity  and  its  ubs  for  auto¬ 
mobiles  I  believe  that  inside  of  fifteen  yearB  the  entire 
vehicle  traotion  in  large  cities  in  the  United  States  will  "be 
done  electrically  "by  Storage  Batteries  and  I  am  now  manufacturing 
the  battery  that  will  permit  this  to  be  brought  about 
cDtnreerc  ially. 

YourB  very  truly, 

A.  H.  Knoll,  Esq., 

May  26,  l?o6. 

314  West  10th  St.. 

Erie,  Penna. 

Dear  Sir: 

t.  y.ur.  rf  «»  »rd  IMt..  I  »*8  «  »“*•  **« 
th.  „„..ond  juidr.B.  of  Conor...  ■*!»•«•  *»>  s»‘la»r  “ 

H.  I.  Moyer,  375  Eulten  Street,  Brooklyn,  BT.  Y. 

Yours  rery  truly. 


Cliftop  Copper  Belt  Mining  Co. , 

S' rank  1.  Wilson,  Esq.,  Gen.  Mgr., 

69  Jhat  toiird  South  St,,  Room  208, 

Salt  Lake  City,  Utah. 

Pear  Sir: 

Yoiirs  of  the  20th  inst.  regarding  Bismuth  Ore  received. 
Mr.  Kdlson  dibecta  me  to  write  you  that  he  uses  Bismuth  in  his 
new  battery  and  as  he  has  only  just  started  manufacturing 
cannot  soy  how  much  he  shall  use.  It  depende  upon  the  cheapness, 
as  he  has  to  have  it  very  pure.  He  would  like  to  have  a  sample 
of  four  or  five  pounds  of  the  12  £  Bismuth  ore  to  test,  as 
certain  ingredients  make  it  difficult  to  get  it  as  pure  as  he 

He  would  like  to  know  what  the  freight  would  be  on  a 
c*r  load  lot.  and  what  you  would  charge  for  the  Bismuth  per 
pound  metallic  if  you  receive  95  i  of  the  gold  value  and  nine 
cents  for  the  copper  j.O.B,  cars  on  Ba^road. 

-four  answer  and  test  of  ore  will  determine  its 


fours  very  truly, 

Letterbook,  LB-077 

This  letterbook  covers  the  period  June-September  1908.  Most  of  the 
correspondence  is  by  Edison,  Harry  F.  Miller,  and  George  A.  Meister.  Many  of 
the  letters  relate  to  Edison’s  accounts  with  the  Edison  Portland  Cement  Co.  and 
J.  P.  Morgan  &  Co.  There  are  also  letters  pertaining  to  the  design  of  molds  and 
patterns  for  Edison’s  concrete  house;  Edison’s  continuing  work  on  his  alkaline 
storage  battery;  the  manufacture  of  batteries  by  Sigmund  Bergmann  in  Berlin, 
Germany;  and  production  difficulties  at  the  ore  concentration  operations  in  the 
Dunderland  region  of  Norway.  In  addition,  there  are  letters  discussing  a 
proposed  audit  of  the  National  Phonograph  Co.  and  several  other  Edison 
companies;  a  reduction  of  50  to  60  percent  in  the  laborforce  at  the  West  Orange 
factories;  a  plan  to  use  the  phonograph  to  disseminate  the  speeches  of 
Republican  presidential  nominee  William  Howard  Taft;  a  bid  to  provide  cement 
in  special  waterproof  bags  for  the  construction  of  the  Panama  Canal;  and 
Edison’s  acceptance  of  the  honorary  presidency  of  the  Electrical  Exhibition  of 
1 908  in  New  York  City.  There  are  also  two  letters  from  George  A.  Meister  to  the 
novelist  Theodore  Dreiser  regarding  interviews  for  a  proposed  article  about 
Edison  in  the  Delineator  magazine.  Among  the  items  pertaining  to  family  and 
personal  matters  are  letters  concerning  Edison’s  health;  his  membership  in  clubs 
and  societies;  his  charitable  donations;  and  the  upkeep  of  his  winter  home  at  Fort 
Myers,  Florida. 

The  label  on  the  front  cover  contains  the  following  notation:  "Thos.  A. 
Edison,  Personal  LetterBook  From-June  1st,  1908.  To-Sept.  18th,  1908.”  There 
is  an  inscription  on  the  spine  with  similar  information.  The  spine  is  also  stamped 
"7."  The  book  contains  697  numbered  pages  and  an  index.  Approximately  15 
percent  of  the  book  has  been  selected. 

T.  C.  Martin,  Bag., 

.239  W.  39th  St., 

New  York  City. 

Yours  of  the  29th  inst.  asking  for  the  privilege  of 
proposing  Mr.  Edison' b  name  as  a  member  of  an  organization  for 
a  permanent  museum  of  safety  appliances,  received.  Mr.  Edison 
directs  me  to  write  you  that  it  is  all  right  for  you  to  propose 
his  name  providing  there  are  no  duties  in  connection  with  the 

Yours  very  truly. 

June  1,  1908. 

E.  C.  Miller,  Esq. , 

314  Chestnut  St., 

Philadelphia,  Pa. 

My  dear  Mr.  Miller: 

Yours  of  the  29th  ult.  received.  In  reply  I 
beg  to  say  that  the  only  order  I  have  is  for  four  battery  bonds 
at  80.  The  party  is  now  out  of  town  and  oannot  offer  for  the  balance 
of  eleven,  but  I  think  he  will  take  them  at  80. 

Mr.  Mallory  said  you  would  take  stock  in  the 
Edison  Portland  Cement  Co.  for  your  coupons. 

For  the  #10,000.00  what  do  you  offer  in 
Cement  Bonds  coupons  on.  I  would  prefer  to  loan  the  #10,000.00 
on  bohd3  at  60,  coupons  on  for  six  months  than  buy.  In  any  event 
I  could  not  let  you  have  the  #10,000.00  before  the  tenth  of  June. 

Yours  very  truly, 

June  1,  1908. 

S.  Schuaf -Reg elm&n , 

17  State  St. (Battery  Bark) 

ST  eh'  York  City,  II.  Y. 

Dear  Sir: 

Yours  of  the  27th  ult.  regarding  Tellurium  received, 
Mr.  Edison  directs  me  to  write  you  that  he  thinks  he  will  wait 
a  while  on  Tellurium,  because  he  does  not  want  to  work  on  it 
if  there  is  no  chance  of  getting  it  cheaper.  It  would  ha,ve  to 
"be  very  much  cheaper. 

Yovre  very  truly, 

a  efe  .a 

13  isetl 

Iba  .171 

June  X,  1908. 

Visa  Harriet  If.  Buchanan, 

Alpena ,  Mich. 

Bear  Madam: 

Youre  of  the  21»t  ult.  stating  that  you  have  sent 
under  separate  oover  a  paper  anounoing  the  death  of  your  father 
received.  This  paper  has  not  reached  here.  WiJ.1  you  kindly  send 
a  duplicate  as  Mr.  Sdison  desires  to  see  it. 

YourB  very  truly. 

Secretary.-  / 

June  2,  1908. 

John  Morris,  Baq., 

Washington  Mouse, 

Washington,  H.  .T. 

Pear  Sirs 

Tours  of  the  lot  inat.  enolosing  letter  from  John 
Belliel ,  Blackbird,  Idaho,  received.  Mr.  Biison  directs  me  to 
write  you  to  tell  this  party  that  the  personf  for  «hom  you  wer 
agent  got  ao  disgusted  at  the  impracticability  and  the  high 
pric/ss  asked  that  he  haa  quit  and  no  longer  will  have  anything 
to  do  Cobalt  mines. 

Yours  very  truly. 

S.  H.  Pollen,  Esq.,  Sec., 

Dunderland  Iron  Ore  Co., 

JPitzolan  House,  Arundel  St., 

Strand,  London,  w.c.  England. 

"You  say  in  your  let-t 

'  May  18th  1908,  with  regard 

to  your  offer  to  do  the  best  you  can  to  help  ujb  out  of  our 
difficulty.  We  are  greatly  obliged  to  you  for  this  and  would 
remind  you  that  as  far  back  as  the  fifst  of  AuguBt  1907  we 
acquainted  you  with  the  difficulties  we  were  then  face  to  face 
with.  At  that  time  our  main  trouble  was  to  get  the  plant  to 
run  at  all,  owing  to  the  defective  design  of  the  fine  grinding 

rolls.  We  had  to  \ 

i  salvation  on  this  point,  by 

substituting  springs  to  compress  the  rolls  instead  of  ropes." 

I  cannot  understand  yjour  object  in  making  this 
statement,  in  view  of  the  fact  that  I  wrote  Simpkin  in  1906 
or  one  year  before  the  date  you  mention  about  spring  rolls, 
urgirig  him  to  make  the  same  to  increase  the  output.  Then  in 
Ho v ember  1906  on  his  request,  we  sent  him  complete  drawings 
of  the  spring  rolls  and  a  bill  for  *200.00  for  blue-prirts, 
all  by  registered  mail;  so  far  the  bill  has  not  been  paid. 

We  had  these  rolls  working  at  the  Cement  Works  in 
March  1906,  so  your  statement  about  working  out  your  own 


Salvation  is  somewhat  incorrect.  You  will  find 

time  goes 

that  your  troubles  at  the  Rorway  mill  is  due  to  too  much 
reliance  on.  Simple  in,  that  he  went  it  blind,  without  any 
experience  in  thin  line  and  never  took  advantage  of  our  great 
experience  at  the  Cement  Wwrks. 

Regarding  bolts  for  the  plates,  we  use  ordinary  tool 
steel  on  the  small  rolls  and  machinery  steel  on  the  big  rolls. 
The  secret  of  never  having  any  trouble  with  bolts  is  to  scrape 
your  mandrils  and  then  always  scrape  your  plates  to  an  extra 
mandril  in  the  shop.  If  they  are  not  well  scraped  the  bolts  will 
break  no  matter  what  they  are  made  of,  if  a  good  fit  they  never 
break.  I  have  been  in  a  position  to  give  you  this  information 
for  ten  years.  Simpkin  was  told  of  the  importance  of  the  scraped 
fit,  but  having  no  experience  in  heavy  crushing  did  not  realize 
what  it  meant.  This  is  probably  true  of  a  large  part  of  your 
mill.  Finally  I  want  t.o  say  that  if  those  rope  rolls  were 
designed,  constructed  and  operated  exactly  as  given  in  blue¬ 
prints,  you  could  on  four  pair  have  easily  crushed  to  20' mesh 
275  tons  per  hour. 

We  did  not  abandon  the  rope  rolls  because  they  were 
defective,  it  was  for  the  reason  given  in  my  letter  to  you  of 
Sept.  10-1906.  They  were  all  on  one  shaft  and  if  one  stopped 
to  change  anything,  all  had  to  atop.  Your  rolls  were  driven  by 
motors  and  any  one  could  be  stopped,  without  stopping  the  mill. 

American  Protective  Tariff  League, 

W.  V.  Wakeman,  Ba<i. ,  Ireae.  &  Gen.  Sec., 

339  Broadway,  New  York  City. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  1st  inet.  Hr.  Edison  directs 
me  to  send  you  hie  check  for  Twenty  Dollars. 

Boston  Gear  Works, 

Serf  oik  Downs,  Mass. 

Yours  of  the  3rd  inet.  stating  that  you  would  have  to 
inake  specially  the  sprocket  ordered  in  ours  of  the  1st  inst. 
received.  This  will  he  all  rieht.  Kindly  rush  it  through  as  quick 
as  possible  and  oblige, 

Yours  very  truly. 

/S.  ^.4: 



June  4,  1908. 

®ont»nua,  Esq., 

8pringfield,  Ohio. 

De*r  Sir: 

Staclosed  herewith  find  letter  of  Miller  and  Pranklin  Co. 
ref^ing  t0  the  report  of  unifom  ooet  which  was  made  to  the 
ITati^jial  Machine  Tool  Builders  Association.  If  you  have  a  copy 
of  th*®  report  which  you  oan  spare  me,  I  shall  be  very  glad  to 
r,0ei'*'®  U,  as  I  am  interested  in  cost  accounting. 

Yours  very  truly. 



June  4, 

Siraer  &  Amend, 

206  third  Ave., 

New  York  City. 

Dear  Sirs: 

Yours  of  the  3rd  inst.  regarding  the  Jewell  Filter 
received.  Mr.  Edison  directs  me  to  write  you  that  your  quotations 
were  quite  .different  from  J avail  and  so  high  that  he  decided  to 
construct  a  still  of  his  own. 

Yours  very  truly, 


June  4,  1908. 

Mrs.  Jf.  Beetham, 



Hew  Bealanrl. 

Dear  Madam: 

Yours  of  April  14th  regarding  storage  batteries  received. 
Mr.  Edison  directs  me  to  write  you  that  we  are  manufacturing  the 
battery  now,  which  are  mostly  used  for  trucks.  Several  parties 
are  experimenting  on  vehicles  for  private  use  and  he  hopes  shortly 
that  a  good  one  will  he  evolved. 

Yours  very  truly, 




Erie  Co., 



Dear  Sir: 

von  kindly  send  me  a  hill  for  all  taxes  unpaid  on 
Mr.  Edison's  property  at  Milan,  Ohio  and  oblige. 

Yours  very  truly,. 


Secretary.  / 

Messrs.  Lyhrand,  Rosa  Bros.  &  Montgomery, 

43  Exchange  Place,  Mew  York  City. 

Dear  Sira: 

I  am  thinking  of  having  hooks  of  two  or  three  of  my 
companies  (  including  the  national  Phonograph  Co.)  audited  hy 
an  audit  firm;  also  a  rearrangement  of  some  of  our  methods. 

1  suggest  that  you  send  a  member  of  your  firm  over  to  Orange 
for  consultation  with  myself. 

You  had  better  telephone  the  morning  of  the  day  you 
propose  coming,  to  see  if  1  will  be  here. 

Yours  very  truly, 

,  0.  - - 

.  -\£ 

i  4* 


.7.  P.  Morgan  &  Co., 
?.o  Wall  Street, 

Hew  York  City. 

ae&i*  Sir*: 

Kindly  Bend  me  statement  showing  how  my  account  stands 
as  to  xeoent  purchases  of  bonds  for  us  and  particularly  the 

aX**unC.«r  the  Ediaon  Phono.  Works  and  the  National  Phonograph 

June  0,  1908, 

Bdifon  BuslneflB  Phono.  Co., 

Kelson  C.  Durand,  Esq.., 

Orange,  Hew  Jersey. 

Dear  Sirs 

Replying  to  yours  of  -the  8th  inat.  regarding  the 
phonograph  outfit  at  the  Hew  Yorl:  Association  for  the  Blind, 

ITr.  Edison  directs  rae  to  write  you  and  say  that  he  desires  to 
present  this  to  the  association  and  you  can  charge  the  amount  to 
his  personal  account. 

Yours  very  truly, 


To  the  T«m  Council  of  Port  Myers, 

Port  Hyurd,  Pla. 


X  deairn  to  call  your  attention  tb  the  fact  that  the 
project  of  placing  palms  along  the  road  from  the  Town  to  Manuels 
Croak  has  net  had  much  aasistanoe  from  the  Council  so  far. 

Yours  very  truly, 

p - - - ^ 

June  9,  1908. 

My  dear  Mr.  Heitman: 

I  wish  you  would  see  Mr.  Towles  and  get  a 
statement  of  just  what  he  proposes  to  do  regarding  the  palms. 

I  understand  that  those  he  had  in  his  garden  are  dead.  Mow  a 
contract  ie  a  contract.  I  cannot  v^it  indefinitely  and  if  he  is 
not  going  to  take  steps  immediately  to  carry  out  his  oo^traot  in 
a  manner  that  will  insure  success,  I  shall  ask  that  he  refund 
the  money  already  paid,  so  that  I  can  arrange  with  other  parties. 

Yours  very  truly. 

To  H.  E.  Heitman,  Esq., 

Sort  Myers,  ila 



ITH-  e.  fi»- 'Schultz j  -l^r 

;  ■  PhntW  rifwsHy  Florida. 

Dear  5%r'<, 

toW*nas*J»U,  ’lnBt.-  rtS*HU«rWll4lWiMM-'WJ’“ 


•«***•«*  .*.  you  to  fortwrd  (hV 

*~r  stock  to 

Yours  very  truly. 



June  11,  1908. 

W.  S.  Barrows,  Esq., 

628  Dovercourt  Road, 

Toronto,  Ont.,  Canada. 

Dear  Sir: 

Your  letter  of  the  8th  inst.  received.  ¥e  clean  our 
articles  by  making  the  article  cathode  in  21  to  26  Caustic  Potash 
and  use  a  powerful  current  to  give  tremendous  gasing.  The  mechanical 
action  of  the  gas  cleans  it  perfectly. 

The  surface  of  the  bath  gets  covered  with  oil  and  dirt 
and  tfhen  you  pull  the  article  out  it  collects  this  scum  again.  Ve  , 
have  a  second  crock  with  clean  soda  connected  to  the  first  crack. 
by.  a  oolunn  of  liquid.  Then  we  pass  the  art  icle  down  and  Into  the 
second  crock  and  pull  it  out  of  the  liquid,  as  the  second  crock 
gets  no  scum. 

Yours  very  truly. 

June  11,  1908, 

Mrs.  Jlor?.  R.  Vood, 

Otisville,  Winn. 
Dear  Madam: 

Yours  of  the  8th  inst.  enclosing  some  original 
verses  received.  In  reply  X  heg  to  state  that  we  do  not  use 
original  poetry,  the  only  songs  used  for  records  are  those  that 
are  already  popular. 

Yours  very  truly, 



June  12,  1908. 

My  dear  Pa-rshail : 


Yours  of  the  2nd  Inst,  received.  At  laBt  the 
battery  is  finished  and  all  toots  made  except  the  jarring  test, 
which  is  being  run  now.  Have  an  electric  with  60  of  the  new  cells, 
running  60  miles  daily  at  14  miles  an  hour  on  cobble  stone  streets, 
full  of  ruts.  The  man  takes  all  ruts  at  full  speed;  mileage  to  date 
1JI6  0  miles .  Cell  taken  apart  every  500  miles.  So- far  O.E.  no  signs 
Of  defects.  The  top  of  new  cell  is  filed  off,  examined  and  rewelded 
and  this  can  be  done  four  times  without  hurting  can.  Gives  20 
watts  per  pound  on  maximum  oharge  and  142  on  commercial  charge. 

This  type  is  called  A  4,  being  four  nickel 
plates  and  is  intended  to-  taktt  the  place  of  B  18.  The  watts  per 
pbiihd  Will,  be  higher  in  the  A  6.  and  A  8.  These  cells  will  solve 
the  problem  in  every  respect,  commercially  and  otherwise.  The 
only  thing  now  is  to  get  the  right  auto.  I  thought  my  auto  how 
bn  battery  endurance  test  was  good  but  we  have  broken  two  axles 
and  a  lot  of  other  things  BO'  far. 

This  method,  of  developing  an  automobile  by  loading 
it  up  to  the  limit  and.  running  it  at  maximum  fcpeed  on  the  worst  . 
road  you.  can  find  will  teach  in  two  months,  more  than,  can  be 
learned  in  ten  years  in.  the  usual  way  and  is  highly  commercial.',. 

Any  Vehiole  that  can  be  made- to  stand  one  month  trill  be  a  big 



All  experience  here  Bhows  that  so  far  nothing  heats 
a  single  motor,  a  jack-ahaft  to  differential, and  a  chain  from 
motor  to  jack  and  jack  to  wheel.  Gears  are  failures. 

I  shall  send  you  a  few  of  the  new  cells  shortly,  for  test. 

Yours  very  truly, 

To  H.  F.  Parshall,  Esq., 

Salisbury  House, 

London  Wall, 

London  o.o.  England. 


y  a 

3  c* 

June  16,  1908. 

Lybrand,  Robb  Bre.  &  Montgomery, 

Prom  your  letter  I  take  it  that  you  intend  to  employ 
two  of  your  men  and  possibly  a  third  to  do  the  investigation  and 
audit  of  the  Rational  Phonograph  Company’s  hooks;  one  of  your 
firm  to  superviBe  the  work  and  give  necessary  help  and  advice, 
a  period  of  about  six  weeks  being  necessary  to  complete  it. 

The  services  of  all  to  be  charged  on  a  basis  of  day 
work,  the  same  not  to  exceed  Mine  hundred  ($900.00.)  Dollars, 
r„r  tie  tire.  year,  .edit,  ~  -ell  "  »»“ 

for  the  mere  eeenomleel  end  eafe  »=tlod  for  h^dllng  the  — W‘» 
of  the  concern. 

If  my  understanding  is  correct  you  may  started- once. 

Yours  very  truly,  ^ 

June  17,  1908, 

Edison  Portland  Cement  Co., 

Stewartaville,  Hew  jersey. 

Dear  Sirs: 

Yours  of  the  13th  inst.  stating  the  arrangement  for 
stock  in  settlement  of  coupons  etc.  received.  Referring  to  the 
amounts  of  a  halahoe  due  October  1st  1906,  $73,000.00  and 
subscription  on  account  of  four  new  kilns,  $375,000.00,  I  don't 
see  that  any  interest  has  been  figured  on  these  amounts-. 

Is  not  Hr.  Edison  entitled  to  interest  on  these 

amounts . 

Yours  very  truly, 


June  20,  1908, 

E.  E.  Johnson,  Esq., 

Union  league  Cluh, 

New  York  City. 

Dear  Sir: 

Your. letter  of  the  15th  inst.  was  forwarded  to  Mr. 
Edison  at  Stewartsville,  where  he  has  been  all  week.  He  directs 
me  to  send  you  a  check  for  $750.00  which  I  enclose  herewith. 

Yours  very  truly,  • 




Jpn*  23,  .1909. 

John  T.  Kirby,  .gB-q.., 

3  Broad  Street, 

Hew  York  City.  #  %■ 

Dear  Sir: 

Yours  of  the  22nd  inst.  inquiring  about  the  Edisop  Or? 

Milling  Company  received.  In  reply  Mr.  Edison  directs  me  to  write 
you  that  the  Ore  Killing  Company  wept  out  of  existence  after 
the  Concentrating  Works  at  Edison,  Heiv  Jersey  failed  to 

commercially  work  the  iron  ore  deposits  there,  and  the  failure  of  &' 

-fit  , 

the  deposit:;  the  Ortejs  land  grant  in  Hew  Mexico  to  give^returns 
in  gold  which  the  owners  asserted  was  contained  therein. 

Yours  very  truly. 



To  the  Stockholders  of  the 


Gentlemen:  - 

By  resolution  of  the  stockholders,  unanimously 
adopted  tfn  February  28th,  1907,  the  Directors  were  authorized 
to  purchase  certain  rights  in  and  to  the  several  inventions  and 
Letters  Patent  referred  to  in  said  resolutions  in  consideration 
of  Two  Million  Dollars  ($2,000,000.)  in  common  stock  of  the 
Company,  contingent  however,  upon  the  successful  termination  of 
the  experiments  v/hich  I  have  been  conducting  in  connection  with 
said  inventions.  By  reason  of  circumstances  entirely  beyond  my 
control  I  have  not  been  able  to  conclude  the  experiments  in  ques¬ 
tion,  and  am,  therefore,  not  in  a  position  to  express  a  suffi¬ 
ciently  definite  opinion  thereon,  althoxigh  I  believe  the  inven¬ 
tions  are  entirely  practicable  and  are  of  great  value.  Under  the 
circumstances,  I  propose  that  the  Company  shall  acquire  the  in¬ 
ventions  in  question,  together  with  the  Letters  Patent  which  may 
be  granted  therefor,  without  waiting  for  the  successful  termina¬ 
tion  of  the  experiments,  v/hich  may  take  some  time  to  conclude, 
and  as  additional  consideration  for  the  payment  to  me  of  said 
Two  Million  Dollars  ($2,000,000.)  increase  of  common  stock  of 

the  Company,  I  will  assign  to  the  Company  the  following  addi¬ 
tional  property; 

(1)  Patent  No.  861,819  July  30,  1907,  for  "Discharging 
Apparatus  for  Belt  Conveyors"  and  the  invention  covered  thereby, 
to  he  assigned  to  the  Company,  subj  ect  to  the  terms  and  condi¬ 
tions  as  the  other  inventions  and  Letters  Patent  recited  in  said 
resolutions  and  referred  to  in  the  proposed  memorandum  of  agree¬ 
ment  incorporated  therein.  Also,  reissue  application  of  said 
patent  filed  November  30,  1907,  Serial  No.  404,627. 

(2)  An  assignment  of  the  invention  covered  by  applies* 

tion  for  letters  Patent  filed  June  14,  1907,  Serial  No.  378,889, 

for  "Bucket  Conveyors",  and  the  Letters  Patent  to  be  granted 
thereon,  subject  to  the  same  terms  and  conditions. 

(3)  An  assignment  of  the  invention  covered  by  applica¬ 
tion  for  Letters  Patent  filed  June  26,  1907,  Serial  No.  380,948 

for  "Sprocket  Chain  Drive",  and  the  Letters  Patent  to  be  granted 
thereon,  subject  to  the  same  terms  and  conditions. 

(4)  An  assignment  of  the  invention  covered  by  applica¬ 
tion  for  Letters  Patent  filed  November  22,  1907,  Serial  No. 
403,300  for  "Conveyors",  and  the  Letters  Patent  to  be  granted 
thereon,  subject  to  the  same  terms  and  conditions. 

(5)  An  &»»i6,“nern;  or  an  application  about  to  be  filed 
on  "Improvements  in  Apparatus  for  Needing  Pine  Materials",  now 


Uo . . .3. 

in  use  in  connection  with  one  of  the  kilns  at  the  Company's 
plant,  including  said  invention  anil  the  Letters  Patent  to  b 
granted  thereon,  subject  to  the  same  terns  and  conditions. 

(6)  An  option  to  purchase  the  so-called  "Raub"  proper¬ 
ty,  and  the  capital  stock  of  the  Pohatcong  Railroad  Company 
which  is  also  situated  in  the  Township  of  Oxford,  V/arron  Co 
New  Jersey,  mid  now  owned  by  me,  with  the  limestone  quarry 
ed  thereon,  but  reserving  to  rays  elf  the  zinc  and  o  -her  mine 
rights  (not  including  limestone),  said  option  to  be  exercis 
ed  within  two  years  from  the  date  hereof,  and  the  price  to 
paid  being  the  actual  cost  to  mo  with  interest  at  0. 

June  25,  ISOS. 

Hr .  J .  Newcomb  Blackman  , 

Chairman  Committee  of  Arrangements, 

9?  Chamber e  St,5  New  York  City. 

Dear  Sir: 

Your  letter  of  the  ISvb  inat.  hae.  been  received, 
inviting  me  to  attend  the  conference  of  the  National  Association 
of  Talking  Machine  Jobbers  to  be  held  at  Atlantic  City  on  July 
6th  and  7th.  I  should  like  to  attend  your  meetings,  beaaUse  'many 
of  the  Jobbers  I  have  met  personally,  and  it  ia  therefore  a  matter 
of  regret  that  my  engagements  will  not  permit  me  to  accept  your 
invitation.  Kindly  convey  to  your  aucoelava  the  sense  of  my 
disappointment  in  not  being  able  to  be  present. 

The  Phonograph  has  been  always  a  subject  of  great  interest 
to  me,  and  1  sincerely  hope  that  much  good  v.lli  be  accomplished 
by  the  friendly  meeting  of  so  mv.ny  of  the  men  who  hare  been  so 
largely  instrumental  in  developing  the  talking  machine  business. 

At  all  timee  both  you  and  your  associates  can  count  on  my  earnest 
and  hearty  co-operation. 

Believe  me, 

Yours  very 

June  29,  1908, 

George  3.  Small,  3sn. , 

14  Lees  Avenue, 

Collingswood,  IT.  J, 

Dorr  Sir: 

T  can  give  you  a  position  at  the  salary  you  name  to  wit 
$210.00  per  month.  The  job  is  designing  the  iron  moulds  and  machine :y 
for  my  ooncrete  house  for  workmen,  to  be  poured  and  finished  in 
02ie  dayi  After  I  have  constructed  the  first  or  pioneer  house  and 
it  is  a  success,  you  will  be  available  to  act  as  engineer  for 
a  number  of  companies,  who  intend  going  into  this  style  of  building* 

and  you  could  make  very  much  more  money ■  _ 

Tours  very  truly,  S 

June  30,  1908, 

W.  S„  ?tellory,  Esq.,  V.  P., 

Edison  Portland  Cement  Co., 

Stev/artsvillo,  Few  Jersey. 

De?n*  Sir: 

Yours  of  the  P.otli  inot.  enclosing  three  certificates  of 

Btoek  of  fclie  Forth  Jorsey  Paint  Coi  for  100  shares  received. 
Enclosed  find  check  for  $2000.00  to  the  order  of  the  Forth  Jersey 
Paint  Co.  in  payment  for  certificates Jifo.  2  and  3  for  10  shares, 
each.  I  notice  from  the  certificate*!! '.o  capital  stock  of  the  . 
company  is  $125,000.00.  Will  yon  kindly  advise  me  what  disposition 
-iff  made  of  the  other  25  shares  and  will  you  also  send  a  copy  of  the 

proposition  which  Hr.  Edison  made  to  the  company  for  the  purchase 
of  his  patent,  so  -that  I  can  make  proper  entries  on  his  hooks. 

Yours  very  truly, 


-w  £  ■ 

f  4  ft  **«’  4  **** 

\i\  -41 

J*  p.  Morgan  &  Co», 

23  Vail  Street* 

Haw  Tori:  City. 


Please  purohaso  at  market  prices  the  reminder  of 
the  "bonds  on  order  for  the  Edison  Phonograph  Works,  national 
Phonograph.  Company  and  the  ITew  Jersey  Patent  Company.  "On  my 
personal  account  I  desire  you  to  do  the  same,  hut  to  retain  a 
cash  "balance  of  aheut  Tr/olre  thousand  Dollars,  for  which  I  trill 
give  you  disposition  ldter* 

When  you  liavo  oxo dated  this  order  please  send 
statement  showing  purchases  for  each  account  separately. 

Tours  very  truly, — ■ 

July  5j  1908  i 

Birdsboro  Steel  Pfly.  &  jfechine  Go. , 

Birdsboro,  Jenna. 

Dear  Sirs: 

Youra  of  the  let  inst,  received.  In  reply  i  \>qg  to  state 
that  I  have  ono  of  your  drills  which  I  bought  many  years  ago  and 
used  only  a  few  weebB,  also  a  large  supply  of  diamonds. 

I  oupposo  there  has  been  advancement  in  drilling 
machines  and  r.iy  machine  may  "no  cut  of  date.  Would  you  care  to 
rent  complete  outfit  for  boring  300  foot  holes  with  runner,  I 
furnishing  helpers  and  diamonds,  to  be  used,  tv/o  to  three  months i 
If  bo,  what  would  be  Ihe  rent?  In  the  event  that  you  do  not 
care  to  do  this  please  send  man  to  Orange,  at  my  expense,  to  looh 
over  my  drill  and  see  that  it  is  0«Eo  or  that  some  modern 
improvement  is  desirable. 



.Tuly  7th  1908  e 

Hzum  &  JihclTeille, 

4  East  35rd~St.t 

Hew  York  Cj.ty<. 

“ja&r  3ii*ss 

Youro  of  the  6th  insi.  regarding  the  concrete  house 
received,  ITr,  iEdleon  directs  me  to  write  you  that  he  is  making 
the  moulds’  now  and  has  two  first  olftsc  men  on  it.  He  says  to  have- 
a  little  patinncei 

Youre  very  truly* 

Secreta  nr. 

July  8th  1908; 

w.  i>.  men  life.  c-o*9 

151  lake  Street, 

Chicago,  lil. 

Hear  Sirs: 

Yottrn  of  "the  6th  inst.  acknowledging  receipt  of  our 
order  received’.  You  state  in  your  letter  ;.that  you  arc  going  to 
ship  fittings  to  Orange  and  the  tied  Top  sprinkle ro  to  Florida. 
Elis  is  wrong.  If  you  will  examine  our  order  again  you  v/ill 
notice  that  we  want  everything  shipped  to  Florida.  Please  act 
accordingly  and  oblige, 

Your3  vert''  truly, 



July  9th  1908. 

Hormaond  Typewriter  Co,, 

JJevf  Tori:  City,  IT.  Y. 

3Jear  Sire: 

Tlie  enclosed  card  was  handed  Ur.  Edison  by  Mr. 

Hartmoncl  on  the  visit  Mr.  Kaaunond  i.iado  to  the  laboratory  a 

Yours  very  truly, 


short  tine 


Geo*  L»  Squior  Mfs*  Co,, , 

iSuffUlo,  Hew  York. 

Doar  Slrss 

Yours  of  tiie  8tli  inst.  regarding  C,  J.  Eicld  received,, 
Hr*  Edison  directs  me  to  write  you  that  3io  now  remembers  Mr* 
Field;  In  the  early  days  of  the  Electric  Light  business  he  was, 
at  that  time,  one  of  the  best  men  wo  had,  but  he  did  not 
develop e  as  others  did  and  fell  much  behind  the  rate  of  progress. 
I  have  not  heard  of  hhi  for  ten  years. 

Yours  vory  truly, 


J,  7.  Morgan  ft  Co.. 

S3  Wall  Street, 

Savf_'*or5c  r  Uyi 

5wr  Si  no  t 

Ploa#o  v)iu-o'-i;vjo  for  my  account  <jo  the  yaluc  of 

&SOS0U0  ftt  «»  market  price,  a  mixed  lot  of  ^nde  to 

W*  Sow  tort  central  and  Hudson  H.  *•  H.  3  l/¥  first 
mapfepaet,  Horthem  Pacific  first  mortgage  ¥  And  tfcion 
ftwfcfit-  first  mortal  ¥»  thom  registered  in  «? 

wane  0f  the  Sts  Jersey  Patent  Company,  Orange,  Hew 

"yours  very  truly, 

heel:  number 


July  20,  1908'. 

Dr.  CJxas.  1*.  Reose, 

c/o  du  Pont  Powdar  Co., 

■Wilmington,  Delaware. 

Dear  Sir: 

Yours  of  trie  15th  inst.  inquirinc  about  the  abilities 
of  Mr.  2olta:i  do  Horvath  received,  lie  left  pur  employ  several 
years  ago  and  ae  far  ae  vra  can  remember  liis  services  with  Hr. 
Edison  w6x-e  satisfactory^ 

Yours  vei-y  truly, 



'dins.  A. 

Dear  £>il 

parts,  •' 
you  for 

Edi3on,  Esq.,  Jr., 

General  Del  ivory,  / 

Burling ton,"  Hew  Jersey. 

Enclosed  herewith  find  Bill  covering  the  automobile 
cires  etc.  sent  you  lately  amounting  to  §98.78,  Mr. 
directs  me  to  inform  you  that  there'll  Be  no  charge  made 
these '. 

-as ting  that  they  reached  you  safely  and  that  this  letter 

rovi  and  yours  in  good  health,  X  am, 

Yours  very  truly, 


•will  find  7 


July  20,  08. 

Mrs.  Uellie  E.  Poyer, 

808  Huron  Avenus, 

Port  Huron,  Mich. 

Dear  Madams 

Your  letter  of :the  17th  inst.  addressed  to 
Mr.  Gilmore  has  "been  handed  to  me  owing  to  the  fact  that  Mr,, 
Gilmoro  has  sailed  for  Europe  and  will  he  gone  for  some  time. 

tvi p  loss  you  feel  in  the  death  of  Mr.  Randolph  is 
shared  hy  all  of  us  and  the  writer  was  his  personal  friend 
EEmy  years  in  fact  -worked  -with  him  as  his  assistant  from  1888 
to  1898  when  he  went  to  the  Edison  Phono.  Works  and  has  just  bee 
selected  to  fill  the  position  left  vacant  hy  Hr.  Randolph. 

Consider  my- services  always  at  your  disposal 
as  I  shall  he  glad  to  do  anything  for  you  in  my  power.  Hr. 
Edison  is  at  his  home  here  and  I  hear  that  he  expects  to  take  a 
trip  about  the  first  of  August,  hut  I  have  not  heard  just  where 

he  is  going.  **  :L  ^  ^-—1 

Yours  very  truly*  . 

$  Q. 

Secretary.  / 

Joseph  Stretch.,  Esq., 

Lincoln  Realty  Co., 

One  W-st  34th  s“»>  .  . 

Hevr  Tori:  City,  IT. 

Slr‘Tour8  -  -C  »  S-C  ^ 

^  IiU*  ~  ■«.  — ";"rrr4v^ 

,  j..  v/rit.e  von  and  say  «ny  no  ° 

Sdlsoti  directs  sc  -  '  ^  ideas  and  Jim. 

ideas  if  yc  «■  •»*“  ffi*  ^ 

assail  net  dci.tircr.iH~.  . 


July  20,  08  i 

I).  A.  Mahoney,  Esq, , 

1369  Washington  Ave., 

Bronx,  Hew  Yort'. 

Boar  Sir: 

Yours  or  the  17th  inst.  ashing  Hr.  Edison  for  a 
position  received.  Vr,  Edison  directs  me  to  write  you  that 
it  Is  3*poss«2)le  to  place  you  as  all  the  factories  have  reduce 
thc^forca  from  50  to  CO  ,‘s.  Many  of-thS^ld^T^fen  Being  laid 

off.  V  * 

*  Yours  very  truly, 


July  21 ,  1908. 

ar.  F.  W.  carpenter, 

Sec.  to  ’Ion.  V.  ’I.  ?aft, 

Pot  Springs,  Va, 

Pear  Sir: 

I  received  your  tclogm*  "Maine  »•  that  Sr.  Tart  «™« 
b.  too  way  at  thi.  time  to  a.o  ay  repreoentativ, ,  bat  I  dcoldod 
to  .end  Mr.  P.l.on  0.  »«»,  *  »iU  Pre.ont  ““  U4t“  " 
personally  explain  W  vie™  <m  the  »»«»«*-  of  record  v*lv  and 
w  to  ...  «r  phonograph  receive  the  =«»  oo«»tder- 
ation  atl  tlu^diso  machine. 

The  Edison  phonograph  is  the  naoliino  in  most  general  u 
the  average  pexeon  of  thl.  country  on  account  of  it.  price, 
voter  and  oltiren  *.  r»u*>  profit  «0.t  by  Sr.  faff,  addr.c... 
„uld,  therofore.  be  overlooked  If  the  Sdi.on  record 

...  not  conoid  croc  and  «*»•*« 
ttanuf acturorfl  of  other  talking  raoliinee. 

Taft  M  «y  »o»t  hearty  eupport  ir.  thin  «**-«"•  "* 
could  fwl  honored  if  1  might  di.tribut.  hie  idea,  through  the 
phonograph  to  the  Million,  of  near.  the  or.  continually  P“« 

„  for  Republican  eentiment.  uhioh  -hould  properly  throug. 

It  cum.  therefore.  ,«  »  “  »“ 

Mr,  Durena  thli.  in  Rot  Spring,  .hen  to  ~  —  «"  “““ 
UP  to  some  definite  conclusion. 

July  20  ,  08.. 

Hammond  Typewriter  Co., 

69th  St»,  ft  Hast  Bivcr, 

Hew  York  City. 

Soar  Sirs:  , 

Referring  to  you  re  of  the  14th  inat»  thio  will 
acknowledge  the  typewriter  which  reached  here  in  good  condition 


July  22,  1908. 

Edison  Ore  Hilling  Syndicate,  Ltd., 

Pitzalan  House,  Arundel  Street, 

Strand,  London,  vri  c.  England'. 

Lear  Sirs: 

Referring  to  your  circular  of  the  23rd  of  June 
regarding  an  assessment  of  one  shilling  a  share  on  the  stool: 
of  your  company  ,  "beg  to  advise  this  day  that  I  have  sent  to 
Messrs'.  Childs  and  Co',  check  for  341  Pounds  13  Shillings, 
covering  the  assessment  of  one  shilling  per  share  on  6833 
In  my  name'. 

Tours  very  truly. 




July -23,  19Q8 

Garfield  Dennis,  Esq.-, 

United  States  Post  Qffioa, 

Williamsport,  pepna. 

Dear  Sir: 

,  Yours  ef  the  20th  inst.  regarding  an  ddea  of 

■yours  for  the  betterment:  of  the  moving  picture  film 
received.  Mr.  Bd is pn  directs  me  to  write  you  that 
^e  will  gladly  try  any  experiment  that  shows  a 
possibility  of  working  .and.  pay  the  tinyentpr. 'for  the  idea, 

•if  successful. 

yours  very  truly, 

July  24,  OBo 

W.  S'.  Mallory,  Esq..,  v;  P~«, 

Edison  Portland  Cement  Co., 

StewartsVille,  Herr  Jersey; 

Dear  Sirt 

"  Enclosed  herewith  find  two  hills  ooyering  worh, done 
in  ccnmectionHrith- making  drawings  for  the  rolls. for  tlje. 
United  StatOs^C rushed  Stone  Co',  amounting-  to  $184.67..?nd  _ 
drawings  for  changes  on  Intemhito  Polls  for,the  Sihley  Quarry 
Co;  amounting  to  Will  you- kindly  advise  .us  if  my  °*  . 

these  charges  can  he  hilled  or  should  they, he-. charged. to.  the 

Boll  Contract  Expense'. 

Yours  very:  t ruly,  ......  . 

"'jr*  ;:u 

V_y  July  28  >  08, 

Henry  C'.  T<cwis,  E*c^ 

Bon  Aqua}  yonn. 

Bear  Sir: 

Tours  of  tJxo  25-t^1  Inst'.  regarding  cement  rock 
received.  Hr.  Kdiflo^  air®0*8  we  to  ^ite  tiJat  d0BS  nt>1; 
uant  to  go  into  any  jgoro  cement  oonspanles'.  Everybody  is 
cutting  prloas  and  &L  tV-°  companies  are  losing  money. 

Tours  very  truly. 


Jtau  Paul  Yaa  XU «v«* 

X19  JStli  Btcj 

Sew  Yortc  City>  M.  Ti 
Bear  Mrs'.  Van  Uleve? 

Under  sepr-rate  -cover  we  are'  sending  you 
potSkefbook  TSilch  you  left  sflien  x>n  yotir  visit  to  -tfae  l_at*>ratory 
thin  morning*.  Ye  are  sending  It  "by  registered  -wallV' 

Yours  very  truly, 


yjfty-ao,  OS'. 

Z5  IXmrXb&'SiserBiT-. 

3ef2i.n  :S«  '€er=sny«, 

My  Jbanx-  -Bensmanm 

’Soots  ^of  'late  17th.  zlnst.  received  -ana  to  -reply 
1 31^  to  -state  that  it  rwwiiid  ’be  in^osgihle  v*»  send  Aroogast 
sr  asy  one  oiee  as  lie  is  'the  only  am  csflso  tnows  .pod  if  we  sent 
>rihn  we  -would  have  to  stop.  "Shu  let  tor  get  -a  good  graduate  -ftoa 
ti»  TEochnltsil  School  at  -ChaxLottenbuns  •*»&  send  him  over  Ttoa 

as-js  -neorprotosis  for  hashing  iron  ie  very  Cheap 
jranho-uia  he  able  to  naie  it  there  for  twenty  seats  -per 
-potmdo  As  soon  as  we  -startup  woifcs  to  supply  active  materiel 
J*r  new  hatterys  wfe  ahsU  -he  able  to  fnminh  you  active 
•material  -for  proT^ly  steELf  '.yon  'aSfr  .'firs  -chargedo 

SSbB  rtfrtf  -cells  are  working  0  oT.«  and  have 
«lth*tooa  ’3000  iraes  nf  th«  33E,r*est  tost  .ever  given  a  hattejy. 
Mbts  snto  -was  i*palr&a:i8  tines,  -a.-'se&es  and -3  setssp  rings 

-tires  -£ll  wrcrra  -out  -®na  '-iEnuffiBrsCiile  other  parte  hroheao 
-ptfn^y  3afiro^h-tfttJsc*fl;  sa  break  oar  a  single  deteil 
•^wrtoig;  %  *sX*b*&  *ol3&a ghltwwnfe^ivo  aaick^L  f  illing  nsi^inas 
vBtEtSj-s4teeri  we  shall  '6fe2rt-=«S>» 

.z-ae&peae  you  35«w  iltttf  -fee  aid  style-seal*  after 
SeXl&iZ  -in  -capacity  so  tJ*S>  **m®*  ■»>  «•  aa3ay  SS^I^fce*.  in  fee 
mgcnt  *w  ret^a  to  *jww»w  to  *e*  ■»**  joates  imt" 

no  .longer  do  'feu*  take  fee  oM  cells  end  by  soaking 
tod  cJoB-rglng  In  potash  obtaining  ^  ^!"3«E  them  back 

^«feT  *i  ooat  b*  about  ^e^ty  fire  *e*ft&  ctXL  and  wsfera 
fete  to  User®  to  get  i>5  or.J***  the  same  M  i£  **  renewed 
•fee  plates,, 

Ufe  hs*re  over  tjr  Bets  feat  m  Timing  &•£<>  *«** 

s»  uader.W  ««  **»,«*• «».  ttt.  sm  **  y°V 

tortWr-SWjK  *•>*  =»-»^l»4  '-S  tt*t  «  *»» 

**  w  fMXA  i«f  **»  T******  ^  “” 

u  •»  *rr?  “  *"* 

^  »#5r.  pu  »»  »  .V  ””  't*ota*rt- 

rate  - 

“Somro  •arsry  truly* 

Longfellow  Mat*l  Homo  rial  A  ss'% 

Riggs  national  Bffli’f,  Washington,  D.  Ci 
Bear  Sirs? 

Til  aer.oyi1p.nce  with  your  letter  of  the  15th  of  July, 
Mr.  Edison  accepts  your  invitation  to  become  a  regent  of  your 
association  and  encloses  herewith  a  check  for  $100 „ 00 

Tours  very  truly, 


rrao  1  dvarif 
ecf  ot  tnstt 


n±aei)  oxH*!* 

:5th. 08- 

Chas,  Miller,  .Esq.;, 

Edison  Portland  Cement  Co", 

1133  Broadway, .New  York  City. 

Dear  Sir: 

Yours  of  .the  3rd  .inst.  enclosing  several 
. photographs  which  you. took,  of  some  of  the. party :who 
visited  the  cemept .plant  op: July  18th  received. 

-‘Mr.  .‘Edison  directs  ine.'tP  thapk  ypu.for  -the  ;sarae  ;and 
■to  say  that  .he  sent,  them  to  his. house- where  they  .mill 
be  framed. 

Yours  very  .truly, 




Colo  T^e  Gage  Pratt8 

90  Soo  Grove  Sto, 

Be  Orange,  So  T'o 
Jfy  dear  Sir? 

deferring  to  our  recent  interview  and..our 
conversation  relative  to  your  visit  to  Panama,  I  have  decided 
that  it  would  je  the  proper  course  for  our  Company  tp  hap  a 
representative  make  a  visit  to  the  Isthmus^;  coaneetiog  with 
the  hid  we  made  on  May  1st  last,  for  furnishing  the  I|£hmian 
Canal  Commission  with  a  portion  of  its  raquifement^/^^JlQ^land 
cement,  and  I  would  he  pleased  if  you  would  arrange,, for  a  • 
return  trip  to  the  Isthmus  to  represent  us  in  the  matter  of 
Securing  a  portion  of  the  contract,  and  ejqolsutning'  to  Col„ 
Goethals  the  present  state  of  the  work  on  the  damp  proof  hags,, 
also  submitting  samples  of  them  to  himi  -  •*- 

I  would  suggest  that  you  also  arrange  to  visit 
our  Works,  looking  over  our  Plant,  particularly  the  large 
orushing  rolls,  as  they  any  he  of* interest  to  Cole,  Goethals 
in  his  worko  ' 

,  Yours  very  truly, 

&ki‘ . 

COBFIBBHlIALc  for  Col.  Goethals  information  CHffiYo 
Col.  Le  Gags  Pratt,  . 

90  Boo  Grove  St., 

East  Orange,  H.  J <- 

34y  dear  Sir; 

Ye  use  army  duck.  Mu. 

Thin  is  impregnated  with  "Viscose". 

Viscoeo  is  a  Xanthate  of  Cellul'iSSi  ohM-  34 

U  a.  w  *.  **»&*« 

MM  it  i.  «rt-  *  M*'**w-  “4  *.*%*££, 

to  220  Sant,  vhlch.  ww-ratur.  tocowoM.  «“  &»«»**  ™ 

1  saves  Cellulose  1»  th,  -  «***  '**** 

a»d  t«d  .oavis*  «.e«»xss.  O.  cloth  is  ths.  run  thresh  •  ~h 
'  0.11.4  3.8.  this  sshAoe  he4 . 8rsat  satire 

.  Tt  ifl  «  peculiar  yellow  wax  insoluable 
capilllarity  for  water.  X*  le  a  peeux  m 

is  orodo«-  »  i-  *—  *»  *—  "■* 

line  and  is  sloshed  «t  hy  .to-  •»«*  ’ 

X.  dissolved>..  -  the.  the  M  i»  -redded, 
sftersards  th.  hoesln.  is  drived  «  hy  host. 

,  s.  ia,  so  smell  »ed  i"  «•*  decomposed  W 
exposure  to  air  or  oater.  I  have  had  a  hrohos  h.rr.1  -  it  at 
th.  Laboratory  toot  of  door.)  tor  17  yoar.  and  it  shoos 
tendency  to  decompose. 

It !  im 


Cement  in  these  hags  placed  in  a  closed  chamber 
at  120  Tahr*  with  the  air  saturated  with  moisture  at  this 
temperature  shows  no  set  after  two  months. 

So  far  I  have  been  unable  to  get  the  bags 
water  proof,  i°e°  hold  water  when  hung  up.  Two  thirds  leaks  out 
in, a  few  hours  but  one  third  requires  several  days  to  leak  out. 

This  in.  due  to  the  water  pressure. 

The  bags  will"-  Bhed  water'sufaen  exposed  to  a  rain 
atom  and  it  would  require  several  showers  to  show  any  set  to 

.  A%>£  ■  "-C- 

the  lament.  -»*-•  ‘  8 

.-•I:  shall-  continue  to  expetfISSht  to  get  t£e'bagkBo 

it  jclLl  preserve  the  Cement  under  water  if  Col.  G^thals" 

.  -  ■  -ithate  and 

thinks  it  must- be  done. 

Yours  very  trhiy, 


Aug.  Utb  08. 

Julian  Hawthorne,  Esq., 

Cambridge  Building, 

5th  Ave.  &  33rd  St., 

Hew  York  City,  U.  Y. 

Sty  dear  Hr.  Hawthornes 

Yours  of  the  8th  inst .  regarding 
some  stock  which  you  wish  to  dispose  of  received.  I 

.  j.  _)■  .  •  #•" 

already  own  a  mine  near  Cobalt  and  have  sunk  a  lot  of 

money  in  same.  Pound  lots  of  Cobalt,  Bismuth  and  Hlckel, 
but  no  Silver,  so  I  am  down  and  out  on  mining. 


Aqg,  15th  08. 

J.  P.  Morgan  &  Co., 

23  Vail  Street, 

Mew  York  City. 

Gentlemen?.  ^  % 

Pleaee  deliver  to  Mr.  E.  P.  Miller,  the 
hearer  of  .tfcis.  letter ,  the  t<mda  you  f or  W 

account,  to  he  registered  in  the  name  of  the  Sew 
jersey  Patent  Company,  amounting  to  about  #15000.00. 
Belov;  you  will  find  his  signature. 

Yours  very,  truly. 


>ug,  13th  08. 

W.  I>.  Saunders,  Esq., 

Inge r soll-Rand  Co. , 

11  Broadway,  H.  T. 

Bear  Sir: 

Your  letter  of  the  11th  instant  addressed 
to  Mr.  Mallory,  requesting  an  interview  with  Mr.  Edison 
has  been  handed  to. me.  Mr.  Edison  directs^jne  to  write 
you  that  he  would  he  pleased  to  see  you  on  Saturday 

Yours  very  truly, 



Aug.  15th  08. 

Thou.  J.  Carc-w,  Esq„s 

Washington  &  Chestnut  Sts., 

,-r  Ottawa  .jUtaft/ 

:'ear  Sir*  -  • 

Yours  of  the  llth,:instant  asking  for  information 
regarding  the  Thoe.  A.  Edison,  Jr.  andiiWin.  Kolaer  Steel 
and  Iron  'Process  Co.  received.  Mr.  Edison  directs  me  to 
write  you  that  all  he  knows  about  the  Company  is  that 
some  Wall  Street  crookB  got  hold  of  his  young  son,  and  fooled 
him  into  giving  them  the  use  of  his  mime. 

He  thinkB  they  were  stopped  by  the  Post  Office 
authorities  about  two  years  ago. 

Yours  very  truly, 

<Jl  -/ 14 


Aug.  IS tli  08. 

1I.G.  Bradley,  Esq., 

79  Haln  Street ,  ■  ■  ts 

Hovexhill,  Mass. 

Dear  Sirs  , 

Youra  of  tiic  10th  inst .  received.  la  reply  Mr« 
Edison  directs  me  to  write  you  that  you*n«hares  are 
probably  the  Borth  American  Phonograph  Co.,  which 
went  into  the  hands  or  a  Receiver  and  was  sold  out 
years  ago.  It  now  has  no  value.  Hi®  curiosity  was 
aatisfied  by  the  Iosb  of  $300,000.oo  by  that  company. 

Youra  very  truly. 



Aug.  17th  08. 

T.  C.  Martin,  Eb<j. , 

239  West  39th  St., 

Hew  York  City,  H.  Y. 

Dear  Sir: 

Your  letter  of  the  13th  instant  regarding 
the  model  house  received.  Mr.  Edison  directs  me  to 
write  you  that  the  model  is  so  constructed  that  it 
would  he  impossible  to  move  it  as  a  whole,  or  take 
At  apart;  as  it  is  too  flimsy. 

Yours  very  truly, 


T.  S.  I  enclose  herewith  letter  addressed  to  the 
Secretary,  Electrical  Exhibition  of  1908,  Hew  York 


Score* g ry. 

Eleetriual  Exhibition  of  1S08, 
ilow  Tork  City. 

tew  Sirs 

I  un  gratified  to  lesm  that  it  is  the  intention  in  roBpoci 
to  the  Electrical  Exhibition  at  Moditron  Square  Garden,  next  October, 
under  the  auspices  of  the  eleotrioal  companies  of  Greater  Hew  Tork,  to 
ooMstwornie  appropriately  the  Jubilee  of  the  first  Atlantic  submarine 
oiible,  of  1850 j  and  tho  cocnoncecont  of  the  second  twenty-fir*  years 
of  eleoiriool  nor vice  on  Kachuttnn  Island. 

1  find  myself  in  hearty  sympathy  with  this  project,  primarily 
ns  cn  old  telegrapher?  and,  secondly,  because  over  since  tho  Fall  of 
18SB  the  successful  deraonstrntion  associated  with  ray  faarao  here,  of  what 
electricity  con  do  to  furnish  light,  power,  heat  and  other  service  to  the 
public  frraa  central  elation  ranine,  has  boon  n  continuous  gratification 
to  we.  As  or.a  whose  efforts  were  directed  steadfastly  to  that  end,  with 
Hew  Tork  as  tho  stnrtirg  point,  I  era  naturally  glad  to  see  that 
is  aleo  attached  to  that  achievement  and  anniversary. 

I  appreciate  deeply  the  request  that  I  accept  the  honorary  presi¬ 
dency  of  this  notable  exhibition,  end  fool  that  under  tho  oirccans+.ances 
it  is  Rj  duty  thus  to  associate  myself  with  the  celebration.  I  oan  only 
hop*  that  during  the  next  fifty  years  tho  =rtc  to  which  1  and  ray  wellknowa 
oelaborers  in  the  electrical  field  have  devotod  our  lives  any  be  attended 
with  oven  richer  benefits  to  mankind.  Wo  havo  but  openod  tho  way  for  our 
successors,  whose  brilliant  work  iu  already  beginning  to  oooupy  the  new  ora. 

I  hnre  the  honor  to  recoin. 

Tours  truly. 

Aug.  18,  08. 

Wm.  31.  Eolwell ,  Esq. , 

University  of  Minn. , 

Minneapolis ,  Minn. 

Dear  Sir; 

Yours  of  the  14th  inBt  regarding  airships 
received.  3Ir.  Edison  directs  me  to  write  you  that  he  is 
not  experimenting  in  aerial  navigation  and  that  the 
newspapers  are  incorrect. 

Yours  very  truly, 


Aug.  18th  08. 

The  Impervious  Product  -Co., 

213  St.  Paul  St.,  "Baltimore ,  Md. 

Bear  Sirs: 

Your  letter  of  the  17th  instant  regarding 
"Fairfield  refined  asphalt  received.  Mr.  Edison  directs 
me  to  write  you  to  send  him  a  25  pound  sample,  so 
that  he  can  test  it;  also  state  price  by  ton  lots. 

Yours  very  truly, 

1  -  ... 


Aug.  18th  08. 

J.  S.  Crowell,  Esq. , 

Springfield,  Ohio. 

Bear  Sir: 

Yours  of  the  15th  instant  regarding  the  hook 
published  by  Crowell  &  Co.  and  written  by  E.  Arthur 
Jones  received.  Mr.  Edison  is  away  on  a  vacation  and 
will  not  return  for  two  or  three  months.  Jones*  book 
was  made  up  from  newspaper  stories  and  is  only  fairly 
correct.  Mr.  Edison  considers  the  Electric  light 
tlnoandesoent)  and  after  that  the  Phonograph  and 
Moving  Pictures  hi3  best  inventions. 

Yours  very  truly, 



Aug  .  lath  Oa. 

s*  Sfallory,  EBq.,  p. 

Edison  Portland  Cement  Co., 

Stewart b villa ,  Hew  Jersey. 

Dear  Sir: 

**&*;»  15tl  ln„taot  r’og>r 
i;,  ta 

relation  to  the  1 .  a,  eland  ir„„  Co.  ^ 

that  we  have  Marchod'  tteo^h  th.  letter  hook,  the 

laht  touryiar, 

•Mr.  Edison  to  Sir  David  Dale. 

Mr.  Edison  said  to  write  you  and  that  . 

probably  you  could  giv.  u.  acre  infection  aa  tehee, 
to  find  it  u  you  are  familiar  orlth  the  matter!  ' 
Yours  very  truly, 

Aug.  19th  08. 

Vo  E.  Mason,  Esq.r  Supt., 

Edison  Portland  Dement  Co., 

Stewartsville,  Ifew  Jersey. 

Bear  Sitfs 

Yours  of  the  18th  instant  regarding  drilling 
received.  Mr.  Edison  directs  me  to  write  you  that  he 
was  informed  that  the  diamonds  were  sufficient  to  make 
hits  so  there  would  he  n6  delay,  as  the  moment  they 
received  a  hit  they  would  quickly  reset  and  ship.  You 
want  to  kick  on  paying  $16.00  per  day  for  their  own 
delay  and  kick  herd.' 

Yours  very  truly, 



Aug,  20th  08, 

T.  C.  Martin,  Esq. , 

239  West  39th  St., 

New  York  City,  N.  Y. 

Dear  Sir: 

Yours  of  tho  I8th  inst  asking  if  Mr,  Edison 
left  a  schedule  of  his  movements  when  going  on  his  trip 
west  received.  Mr.  Edison  will  keep  me  posted  where 
telegrams  only  will  reach  him.  If  you  wish  to  avail 
yourself  of  this,  I  will  he  only  too  glad  to  give  it 

Yours  very  truly,  y'/ 

■*««»  as*  os» 

3dlaon  Portland  Cfifflartt  Co'^ 

Mt  *•  ******  W,  Adv.  i^tot 

-At.  7^0  building,  »ew  YorlCm 

J)«r  .Sir* 

*««*  of  ^  20th  instant  enclo*^  a 
***  ***&  letter  sent  wt  ^  4  °°^ 

•  Ht  tp  dealer8  *nd  -a  number  of 

w  %*•  »*.«  left  «  u.  ^ 

e^jou,.  reoM^,  ,  „u  ^  ^ 

"*a* ^attention  «je>wj  hio  return. 

y®ai»  very  truly^ 


Aug.  21,  08. 

W.  S.  Mallory,  Esq.,  V,  P., 

Edison  Portland  Cement  Co., 

Stewartsville ,  Hew  Jersey. 

Bear  Sir; 

Heplying  to  yours  of  July  29th  regarding  the 
carbons  that  were  sent  to  the  Birdshoro  Steel  Poundry 
and  Machine  Co.,  I  beg  to  advise  that  after  looking  up 
the  matter  I  find  under  date  of  July  11th  1903  the 
carbons  were  charged  by  the  H.  J.  &  Pa.  Con.  Works 
to  the  Mining  Ex.  Co.  of  N.  J.  and  on  Deo.  31,  1907  they 
were  oharged  back  to  the  H. . J .  &  Pa.  Con.  Wks.,  but 
they  have  never  been  billed  ih'the  last  named 
ooiqpany  to  Thorns  A0  Edison.  Had  we  better  take  the 
maJ  uer  up  with  the  Receiver  or  what  do  you  think? 

Yours  very  truly, 

Secretary.  / 

Aug.  21,  08. 

Hr.  S.  0.  Edison, 

Milan,  Ohio. 

Dear  Sir: 

Enclosed  herewith  find  Hr.  Shoo.  A.  Sdieon'e 
cheek  to  the  order  of  the  Treasurer  of  Erl.  Co.  Ohio 
for  $20.26  i„  payment  of  tar  Mil  dated  June  8th  08. 
fhi,  check  ...  fqin.rded  to  the  collector  end  re- 
turned  in  an  envelope  -tthout  eny  explanation  nhatever. 
»e  think  that  u.  are  entitled  to  courtesy  of  . 
few  lines  'letting  us  hnovr  7?hat  the  trouble  lfl 
probably  the  tax  has  been  paid  by  you;  if  not  wilj. 
you  kindly  ascertain  from  the  colleotor  why  he  does 
not  accept  this  chock  in  payment  of  the  taxes,  and 
oblige , 

Yours  very  truly, 

Ho  K.  Kiefer,  Esq.  , 

Edison  Portland  Cement  Co c , 

Stewartaville,  Sew  Jersey. 

Your,  favor,  of.  |iie  :22nd  inutantreceivea.  2 
have  atelit  you' about  1  3/4  pounds  of  the  material  by 
express  yesterday,  Wh4cH:no  doubt  you  hare  received 
before  this,  It  was  addressed,  to  Edison  Portland  .Cement 
Co.  care  Mr. -Mason,  as  he  had  'phoned  me  before  2  got 
your  letter.  This  material’  is  made  from  commercial 
Stearic  Acid  which  can  be  bought  from  the  Century 
■Stearic  Acid  Go.  also  Smith  and  Blchols  both  An  brew 

the  manufacture  of  the  Stearate  .of  Alumina 
is  quite  a  simple  operation;  all  that  i3  required  is 
a  steam  jacketed  kettle  in  which  the  stearic  acid  -is 
stop onif led  wltli-Ste&rie  Acid  to  make  the  neutral  soap. 
■yfrtff  is  then  dissolved  An  sufficient  water  to  make  a 
solution  that  can  be  readily  strained  and  ban  then  be 
^sured  into  a  solution  of  Sulphate  of  Alumina  or  Common 
whichever  bait  is  moot  economical. 

Then  -the  precipitate  Is  sashed  :ana  squeesfed  cut  in 
With  a  centrifugal  dryer,  ^bese-nporatione 

A  cider  press  or 

Ho  Ho  Xiefer 

-  2  - 

are  cat-tied  on  in  wooden  tanks ,  a  plant  Having  a  capacity 
of  -about  500  pounds  per  day  and  *111  require  two  1200 
gallon  tanks;  one  for  the  solution  of  the  soap  and 
other  for  the  precipitation  and  a  third  tank  of  about 
600  gallons  capacity  for  the  solution  of  the  alum.  In 
addition  to  this  steam  dryerB  are  required  ,  such  as  are 
used  at  the  Silver  Lake'  plant  of  the  storage  battery 
Company,  details  of  which  can  be  furnished  by  Mr.  Herter. 

fhe  neutral  point  is  best  determined  by  dis¬ 
solving  a  sample  -in  alcohol  and  testing  with  pheny- 
Ipthalene.  -there  shoUld'fbe-.a  tarlight  -access  tit  alum  or 
sulphate,  of  alumina  idien-Ctaie  precipitation  is  completed, 
•as  that  facilitates' the  washing  ■•operations  by  insuring 
an  absence  of 'rany  slight  accessor  soap  solution  which 
1»  troublesome « 

I  have  a  .further  lot  of 'about  three  pounds  which 
-was  not  ..dry  enough  to  send  you  uben  I  -shipped  the  other 
lot.  If  you -desire  to  have  -this  also  let  me  know,  and 

1  wlll;.iB,glad  to  give  you  any  further  information 
yon  desire  ,on  thesaboy&o 

..•-'yours  very  truly. 

I/O  'l 

/  W 

Theodore  Dreiser,, 

care  The  Delineator, 

#ew  Yorlc  City,  S-.  Y. 

;,j ,  Ygur  letter  of  the  27th  Peking  Itr-  Bd’ieon  to  ° 
contribute  ^.jaxtlcie  for  your  Tusguzine  rebeiVed.  Hr. 
Tfdioon  baa  gone  on  an  extended  -vacation  aa&  Will'  no^  1l'a] 
rotwn  -fcr  two  or  three  months ,  eg  it  will  be  iinposBfble 

tv  do  -anything  for  you* 

Yours  very  truly, 


Bert-  2rd 

J4r«  Shaodos*#  8raln<*ir,  Sec.-oiary. 
Sue  Selinestor, 

Saw  ■¥«■*!:  City. 

3>ocr  SStj 

3tB*0yin£  tu  yanTS  of.  tba.  29th  ult..  Te¬ 
xas’®.?*:  fcn  lnt«rrJan  ulSh  Sr,  JScit.ojt,  V»$  to  iffcata 
that. Ur-,  saiaor.  lait  i.-r.oTat.ive  orfiora  that  ha  nfconld 
not  Iso  -Wwtarhea  hy  huitf  netws  fcf  any  n&t«T»  an  he  ia  on 
» ’socutlori- 

-Ester  lie  ^t-reaK3*canoe3  X  cd  tutcile  to  ecisfly 

Ttrstrc  y«iy  tidily. 


,  i9tm 

aS4h  year-re^firct  - 

Saj^fc.  11th,  1SBH 

Hl'»  Arthur  Brisbane, 

c/o  Hen  Yoj.k  Jourj;al> 

Sew  York  City. 

Hear  Sir: 

Yours  of  the  £8th  nit.  regarding  concrete 
:c  raoeivod. 

Shis  lifer*  a  an*’ lie  shipped  at  time  but 
we  were  welting  for  your  Superintendent  to  cot®  out 
as  you  mentioned  in  your  letter  of ’July  31at,  stating 
you  no.uld  send, him  to  have  the  proper  nixing  of  oom-mt, 
eto.  explained  to  hin.  However,  if  you  have  changed 
your  mind  in  regard  to  this  and  do  not  deaire  to  send 
hie,  why  we  will  ship  the  mfcrtuie  immediately. 

As  to.  the  cement,  if  you  will  Mndly  specify 
how  many  barrels  you  desire,  we  will  forward  the  order 
to  StewartBvi lie  end  have  it  shipped  direct  to  you  from 

Yours  vary  truly. 


Yours  of  fcii 

lo  9th  inat. ..regarding  some 

proofs  which  you  Bent  for  .Hr.  Miaou?  s  perusal, 
received.  Ur.  Mi  sou  is  awey  at  present,  ana  will 
not  ho  baeh  for  three  or  four  weeks.  .,  It  will  there¬ 
fore  bo  impossible  to  give  you  the  Information  you 
desire  until  his  rottam.  ■  _  ' 

Yours  very  truly. 


Letterbook,  LB-078 

This  letterbook  covers  the  period  September  1 908-January  1 909.  Most  of 
the  correspondence  is  by  Edison,  Harry  F.  Miller,  and  George  A.  Meister.  Many 
of  the  letters  pertain  to  Edison’s  accounts  with  the  Edison  Portland  Cement  Co. 
and  J.  P.  Morgan  &  Co.  There  is  also  correspondence  regarding  further 
improvements  in  Edison’s  alkaline  storage  battery;  continuing  production 
difficulties  at  the  ore  concentration  operations  in  the  Dunderland  region  of 
Norway;  and  the  manufacture  of  batteries  by  Sigmund  Bergmann  in  Berlin, 
Germany.  Several  letters  detail  ongoing  progress  in  the  design  of  molds  and 
patterns  to  be  used  in  the  construction  of  concrete  houses,  including  a  letter  to 
Charles  J.  Schmelzer  in  which  Edison  describes  his  plan  "to  build  beautiful 
houses  at  such  a  low  cost  that  the  man  who  works  in  the  ditch  can  afford  to  pay 
the  rent."  In  addition,  there  are  letters  concerning  the  production  of  a  railway 
vehicle  powered  by  Edison  storage  batteries;  the  proposed  use  of  Edison's 
cement  on  Pennsylvania  state  highways  and  its  actual  performance  in  several 
construction  projects  in  New  York  City;  and  a  request  from  Edison  to  Colonel 
George  W.  Goethals,  chairman  and  chief  engineer  of  the  Panama  Canal,  to  test 
twelve  waterproof  cement  bags.  Among  the  items  relating  to  family  and  personal 
matters  are  letters  pertaining  to  Edison’s  health  and  diet;  his  membership  in  clubs 
and  societies;  his  charitable  donations;  and  the  upkeep  of  his  winter  home  at  Fort 
Myers,  Florida.  Also  included  are  letters  regarding  Edison’s  recollections  of  his 
experiments  with  etheric  force  and  the  invention  of  the  phonograph;  his  opinion 
of  talking  films;  his  suggestion  fora  treatment  of  gout;  and  a  visit  to  the  laboratory 
by  Lord  Northcliffe.  There  is  also  one  letter  to  a  school  principal  in  which  Edison 
discusses  the  function  of  "Broca  cells"  in  the  human  brain  and  their  effect  on  the 
human  personality. 

The  label  on  the  front  cover  contains  the  following  notation:  "Thos.  A. 
Edison,  Personal  Letter  Book,  From- Sept  19th,  1908,  To  January  15th,  1909." 
There  is  an  inscription  on  the  spine  with  similar  information.  The  book  contains 
701  numbered  pages  and  an  index.  Approximately  15  percent  of  the  book  has 
been  selected. 


•Bdiooncell-  Berlin." 

"Edison  expected  twenty  first  will 

reply  then." 

"Signed"  Dyer 

dated  Sept.  18th  08. 


Bergmann,  Berlin. 

-  Edison  not  hack  until  twenty  third  If  Battery 
Mrtlns  unlwort-t  «se"rt  ref””ent  **">  *”* 

for  anything  of  importance." 

(Signed)  Dyer 

Dated  8ept.  22,  08. 

flept.  ssr art®. 

=a»  '35.  Dick ,  Esq.  , 

T53  W.^ackaonSlvd., 

Chicago ,  Illinois. 

TTour  :x*fcfara»  -of  the  ldth  instant  regarding  the 
'WUhesden'  Works  received .  .  Bdi S  ori  directs  rate  to 

^rrite  you  that  the  -*Hle'aden  Works  heloag  to  the 
Xjttional  mono.  Conyany  Ttfr  ‘phdndgr&phs .  9n  ^Battery  Co . 
nothing  to  "Bo  Trith  lt«  J'  ■--■■ 

Yours  very  truly,*  Sep 


Sept,  23r<S  08 

2*  Hallentins ,  Esq. , 

54  Triory  Eoad,  Xew, 

tonflon,  s.w.  England. 

Vriend  Ballentine: 

Yours  of  the  8th  instant  received. 
Verily  they  have  made  aaraess>  yet  the  same 
machinery  at  our  . Cement  Vorka  has' been  a  great  success. 
They. will  find  in  my  correspondence  no  satisfaction, 
it  is  one  long  series  of  protests.  I  never  approved 
of  hut  few  things  and  have  absolutely  no  information 
as  to  the  construction  of  the  mill.  . . 

The  trouble  with  belts  I  cannot 
understand,  as  we  handle  800  tons  per  hour  on  a  -24 
inch  belt  with  specific  gravity  of  2.5,  or  60^  more 
bulky  than  iron  ore. 

I  am  too  old  to  do  anything  now.  They 
should  have  Btuok  to  me  in  the  first  instance,  and 
I  would,  with  the  rest  of  the  boys,  have  brought  the 
thing  through  successfully,  as  it  was  an -easy 
proposition  oonqjared  to  cement. 

If  ours  very  truly, 

»*»*.  *6th 

J*  v.  Dial),  Jxv,  SBq., 

JTew  York  Edison  Co., 

55  Duane  Street, 

STew  York  City. 

Dear  sir: 

Replying  -to  years  of  the  26th  instant  rag^llng 

*“"  °*ra  W"*0  «  *•  ®«W,  i  tool  a. 

up  .1th  our  advertising  ^ 

has  taken  steps  to  have  the  copyright  nolle,  added 
th.  card.  I  have  also  tamed  your  letter  ever  to  his, 
that  he  can  eee  the  necessity  of  this  action. 

Yours  very  truly. 


J.  C.  Reiff,  E$a*, 

20  Broad  Street, 

Hew  York  City. 

Dear  Sir: 

Your  letter  of  the  26th  inBtant  regarding 
Hheumatism  received.  Mr.  Edison  directs  me  to  Y/rite  you 
and  aay  that  your  friends  had  better  see  Dr.  Peterson. 
The  name  that  you  refer  to  is  Tetraethylammonium 
Hydroxide . 

YourB  very  truly, 

X  I 

Sept*  29th  08 o 

-Hcr*  JSW3.  Bo  Dodge, 

Obaimsn-  dominating  Commit  ten , 

-Aaarioan  Society  Mechanical  Engineers, 

29  Went  39th  Street,  dew  York  City. 

Bear  Sir: 

2  enclose  herewith  a  copy,  of  a  letter  just 
received  from  my  friend,  John  Brit*,  which  I  entirely 
agree  with,  as  regards  3rashear*o  qualifications  for 
the  office > 

Yours  Tery  truly, 

'Oct.  lBt  1908, 

3t.  Louis,  Brownsville  &  Mexico  H'y  Co., 

W.  I.  Church,  Esq.,  Purchasing  Agent, 

Dear  Sir: 

Yours  of  the  28th  ult,  regarding 
received.  Mr.  Edison  no  longer  handles  the 
we  have  sent  your  letter  to’  J.  H.  Bonnell 
York,  who  may  be  able  to  .serve  you. 


the  phonoplex 
phonoplex,  but 
&  Co.  of  Hew 


Yours  very  truly, 


Oct.  3rd  08. 

Edison  Ore-Milling  Syndicate,  Ltd’., 

Mr.  J.  Hall,  Jr.,  Secretary, 

Pitzalan  House,  Arundel  Street, 

Strand,  London,  w.c.  England. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  attached  Call  tor  j  nullUte  payabl,, 
Oeteben  6th  1908,  Ur.  Edi.on  ni.he,  t.  ta0„ 
money  from  the  Call  is  to  be  used  for. 

Yours  very  truly, 

8eoretary.  , 

Oct.  2,  08 

H.  E,  n*  Atman ,  Esq., 

9<fTt  Myers ,  Florida.^ 

Dear  gj,r: 

Ae  -requested  in  yours  of  the  26th  ult.  1  enclose 
herewith  cheek  for  $500.00.  Mr.  ‘Edison  directs  me  to 
say  th*t  -you  had  "better  purchase  whatever  glass  you  ne*i  } 
Taapa>  “because  if  we  ship  from  here  he  fears  it  will 
all  h8  "broken  like  first  Bhipment.  He  would  also  like 
to  know  bow  the  palms  along  the  road  are  doing. 

Yours  very  truly, 


Mrs.  Lizzie  Wadsworth, 

2527  Prospect  Avenue, 

Cleveland,  Ohio. 

Ae  per  Mr.  Edison's  request  I  i 
check  for  One  Hundred (#100.00)  Dollars  as 

i  sending  you  herewith 
’©quested  in  yours 

of  the  1st  inst.  Mr.  Edison  would  like  to  have  the  ambrotype 
and  would  like  you  to  send  it  by  express. 

Yours  very  truly, 


Oct .  9tix  OS, 

Z’J/tller,  jBaq., 

#i*m»  A  *00 

5fi&»8tnut  st0, 

S^3iadelphia>  ■**' 

JOtmr  Sir: 

1  to  acknowledge  xaceict  e# 

””  —  M  *“  ^^  »xojW..ooJIlT“ 

2  1  —■  j~  -  «. ..  zzi”i 

«i.»  p.rtlwl  C„„t  ^  „„  "  a- 

*•"* 1588  *«  ^  ««,  *»*»,.„  orfr ;  ’  W  *“? 

«,;  '  “*  st°ci'of'  ' 

ab«w  •aae.  1,Bla«  c°Hataral  f0r 

-ours  very  truly  ^ 


Oct.  8th  08. 

31r’  y"  x*  -afldon,  Purser, 

Steamer  Eootenay, 

,i*3,E®afesaflJ  jB.  s, 

Vy  dear  Sir: 

nTxtr  r  “  &°t"w  1  - — 


keep  ^  than  Z>  **  »-tfr 

believe  me, 

Jrh**ki*S  *<>r  reporting  the  loss, 

Yours  very  truly. 


13th  08 

J  -  Bnah  A  Co^ 
lOOXUUro  st'.^ 

®BW  tori  City. 

Ytow  Sir*: 

Your  3*ttor  tf  the  J2th  W.  receded.  Mr. 

“»  *■“  *>  »  «n  Act...  ln  aranB> 

«•  sood  a.  la  get.  **«  Cha*.  Cooper  &  Co.  of  to*  York. 

Yours  very  trujy, 


Secretary.  / 


Oct.  13th  1908. 

itr°  Randolph  Perkins  s 

Commercial  Trust  Bldg. 

Jersey  City,  B.  j„ 

.Dear  Sir: 

Pommd  r *■  s- !&iiOTy> 

°  rfccently  'ey  you  that  the  Cement  r™„ 
tie  amount  one.  hy  them  t.  the  „  ^  pro“Ptl? 

was  .  ld  *  tbem°  ,han  this  material 

Penna  -  &  ^  ^  aSre6m0nt  WaS  **•  bet***n  the  Bew  Jersey  & 

w°rk-  - “«  *«-  c.  L 

l°  p'Mm,  f" the  -*—• 

ae  Cement  Company  earn  »>* 

with  it  two  3hares  or  carrying 

snares  o.f  common  stock,  and  I  ■)»,  +„ 
creditor  of  the  B„w  r  ”  tWn-*  as  the  ^ 

the  Bew  Jersey  &  Penna.  Concentrating  Works  afifrep„ 
to  accept  this  nr8fewo.  .  *  orJCS»  aSree<* 

against  f  “'**  “d  «  charge. 

«gainst  tae  amount  owed  me  by  the  w»„  r  . 

1 ’iz  “ 1  “  co“o"',M•  - th”  ^  "'d)t" 

y  &  Penna.  Concentrating  Works  I 
to  carry  .«,  ttl.  arrange™...  ’  * 

Yours  very  trjily-; —  '*> 

■October  12th  08 » 

.  Croydon  Harfcu,  3sq„ , 

18  Southampton  Bldgs. , 

Chancery  £ane» 

London,  W.  C.  Bjgland- 

y  dear  Marks:  .  +ft 

Mr  3„.eph  »*“  11  ~  4'C“,d 

^  the  _•>!-*  — *»  —  “ 

Slmbkln  who  was  an  Bnglistoan, 
r±th  my  Chief  Draftsman ,  Mr  -  Simpk  , 

t  ,„M  -w*  I  thehU  ae.i8"  *”a  “ 

athowgh  I  was  told  that 


...  m  life  or  in  other  words  Sound  **■  lCTel»  . 
his  position  in  lif«^.  *3000. 

— >  - — *-“•  -  *oo°-  rr;:;ir . «. 

»  -  -  — * 7  “  n tT-  — 

crushing  **  ^  only  ttee  I  loft  him  to 

ay  hhsence  *■  ^  ^  draftsman  who  could 

•*».,  -annedo  Ke  'vuU  a  more.  To  put  such 

carry  out  the  plans  of  an  engineer  dollars 

a  ^  mt  vork  to  design  a  plant  .herein  «f 

.as  inr Dived,  van  a  curious  proceedure .  *>  this  Country 
,  .  tt...  -thousand  dollar  men* 

G-  C„  Maria, 

-  2  - 

Idswrencfe  2?*1®  a  contract  to  pay  him  $10,000.00  per  year, 
which,  was  quite  unnecessary.  I  started  In  ti>  design  the 
plant  and  had  only  proceeded  a  little  way  when  1  was  told 
Simpkin  that  I  need’nt  bother  very  much  about  it,  that 
he  was  going  to  leave  me  and  had  si  contract  to  design  the 
Jhmderlanif  Works  himself  and  was  to  get  $10,000.00  a  year. 

He  took  copies  of  all  the  drawings  he  thought  he  needed 
and  left  for  Engl  end. 

A  few  drawings  which  he  sent  over  for  approval  were 
so  full  of  mistakes  that  it  required  hundreds  of  pages  to 
point  out  errors .  I  Sent  26  letters  trying  to  correct 
mistakes  on  a  few  things  only.  Whether  any  corrections  in 
athe  plans  were  ever  made  I  do  not  know.  I  know  nothing  about 
the  Mill.  I  saw,  that  for  reasons  I  cannot  explain,  that 
every  influence  was  used  to  -keep  me  from  having  anything  to 
do  with  the  Mill. 

Simpkin  came  over  once  to  visit  his  family.  He  never 
asked  me  any  questions,  stopped  only  a  few  minutes,  went  to 
the  Cement  Plant  and  stopped  over  one  train, (two  hours) 
did  not  enter  the  Works  and  gave  for  his  reason  that  a 
draftsman  named  Herter  wan  at  the  Works  and  he  was 
objectionable.  Here  was  a  mill  with  the  same  machinery, 
oxnapt  magnets,  that  the  Sunder* nd  was  putting  in,  working 
fine  -and  making  cement  cheaper  than  any  other  mill  in  the 
United  States ,  yet  he  took  no  interest  In  seeing  the 
result  of  experience,  and  1  ryself  was  uever  asked  for  any 
of  this  experience  until  the  Sunderland  Mill  was  proving  a 


G.  C,  Katks  -  3  - 

failure,  and  then  not  until  outside  experts  from  this 
Country  were  "brought  in  and  paid  to  tell  them  their  troubles. 
There  never  should  have  been  any  trouble .  The  Dunderland 
project  should  hare  been  a  great  financial  success.  With 
the  same  -machinery  1  am  crushing  2200  tons  of  rock  in  ten 
hours  ana  making  it  into  Portland  Cement  at  a  cost  lower 
“Qian  any  Cement  Mill  in  existence. 

The  Dunderland  "problem  is  far  easier  and  the  margin 
•uT  yrrof  It  way  "beyond  anything  in  the  Cement  business,  which 
I  saa  now  selling  for  $2.60  pier  ton. 

"Sou  will  notice  that  1  gave  the  Dunderland  people 
plenty  of  -warning  of  what  the  outcome  would  be,  but  no 
attention  was  paid  to  it. 

Ur.  Ehofies  is  a  Director  of  the  DundeTlana  Co. 

You  neea  not  use  any  of  this  mattBr  unless-  I  am 
attacked  or  insinuations  are  thrown  out  that  I  have  any 
responsibility  in  "the  -matter ,  either  in  the  meetings  or  in 
the  press. 

Touts  very  "truly, 


Oot.  14th  08. 

U*»uis  J.  Vitoeh,  Soq. , 

•547  Vernon  Avenue, 

iLong  Island  City,  JT.  >, 

Bear  Sir; 

Yours  of  the  12th  in*,  regaling  air-ships 
received.  Ur.  Edison  directs  me  to  nrite  you  that  he  does 
-not  intend  doing  any  experimental  TOrk  the  lines 

aerial  navigation. 

Yours  very  truly, 


October  14th  08. 

S.  Hester,  Esq. , 

Edison  Portland  Cement  Co.» 

Stewartaville,  2Iew  Jersey. 

Dear  Sir: 

This  is  to  remind  you  of  your  note  for  $300.00 
^ieh  fall,  due  on  the  29th  last.  Kindly  advise  ^hat  you 
desire  to  do  regarding  the  same  and  ^oblige* 
u  Yours  rery  truly, 


Secretary*  r 

Oct.  14th  08. 

Po  a.  Oenung,  Esq., 

caxs  Cook  &  Genung  Co., 

Tfeuarlc,  New  Jersey. 

~Bsar  Sir? 

Your  letter  or  the  13th  Inst,  regarding  Edison 
Cement  received.  In  reply  I  ‘beg  to  say  that  va  tried  to 
®et  with,  ‘the  dealers  and  have  done  so  -in  every  place 
but  Vemar&o  Wo  advertise  and  do  everything  to  throw  business 
ih  tawir  -hands,  ana  have  travellers  who  take  orders  and 
turn  them  Ovbt  to  local  dealers.  But  in  Benarfethe  dealers 
knocked  our  Cement  so  much  that  we  determined  to  do  without 
them,  and  that  is  the  state  of  affairs  to-day. 

Yours  very  truly, 


p«  Morgan  &  Co. , 

23  Vail  Street, 

2Te«r  York  city  „ 


&>clo.ei  fix*  t™  cex.ino.te,  of 

‘  -  *»«  of  tte 

xon  Ore  Ce.  Ui.  end  tie  .tier  for  700  eiaxee  of  1  « 

«  tt.  Wieen  Ox.  Mm*  SyMio„.e,  ^  aMflMre4  m 

100  “*“«■  «  «ci  of  theee 
a  "4  4iUTe”d  t0  »•  c”71™  *»xto,  or  is  Soutiemp.  on 
Buildlnge,  Ctancexy  lene,  loader.,  e.e.  KogleM,  „d 

certificates  for  the  balance  issued  and  returned  to  me. 

Yours  very  truly,  '  ‘  J 


0.  Croydon  Harks ,  E3q. , 

18  Satrthampi on  EldgB., 

Chancery  "Lane, 

London,  w.c.  England. 

Dear  Harks: 

Oct.  15th  1908. 

In  order  that  you  nay  he  a  stockholder  and  bo 
present  at  mootings  I  have  to-day  instructed  my  bankers 
J.  P.  Iforgan  &  Co.  to  have  transferred  to  you,  one 
hundred  shares  in  each  of  the  Companies  vis:  The 
D underland  Iron  Ore  Co.  and  the  Edison  Ore  Hilling 
Syndicate,  Ltd.  You  will  therefor  be  in  a  position  to 
refute  any  criticisms  that  may  be  made  against  me, 
cither  at  stockholder  meetings  or  in  the  press,  as 
T  have  sent  you  under  separate  cover  copies  of  letters 
that  were  written  by  me  warning  the  Companies  of  the  policy 
they  were  pursuing. 

Yours  very  truly-" 

Ooto  ISth  OBo 

Miss  Grace  A.  Board , 

1<X1 4  Si&watfaa.  Road, 

Brooklyn,  Hew  York. 

Bear  His*  SoaTdT 

Tour  letter  of  the  6th  inst.  to  Mr.  Frank 
1,  Dyer  was  ixandcd  to  ek»,  together  with  the  pamphlet 
production-  of  your  late  father's  article  from  the  Archives 
of  m&ctrsl&sy  and  Neurology,  and  the  sketch  of  your 
father's  life.  T  have  found  all  three  of  groat  interest, 
aSd?  tfcex*  yc*f  n*t  only  for  the  information  given  in  your 
lattar,  hut  also  for  the  two  pamphlets  which  you  have  so 
*maiy  presented  to  rK.  They  will  he  preserved  in  my 


experiments  mafl*  at  -that  time ,  since  which  there  has  come 
into  being  "the  system  non  known  as  ^Wireless  Telegraphy*  At 
-the  -Paris  "Exposition  in  1881 ,  when  I  made  an  extensire 
ejQiihit  of  the  incandescent  light,  I  also  exhibited  the 
experiments  in  ""Etheric  Pores",  using  the  dark  box  which 
your  father  and  I  had  used  in  1875.  Great  interest  was 
manifested  therein  by  scientists  at  that  time,  and  later 
there  appeared  the  now  well  known  book  of  Dr.  Horz  containing 
an  exposition  of  otheric  waves,  which  was  followed 
afterwards  by  other  literature  that  gave  rise  to  Wireless 

As  to  your  father’s  theory,  as  stated  on 
page  17  of  the  pamphlet,  I  would  say  that  part  of  it  is 
right,  namely,  that  the  phenomena  were  due  to  rapidly 
reversing,  electrical  waves.  If  you  obtain  and  read  Dr. 

Eerz’s  book  you  will  see  thiB  substantiated  therein. 

Yours  vex y  truly, 


Oot.  19th  oe. 

W.  B.  Allen  Mfg.  Co., 

151  lake  Street, 

Chicago,  Illinois. 

Bear  Sire: 

Yours  of  the  16  th  inBt.  regarding  sprinklers 
receired.  Ur.  Fdison  directs  ms  to  -writs  you  that  he 
uses  the  sprinklers  for  irrigating  three  acres  of  garden 
in  ^Florida ,  hy  a  system  of  pipes,  with  the  several  hundred 
red  tops  just  flush  with  the  ground.  Gives  them  a  shower 
every  night. 

Ihore  ohould  be  a  bis  «  «  «*'“  bprltfaerB 

„  ».„*•  bth.r  pl«~  "•«■«  to**"**-  *** 
no  nals  lb  Ploriba  for  B*  »»«»  *»a  "****• 

Yours  very  truly,  ^ 



ChB».  7.  Schmelzer,  T3uq. , 

care  Schnalser  -Arms  Co,, 

Sanaa u  City ,  Mo. 
jly  flear  Mr.  Schmslzer : 

Sour  letter  of  the  14th  last,  addreaaed 
to  Mr-  Dolheer  kau  heeti  handed  tons.  I  thank  you  very 
«n  ror  th.  photo..  *.»  «  V0»  mu  *—  —  " 

JOTr  yotog  rwr.  tins  o»t  «*  »  «  the  otoer  tod  partlcolarly 

the  architected*  Tortord  t.  to  I  mil  to  «»  thtoKul. 

I  to  toKtee  IMP  «  tolls  toantitul  home.  at 

„«h  a  Itoto.t  that  the  ■  -S'-  -""to  “  **"  di'ta>  *“ 
a«ord  t«  pay  tie  rent;  tot  I  -tot  te  *>t  a  dimreat  type 
.rf  lean,  than  non  toed,  -and  the  Pto.o  U 

the  type  1  rant  >  Thin  «y*=  *hldh  coat  protohly  *16 ,000.0 

to,  h,  toll!  toth  Iron  nonlde  and  tonorete  tor  !«•  **» 
^ODO.M>,  and  1  Pent  to  prove  that  It  van  to  done. 

Yours  -very  truly  s 



19th  08. 

J..  3B.  Sallantine,  Boq., 

54  Priory  Bead,  Kew, 

Xondan,  s.w.  England . 

Xy  dear  Ballanfcine: 

Yours  of  the  22nd  ult.  received  and  in 
reply  I  bag  i0ioay  that  ay  imprepaion  is  that  nothing  can 
be  done  with  Dunderland  at  present,  as  times  are  too  hard. 
Aa  the  Iron  ore  and  mill  will  not  run  away  I  think  the  time 
will  come  when  business  people  will  come  forward  and 
regenerate  ii. 

We  are  making  and  selling  Portland  Cement  for  $2.60 
per  ton,  doing  2200  tons  crude  rook  daily.  Our  machinery 
i*  a  great  euccesa.  Why  not  Dunderland? 

Yours  very  truly. 


Oct.  21st  08. 

IS.  Taylor,  Soq. , 

Arcade  Building, 

15th  &  Market  StB„, 

Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Pear  -Sir: 

Tours  of  the  20th  inst.  regarding  the  storage 
“tettery  received.  Mr.  Edison  diroots  me  to  write  you 
Cast  the  h&ttery  is  finished  and  if  the  Hew  York  people 
give  him  the  proper  car  the  experiment  will  he  made.  Mr. 
a*  Beach,  42  Broadway,  Hew  York  is  looking  after  it, 
ytai.TWckf$xt  write  him. 

Youre  very  truly, 



B..  S,  -Opdyke,  35b*!.,  Pure  Agt0, 

Bdiaon  Portland  Cement  Co., 

8tewortflvill«  ,  Hew  ferae y« 

Dear  Sir: 

Referring  to  youra  of  the  19th  inat.  encloaing 
the  carbon  copy  of  a  letter  and  order  to  the  American 
Pattern  Go e  of  Philadelphia,  Pa.  Will  you  kindly  advise  ub 
what  this  work  was  for}  Mr.  Bdieon  doea  not  aeem  to  know 
and  direct*  na  to  write  you  for  explanation. 


Oot.  26th  06. 

*=“**•  Baldwin,  Eaq., 

50  Valkor  Hoad,  West  Orange,  H.  -J. 

Dear  Sir: 

Youra  of  the  23rd  Inst.  regarding  the  People-a 
*****  of  the  Orangea  received.  Mr.  Bdison  directa  me  to  write 
yoo  to  please  remove  his  name  from  the  list  for  reasons 
that  he  says  you  know  about. 

Yours  very  truly. 

Secretary.  ■' 




*♦  Bosworth,  3aq. , 

527  Fifth  Avenue , 

Hew  York  City. 

Bwr  Sir: 

Your  letter  of  the  21st  Inst,  received.  Mr. 

■Kaon  directs  me  to  write  you  that  the  houee  that  ha  ia 
***l*ing  was  assigned  by  Harm  A  HaoHeille  and  that  he  tried 
fc*3i«re  it  as  beautiful  as  possible.  He  would  like  you 
to  caste  over  and  see  him. 

Yours  very  truly, 



WWp  sicf/'j  ' 

Oct.  27th.  08. 

S,.  Barshall,  Ssq., 

Salisbury  Bouse , 

Xondon^tall , 

loiiaon,  e.c.  England. 

Bear  Sir: 

Sncloaed  find  "blue -print,  which  Mr.  Sdiacn  directs 
to  'B<md  you.  Be  has  made  the  following  notation  on  it , 

*  ^narahall-  Btew  Cell-  -  I  .shall  rate  it  140  amp  hours „  Think 
lB  good  for  SO  at  60,000  truck  miles  before  Si  plates 
Jiesd  be  changed  „  It  gives  520  on  long  charge." 

Your  a  very  truly, 


Secretary.  / 


Col.  H.  C.  Doming, 

State  Highway  Dept., 

Harrisburg,  Pa. 
Friend  Demming: 

Oct.  26th  08. 

My  hoys  at  the  Cement  Mill  advise  that  they 
are  having  some  little  trouble  In  getting  our  cement  accepted 
on  the  Pennsylvania  State  Highway  work  and  1  am  anxious  to 
learn  as  to  the  troubles  and  would  appreciate  It  if  you  would 
permit  me  to  send  our  Chemist,  Dr.  H.  B.  Kiefer,  to  Harrisburg 
to  discuss  the  Situation  With  you. 

Our  cement  la  being  UBed  on  some  of  the  largest  work 
that  J8  now  going  on,  such  as  the  Hew  York  Subway,  125,000 
barcols,  the  JBronx  Sewer  ,  70,000  barrels,  Brooklyn  Savy  Yard 
Ury  IWok,  60,000  barrels,  Manhattan  Bridge,  40,000  barrels, 
find  thus  ?ar  this  year  we  have  a  clear  record  without  a  single 
^barrel  Of  cement  rejected,  and  I  am  anxious  to  have  your 
Department  consider  our  product  favorably. 

trusting  that  you  can  arrange  to  see  Dr.  Kiefer, 

With  'kindest  regards,  I  am, 

"fours  very  truly, 

•jQct.  26th  08. 

SirardSrust  Co„, 

^•najtelohlu.  3*a» 

Dear  Sira: 

^er  an  agreement  dated  Hov.  29th  1899 ,  Ween 
ateaare.  Bahian  Page,  Waiter  S.  Mallory,  William  8.  Pilling 
and  Tfcertm  I.  -Crane  *iih  «yeBlf,  there  was  debited  with 
y^r  Company  by  Myself  27602  shares  of  the  stack  of  the 
SAiaon  Portland  Co.,  and  by  %bbsVb.  Page,  Vallory, 

puling  ana  crane  27600  *hares,  to  be  held  -fff  a  period  of 
ten  years. 

1.  to,  horoer,  1.  S.ttloh*.»r  °f  «“  »e”“ent 
TOx.»a«  uud.rtt.ta  »d  ««•*  »  “4 

M  J  should  here  ®  ***  ■*  «-  «  “UCil,at‘  “• 

doUTOT  «<  •»=  48  M  4ell”“4  “  *""" 

..titled  thereto,  «.  th»t  «*»  »8tl8e  *1T°° 

„*«».  «  lo  w  aeelr.  *»*  «»  MllTery  ^  Pl“' 

29th  1908,  »ud  I  ««*  thfofoxo  ***  ^ 

„TO2.  »«W  — *  <*  «*  *“*«*  81  ***  7° 

tQ*  TOtu.hd.r  -of  your  receipt,  th.t  m  «•  «*»  40  4,1  Yer 

-the  'Stock. 

lOur  Hr. Mallory  will  nail  on  you  In  a  few  days 
the  receipt  for  the  27602  shares  of  my  stock. 

. .....  ^  ^ 

an a  *s liver 


Oirard  Trust  Co*  -  2  - 

"Will  you  kindly  acknowledge  receipt  of  thin  letter  end 
•ntate  'that  you  are  ready  to  make  delivery  upon  preeentation 
of  the  receipts* 

Yours  very  truly, 

Oot.  28th  08. 

»  la 


H.  S.  Kiefer,  35s  q. , 

Edison  Portland,  cement  Co., 

Stewartsville,  Mow  Jersey. 

Dwar  Sir: 

Kegarding  the  later  lotB  of  stearate  of  alumina, 
-they  were  made  in  the  way  which  we  talked  of  when  you  were 
down  to  Mr.  Edison,  that  io  sinple  precipitate  without 
washing  and  the  turbidness  which  you  noticed  ie  due  to  -the 
waltw  that  have  dried  with  the  material.  I  disoolved  Bcme 
of  the  material  in  benzine  and  find  if  you  give  it  time 
enough  it  will  settle  and  become  clear.  The  email  lot 
cleared  up  in  24  hours  hut  in  your  large  *«*»  it  would 
probably  take  a  week,  which  would  necessitate  having 
several  tanks  made  up  ahead. 

If  this  proves  troublesome  Ve  can  wash  the  material 
add  *t  the  start  the  next  lots  that  are  made ,  we  will''  do 
that  way  with,  to  help  you  out  although  it  takes  a  little 
longer  time  to  make  it. 

I  find  that  a  email  percentage  of  turpentine  added 

.Is,  ■ 

bo  benzine  solution  greatly  facilitates  the  dissolving  and 
will  retain  it  in  solution  without  jellying  to  a  far  greater 
extent  without'  turpentine.  In  the  experiment  I  used  SO 

parts  turpentiSB  to  ISO  -ports  benzine . 

Ywirs  very  truly, 



<>Ct.  29th  08 

aw  iS^Fth  Avoaug^ 

Star  YwrJc. 

^mai  W  *he  28th-*art.  *«&&*&«  «*er  recall 
®tl»'on  Birwcta  ^ine  'ta  yaxL  that  tris  *!■«  -at'dl 

Wrtinfttog  *aa  4t  laoto  **  air  »a  ^  %*  »hi*  to  *„ 

^fcnrh  =wnsy  =**«$■, 


OjB*,  3i»t  .06  o 

J.  Hughes  .  Ssq  „  , 

stoto  Co. , 

SJaAladeOphla,  Pa. 


iourc-  of  the  £&th  IwrU  xecelfcedo  *r.  Sdlfctm 
4.0  arxjte  you  *h«t  he  did  not  &sov  7ou  e^nt 
»3tettwr,  *hye  he  ^ntwer-«BCBlT*a  It,  :fcakB  ho*  ie  -the 
Otupany -doing. 

Yotmj  -very  trdSy, 

•utmm'H  to  ISeeroteay. 


3Jov<4^  1908. 

^wo.  "E.  JJmaton,  B» q. , 

Balias ,  Texas. 

3Tour  letter  of  the  27th.  ult.  regarding  nickel 
received.  Ur.  fidison  directs  me  to  write  yen  that  lie  1* 
Imying  111*  nickel  from  the  American  Kickel  Go.  at  a  very 
l«r  price  am,  and  does  not  think  lie  would'  go  into  Any 
»ln»  Without  it  Was  wery  attractive.  He  alec  waye  you  night 
n«id  wm  neesegfe  endaple. 

Yonre  very  t*wly  . 

Mov.  4tfc  1908. 

My  dear  Parshall: 

I  Bond  you  the  enclosed  letter,  please  do 
BSl  BiSS.  fei®  agogrtaln  if  there  is  any  truth  in 

the  Cassell  business.  Robinson  seems  to  want  it  bad.  Saw 
Morgan  the  other  day  and  he  wants  me  to  hurry  it  up.  If  r 
was  not  committed  I  would  go  into  it  myself  with  my  own 

You  remember  that  the  Metropolitan  Co.  in  How  York 
busted  and  threw  back  on  the  original  owners  most  of  the 
leased  lines.  The  four  horse  oar  lines  are  in  a  bad  way. 

▼e  are  building  a  pay  aB  you  enter  Storage  Battery  -Car, 

280  Cells ,  A  4,  with  a  regenerative  motor,  45  watts  per  ton 
mile,  seven  stops. 

This  oar  is  to  run  on  the  Belt  tine,  it  Is  to  hare  two 
boosts  of  3/4  hour  per  day  and  the  night  charge.  It  is  going 
to  do  the  business  all  right.  Some  of  the  engineers  say 
that  if  45  watts  car  is  O.  K.  and  battery  will  last  for  six 
year*  and  then  new  nickel  plates,  that  they  think  it  cheaper 
to  talcs  eare  of  all  future  increases  with  storage  using 
present  station  »ghto,  than  to  increase  present  system  hy  more 
wires  and  stations. 

Yours  very  truly, 

■*  SXoftvof  C' j  , 

ZJ-CsJ.  , 5vt-\  A.  ~  6**tC4Kj 


JTor.  4th  08. 

Xlas  Mary  Roberta, 

Sbeneburg,  Perma. 

Dear  Hina  Robert n : 

Youra  of  the  2nd  inat.  regarding  the 
Shoe.  A.  S  die  on  Chemical  Co.  recelTed.  Mr.  Kdiaon  flireots 
me  -to  write  you  that  the  concern  wbb  not  authorized  to  use 
hie  Bone  name.  They  were  a  lot  of  crooks  and  Hr.  Bdleon 

Had  them  debarred  from  the  TJ.  S.  Malls,  for  wing  the 
name  fraudulently. 

Hoy.  AVa.  15WQ 


Mrs.  B.  Huggett, 

85  Bridge  Street , 

Warrington,  England. 

Dear  Mrs.  Huggett: 

Your*  of  the  27th  ult.  asking  Kr.  Edison 
to  tell  you  of  a  good  treatment  if or  gout  received.  He 
<Ureota  me  to  write  you  that  Merck  and  Co.,  German  Chemical 
Manufacturers ,  who  have  a  place  in  England,  keep  the  material. 
It  is  called  Tatra-othly-ammoniua  hydroxide.  They  tell 
how  to  use  it  in  their  catalogue. 

Yours  very  truly. 

Secrets*  y  v 


UoY.  9th  0$m 

*.  P.  B«n«h,  JP^., 

42  Broadway,  Saw  York. 

Daar  sir: 

Xfc  reply  to  your  "telephone  neseagc  asking  Mr. 
BdUaw  to  giro  you  a  letter  of  Introduction  to  Hr. 

Oscar  Kaaneratela,-heg  to  sttfte  that  Ur.  Sdleon  directs 
as  to  write  you  that  Jot  does  not  know 4b.  Hannae  retain. 

Tour®  reaty  truly, 

Secretary.  / 

Hot.  12,  Oft. 

J*d.  Cy^^^ihank,  35sq., 

Sfcuuaokiu,  I’etirui. 

Bear  Si>. 

y4>UT8  of  the  ?th  Inst.  "regarding  the  combination 
vf  iile  Uov-ine -Picture  )tmchi«e  *nfl  phonograph  received.  Hr. 
Bdiaon  ilr^?cts  &e  it  write  yon  that  you  are  too  late ,  there 
are  a  -of  teOkingkB0V4T3g  picture  SsShines  already,  being 

exhibit^  in  this  'Countyy  and  several  in  Europe.  He  hae 
patented  oCnbinatins  of  the  two,  using  a  shaft  connected 

pfccmogtt^  and  kimetoscbps.  Another  party  uses  a  cord  to 
connect  ^  two  and  dtherc  only  the  phonograph  and 
kineto8(j0p/j  silo  "by  bid  3. 

"far  the  Illusion  to  not  vxtfy  perfect  and  the 
public  d0  yadX  take  to  t>iQW  very  -well,  ft  require  years 
Of  ^ijQhiri>^*iting  to  get  pcrf©ct  results*  In  conclusion  he 
direct*  to  write  that  he  Inc  retired  from  work  along 

■bdaerttre^  lines  So  will  not  be  the  man  to  work  but  the 


lours  very  truly,  ^  ^  ^ 


f.  3.  I  r^t^Tn  fthrowlth  you^  letter  to  8SUnu  Co. 


S4v,  12th  Oa. 

Basmal  Irmull,  Sea. , 

TJoaaaonvKt&lth  Electric  Co., 

Chicago,  £11- 

Dear  Sir: 

Enolcaod  plaaso  find  chock  ror  $53.00  payable  to 
-the  Jsnsar'B  ioan  fe  Trust  Co.  of  Sew  York  for  aerviceu  as 
custodian  of  aecurities  for  the  JEetate  of  John  ICreuai, 
-together  with  their  letter  and  bill.  Xindly  sign  the  oheoh, 
return  with  all.  papers  to  Hr-  Chan-  Batchelor,  33  West 
25th  St.  ,  3Tbw  York  ana  oblige , 

Youra  very  truly, 

Secretary  -i 

Scientific  Aaericto, 
Xuoa  db  Conpany  ( 

361  Broadway, 

»ew  York. 

_  „  *r "  u‘'  "«■  i-«-  «.  ^ 

'  *“*“  *1U*  -°U  «““>.*»«  to  publish  In 

**  *’"■*"  £1<rt  recelY*d*  »*•  KlMb  directs-  ase 

to  Z  ^  W  ^  ^  “U  "**  ** 

to  writ*  ^  **  *.t  <*  ^  ^  ^  ^ 

*®  •  ?-<**'  -or  tbe  article . 

Tours  very  truly 


■SMtni.  .mi  .  (j  .(t’i  1  !HU  its,  .it r-,  „  ,  „  ” 

■VT.^rrr--  ■ 

16th  08 

Peter  J.  HUghe8>  BBq> 

©are  *uto  Transit  Co., 

Title  Building, 

Philadelphia,  Penn  a' 

Bear  Sir: 

*onr*  of  the  1 6th  instant  re***,^ 

*>•  «««»«„.„  „  t„  w“  ^ 

« *«.»« .«„t Jols  w<aty  IZT*  ^  “* 
—  «“  -  i-  «  «_  *.  7Z  t  ** 

some  of  the®.  h^e  ta  lend 


»<>v.  16th  06. 

lord  Korthcliff o , 

^8  St.  Regia t  Jff.  Y. 

Bear  Sir: 


«  11  ...loo*  ,lu  b„  y  *■>•  ”»»*»*»,  .0  10 

•111  bo  .  good  tta.  to  ootoh  bto. 

Youro  very  truly, 

J*or  Automobile - Take  ^  Secretary. 

a+  w  lackawaima  ferry  from  foot  West  23 

whinv,  tW“  t0  riSht  ^0  Park  Av, 

B  r0ad  t0  entrance  of  HeweiIyn  Pa_,  .  nn 

“rtTlM  **””  tUr”  t0  ««“  — «  M  to  Mo„to„ 

”?  - Tain  tbalo  „„„  Ioot  „r  ^ 

1  “  “•°°-  J**“-  “  <*“*»  *>.l,  „  _ 

ta  ““  t0  *“t  »™-n.bou«  10  rla.. 

Mov.  26th  06, 

Edison  Ore-Killing  Syndicate-  ltd'., 

Mr.  J.  Kali,  Jr. ,  Secretary/ 

Eltaalan  House,  Arundel  St. , 

London,  V.  c.  Ungland. 

Dear  Sir: 

In  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  28th  of  October 
and  cablegram  of  to-days  date  I  beg  to  otat«  that  as  1 
hava  never  received  enough  information  that  would  permit 
to  give  ^  opinion  of  any  value  aa  to  the  desirability 
of  keeping  up  the  patents  .,  X  decline  to  egress  any. 

Yours  very  truly,  — 

Hoy.  16th  08, 

Kr.  H.  0.  Hope ,  Supt.  Telegraph  &  Signals, 

Chicago,  Et.  Paul,  Minneapolis  &  Omaha  Rv.  Co,, 

St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Dear  Sir: 

loura  of  the  12th  Instant  resardinc  telephone 
transmitters  received.  You  misunderstood  about  my  g0i ns 
into  the  field  commercially.  I  am  having  made  a  telephone 
transmitter  which  I  think  will  aid  the  telegraph,  super¬ 
intendents  in  their  endeavor  to  change  from  telegraph  to 
the  telephone.  It  will  he  done  shortly. 

Yours  very  truly. 

Bdiaon  Portland  Ceaent  Co., 

V.  S.  Mallory ,  Baq.,  V.  P., 

Stawsrtarllle,  Mew  Jersey. 

Staar  Sir: 

Yours  of  the  17th  instant  enclosing  corrected 
deed  from  Samuel  J.  Raub  ana  others  to  Thomau  A.  Edison 
received.  Thanking  you  for  the  some,  I  am, 

Youre  very  truly,  /Jf  _ 


^  UMfe*.  *•*•**  ^  ¥  4 

lp£*~  *:  *"*  d.  4u  ~  .*^7  •*  ^ 

*■&*%  **  "  ^  1 .  y  ».  .  ".  jUr  **- 

.  ■**;  &»****■'***'  ■■'•  '■"'  ^ 

Hot.  lBth  06. 

Burton  Willard,  Eaq., 

R.  S.  B.  Ho.  3, 

Burlington,  W.  T « 

Bear  Sir: 

Enclosed  find  bill  covering  crank  shaft  and  parts 
»e  purchased  to  replace  those  lost  in  shipment  by  Adams 
Express  Co.  last  August.' 

Pie  as  o  present  the  "bill  'to  "vour  Agent  at 
Burlington.  He  will  probably  want  the  original  receipt 
for  the  goods  too.  Ask  him  to  phsh  settlement  as  much  as 
possible.  If  you  get  no  satisfaction  from  him  in  a  reason¬ 
able  time  write  mo,  and  1  will  get  1'r.  Dyer  to  wits  a 

strong  letter  to  them. 

Yours  very  truly, 



Nov.  21b  t  08. 

Henry  Sclienck,  Esq., 

care  Merck  &  Co., 

Sen-  York  City, 

*y  dear  Hr.  Sclienck: 

Yovr  letter  of  the  19th  Inst,  received. 
The  buttermilk  tablets  came  to  hand.  Mr.  Edison  directs 
ms  to  write  yon  as  follows: 

n  will  you  please  order  l/2  don.  more  boxes  of  the 
Lactic  Mac ill!  tablets,  have  them  sent  to  me  at  the 
laboratory  and  send  the  hill  to  me,  here." 



Yours  very  truly, 

Secretary • 

Uj  e-ctVwi H  « V? 

Si~-  Luij,  Vn0 

&MM^‘Wian  Vv«t»  *  W«vn,  cwvA  *oyne&\Cr vc^eSUe, 
™$aJi  ev  w>JK,  bvc^vni^cvc.  vo  ov 

Vp^CA'^ QOWJ<S?wJv<TO  cMocUrtSGta^  Gl^Svoon. 

1  c,oi\oo?i£)iww  c^(VsroaA. 

^ka  \$$l  a®vw<?toSv,  /to 

3&ov&  vUjo  Vm«A»*icK?.ss^_  gwi<&  (^KWWttM-,  {n/JT~ 

oi'  'k>  tfxric&a-  Gixndi  Jf  ‘vta^AwaA  cyvtoJJ"- 

\go«adv  io /VV^~‘va 

X-.  u$w>  <w»ow»c^ir^3.  vvt«!Uv^r»<ib  o^- 

Vvcmk.  fov^-^vavs*  /©'Crovws^  w»VW 
jlgyce  ..  'vSvlft  ?«s^  C«w»e»^vcw  c^- 

i>to^CVtWl^k<5W  GAO  ■ 

'jVva  $t  •  £  Vvm/^>  6owj«-W<« 


Mr.  BenJ.  Douglas,  Jr., 

Bun  BuiidiDg,  390  Broadway, 

Saw  York  City  „ 

Dear  Sir: 

Voir,  «  the  20a  instmt  „,0<>w  ^ 

"lta  7“  *“*  *  *•  «r.  nixmgar’t 

' " *  «-  h. 

°ut  ^  *“■><*  *■»•«**.  ..  „  .oola  reolai, 

.“  i”'n”  °f  «**  *•*•«  lMa  ln  tt.  „orld; 

Yours  vary  truly, 



Sov.  -24th  08. 

R.  'H.  3 each s  Ssq.  , 

42  Broadway ,  Hew  York, 
hear  Sir: 

Yours  of  the  21st  instant  regarding  the  batteries 
for  the  car  recelied.  Mr.  Hdison  directs  me  to  write  ycm 
-as  foil ora: 

»  ’Notice  in  Price’s  paper  week  before  last.  Accumulator 
Cars  on  the  Goman  Railroad.  Those  cars  have  10  tons 
battery,  rim  25  and  30  miles  an  hour  and  are  so -successful 
they  arc  putting  on  moro  yet.  The  batteries  are  3  l/2 
watts  per  pound.  I  am  afraid  of  the  sharp  jars  -and  inconven¬ 
ience  of  getting -at  batteries  if  put  on  the  trucks.  Vhy 
act  have  design  got  out  for  both  ways?  * 



Youtb  very  truly. 



HTov.  24th  08. 

Scientific  American, 

Munn  and  Company, 

361  Broadway,  Hew  York. 

Bear  Sira: 

Yours  of  the  21st  instant  regarding  the  origin 
of  the  phonograph  received.  Kr.  Edison  directs  me  to  write 
you  that  he  was  working  on  a  machine  provided  with  a  disc 
of  paper,  exactly  the  same  as  present  disc  talking  machine. 

On  the  travelling  arm  wrb  a  magnet  which  has  an  embossing 
point  and  this  embossed  or  indented  dots  and  dashes  on  the 
paper,  the  platen  having  a  grooved  volute  Bpiral  on  its' 
surface.  After  recording  Horse  signals  a  contact  point 
swept  over  the  record  and  the  indentations  gave  movement 
to  the  make  and  break  and  reproduced  the  signals  on  another 
line.  Ihen  run  at  high  speed  it  would  give  a  humming  sound. 

I  knew  from  the  telephone  about  the  movements 
of  the  diaphragm^have  caused  the  voice  to  work  a  ratched 
wheel  and  toy  figure.  I  then  conceived  the  idea  of  indenting 
hy  the  voice  and  reproducing.  The  machine  was  made  but  in 
cylinder  form  and  this  was  first  shown  in  Hew  York  at  office 
of  the  Scientific  American. 

Yours  very  truly, 



Her..  25  th  08 

The  Franco-Amerloan  Ferment,  Co,, 

W*  M*  Bates,  Esq.,  Sen.  Manager, 

124  West  31st  Street,  Hew  York. 

Bear  Sir: 

Yours  of  the  24th  instant  reoe.t red.,  «r.  Edison 
directs  me  to  write  you  that  Merck  got^T^x  of 

containing  tablets  to  he  taken  at  meals,  this  is  what 
he  '•rants.  He  flays  if  you  would  advertise  these  you  would 
he  TVBtonlehed  at  the  sales.  Hundreds  are  trying  to  find 
then  hut  drug  atores  only  carry  the  Park* -Hay is  tablets 
to  flour  milk  and  these  they  do  So*  want . 

Yours  very  truly, 



STov.  27th  0&o 

Burton  Willard,  Keq. , 

R.  P.  B.  jro.  3, 

Burlington,  B.  J. 

Dear  Sir: 

Youre  of  the  25 th^ instant  regarding  the  garage 
^iich  you  desire  to  build  at  Burlington  received.  Mr.  Edison 
directs  me  to  write  you  that  it  will  be  all  right,  go 
aboad  and  send  the  bill  to  him  at  the  Laboratory. 

Yours  very  truly. 

Secretary.  / 

P.  S«  Sketch  mailed  under  separate  cover. 

CQP1*  OP  LETTER  SENT  TO  H.  P.  PARSHAXL  NOVEMBER  27-th  1908. 


larshali : 

Of  course  I  do  not  want  anything  to  do  with 
.Robinson,  only  sent  you  letter  for  your  information. 

■Street  R.  H.  Mew  Yori - You  know  that  very  little  attention 

•b&s  ever  paid  to  lightening  the  weight  of  carB  and  uee  of 
■regenerating  motors.  General  Electric  people  feel  convinced 
that  45  watte  can  be  done.  We  have  had  a  test  on  an  eleotrio 
vehicle  on  asphalt  that  -got  down  to  68  watte  ton  mile- 
solic  tires,  no  ball  or  roller  bearings  eight  miloe  hour 
and  street  car  shoudl  do  45. 

{  Signed) 



Doc.  lot  08 

J.  P.  Kar shall,  Ewq. , 

General  Electric  Co., 

Harr  1-eon,  Hew  Jersey. 

Dear  Sir: 

Your*  of  the  27th  ult.  regarding  an  interview 
with  Kr*  Edison,  regarding  some  experiment 8  on  carbon 
^laments  received.  Call  up  on  the  phone  any  day  after 
to  morrow  Wednesday)  and  I  will  try  to  arrange  the 
interview.  Phone  Ho,  907  Orange. 

Youro  very  truly, 




Bee.  5th  1908. 

0.  A.  Halford,  Esq., 

Tower  House ,  Aide 'burgh, 

Suffolk,  England . 

Bear  8ir: 

Yours  of  the  24th  ult.  regarding  a  light  car  or 
bicycle  being  put  on  the  market  and  equipped  with  the 
storage  battery  received.  Hr.  Edison  directs  me  to  write  you 
that  the  electric  bicycle  will  undoubtedly  come ,  ac  Boon 
aa  he  adapto  the  battery  to  it. 

Yours  very  truly, 




•H.  C.  Hope.  Esq. , 

Sup't  Tel.  &  Signals, 

Chicago,  St.  Paul,  Miirn.  &  Omaha  jRy.  Co., 

St.  Paul,  Klnn. 

Pear  Sir: 

Vcut  letter  of  the  4th  instant  regarding  the 
telephone  for  train  dispatching  received.  Hr.  Edison  directs 
me  to  write  you  that  he  hao  nearly  finished  the  telephone 
transmitter  and  hopes  to  show  it  to  Sir.  Foley  in  a  few  daye. 

Yours  very  truly., 


.'tSdison  Portland  Cement  Co. , 

15.  S.  Opdyke,  Esq.,  Pur.  Agt.f 
Stewartsville,  Hew  Jersey. 

Dear  Mr.  Opdyke: 

At  the  time  Douis  Ott  was  at  Stewartsville 
working  on  the  waterproofing  hag  experiment  he  took  a 
charcoal  iron  and  some  canvas  with  him.  Our  Mr.  Greenley 
is  working  on  this  same  experiment  and  is  very  badly  in 
need  of  these,  particularly  the  charcoal  iron.  7/ill  you 
kindly  seo  that  they  are  shippej^to  us  at  your  earliest 

convenience  and  oblige. 

10th  06, 

Bdloon  PortlandCeaant  Co,, 

*'*  s"  Mallory,  Eoq.,  V.  P, 

StewartsviHe ,  Vm  -Jersey. 

•Bear  Sir; 

Yours  or  th.  25th  ult'.  !»  A,.*  you  .....  ^ 

»0  hhlanoo  th,  Ml.on  Portias, 
saioon  is  $37,563.89  receive 

4Al  received.  ihis  aereeo  y/ith  our 

With  th0  exception  that  you  have  net  cv„„rn.  „ 

e  nct  charged  on  your  state¬ 
ment,  y0ur  bill  of  September  4th  1908;  $30.00  for  25 
barrels  cement  shipped  to  Edison  laboratory’. 

Yours  very  truly, 

Secretary.  / 


Doc.  11th  08. 

W.  N.  Amidon,  Esq., 

Southern  Express  Co„. 

Cumberland ,  Virg inia . 

Dear  Sir! 

Yours  of  the  7th.  instant  regarding  concrete 
machines  received.  Mr.  Edison  directs  me  to  write  you  that 
he  does  not  make  concrete  machinery  and  that  you  would 
gr«atly  oblige  him  if  you  would  inform  him  where  you  saw 
the  advertisement  or  circular  put  out  by  the  Thomas  Edison 
Concrete  Co.  Mi*.  Edison  wants  to  follow  it  up  as  there  is 
apparently  somebody  doing  crooked  work  in  thiB  connection. 

Yours  very  truly. 



Deo.  16th  06. 


Broadway,  New  York. 

Begarding  the  mortgage  for  $75,000.00  on 
premises  No.  10  Fifth  Avenue,  New  York  City,  I  desire 
to  extend  the  same  three  years  from  January  11th  1909 
at  the  same  rate  of  interest  as  heretofore  paid  and  as 
offered  in  your  letter  of  November  30th  1906. 

You  may  proceed  with  drawing  the  extension 
agreement  and  searching  title  to  date  for  which  you  are 
to  charge  $15.00. 

'/.oure  vi’:-.,  truly, 

>  !  i,  ;i)i  tiHt  **»!>■*(■««»  I  I  'r'  (  II  /  r  V 


December ,  14th 

Kew  York  City, 

Your  postal  of  the  14th  instant  regarding  the  renewal 
riptions  to*  The  American  Journal  of  Science,  The  Analyst, 
Journal  of  Photography ,  Chemical  Abstracts,  journal  of 

Physical  Chemistry , 

;  Journal  iocp.  Medicine,  Journal  of  -American 
Proceedings  Phys.  Society,  Physical  Review  ,»nd 

Farady  Society  Transactions,  is  received. 

Mr.  .Edison  directs  me  to  write  you  end  state  that  he  does 
not  want  the  subscriptions  renewedfor  The  Analyst,  and  The  i>ri 
Journal  of  Photography.  You  may  continue  sending  the  American 
Journal  of  Science,  Chemical  Abstracts,  Journal  cf  Physical 

■.iet.y.  Proceeding! 

Physical  Review,  Faraday  Coder, 
Yours  very  truly, 




Kieo  Grace  M.  Edison, 

211 7  East  25th  St . , 

Cleveland,  Ohio. 

Sear  Hies  Edison: 

Replying  to  your  letter  of  the  13th 
instant  I  beg  to  state  that  Mr.  Edison  has  instructed  me 
to  ship  you  a  Standard  phonograph  and  25  records ,  which 
will  go  forward  by  express  prepaid  in  the  next  two  or 
three  days.  It  is  his  wish  that  the  phonograph  prove*  a 
source  of  much  pleasure  to  you  and  your  aunt. 

Yours  very  truly  t 



Prof.  H.  D.  Hummel, 

State  Geologist, 

Trenton,  New  Jersey., 

Dear  SirT 

Dec.  21st  08, 

1  am  sending  you  as  per  agreement  the  magnetic 
surveys  in  my  poooeaaion  which  I  had  made  of  the  state  of 
Hew  Jersey,  moBtly  in  the  northern  section.  There  will  be 
a  total  of  28  surreys,  three  of  which  are  blue  prints  and 
the  remainder  original  drawings.  Also  three  typographical 
mans  of  the  State  of  Few  Jersey  with  the  magnetic  stirre.v  a 
marked  in,  namely  the . Southwestern ,  northeastern  and 
central  highlands  of  New  Jersey.  Some  are  much  worn  from 
age  and  handling  and  therefore  will  require  care  to  insure 
■choir  safe  arrival  and  return.  Following  is  a  list  of  these 
surveys.  Ther-;  ota.  3  blueprint  also. 

List  of  .'-agnatic  Surveys  of  tne  State  of  New  Oersa; 

1-  S,  '.V,  of  Hill  Ogden  Mine,  Ogdensburg,  Few  Jersey, 

(  condition  good  no  date.) 

2-  Magnetic  Survey  harming  property,  Oxford  Furnace,  Warren 
New  Jersey-  Condition  bad.  Torn  on  one  end  and  glueing 
coming  apart  in  the  middle.  1830., 

3-  Hilts,  (.blue-print )  Oharleson  0,  King  (  two  blue  prints 
and  original)  Osborne,  Aaron  D.  Stevens,  Robert  Caskey, 
George  Salmon,  Aaron  Salmon,  K.  C,  Several,  IT.  J.  Iron 
Mining  Co.,  A.  S.  &  S.  YT.  Salmon,  Heirs  of  Chas,  Salmon 


-  2  - 

Kc'lra.  of  John  Drake,  Jacob  Yager  and  Richard  Stevens, 
properties*  Duplicate  blue-prints  here  Roxbury  and  Mt. 

Olive  Townships.  Condi  ton  fair.  Morris  Co.  S.  7.  1892. 

4-  lit.  Olive,  Morris  Co.,  Hew  Jersey.  Surveyed  April  14th 
to  May  1st  1890.  by  D.  T.  Marshall  conditon  split  near 

5-  Map  of  Scrub  Oak  mining  property,  Morris  Co.  Hew  Jersey, 
condition  good  July  1890  .D,.  T.  Marshall  {  Map  with 
magnetic  readings. ) 

6-  Hockport  magnetic  property,  between  Washington  and 
Haokettstown,  the  maker  forgot  to  mark  the  drawing  Hew  Jersey 
no  date  condition  good. 

7-  Magnetic  survey  of  Stanhope  mine,  Sussex  Co.  Hew  Jersey. 
Theo.  Lehman  Sept.  25th  1890.  condition  good. 

8-  Magnetic  survey  of  lands  situated  between  Hilts  mine 
and  Shippenport  Dec.  10th  189i.  Theo.  Lehman  Good 
South  Vein,  Kt.  Olive. 

9-  Magnetic  survey  Tarrhill  Mine,  Andover,  Sussex  Co. 

Hew  Jersey  Ho.  Date  {  looks  like  Lehman's  writing.) 

10-  Magnetic  survey  of  lands  under  lease  to  Russel  P .  Hoyt, 

G.  A.  W.  Hibelius,  M.  E.  July  1890  condition  good. 

11-  Magnetic  survey  of  A.  F.  Stevens  mine,  Ht.  Olive 
Township,  Morris  Co.  Hew  Jersey.  Theo.  Lehman  Oct.  3rd  1890 
(  torn) 

12  and  12a-  Montana  section  of  Scotts  mountain  range,  S.  G. 
Burns,  sheets  Hob,  3,  6,  6  and  7.  Ho  date  'Bad  2  numbers  1  & 

13-  Marbel  mountain  range,  sheets  Ho.  1  and  2,  no  date 
condition  bad. 

14-  Magnetic  Survey  of  Mt.  Bethel  mines.  Ho  date  Condition 



-  3  - 

is-  Hilton-  Hop.o.11  .aenetio  „uar  0gdM  no  ^ 

Se°““”  "  hiU  »*— *  ™  11  to  b.  «**,  Som 

Oak  mines ,  Hew  Jersey.  ».  T.  M.  no  date'o 

XV-  McColum  Brow.vil.le  and  minea  No  date  No  name  Good. 

18-  Important  magnetic  survey  of  Ogden  mine,  N.  *.  of  mill 
no  date  Good. 

19-  Important  magnetic  survey  position  of  Mt.  Olive.  D.  T. 

Marshall  May  1890  Good. 

20-  Magnetic  Survey  of  min  pond,  near  N.  J.  &  Penna. 
Concentrating  Works ,  March  1893  Good. 

21-  Magnetic  survey  of  Shermann  and  Bunker  mines,  Sussex 

County,  Hew  Jersey.  Ho  date  Good. 

22-  Magnetic  survey  of  Ogden,  probably  the  center  no  date 
fair  condition. 

23-  Magnetic  survey  Utter  Range  no  date  no  county  etc. 
good  condition. 

24-  Magnetic  survey  Hopewell,  mine,  Sussex  Co.,  Hew  Jersey. 

No  date 

2b-  Mill  pond  H.  B.  og  Ogden  Mine  1893. 

26-  Magnetic  survey  of  Hilts,  Clarkson  S.  King,  Osborne, 

Aaron  D.  Stevens,  Robert  Caskey,  GCo.  Salmon,  Aaron  Salmon, 

H.  C.  Several,  Hew  Jersey  Iron  Mining  Co.  and  A.  L.  &  S.  %. 
Salmon,  Hoirs  of  Chao.  Salmon,  Heirs  of  John  Drake,  Jacob 
Yager  and  Richard  Stevens  properties.  Roxbury  and  Mb.  Olive 
Townships,  Morris  County,  Hew  Jersey.  1892. 

27-  Same  as  Ho.  1,  except  that  it  only  shows  Hoplers 

28-  Magnetic  survey  Ogdon  Mine  property  and  Franklin  Iron  Co, 

Ho  date. 


2ft-  Blue  printn--  Magnetic  survey  <r.  S.  Higgs,  P,  A.  Hoffman, 
A.  Paulk,  Callahan,  G .  Wack,  Sayer,  Daniel  H.  Wolf,  Widow 
Drake,  Gideon  Salmon,  William  Rarick,  and  William  K.  Hopler, 
Kt.  Olivo  Township,  Morris  County,  New  Jersey.  1892  Good. 

Yours  very  truly,  _ 

SlL  a  bi,.^ 

t>.  S.  Kindly  return  the  drawings  when  through  with  thorn. 



f  JL 

<1  ^ 

or r.  Esq. ,  V . 
rtsville ,  New  Jersey. 

the  16th  instant  regarding  the  charge  of 
Edison  made  by  the  Girard  Trust  Co, 

si 50 .00  against  Hr.  Edison  .made  hy  the  Girara  irus^  ... 
received.  Heplylns  to  your  “  1<,ok  UP  *" 

t,he  iournnl  about  Becomber  1st  IB99  an.  ...  if  “O'  Payment 
Z  to  th.  MM*  Trust  Co'.  «  !BU*  *  *»».  1  be8 

to  state  that  the  first  charge  we  ...  find  on  °yr  b°°kB  iB 
for  year  ending  Bov.  99th  1903.  Thl.  1.  in  a  for.  of  a  letter 
fro,  Pilling  and  Crane  and  I  will  «■»«  '*rt  °f 
-You  will  remember  that  thl.  matter  name  up  for  dl.ou.olon 
la,t  wear  and  w.  effected  a  eomproml.e  with  the  understanding 
chat  hereafter  they  would  exact  their  annual  fee  of  *>00.00 
and  that  no  concession  would  he  mado.  «B 
,.„d  u,  your  check  for  &■».«>,  =™”  Portion  of  this 
amount ,  as  it  will  he  useless  to  take  up  with  them  tne 

question  of  a  rebate." 

It  is  evident  from  this  that  the  first  payment 

, .  .path  1903.  Trusting  this 

waa  made  for  the  year  ending  Nov. 

information  is  what  you  need,  I  nun, 

Yours  very  truly,  f  ■/ 



C'oi.  Geo.  V,  Goethale, 

Chairman  &  Chief  Engineer, 

Isthmian  Canal  Commission, 

Culebra ,  Canal  Zone, 

Uy  dear  Col.  Goethale: 

Since  I  had  the  pleasure  of  a  visit 
from  you,  I  have  been  at  work  on  the  damp-proof  bags  and  I 
believe  I  have  made  substantial  progress  and  I  have  directed 
our  eeople  to  forward  to  you  six  bags  filled  with  Edison 
cement  and  also  six  empty  bags,  end  I  would  appreeiate  it  if 
you  would  advise  me  in  what  condition  the  filled  bags  reached 
you,  both  as  to  the  bags  and  the  contents,  and  would  also 
appreciate  it  if  you  would  fill  the  empty  bags,  putting  them 
through  the  usual  tests,  advising  me  at  your  earliest 
convenience  as  to  the  results. 

TM,  .,.H.  cf  a.»-pr»°r  »«»  *■  1  “ 

w  *,cfc  !■««..«*  I  »iU  »y  h.lp  «.t  you 

will  give  me. 

With  kindest  regards,  X  am, 

Yours  very  +r::ly , 

!gs  f0:  ggJgBgS 

Dec.  28th  08, 

Jan,  4th  09, 

Bond  &  Mortgage  Guarantee  Co,, 

176  Broadway,  New  York. 

Dear  Sira: 

Heplyiny  to  yours  o  f  the  24th  ult.  I  enclose 
nerswith  the  agreement  in  duplicate  extending  the  mortgage 
for  $75,000.00  on  property  No.  10  Fifth  Ave.,  New  York  to 
January  Hth  1912,  executed  hy  Mrs.  Edison  before  a  Commissior 
of  Deeds,  all  of  which  I  trust  you  ’will  find  in  order. 

Yours  very  truly, 


7  th  09, 

I Sy  dear  Mr.  Coffin: 

fours  of  the  6th  instant  regarding  the  develope- 
ment  of  v/ater  power  near  the  Delaware  Water  Gap  received.  I  am 
not  connected  with  the  scheme.  There  is  hound  to  he  something 
done  with  it  and  you  better  have  it  followed  up. 

Please  tell  me  if  Beach  can  he  trusted,  so  far 
I  have  I .  trusted  him  as  I  understand  he  had  some  trouble  with 

Yours  very  truly, 

prm**Trn  7" 

-‘4 % 


Schlossgartenotr  7 , 

Replying  to  your  letter  of  the  7th  of  December 
asking  for  financial  assistance  to  enable  you  to  get  your 
diploma,  I  beg  to  enclose  herewith  as  per  instructions  froi 
Kr.  -Edison,  check  for  $100.00  which  I  trust  you  will  reccl- 
with  Mr.  "Edison's  good  wisheB. 

P.  S.  Unclosed  herewith  you  will  find 
certificate  which  you  sent. 


Jan.  12th  09. 

l£rs.  W.  'Payer , 

Gass  &  Seidell  Aves. , 

Detroit ,  Michigan. 

Dear  Mrs.  Poyer: 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  5th  instant  Mr. 
Edison  has  instructed  me  to  send  you  hy  express  prepaid 
a  Standard  Phonograph  with  30  two  minute  and  20  four  mir.ute 
records,  with  the  hope  that  you  will  derive  very  much 
pleasure  from  the  same. 

Yours  very  truly, 



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